1 9 4 0
Jan 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows are broadcast. Guests include Lon Chaney Jr., Gloria Jean, Madeleine Carroll, Ida Lupino, Frank McHugh, Humphrey Bogart, Alan Hale and Maureen O'Hara.
Jan 15Bing appears in radio version of Sing You Sinners for Lux Radio Theatre on CBS with Ralph Bellamy and Elizabeth Patterson.
Jan 22The US Treasury releases figures for the highest salaries of 1938 and Bing's figure for that year is given as $260,000.
Jan 23Bing and Dixie thought to have been at the Victor Hugo for a farewell dinner dance for various old silent film stars who were about to undertake a tour as 'Hollywood Cavalcade of Stars'.
Jan 26-28Bing's fourth Pro-Am Golf Tournament takes place at Rancho Santa Fe where he films Swing With Bing, a two-reel golfing item featuring the tournament. The professional winner is Ed (Porky) Oliver.
Jan 30Bing in St. Vincent's Hospital, Hollywood, for observation re possible appendectomy. No operation is performed and he leaves hospital February 1st.
FebFounds the Crosby Research Foundation.
Feb - AprFilms If I Had My Way with Gloria Jean and El Brendel. This is another independent production in which Bing has a financial interest and the film is released through Universal.
Feb 1/8/15/22/29(7 - 8 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Walt Disney, Randolph Scott, Ralph Bellamy, Mischa Levitski, Marlene Dietrich, Sabu, Joan Bennett, Brian Donlevy and Frank Albertson.
Feb 9Records in Hollywood, including 'Tumbling Tumbleweeds'.
Feb 20Road To Singapore is previewed at the Los Angeles Paramount.
Feb 25(5:10 to 7:30 p.m.) Records three songs in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter, including 'Devil May Care'.
Feb 29Awarded the US Junior Chamber of Commerce Distinguished Service Key for the man under 35 years of age who contributed most to his community during 1939. The presentation takes place at a banquet at the University Club in Los Angeles but Bing is unable to attend in person.
Mar 1Bing and Dixie attend Garcia v. Armstrong fight in Los Angeles.
Mar 2Bing and Dixie are in the stands and watch Seabiscuit win his final race, the Santa Anita Handicap.
Mar 7/14/21/28(7 - 8 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Errol Flynn, Pat O'Brien, Oscar Levant, Humphrey Bogart, Victor Schertzinger and Brenda Marshall.
Mar 18Bing had been subpoenaed to appear in San Francisco on this day before the State Senate committee investigating horse racing. It is not known whether he did actually appear.
Mar 22Recording session in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter, including 'Sierra Sue'.

Bing and Dixie are seen at Perino's Sky Room. John Kirby's band plays songs from his pictures.

Apr 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Basil Rathbone, Spring Byington, Virginia Bruce, Donald Budge, Lucille Ball, Jeffrey Lynn, Donald Crisp, Janice Porter and Anna Neagle.
Apr 6Bing golfs at Del Monte. Dixie is at Palm Springs.
Apr 12Records songs from If I Had My Way in Hollywood.
Apr 15Records 'Mister Meadowlark' and 'On Behalf of the Visiting Firemen' with Johnny Mercer in Hollywood.
Apr 24Bing is part of the Lakeside Movie Colony Golf team which loses to the Los Angeles Country Club team.
May 2/9/16/23/30(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Edna Best, Chester Morris, Kay Francis, William Boyd, Brian Aherne, Gloria Jean, Robert Preston, Frank McHugh, Jose Iturbi and the regulars, Bob Burns and the Music Maids.
May 3The opening of The Pirate's Den, a night club at La Brea, near Beverly Hills. Bing has invested $1000 in it together with 13 other stars including Rudy Vallee, Bob Hope, Fred MacMurray and Errol Flynn. Many Hollywood stars attend but Bing fails to turn up and is said to be at the dentist.
May 5The film If I Had My Way has its New York premiere at Rivoli Theatre.
May - JulFilms Rhythm on the River (original title was 'Ghost Music') with Mary Martin, Basil Rathbone, Wingy Manone and Oscar Levant. The director is Victor Schertzinger.

Bing and Dixie reported to be at Arrowhead Springs.

May 14Irving Berlin signs contract with Paramount to write Holiday Inn.

Bing and Larry Crosby drop into the Hollywood Tropics to hear Andy Iona sing his latest composition 'A Million Moons Over Hawaii.' Bing is said to be planning to sing the song himself but does not eventually do so.

Jun 4The evacuation of over 300,000 troops of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk is completed.
Jun 6/13/20Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Wendy Barrie, John Payne, Kirsten Flagstad, Roland Young and Ralph Bellamy.
Jun 7Bing is thought to have attended the Andrews Sisters' opening at Casa Manana.
Jun 8Bing and Dixie seen at the Hollywood ball park rooting for the Hollywood Stars with Ray Milland and his wife. Also Bing is thought to have had a box at a big military ball at the L.A. Breakfast Club during the evening.
Jun 23The Merry Macs open at Victor Hugo's and Bing is there with Dixie and a large party. Bing introduces the vocal group from the stage saying that he thinks that "they're the greatest singing organisation of their kind."
Jun 27Bing's KMH show does not take place because of the broadcast of the Republican Convention.
Jul 1Makes three more records with Dick McIntyre, including 'Trade Winds'.
Jul 3/10Records songs from Rhythm On The River (including 'Only Forever').
Jul 4/11/18/25(5 - 6 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Johnny Mercer, Nigel Bruce, Lynne Overman, Viginia Bruce, Carol MacFarlane, Eddie Albert, John Garfield, Lou Holtz, Olivia de Haviland, Oscar Levant, Alan Hale, Shirley Ross and Raymond Massey.
Jul 6Records 'The Ballad For Americans.'
Jul 20/23/27Further recording dates in Hollywood including 'Where The Blue Of The Night' with The Paradise Island Trio and two songs with the Merry Macs.

Sings three songs on a special NBC-GE broadcast tribute to Admiral Byrd's Antarctic Expedition.

Aug 1(5 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts the KMH show with guests Lou Holtz and Pat O'Brien.
Aug 8Bing's last KMH show until November 14. Charles Laughton, Lilian Cornell and Jose Iturbi are the guests.

Bing plays in the sectional qualifying round for the US Open Golf Championship at the Bel Air Country Club but places sixth. Only the first four are to qualify and it seems that Bing has missed out. However two of the qualifiers drop out and he is able to proceed to the next qualifying round to be held at Winged Foot in September.

Aug 16A Press preview of Rhythm on the River is shown on the race track at Del Mar. A live radio show on NBC to celebrate the opening at Del Mar takes place with many guest stars including Mary Martin, Pat O'Brien and Lillian Cornell. Bing and Mary Martin feature the songs from the film.
Aug 23New York premiere of Rhythm On The River at Paramount Theatre.
Sep 4The film short Swing With Bing is released.

The Battle of Britain takes place.

Bing and Dixie (plus Lindsay) travel East where Bing is to compete in the final qualifying round for the US Amateur Open Golf Championship at Winged Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York.

Sep 8Has practice round at Winged Foot with Bud Ward, Craig Wood and Bob Coffey. A large gallery of spectators follows them around the course.
Sep 9/10Playing in front of large crowds, Bing shoots an 83 in the first round and a 77 in the second round. He misses qualifying for the actual tournament by five strokes. At night on September 10, Bing is interviewed on NBC by John N. Kennedy about his performance and admits to taking four putts on one hole.
Sep 14'Sierra Sue' is at No. 1 for four weeks.
Sep 15At the Philadelphia Country Club, Bing golfs with Ed Dudley (the home professional) against Jim Thompson and Horton Smith to raise funds for the British War Relief Society. Bing and Ed Dudley lose two down. The 5000 spectators help raise $2,500 for the cause. Bing has an 81 and leaves immediately after the golf as he has an 8 p.m. appointment in New York.
Sep 28Bing is thought to have been in Boston and completes negotiations to buy the Boston Bees baseball team from C. F. Adams, the chain store magnate. Later, it is reported that the deal is not allowed to proceed by the baseball commissioner because of Bing's connections with horse racing.
Sep 29.Bing golfs in a charity match for the committee for placement of refugee children in Belmont Homes at the Belmont Country Club in Boston. He plays with Tony Penna against Harold (Jug) McSpaden and Fred J. Wright in front of a crowd of 5,000. Bing has a 77. That night he dines at the Ritz-Carlton before catching a train for West Virginia.
October 5Bing golfs at the Greenbrier Hotel, White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia.
Oct 19Only Forever is at No. 1 where it remains for ten weeks.
Oct 29Takes part in broadcast for Community Mobilisation for Human Needs.
Oct 30Press report about Bing wanting to buy the Boston Bees baseball team but it is said that this was not allowed to proceed by the baseball commissioner because of Bing's connections with horse racing.
Nov 4Speaks briefly on radio in support of the Republican Presidential candidate Wendell Wilkie.
Nov 5Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt is re-elected President.
Nov - DecBing, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour film Road to Zanzibar at Paramount.

