Lyrics by Crosby

Bing wrote part or all the lyrics to at least 15 of his commercial recordings and many private recordings. The most successful of Bing's songwriting collaborations were his theme song, Where the Blue of the Night, and "I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You." Songs that featured lyrics by Bing include:
Joe Bushkin was a pianist for the Tommy Dorsey orchestra when he first met Bing in 1940. Thirty-five years later Bing invited Joe to be a guest on his television Christmas special with Fred Astaire. It was there that Joe developed The Bing Crosby Greatest Hits Medley, which Bing used during his next two years of touring. Joe accompanied Bing on his final road show, which began in August, 1977, in Oslo, Norway. There Bing performed a song written especially for the Norway concert, "Sailing Away to Norway," with lyrics by Bing. Joe decided to punctuate the concert tour with a charity album for the Norwegian Red Cross, for which Bing agreed to record a couple of the tour songs. Following their last concert at the London Palladium on Oct. 4, Bing recorded two songs backstage: "Now You Has Jazz" and "Sail Away to Norway," These were released as part of Joe's album "The Road to Oslo" following Bing's death 10 days after the recording session. Both these recordings were revived on the Joe Bushkin CD "The Road to Oslo and Play It Again Joe" (DRG 8490).

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