1. When and where was Bing Crosby born?
  2. How many brothers and sisters did he have?
  3. How did he get the name "Bing"?
  4. Who were Bing's childhood musical influences?
  5. How did the careers of Al Jolson and Bing interact?
  6. Where did Bing go to college?
  7. How did Bing get started in the music business?
  8. What was Paul Whiteman's influence on Bing's career?
  9. When did Bing make his first record?
  10. Who were the Rhythm Boys? and what became of them?
  11. Was Bing ever in jail?
  12. How did Bing get started in the movies?
  13. How did Bing get a network radio show?
  14. What was Bing's theme song?
  15. What were Bing's favorites circa 1933?
  16. What was Bing's first starring role in a major motion picture?
  17. How many movies did Bing star in?
  18. How popular were Bing's movies?
  19. Was Bing ever nominated for an Academy Award?
  20. What was Bing's most highly awarded movie?
  21. Did Bing star in any movies in which he did not sing?
  22. How many songs did Bing record?
  23. For what labels did Bing record?
  24. How did Bing record his songs?
  25. How many records has Bing sold?
  26. Which of Bing's records topped the pop music charts?
  27. Which of Bing's records entered the Top Thirty of the pop music charts?
  28. What was Bing's most successful recording?
  29. How did Danny Kaye end up co-starring in the movie "White Christmas"?
  30. What other Christmas holiday songs did Bing record?
  31. For which recordings did Bing earn a gold record?
  32. Which of Bing's movie songs were nominated for Academy Awards?
  33. What are the lyrics to Bing's hit recordings?
  34. Did Bing write any of the songs he recorded?
  35. What sheet music featured Bing?
  36. Who was Bing's principal arranger and conductor during his heyday?
  37. What were Bing's major long-playing albums?
  38. What was Bing's relationship with Frank Sinatra?
  39. What did Bing think of Elvis Presley?
  40. Why did President Kennedy stay at Bing's home instead of Frank Sinatra's?
  41. What influence and relationship did Bing have with the Beatles?
  42. Did Bing and his brother Bob ever record together?
  43. How many "Road" pictures were there and what were their destinations?
  44. How did Bing and Bob Hope meet?
  45. How did Bing, Bob and Dorothy Lamour get teamed in the "Road" pictures?
  46. How long was Bing a network radio star?
  47. Why did Bing leave the Kraft Music Hall?
  48. What tradition did Bing break when he hosted Philco Radio Time?
  49. What were Bing's major radio shows throughout his career?
  50. When did Bing start his pro-am golf tournament?
  51. Whatever became of Bing's golf tournament?
  52. What other sports did Bing enjoy?
  53. What was Bing's first television show?
  54. Did Bing ever have a weekly television show?
  55. How many times was Bing married?
  56. Whatever happened to Bing's first family?
  57. What motion picture was made about Bing's first marriage?
  58. How did Bing meet his second wife?
  59. Did Bing have affairs with film co-stars Joan Caulfield, Grace Kelly and Inger Stevens?
  60. What was Bing really like?
  61. How rich was Bing?
  62. What were Bing's last recordings?
  63. How did Bing die?
  64. Whatever became of Bing's financial empire?
  65. Are there any Crosby clubs for collectors?
  66. What books have been written about Bing Crosby?
  67. What video biographies have been produced about Bing?
  68. What radio biographies have been produced about Bing?
  69. Where can I find the largest collection of Crosby memorabilia?
  70. What were the contents of Bing's FBI files?

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