Larry Crosby throws a real 'clam-bake' and Bing and Dixie attend.

Nov 14(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing returns to the KMH show and appears weekly until February 6, 1941. The audience share for the season is 18.6. Asks the country to unite behind President Roosevelt and seldom again publicly endorses a political candidate. The guests on the opening show are William Frawley, Joel McCrea and Wingy Manone. Connie Boswell becomes the resident female singer with the other regulars Bob Burns, the Music Maids and announcer Ken Carpenter.
Nov 21/28Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Ogden Nash, Robert Young, Charles Boyer and Tommy Dorsey.
Nov 30The No. 1 record is Bing's recording of 'Trade Winds.'
Dec 3(7 to 10 p.m.) Recording session with John Scott Trotter.
Dec 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Errol Flynn, Benny Rubin, Preston Sturges, Allen Jenkins, Donald Crisp, Jose Iturbi and Thomas Mitchell.
Dec 9(5 to 7:20 p.m.) Records with Victor Young, including Bing's first Irish songs 'Did Your Mother Come From Ireland' and 'Where The River Shannon Flows'.
Dec 13/16/23/30Other recording dates in Hollywood, including 'San Antonio Rose'.

Bing signs a fresh contract with Paramount which is thought to require him to make nine films in three years at $175,000 per film. Also signs a contract with Decca for five years at $60,000 per annum plus a percentage.

Dec 20(5:45 to 9 p.m.) Records songs from Road To Zanzibar with John Scott Trotter.

Bing is thought to have taken part in a Christmas party for 1200 coloured children at Ascot School together with other artists including the King Cole Trio, Dorothy Dandridge and Frankie Darro.

During the year, Bing has been appointed to the Board of Directors of Los Angeles radio station KMPC. His co-directors are Paul Whiteman, Harold Lloyd, Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll (the latter two known as 'Amos 'n' Andy'). Also the Crosby Research Foundation has been set up in Pasadena to test, develop and market inventions.

His royalties on records in 1940 are $77,000.

Bing is placed seventh in the annual USA box office stars list for 1940. Mickey Rooney is first.

Wins Movie - Radio Guide Star of Stars award for best male singer of popular songs for 1940. Wins each year for next three years.

1 9 4 1
Downbeat magazine names Bing and Helen O'Connell as the top vocalists of 1940.
Jan 2/9/16/23/30(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Frank McHugh, James Hilton, Roland Young, Henry Stephenson, Duke Ellington, Walter Pidgeon, Edward Everett Horton, Virginia Bruce and Ogden Nash.
Jan 24-26The Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Rancho Santa Fe is won by Sam Snead for the third time. Bing misses the first day as he is delayed by bad weather in Los Angeles. Ed Oliver partners Bing in the pro-am commencing on January 25.
Jan 30Bing is thought to have joined in a nationwide all-network radio hook-up to celebrate President Roosevelt's birthday.
Feb 6Bing hosts the KMH with guests Paul Robeson and Lew Ayres.

Voted most popular male singer in New York World-Telegram poll of radio editors.

Feb 13Misses the KMH show as he is on a short vacation at Sun Valley with his family.
Feb 20Bing returns to the KMH with guests Sabu, George Raft and Vincente Gomez.
Feb 23Takes part in the Gulf Screen Guild radio production of 'Altar Bound' with Bob Hope and Betty Grable on CBS.

Bing arranges to appear in a benefit performance for Greek War Relief at the Shrine Auditorium and whilst he is present backstage, he cannot be given a spot in the early part of the show and he leaves without singing.

Feb 27Bing hosts another KMH show. The guests are Connie Boswell and Fay Bainter.
Feb 27Bing's song 'Only Forever' loses to 'When You Wish Upon a Star' as best film song of 1940 in the annual Academy Awards show held at the Biltmore Bowl.
Mar 6/13/20Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Lionel Barrymore, Eddie Bracken, Jackie Cooper, Edward Arnold and J. Carrol Naish.
Mar 10Road To Zanzibar previewed at Paramount studio for press and receives good reviews.
Mar 18(7 - 7:30 p.m.) Guests on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC.
Mar 27Misses KMH show. Don Ameche acts as host.
Apr 3/10/17/24Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Jack Teagarden, Rudolph Ganz, John O'Hara, Bob Hope, Rosemary Lane, Brian Aherne, Don Ameche, Roland Young, Russ Morgan, Virginia Bruce and the regulars Connie Boswell and the Music Maids.
Apr - JunFilms Birth of the Blues with Mary Martin, Brian Donlevy and Jack Teagarden.
Apr 7Bing appears on the cover of Time magazine.
Apr 9Road to Zanzibar has New York premiere at the Paramount and is a bigger hit than the first Road film.
Apr 18(4:30 -5 p.m.) Bing guests on Alec Templeton's Variety Program on NBC.
May 1/8/15/22/29Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Pat O'Brien, Alec Templeton, William Frawley, Walter Pidgeon, Kay Kyser, Josephine Tuminia, Priscilla Lane, Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, James Hilton and Duke Ellington.
May 23Makes his first recordings of the year, including 'Be Honest With Me' and 'Brahms Lullaby'. The ASCAP dispute has removed the incentive for recording as radio networks are boycotting their material.
May 26Records two songs from Birth Of The Blues with Mary Martin and Jack Teagarden.
Jun 5/12/19Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Jerry Lester, William Boyd, Ethel Waters, Donald Crisp, Chester Morris, Bert Lahr and Gail Patrick.

Bing and Mary Martin star in a radio program 'Man in the Street' as part of a popular series of dramatised up-market stories.

Jun 14/16Recording dates in Hollywood, including several songs by Stephen Foster.
Jun 26Does not appear on KMH.
Jul 3/10/17/24Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Wingy Manone, Rita Hayworth, Ida Lupino and John Garfield.
Jul 3Bing and Dixie are understood to have attended the opening night for Harry Owens and his Royal Hawaiian Orchestra at the Miramar Hotel.
Jul 4Sings at Ken Murray's wedding at Lew Ayres' home.
Jul 5/8/14/30Recording sessions in Hollywood, including 'Danny Boy' and Where The Turf Meets The Surf plus several songs with Woody Herman.
Jul 19(5:30 p.m.) Bing joins NBC's Buddy Twiss on a radio broadcast to describe the scene as the Hollywood Gold Cup is run at Hollywood Park.
Jul 31Bing's last KMH show of the season. Mary Martin makes her first appearance as guest.
Aug 1Del Mar season starts and continues until September 1.
Aug 2(noon) In radio show on NBC from Del Mar where he leads a quiz with the winner having a song sung specially by Bing.
Aug 14Attends the Comedians v. Leading Men charity baseball game at Wrigley Field.
SepSails from New York to Brazil where he stays at the Casino Copacabana for several days and meets Ethel Smith, the organist with whom he later records. Visits ranch at Corrientes (which he owns jointly with three others) which has 6,500 head of cattle. Gives benefit show for the British in Rio de Janeiro. Also visits Sao Paulo.

Goes on to Argentina, where Buenos Aires dismisses schools "in honour of this great American singer." Bing makes an automobile tour so that the vast crowds can get a look at him. Buys part interest in a horse farm.

Sep 21Sees the horse 'Blackie' from his Binglin stock farm in Argentina win classic race at Palermo, Buenos Aires.
Oct 14Broadcasts from Buenos Aires for Radio El Mundo. Speaks in Spanish on show. Bing's fee goes to a children's charity.
Oct 15Press comment states that "Dixie Crosby's flight to New York to meet Bing should finally squelch the separation rumours".
Oct 20Arrives back in New York from South America aboard American Republics liner 'Brazil'. Says that during his trip he did two shows on ship for the crew.
Oct 24In New York makes records of two songs he had never heard before ('Shepherd Serenade' and 'Do You Care?'). Enters studio at 9 a.m. and leaves at 9:45 a.m.
Oct 30Back in Hollywood, Bing returns to the KMH and appears weekly until February 5, 1942. The guests on the opening show are Rise Stevens, William Frawley and Warner Baxter. Audience share for the season is 21.1. The Music Maids and Connie Boswell continue as regulars.
Nov 1(6 to 6:30 p.m.) Appears in a sponsored broadcast on the Mutual Broadcasting System originating from Station KHJ to promote Birth Of The Blues.

