The largest collection of Bing memorabilia can be found at Bing' alma mater, Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. Bing's gold discs, a replica of his Oscar for "Going My Way" and personal correspondence can be found there. Perhaps you can talk the Special Collections librarian into letting you try on one of Bing's toupees. When LaserLight decided to release on CD a series of broadcasts of Crosby's World War II Kraft Music Hall, they borrowed the master 16-inch transcription discs from Gonzaga. The resulting sound quality was probably better than most folks heard listening to the broadcasts live over their radios in the '40s. Much of the Crosby collection is on display at the Crosby family home on the northern main entrance to the campus. The home was built by the Crosby family, where they lived from 1913 to 1936. Gonzaga hosted the Crosby Centennial celebration May 16-18, 2003, with Mrs. Crosby, Frank Sinatra Jr., and Rich Little in attendance.

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