Welcome to the Bing Crosby Internet Museum (BCIM), a non-commercial educational site devoted to celebrating and examining the life and times of Bing Crosby. Why Bing Crosby? To the generation of Americans who fought the Great Depression and the Second World War Bing was "Uncle Sam without whiskers." No entertainer before or since has achieved his level of success in so many areas. His Midas touch extended to records, broadcasting, movies, sports and business. Through it all Bing never lost his humility or his disdain for the cult of celebrity. In this respect in celebrating and examining the life and times of Bing Crosby we are also honoring and studying the 20th century's "greatest generation" of Americans -- those who humanized democracy at home during our greatest economic crisis and who sacrificed their lives and limbs to defeat totalitarian aggression.

The Old Groaner was my father's favorite singer and I have been a fan since my first viewing of the Road pictures. I grew to love Der Bingle's rolling baritone and interpretive style despite the imprinting of the dominant music of my youth -- British rock and roll.

The emphasis throughout these pages is on substance instead of glitter. This site is intended to serve as an educational window on popular culture in America of the middle 20th century. The content of the Bing museum is made possible through the contributions of many Bing fans and scholars, who have generously offered their text and graphics, and who have politely corrected my errors. If you find any errors in these pages, or wish to suggest changes or contribute items, please email me.

The Bing Crosby Internet Museum was born June, 1996, on the Web server of the Metropolitan Community Colleges in Kansas City, Missouri. During its first 13 years Dave Herriman served as webmaster, keeping the Museum running smoothly. During this time Brian Johnson contributed many marvelous home page graphics. In 2011 the Museum moved to a private server but remains non-commercial, educational and supportive of free speech, including dissident views. After touring the Museum you are invited to drop by my home page where you can explore some of my other interests.

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