Sings the title song of the film short Angels of Mercy to honour the American Red Cross.

Nov - Feb 1942Films Holiday Inn with Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds and Virginia Dale. Bing sings the perennial White Christmas for the first time.
Nov 6/13/20/27Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Brian Donlevy, Joe DiMaggio, Ruth Hussey, Jinx Falkenburg, Donald Crisp, Humphrey Bogart, Jerry Lester, Wingy Manone and Wendy Barrie.
Nov 15NBC celebrates its 15th Anniversary with a three hour show called 'Free For All' featuring an all-star cast. Bing sings "Shepherd Serenade."
Nov 19Bing is one of several golf tournament sponsors appointed to a PGA committee to improve the handling of tournaments.
Nov 19Bing's horse Mus Hua wins the Juvenile Stakes at Victoria Park, Sydney, Australia. This is the first time Bing's colours have been seen at an Australian race track. Complaints are later made about their unorthodox nature including the jockey's cap having a large pom pom with the word 'Bing' across its back.
Dec 4/11/18Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Victor Borge, Carol Landis, Walter Huston, Jerry Lester, Robert Coote, Veronica Lake, Paul Robeson, Frank McHugh, Fay Bainter and George Murphy.
Dec 5Angels of Mercy released.
Dec 7Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.
Dec 9Birth of the Blues premieres in New York.
Dec 25Bing sings 'White Christmas' on the KMH before its release in Holiday Inn.
Dec 31Bing sees the New Year in at a party at Jack Benny's home in Roxburgh Drive.
1 9 4 2
Jan 1(9:30 a.m.) Bing golfs with Jimmy Demaret, Bud Oakley and Jimmy Fidler in a benefit for the Salvation Army at the Lakeside Club.
Jan 1/8/15/22Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Wingy Manone, Jerry Lester and Victor Borge. Mary Martin takes over from Connie Boswell as resident female vocalist. Connie later says that she "was fired because they wanted Mary Martin." In March, she announces that she will henceforth be known as Connee.

The military requisitions the Del Mar property as a training base for the US Marines.

Jan 16Carole Lombard killed in plane crash.
Jan 18/19/24/26/27Recording dates in Hollywood, including 'Deep In The Heart of Texas'.
Jan 24Guests with many other stars in a radio show 'Hollywood March of Dimes.' (The 'March of Dimes' campaign was originated by Eddie Cantor who told people that sending ten cents to the President would help find a cure for polio).
Jan 29(6 - 7 p.m.) Sends the KMH radio show by short wave as a popular request to General MacArthur's American forces besieged in the Philippines at Corregidor. Bing's guests include Sam Snead and Madeleine Carroll.
Jan 30 - Feb 1Holds his last golf tournament at Rancho Santa Fe. Films Don't Hook Now (a 32-minute short on golf with Bob Hope) there. The tournament is won by amateur John Dawson with the winning professionals being Lloyd Mangrum and Leland Gibson who tie with 133 shots each. The famed Crosby barbecue is called off at the request of Army officials. On the second day Bing and Sam Snead play with Bob Hope and Ben Hogan.
Feb ?Films guest spot in My Favorite Blonde with Bob Hope.
Feb 5Bing hosts KMH show with guests Wingy Manone and John Garfield.
Feb 6-8Bing plays in the Western Open Golf Championship at the Phoenix Country Club. Bob Hope misses the first round because of illness.
Feb 11Bing and Bob are in Dallas, Texas, where they golf to raise money for the American Red Cross.
Feb 12Misses his KMH radio show this week and the next; he and Hope continue an exhibition golf tour in Texas. Today they golf at the Brae Burn Country Club in Houston before a crowd of 10,000.
Feb 13Bing and Bob play golf at the Willow Springs course in San Antonio to raise funds for Red Cross. Bing shoots a 77 before a crowd of 8,000.
Feb 16Press reports indicate that Bing has registered for the draft.
Feb 18-22Bing returns to Phoenix and plays in the Country Club's Invitational Matchplay Tournament.
Feb 24 - AprFilms Road To Morocco with Hope and Lamour. Anthony Quinn has a featured role.

Bing and Dixie seen at Charley Foy's night club. Dixie is now a brunette.

Feb 26Bing returns to the KMH show. The guests are Paul Robeson and Allen Jenkins.
Mar 1Bob Hope and Babe Ruth defeat Bing and California Governor Culbert Olson in an exhibition golf match at Haggin Oaks Golf Course in Sacramento.
Mar 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Jack Teagarden, Victor Borge, Jerry Lester, Wingy Manone, Pat O'Brien, Nigel Bruce, The Ink Spots and Robert Preston.
Mar 8Takes part in Gulf Screen Guild version of 'Too Many Husbands' with Bob Hope and Hedy Lamarr on CBS. They plug Road to Morocco.
Mar 12US withdraws from Philippines. General MacArthur says "I shall return."
Mar 13(7:45 - 9:45 p.m.) Bing makes two records with Mary Martin in Hollywood, 'Lily of Laguna' and 'Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie'.
Mar 14Bing and Dixie at Biarritz.
Mar 16Recording in Hollywood.
Mar 18My Favorite Blonde released.
Mar 24Robert E. Ray is arrested in the offices of music publishers Shapiro, Bernstein & Co in New York. He is attempting to impersonate Everett Crosby and he is charged with forgery having opened a bank account in the name of H. L. Crosby Inc.
Mar 28(6 p.m.) Kraft permits Bing to appear on the Lucky Strike 'Hit Parade' radio program following heavy demand from servicemen.
Apr 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Walter Huston, Walter Pidgeon, Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Ronald Reagan (whose name is pronounced Reegan), Larry Adler, Gene Tunney and Susan Hayward.
Apr 11(2 p.m.) Dixie opens the family home at 10500 Camarillo Street to the public for a 'bundle tea' in aid of the AWVS. Admission is by a bundle of clothing and 50 cents.
May 5Joins Hollywood Victory Caravan tour of 65 cities for eight shows.
May 6First match in Bing and Bob Hope's PGA sponsored war relief golfing tour takes place in Chicago. Bing and Chick Evans beat Hope and Tommy Armour 2 up. In the personal match between Bing and Hope, Bing wins 1 up. Match is restricted to 9 holes because of the meanderings of the overflow crowd. Bing and Bob later take part in the Hollywood Victory Caravan show in Chicago.

Misses his KMH show on May 7 and 14. Bob Crosby subs.

May 7Bing and Bob Morse (trick shot artist) defeat Hope and Johnny Manion (host club pro) one up at Meadowbrook Country Club, St. Louis. Hope loses special challenge match with Bing 2 and 1. Golf has to finish after 12 holes because of unruly crowd of 2,000. Joins in Hollywood Victory Caravan Show in St. Louis.
May 8The Hollywood Victory Caravan arrives in Minneapolis' Milwaukee Station. Bing and fellow celebrities are whisked by bus to the Nicollete Hotel for their stay in the Twin Cities.
May 9(a.m.) A crowd estimated between 1000 and 2000 people watch Crosby, Hope, Wally Mund and Harry Cooper golf at Midland Hills Country Club, St. Paul, to raise funds for Victory Caravan. Hope wins this time one up. Match restricted to 12 holes so Hope and Crosby could take part in a matinée show for the Victory Caravan at St. Paul Auditorium and an evening reprise at Minneapolis Auditorium.
May 10Matinee show at Des Moines.
May 11Evening show at Dallas.
May 12Bing gives final show for Hollywood Victory Caravan at Houston.

Goes on to Louisville to enter his horses at Churchill Downs and is involved in golf match for Army-Navy Relief Fund. Continues to Fort Knox to give show for servicemen and shows up late for a planned 15 minute interview over Station WINN at the Fort Knox field house. Instead of the interview indulges in a 90 minute ad lib song and gag session with Senator Chandler and Governor Rodes Myers (his golf partners earlier in the day).

May 21/28Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Carole Landis, Virginia Weidler, Frank McHugh and Ruth Hussey.
May 25/27Records songs from Holiday Inn in Hollywood.
May 29(8:30 to 11:20 a.m.) Records 'White Christmas' for the first time plus two other songs.
May 30(9:05 p.m.) Bing joins in an all star radio program to support the USO.
Jun 1Involved in car crash at 12:03 a.m. on Wilshire Boulevard at Roxbury Drive. Bing receives minor injuries including a cut lip. Is treated at Beverly Hills Emergency Hospital and sent home.

(8:30 to 11:30 a.m.) Records more songs from Holiday Inn.

Jun 4/11/18(6 - 7 pm.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Rosemary Lane, John Garfield, Vera Zorina, Thomas Mitchell, Donald Crisp, Linda Darnell and Walt Disney.
Jun 7The Battle of Midway - the Japanese Navy is forced to withdraw.
Jun 8/10/12Records various tracks including songs from Road To Morocco and 'Silent Night' and 'Adeste Fideles'.
Jun 11Records a guest shot in Command Performance show #17 which is emceed by Don Ameche. The Command Performance series was recorded on transcription discs for shipment to overseas forces instead of broadcast live.
Jun 11Thought to have attended the Navy Ball for Naval Relief.
Jun 18(starting at 8.15 p.m.) Takes part in Gershwin Memorial Concert at the Shrine Auditorium with Dinah Shore, Harry James and Paul Whiteman. Whiteman conducts the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Bing sings two solos and then he and Dinah sing a medley from 'Porgy and Bess'. An edited version of the concert is broadcast on the East Coast on July 4.
Jun 20Bing and his son Gary film a scene for Star Spangled Rhythm. The Paramount film stars Betty Hutton and Eddie Bracken.

Bing attends a party put on by Peter Lind Hayes at the Grace Hayes Lodge. Bing sings a couple of songs.

Jun 25Submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission indicate that Bing was the highest-paid actor in 1941. Bing received $300,000 from Paramount Pictures whilst his earnings from Decca were $100,640. No amount was quoted for his radio income.

Bing's last KMH appearance until October 1. The guests are Harry James and Fred Astaire. The songs from Holiday Inn are plugged. Bob Crosby takes over for the summer months.

Jun 29The setting up of $50,000 trust funds for each of Bing's four sons is completed in Probate Court. John O'Melveny, the family attorney, is appointed to look after the trusts which consist of stock in the Crosby Corporation.
Jul 9/27Recording dates in Hollywood.

Bing gives three shows in Arizona and Texas for the forces in which Gary Crosby participates.

Bing is on a fishing trip in the High Sierras with Johnny Burke and Dr. Arnold Stevens and nearly slips to his death whilst casting from a snow-covered ledge at Mammoth Lake.

Jul 22Samuel Rubin (aged 24) is indicted by a Federal Jury on charges of sending extortion letters to Bing and to Harold Lloyd threatening harm to their children if they did not pay $1,000.
Jul 23Bing takes part in Treasury Star Parade, a War Bond Drive radio program.
Aug 1American Federation of Musicians commences recording ban by its members which continues until September 18, 1943 in the case of Decca.
Aug 4Holiday Inn is released.
Aug 5/6Bing in USO camp show at Fort Lewis, Washington with Phil Silvers and Rags Ragland.
Aug 6In Tacoma, sings at the Liberty Centre to help War Savings Bonds drive.
Aug 8Having stayed overnight at Tacoma Country Club he travels to Seattle where he appears in Victory Square, in front of 15,000 people with Phil Silvers and Rags Ragland. The same day goes to 'Hole-In-One' competition at Beacon Hill (where he hits a few balls) and then entertains Naval combat fliers at Sand Point. Subsequently goes on to appear in Spokane, Boise, Idaho, Cheyenne, Wyoming and also covers Colorado and Kansas before finishing his tour on August 16.

A train carrying many stars, such as Ann Rutherford, Abbott and Costello, Greer Garson, Hedy Lamarr, Dinah Shore and Bing, stops at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and $127,000 worth of War Bonds are sold.

August 15Bing and Bob Hope play golf on the Broadmoor course at Colorado Springs against Lawson Little and Ed Dudley in front of a crowd of 4,000 with receipts going to the Camp Carson Recreation Fund. Bing cards a 78 and the match finishes even.
August 16Starting at 11:00 a.m., Bing and Lawson Little golf against Bob Hope and Ed Dudley at the Cherry Hills course, Denver, Colorado. A crowd of over 6,000 (including Governor Ralph Carr) watch the 13 hole match which is won by Hope and Dudley one up. Bing and Bob put on a show at the driving range after the match and are helped by entertainers from Lowry Field. Radio station KOA broadcasts some of the show. The proceeds of the day go to the four army camps in the area.
Aug 30Bing and many other Hollywood celebrities arrive at Union Station, Washington D. C. at 8:40 a.m. where they are greeted by Kay Kyser's Orchestra and about 1000 fans. Starting at 11 a.m. Bing takes part in a rehearsal of a show at the National Theatre. The actual event takes place at 7 p.m. and Bing acts as host in the Bureau of Public Relations Washington Show at the National Theatre in front of an audience of top ranking government and army officials. Guests on the show include Connee Boswell, Abbott and Costello, James Cagney, Hedy Lamarr, Ginny Simms, Larry Adler and Dinah Shore. The proceedings are recorded and subsequently issued as Command Performance shows #30 and 31. Following the show, the stars are taken to the National Press Club where they interview the pressmen. Bing questions Tom Stokes.
Aug 31Having stayed at the Carlton Hotel overnight, the stars leave in army jeeps at 11 a.m. for a parade to the Treasury Building. At 11:30 a.m., in front of a crowd of 30,000, Bing acts as M.C. in a war bond rally which continues until 2 p.m. on the south steps of the Treasury Building. The rally inaugurates the 'Salute to our Heroes' Drive and $250,000 is raised. The proceedings are broadcast between noon and 12:30 p.m. and Bing sings 'This Is Worth Fighting For'. Bing and the stars are entertained to lunch at 3 p.m. by Henry Morgenthau, Secretary of the Treasury, before they depart in various directions as part of a 30 day tour of 300 cities organised by the Hollywood Victory Committee.
Sep 10Sneak preview of Road To Morocco at Paramount, New York.
Sep 10Bing records 'Front Line Theater' radio show #1 with Bob Hope, Hedy Lamarr and Glenn Miller's Orchestra.

Bing in Chicago and is seen frequently at the race track.

Sep 12Bing takes part in a golf benefit at Kent Country Club, Grand Rapids, Michigan for USO and the Red Cross.
Sep 15Goes by car from Indianapolis to Cincinnati and makes a speech in Fountain Square to promote war bond sales. Takes part in USO benefit golf match at 1 p.m. at Kenwood, Cincinnati with Byron Nelson, Jimmy Demaret and Curt Bryan The golf match finishes on the 13th hole and Bing then sings to the crowd. He attends a dinner at 6 p.m. at the Country Club where he sings for the audience.
Sep 15Press report seen about Bing and his brother Larry setting up the Crosby Research Foundation, a clearing house for inventors.
Sep 16Bing plays in a golf benefit sponsored by the American War Dads at Swope Park in Kansas City, Missouri.
Sep ?Appears at Tulsa Country club with Bob Wills and his band.
Sep 25Red Cross Golf match with Hope.
Sep 30Bing arrives back in Hollywood after having played over 70 camps and given over 25 golf exhibition matches during his USO sponsored tour.
Oct 1Records the first of the Personal Album series of shows for servicemen. Press reports indicate that Bing has lost weight and that he attributes this to making his breakfast his big meal of the day.
Oct 1(6 - 7 p.m.) Returns to the KMH until April 15, 1943. Guests in the opening show are Victor Borge and Cass Daley. Audience share is 23.1 during the season. Bing's salary is $5,000 per broadcast. Ken Carpenter, The Music Maids and Mary Martin remain as fixtures together with John Scott Trotter and the orchestra. The Charioteers become regulars.
Oct 5Road to Morocco is released nation-wide and is a box office smash.
Oct 8/15/22/29(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Milton Berle, Desi Arnaz, Victor Borge, Cass Daley, Charles Ruggles, Judy Canova, Eve Arden and Bob Hope.
Oct 13Bing records Command Performance #36 with Dinah Shore, Mary Martin, the Charioteers and John Scott Trotter. Bing acts as M.C.
Oct 19Records 'Song Sheet' shows #14 and #16 for servicemen. Sings 'White Christmas' on one of the shows and gives the lyrics of the song at dictation speed.
Oct 25The AWVS hold a United Nations bazaar at Bing's home at 10500 Camarillo Street.
Oct 28 - JanFilms Dixie with Dorothy Lamour, Marjorie Reynolds and Billy de Wolfe. Because of war-time restrictions, Paramount uses sets at Columbia ranch, Goldwyn studio, Fox and Vitagraph.
Oct 31'White Christmas' reaches No. 1 for the first time and stays there for 11 weeks.
Nov 1Partners Bob Hope in golf tournaments organised by the Junior Chambers of Commerce in the San Francisco Bay area for the benefit of the American Women's Volunteer Service. In the morning commencing at 10 a.m., at Claremont Country Club, Oakland, there is a nine hole match and Bing and Bob defeat Henry Suico and Reno Nardin one up. After lunch at the Claremont Country Club, there is a similar match in the afternoon at Presidio Golf Club, San Francisco, commencing at 2 p.m.
Nov 2Bing visits Oak Knoll Hospital to entertain the sailors.
Nov 4Records Mail Call show #11 with Fred Astaire, Fibber McGee and Molly, and Ken Carpenter. The show features extracts from Holiday Inn. The Mail Call series of shows were transcribed for subsequent broadcast to the Armed Forces.
Nov 5/12/19/26(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Leo 'Ukie' Sherin, Victor Borge, Richard Haydn, Cass Daley, Ginny Simms, Edgar Buchanan, Ella Mae Morse, Broderick Crawford, Janet Blair and George Tobias. Mary Martin makes her last appearance on November 5 prior to her appendectomy.
Nov 20Records 'Song Sheet' shows #20 and #22.
Nov 21Bing may have attended the 'Jitterbug Jamboree' dance contest at the Hollywood Legion Stadium.
Nov 28Bing attends a college football game at Hollywood's Gilmore Stadium between Fresno State and San Jose State. Fresno State won the game 6-0 and Bing lost a bet. He enters the Fresno locker room after the game and invites the team to a free meal at Slapsie Maxies in Hollywood.
Dec 3/10/17/24/31(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Dorothy Lamour, Margaret Lenhart, Jinx Falkenburg, Cliff Edwards, Richard Haydn, Trudy Erwin, Jack Carson, Johnny Mercer and Betty Hutton.
Dec 24An hour long Command Performance show is broadcast on all networks at 11 p.m. Bing is featured together with Bob Hope, the Andrews Sisters, Dinah Shore and many others. Bing and the Charioteers sing 'Basin Street Blues'.
Dec 28Command Performance #44 is recorded with Bing and Bob Hope. Kay Kyser acts as M.C.
Dec 30Frank Sinatra makes his first solo appearance at the Paramount in New York alongside the premiere of Star Spangled Rhythm. The era of the bobbysoxers begins.
Dec 31Star Spangled Rhythm is released nation-wide. Paramount buys time on six separate radio stations to promote the film in a special 15 minute transcription.

Bing's royalties from records in 1942 are $298,946 and he also receives $300,000 from Paramount.

1 9 4 3
Jan 3Plays golf with Dick Gibson at the Bel - Air Country Club and then dines at the Brown Derby. In his absence, the Crosby home at 10500 Camarillo Street catches fire at 7:15 p.m. and burns down following what is said to be a problem with the Christmas tree lights. No one is hurt other than a pet cocker spaniel who is found suffocated in the children's apartment upstairs. Bing is contacted by phone by Johnny Burke and when he is convinced that the story is true, he returns home and pulls out a shoe from the debris containing a large amount of cash. The loss is said to be partially covered by insurance and Bing eventually sells the charred site for $15,000. Bing and his family then live at the Beverly Hills Hotel before renting a property from Marion Davies in Beverly Hills. Eventually Bing replaces the house with a 17-room Georgian Colonial home on South Mapleton Drive in Holmby Hills, near the Los Angeles Country Club.
Jan 7(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing hosts the 'Kraft Music Hall' which becomes a half-hour program for the first time. The guests in the opening show are Janet Blair, Betty Hutton and Charles Ruggles. After the show, Bing goes on to a party at Betty Hutton's home in the Los Feliz hills where he sings many songs to Joseph Lilley's piano accompaniment.
Jan 11Stars in radio version of Holiday Inn with Dinah Shore and the Screen Guild Players on CBS.
Jan 14/21/28Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Janet Blair, Cass Daley, Andy Devine, Ginny Simms and Frank McHugh.
Jan 18Arranges to buy a 3,500 acre ranch east of Elko, Nevada on Humboldt River (the old Jube Wright ranch, the 7J Livestock Co.)
Jan 20Records Mail Call radio show #21. Bing is the M.C. with guests Alice Faye, Tommy Dorsey, Cesar Romero and Andy Devine.
Jan 26(7 - 7:30 p.m.) Guests on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC.
Jan 30Sings 'Home On The Range' on radio program 'America Salutes the President's Birthday' (March of Dimes Show).
Jan 31Bing wins the 36-hole finals at the Lakeside Golf Club championships by defeating John Leach 8 and 7. Bing had previously won the title in 1938 and 1939.
Feb 4/11/18/25(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Fay McKenzie, Alan Hale, Bert Lahr and Cass Daley. Trudy Erwin (formerly a member of the Music Maids vocal group) becomes the resident female singer.
Feb 6Records 'Song Sheet' show #40.
Feb 8Records a Personal Album show.
Feb 13Records an appearance in Command Performance #52. Richard Crookes is host.
Feb 20Stars in a Gershwin Festival concert at the Civic Auditorium in San Francisco with Paul Whiteman and Dinah Shore. The takings of $40,000 are a record for a one night musical event in San Francisco. Whiteman conducts the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.
Feb 24Records guest appearance in Command Performance #54 with Dinah Shore. Bob Hope is M.C. and the show is a tribute to the British Army.
Mar 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Cass Daley, Eddie Bracken and Bert Lahr.
Mar 4'White Christmas' wins the Oscar as Best Song. Ironically the Academy Awards ceremony is held in the Cocoanut Grove at the Ambassador Hotel.
Mar 6Bing is in Phoenix to sell war bonds. He arrives 15 minutes late to a singing engagement at the Biltmore Hotel pool. He explains that one of his horses was dying and he wanted to see it finish at least once.
Mar 9Returning from a war bond tour, Bing is injured when hurrying to catch the train to Los Angeles at Phoenix. He slips whilst jumping from a car and the car passes over his ankle. Has to use a cane for a while.
Mar 18It is announced that Bing has filmed a test to play Will Rogers in a biopic for Warner Brothers. His contract with Paramount gives him an outside picture privilege. In fact the picture is not made until 1950, when Will Rogers Junior plays his late father instead.
Apr 1Records Command Performance #60 with Dinah Shore and Bob Burns. Bing is M.C.
Apr 1/8/15Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Trudy Erwin, Lucille Ball, Leo 'Ukie' Sherin, Rags Ragland and Frank McHugh.
Apr 5(6 p.m.) In Lux Radio Theatre version of Road to Morocco with Bob Hope and Ginny Simms on CBS.
Apr 6Signs a new seven year contract minus options to record for Decca. The deal calls for a guaranteed $500,000 over the seven year period as against sales royalties. Jack Kapp tears up the old contract which still has two years to run.
Apr 15Last KMH show until June 17.
Apr 17Moonlight Becomes You gets to No. 1 in the charts. Bing and Dixie leave by train for Mexico City for a vacation and by chance Bob Hope is on the same train. Hope attempts to persuade Bing to stop off withhim in Dallas for a show but Bing declines. During his time in Mexico,Bing is reported to have sold seven ofhis horses to a banker named Carlos Gomez for $13,000. Following his vacation, he sets out on a War Bond fund raising tour with Phil Silvers.
May 6Bing and Dixie, accompanied by Mrs. and Mrs. Dick Gibson and Barney Dean, arrive in New Orleans from Mexico City. It is Dixie's first visit home in 14 years and Bing's first time in the city.
May 7Bing and Bob Hope take part in a benefit golf match at the City Park No. 1 golf course, New Orleans. A crowd of 3,000 produces $2,500 for the Red Cross. Accompanied by Tony Romano Bing sings "Way Down Yonder in New Orleans." In the evening Bing and Bob headline a show at City Park Stadium in front of 10,000 people. Bing and Dixie leave for Atlanta after the show.
May 16In Chicago at Soldier Field to celebrate 'I Am An American Day', Bing sings in front of an audience of 130,000. Dinah Shore, John Garfield and Paulette Goddard also take part. James Cagney later described the crowd's response to Bing in his 1976 biography Cagney by Cagney. At 6:30 p.m. Bing acts as quiz master on the Quiz Kids radio program broadcast from station WENR on the Blue Network. Bing and Dixie leave for New York.
May 20Bing arrives atthe Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia from New York. He goes to Pine Valley Country Club to practice his golf shots. Most likely Dixie returned to Hollywood with Mr. and Mrs. Gibson.
May 21Bob Hope joins Bing in Philadelphia. At noon they appear in the Four Freedoms War Bond Show at the Strawbridge and Clothier department store where Bing sings "As Time Goes By" and duets with Bob Hope on "Road to Morocco." They then visit Mayor Samuel at City Hall and then do a benefit golf match at Llanerch Country Club before a crowd of 6,000.
May 22Bing is on a train en route to Memphis where he is to take part in a golf match with Bob Hope, who is flying there.
May 23Bing arrives in Memphis and discovers that Hope's plane has been grounded in Atlanta by poor weather. Bing plays golf in the afternoon with partner Byron Nelson against Ed Dudley and local pro Jake Fondren at the Memphis Country Club before 10,000 fans. Bing sings for 45 minutes to the crowd following the match. Later he entertains wounded soldiers at Kennedy General Hospital before catching the 8:14 train for Washington, D.C.
May 24In Washington D.C. Bing, Babe Ruth and Kate Smith entertain a crowd of 29,221 at a baseball game between Norfolk Naval Station and the Washington Senators. Bing sings 3 songs for the crowd from home plate during the 7th inning.
May 26It is announced that the Del Mar racetrack is to be turned into an aeroplane parts manufacturing plant.
May 29Joins Bob Hope in Atlanta, Georgia, and they play golf at the Capitol City Country Club with Morton Bright, Bobby Dodd and Ed Dudley as a warm up for a major benefit on the following day.
May 30Bing and Bob play in a 14-hole exhibition golf match for the benefit of the Red Cross at the Capitol City Club before a crowd of about 10,000, the largest gallery in Atlanta golf history to that date. Bing sings "White Christmas" in the show that follows the match. Bing and Bob then depart on a two-week trip to entertain at camps, hospitals and golf courses.
May 31His horse 'Don Bingo' wins the $10,000 Suburban handicap at Belmont Park, New York. The horse is a product of the Binglin Stock Farm in Argentina. A new world record for betting is set with $2.699 million passing through the machines.
June 1A benefit golf match in Birmingham, Alabama, is cancelled and Bing, instead, entertains a crowd of 5,000 at Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. Bing stays the night at the Read House in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
June 2Bing and Ed Dudley arrive in Nashville and take part in an afternoon golf match at Belle Meade Country Club before 5,000. Bing gives a short show afterwards and helps auction items to sell War Bonds. The event is broadcast over station WSM. Bing and Dudley catch a train at 7 p.m. for Chicago.
June 9Bing shoots a 73 at the Broadmoor Golf Course at Colorado Springs. His playing partners are Ed Dudley, Bud Maytag and Jim Heaney.
June 13Bing leaves Colorado Springs for Hollywood after a few days rest.
Jun 17(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing returns to KMH with guests Trudy Erwin and Eddie Bracken.
Jun 19Joins Dinah Shore to record Command Performance #71. Guests are Fanny Brice, Mel Blanc and Vaughn Monroe.
Jun 22New York premiere of Dixie at Paramount Theatre.
Jun 24Bing hosts the KMH show with guests Trudy Erwin and Ed Brophy.
Jun 30Sings 'As Time Goes By' and 'Old Glory' in a two hour show from the Hollywood Bowl in front of 20,000 people to launch the 'Build the Cruiser Los Angeles campaign'. The show is broadcast over the NBC network.
Jul 1/8/15/22/29Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Trudy Erwin, Falstaff Openshaw, William Frawley and Rags Ragland.
Jul 2Records Sunday, Monday Or Always in Hollywood with only vocal group accompaniment because of musicians ban.
Jul 4Joins Al Rinker and Harry Barris in a Rhythm Boys reunion on Paul Whiteman's summer radio program on NBC (sponsored by Chase and Sanborn Coffee). Dinah Shore is also on the show and she and Bing sing a medley from 'Porgy and Bess'. Bing golfs with Rinker at Bel Air during the afternoon between the rehearsal and the show.
Jul 7Appears in 'Soldiers With Wings' radio show.
Jul 11Records Command Performance #75. Bing acts as M.C. with guests Betty Grable, Arthur Rubinstein and the Harry James Orchestra.
Aug - OctBing films Going My Way with Barry Fitzgerald, Frank McHugh and Rise Stevens. The golfing scenes are shot at the Riviera Golf Club.
Aug 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Ed Gardner, Ukie, Trudy Erwin and the regulars, the Music Maids, the Charioteers, Ken Carpenter and John Scott Trotter and the orchestra.

A Liberty ship is named 'S.S. Nathaniel Crosby' in Portland after Bing's grandfather. Bing's mother names it as Bing is committed to filming Going My Way.

Aug 17(7 - 7:30 p.m.) Bing guests on Johnny Mercer's Music Shop radio show on NBC.
Aug 23With Trudy Erwin, records 'People Will Say We're In Love' and 'Oh! What a Beautiful Morning' from Oklahoma!, again with only a vocal group as accompaniment.
Aug 28Records guest appearance in Command Performance #81 with Jimmy Durante who acts as M.C.
Sep 2Records an appearance on Mail Call show #54. Ben Lyon is M.C. and the other guests are Robert Benchley, Nan Wynn and the Merry Macs.
Sep 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Phil Silvers, George Murphy, Falstaff Openshaw and Jinx Falkenburg. Trudy Erwin continues as resident female vocalist whilst Leo 'Ukie' Sherin is the regular comedian.
Sep 4/10/17/24Records GI Journal shows #8/9/10/11. Bing acts as M.C. Guests include Rochester, Mel Blanc, Jimmy Durante, Jerry Colonna and Linda Darnell. The shows are recorded for subsequent broadcast to the Armed Forces.
Sep 8(6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time) Bing takes part in a nation-wide broadcast on all four networks to launch the Third War Loan. Bing and Dinah Shore operating from the NBC Studio in Hollywood introduce the song 'The Road to Victory' which has been specially written by Private First Class Frank Loesser.
Sep 11Bing's recording of 'Sunday, Monday or Always' gets to No. 1 in the charts where it spends seven weeks.
Sep 13Stars in Screen Guild radio production of Birth Of The Blues with Johnny Mercer and Ginny Simms on CBS.

V Discs are issued for the first time. These discs have been prepared for the exclusive use of servicemen and feature airshots by famous artists, including Bing. Bing also records special material for V Disc use.

Sep 18American Federation of Musicians reaches agreement with most record companies and lifts its ban on recording by its members.

Bing films a special trailer at Paramount for promotion of Christmas Seals for the National Tuberculosis Association.

Sep 17Dixie and the children return home from a vacation in Malibu.
Sep 21Bing guests on Bob Hope's first Pepsodent show of the season on NBC. The show comes from the Pasadena Civic Auditorium and features Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Vera Vague and Stan Kenton.
Sep 25Records Command Performance #86 radio show with Bob Hope (M.C.) and Frances Langford.
Sep 27(8 to 10:30 a.m.) Records with Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra, including Pistol Packin' Mama and 'Jingle Bells'.
Oct 1(6 to 8:30 p.m.) Recording date in Hollywood, including I'll Be Home For Christmas.
Oct 7/14(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Lucille Ball and Jack Douglas.
Oct 9/15Records GI Journal shows #12 and 13. Bing is the M.C. with guests Mel Blanc and Jerry Colonna.
Oct 15On the set of Going My Way Bing and Rise Stevens sing Lohengrin's wedding march accompanied by Leo McCarey on the piano to mark the wedding of Irene Crosby, the stand-in for Rise Stevens.
Oct 20Records Mail Call show #61. Bing is M.C. with Frank Morgan as guest.
Oct 21Bing's last KMH show until December 2. Cass Daley is the 'girl' singer.
Nov 1Bing and Bob Hope play together in the Arrowhead Springs Golf Tournament. Dorothy Lamour acts as caddy in this war bond event.
Nov 7A forest fire consumes many homes and destroys some of Bing's Rancho Santa Fe property.
Nov 10Bing attends the wedding of his stand-in Leo Lynn and Julia Quigley. Bing sings a solo at the event.

Bing grows a beard at his Elko ranch for his forthcoming role in Road to Utopia. However, Paramount switches the filming schedules and Bing has to begin the picture beardless.

Nov 29Bing is back in Hollywood.
Dec/Mar 1944Filming Road to Utopia with Hope and Lamour. Bing suffers a back injury in a fall and needs medical attention. The film is not released until 1946 due to Paramount's backlog of films.
Dec 2(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing returns to his weekly KMH show with guest Ed Gardner. The show has an audience share of 22.2 during the season.
Dec 3Bing applies to the Los Angeles Coliseum management for a franchise to put on regular Sunday professional football games after the war. At that time, professional grid games were banned in the Coliseum, by agreeement with local universities, for the next two years.
Dec 7Appears on Ed Gardner's 'Duffy's Tavern' radio show on the Blue Network and sings 'How Sweet You Are'.
Dec 9/16/23/30(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Lucille Ball, Phil Silvers, Joan Davis and Cass Daley.
Dec 11Records GI Journal show #20. Bing hosts Rochester and Linda Darnell.
Dec 18Records Command Performance show #97 with Dinah Shore, Skinnay Ennis and Ukie.
Dec 20(6 - 7 p.m.) Stars in an hour-long Lux Radio Theatre version of Dixie with Dorothy Lamour and Barry Sullivan on CBS.

The Downbeat poll lists Frank Sinatra ahead of Bing Crosby, Perry Como, Dick Haymes, and Bob Eberly as the most popular singer.

Dec 22(6:30 - 7 p.m.) Bing and Janet Blair are the guests on the Soldiers with Wings radio show.
Dec 24(1 - 3 p.m.) Bing is one of many guests on a radio special on CBS.

(7 p.m.) Bing takes part in an all network radio special 'Christmas at the Fronts' with Bob Hope and Lionel Barrymore. Later Bing appears at the Hollywood Canteen and sings 14 songs including 'White Christmas' and also a duet with a sailor. A press report indicates that he receives the biggest hand ever at the venue.

Dec 25(1 - 3 p.m. Pacific Time) Bing and Bob Hope star on the Elgin Watch Show on CBS with Jack Benny and Judy Garland. Bing sings 'Kentucky Babe', 'My Heart Tells Me' and 'White Christmas'.
Dec 29Recording in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra. Songs include 'San Fernando Valley'.

Bing comes in at No. 4 in the annual box office stars listing in the USA. Betty Grable is No. 1.

1 9 4 4
Jan 6/13/20/27Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Nan Wynn, William Frawley, George Murphy, Dale Evans, Gloria De Haven and William Bendix.
Jan 10Records guest spot on Jubilee show #60. Ernie Whitman is M.C. Bing sings 'Shoo, Shoo, Baby'.
Jan 12Records Mail Call show #73. Bing is the M.C. with guests Skinnay Ennis and Dorothy Lamour. The show is dedicated to the fighting men of Iowa. Bing introduces Meredith Willson's song 'Iowa' on the show but has considerable difficulty singing it at first.
Jan 17(6 - 7 p.m. Pacific Time) Bing takes part in 'Let's Back the Attack', a radio show on all four networks to launch the Fourth War Loan drive.
Jan 31Golf and auction at Lakeside Golf Club to raise money for War Bonds. Bing takes part with Sinatra, Hope and Kay Kyser.
Feb 1Acts as M.C. on Command Performance #104 with Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra and John Scott Trotter.
Feb 3/10/17/24(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Donald O'Connor, Mischa Auer and Phil Silvers. Marilyn Maxwell becomes resident female singer on February 3.
Feb 7Records songs from Going My Way in Hollywood.
Feb 11/17Recording in Hollywood, including 'I'll Be Seeing You' and the Cole Porter song 'I Love You'.
Feb 13Bing and Bob Hope play in a charity golf match at the Recreation Park municipal course at Long Beach. A crowd of 5,500 watches the 18 hole match and raises $2657 for various good causes. Bing has a 75 whilst Hope cards a 77.
Feb 15At Santa Ana air base, Bing emcees an open air show for the enlisted men during the late afternoon and introduces Bob Hope, Frances Langford, and others.
Feb 15(7 - 7:30 p.m.) In Theatre Three at the Santa Ana air base, Bing guests on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC with regulars Frances Langford and Jerry Colonna.
Feb 16Records Mail Call show #78. Bing is the M.C. and the show is dedicated to the fighting men of the State of Washington. Guests are Richard Crookes, Connee Boswell and Les Paul.
Feb 18Bing emcees GI Journal #31 with Linda Darnell, Rochester, Ransom Sherman and Gloria DeHaven.
Feb 25Going My Way shown at Los Angeles trade show.
Feb 27Bing and Bob Hope are thought to have played in a war bond selling golf match in New Orleans.
MarBing joins a song publishing venture with Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen, Sidney Kornheiser and Edwin H. (Buddy) Morris.
Mar 2/9(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing hosts KMH shows with guests Lucille Ball, George Murphy and Marilyn Maxwell.
Mar 3Bing records GI Journal #33 with guests Linda Darnell, Andy Devine and Hedda Hopper.
Mar 4Records a Personal Album show with Harry Mitchell.
Mar 16/23Bing does not appear on the Kraft Music Hall. Bob Crosby subs.
Mar 30Records Personal Album show. Returns to KMH with guests George Murphy and Marilyn Maxwell.
Apr 6/13/20/27(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Bob Hope, Sonny Tufts and Marilyn Maxwell.
Apr 14Appears on Pan American Day Show radio program.
Apr 15Records Command Performance #115. Bing acts as host and introduces Dinah Shore and Yehudi Menuhin.
Apr 22Bing's record of 'San Fernando Valley' reaches the top of the charts where it has five weeks at No. 1.
Apr 28Records GI Journal #41. Bing is the M.C. with guests Judy Garland, Mel Blanc and John Scott Trotter.
May 1 - JunFilms Here Come the Waves with Betty Hutton and Sonny Tufts.
May 3Going My Way has world premiere at the Paramount in New York and goes on to be the top box office attraction of 1944 in the USA.
May 3Records four songs in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra.
May 4/11/18/25(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Gene Kelly, Keenan Wynn, Jack Carson and Richard Haydn. Marilyn Maxwell continues as resident girl singer with Leo 'Ukie' Sherin still in place as regular comedian.
May 6Bing and Bob Hope appear together on Command Performance #118 with Betty Hutton, Meredith Willson and Gypsy Rose Lee. As usual the show is recorded for subsequent broadcasting to the Armed Forces.
May 6Bing's record of the Cole Porter song I Love You hits No. 1 position in the charts and stays there for five weeks.
May 10The Lakeside golf championships take place but Bing is beaten by Bruce McCormick.
May 17Bing records Mail Call show #91 with Judy Garland, Jimmy Durante and Arthur Treacher. The show is dedicated to the servicemen of Minnesota.
May 19Records GI Journal #44. Bing hosts Jerry Colonna and Mel Blanc.

Bing films a cameo appearance in Hope's The Princess and the Pirate.

Jun 1/8/15/22/29(6 - 6:30 p.m) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Cecil B. De Mille, Bob Hope, George Murphy and Roy Rogers. The show on June 8 is reduced to only 23 minutes due to an extended news bulletin regarding the recent D-Day landings.
Jun 3Records Command Performance #122 with Bob Hope (M.C.), Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra and Meredith Willson. Also records Command Performance #123 with Connie Haines (M.C.). Bing, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope and Jerry Colonna make 'surprise' guest appearances.
Jun 4Takes part in Bakers of America radio show for Fleischmann Yeast. Other guests are Bob Hope, Gracie Fields, Judy Garland and Burns & Allen.
Jun 6D-Day. The Allies invade Normandy.
Jun 13Bing is at the Palladium ballroom in Hollywood for Jimmy Dorsey's opening performance.
Jun 14(7:30 p.m.) Bing and Charles Boyer appear on the radio program Report to the Nation on CBS.
Jun 16Bing records GI Journal #48. He acts as M.C. with guests Lena Horne, Henny Youngman and Mel Blanc.
Jun 17Records appearance on Command Performance radio show #125 hosted by Jack Benny with Gary Cooper, Georgia Gibbs, Ann Miller and Harpo Marx.
Jun 22Records Personal Album show with Don Forbes.
Jun 22/23Bing is thought to have appeared at the Shrine Auditorium in 'Koppers Kapers', the tenth annual police show.

Records three songs ('Going My Way', 'Ave Maria' and 'Home On The Range') with Eddie Dunstedter at the organ for use in a new experimental Auroratone (Music In Color) film. The films are used in Army and Navy hospitals in the treatment of neuropsychiatric and severe migraine cases.

Jun 30(7 to 10 p.m.) Records 'Hot Time In The Town of Berlin' and another song with the Andrews Sisters.
Jul 1I'll Be Seeing You is the next Bing record to reach No. 1. This remains at the top for four weeks.
Jul 4(2 p.m.) Bing and Bruce McCormick play in a war bond golf match against Bob Hope and Johnny Dawson at the Los Angeles Country Club. At 8 p.m. Bing is master of ceremonies at a War Bond rally before a capacity crowd of 20,000 at the Hollywood Bowl.
Jul 6/13/20/27(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Keenan Wynn and Sonny Tufts.
Jul 7/17/19/24/26Recording sessions, including songs from Road To Utopia plus 'Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral'.

Bing is on a fund-raising golf tour and plays at San Luis Obispo, Atascadero and Camp Roberts.

Jul 14Records GI Journal show #52 with Linda Darnell, Helen Forrest, Mel Blanc and Andy Devine.
Jul 14Appears at Hollywood Bowl with Sinatra, Hope, Dinah Shore, Bette Davis, Bob Burns and Jack Haley. Among the musical numbers, Sinatra does a comic imitation of Bing while Bing does a similar take-off on Sinatra.
Jul 15Records guest appearance on Command Performance show #129 with Judy Garland and the Andrews Sisters.
Jul 17Press reports indicate that Bing received a salary from Paramount of $336,111 in 1942.
Jul 21Records GI Journal show #53 with Jo Stafford, Lynn Bari, Mel Blanc and Peter Lorre.
Jul 22On US Navy Waves Show with Hope and Sinatra.
Jul 25(6 to 9 p.m.) Records 'Don't Fence Me in' and 'The Three Caballeros' with the Andrews Sisters.
Jul 26Records Mail Call show #102. Bing is M.C. and the show is a tribute to the servicemen of Hawaii. Guests include Connie Haines, Betty Grable, the Merry Macs, Harry Owens, the Les Paul Trio and the Paul Taylor Choristers.
Jul 27Records Personal Album show with Marilyn Maxwell and then makes last KMH appearance until October 12. In London, Going My Way has a gala premiere at the Plaza Cinema in Piccadilly Circus with the American Band of the Supreme Command conducted by Capt. Glenn Miller on stage.
Jul 28Del Mar race track opens for racing again for the first time since 1941.
Jul 31(7 to 10:15 p.m.) Records with Judy Garland.

Bing Crosby Productions starts to make The Great John L which is released in 1945. Bing goes on the set on only one occasion prior to his departure to Europe and says "Don't spare any expense."

Aug 1Press comment indicates that Bing is awaiting departure to entertain troops abroad. He has had all necessary inoculations and is ready to travel by any available means. Since the death of Knute Rockne in a plane crash in 1931, he has not travelled by air.
Aug 5Starting today, Swinging On a Star spends nine weeks at No. 1 in the Billboard charts during August and September.

Sings 'Don't Fence Me In' in the short Swingtime with the Stars.

Sings 'The Road to Victory' in the short The Shining Future.

Aug 25Bing arrives in Greenock, Scotland having travelled from New York on the converted liner 'Ile De France'. He has given four shows a day during the trip to the troops on board. Travels by overnight train from Glasgow to London.
Aug 26Bing checks in at Claridges and is later seen strolling near Marble Arch and Hyde Park. He reports to the American Army HQ.
Aug 27Golfs at Wentworth in the morning and Sunningdale in the afternoon with Andrew McNair, Frances Ricardo and Commander Winston Guest.
Aug 27(6 p.m.) Records 'Variety Bandbox' radio show (broadcast September 3) at Queensberry All-Services Club with Tommy Handley and gives show afterwards for audience of 4,000 in which he duets with Anne Shelton on 'Easter Parade'. Goes on to Kettner's Restaurant in Soho.
Aug 28Takes part in a live broadcast 'Mark Up the Map' with Broderick Crawford on the BBC's AEF program. The program tells the Forces what territory has been captured that week and Bing takes the opportunity to introduce himself to those at the front saying he would be touring there shortly.
Aug 29At Bedford, Bing records several tracks in sessions starting at 11:15 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. with pianist Jack Russin which are inserted into various broadcasts and eventually broadcast in their entirety on July 26, 1945. Goes on to Milton Ernest Hall, five miles north of Bedford for a meal and then stays overnight at a nearby country house assigned to General Goodrich at Oakley.
Aug 30During the morning, Bing again records with Jack Russin. In the afternoon, records the program 'A Soldier And a Song' with Glenn Miller at Bedford which is broadcast on September 3. Goes on to London where Bing broadcasts live from the BBC's Paris Cinema between 8:30 - 9 p.m. with George Melachrino and the British Band of the AEF, singing three songs. Again goes to Kettner's Restaurant and has to sing to the crowd outside to get them to disperse. Bing and Glenn Miller stay at the Mount Royal Hotel, near Marble Arch after finding their way back through the fog.
Aug 31(8:30 - 9 p.m.) Does live broadcast with Glenn Miller and his American Band of the AEF from the Paris Cinema and sings four songs. Later that evening takes part in the opening of the Stage Door Canteen at 201 Piccadilly with Bea Lillie, Jack Buchanan and Fred Astaire.
Sep 1Visits a hospital at Warton in Lancashire to see four survivors of a recent tragedy at Freckleton where an American bomber had crashed on a school killing 37 children. Sings two songs to the children but is so badly moved he has to go outside to compose himself first. Goes on to the Warton base and gives a concert at 2 p.m. before going to Burtonwood to entertain the American forces there. Gives one show at 5 p.m. in the open air and another show at 9 p.m. in a hangar. Stays overnight at Burtonwood.
Sep 2Entertains US servicemen of the 482nd Bomb Group at Alconbury in Cambridgeshire at 2 p.m. Goes on to Duxford, Cambridge arriving at about 6:30 p.m. and is briefly entertained in the Officers' Mess before giving a show in drizzling rain for the US 8th Air Force's 78th Fighter Group. Bing and his troupe then travel to Ridgewell in Essex where a concert is given in T2 Hangar between 9:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. for 381st Bomber Command.
Sep 3Having stayed overnight at Ridgewell, Bing travels to the air base at Raydon in Suffolk where he puts on a show during the afternoon for the 353rd. Fighter Group. He then goes on to London by staff car.
Sep 4Broadcasts to Germany speaking phonetic German from ABSIE (American Broadcasting Station in Europe) in London. Clock shows 5:50 (presumably p.m.) in photo of event.
Sep 5Flies from Heston, nr. London by C47 with his troupe and lands at Cherbourg, France.
Sep 7Entertains at an Army hospital at St. Mere Eglise and meets up with Fred Astaire. Bing and Fred record some dialogue for subsequent use in the weekly radio show 'American Eagle In Britain'.
Sep 8-10Bing is thought to have been in Paris where he borrows General Eisenhower's staff car.
Sep 11Meets Dinah Shore at Chalons-sur-Marne and they perform together in a show for the forces. They also meet General Patton.
Sep 16Bing's four sons film a scene for the film Duffy's Tavern at Paramount.
Sep 24(possibly) Bing's driver takes him into German territory by mistake and when they reach Ste-Marie-aux-Mines, they turn around and hurry back to the Allied lines.

Bing stays at the Mayor's home at Vezelise, near Nancy, for several days.

Sep 27Bing entertains troops in an abandoned factory somewhere in Alsace-Lorraine just two miles from German positions during the afternoon but after one song his audience is called away to deal with a German attack.
Sep 29Bing arrives back in England from France.
Sep 30Entertains forces from the 7th Photographic Reconnaisance Group at Mount Farm airfield, Oxfordshire.
Oct 1 or 2Boards the liner 'Queen Mary' at Greenock for the return trip to the USA.
Oct 8Bing arrives back in New York on board the 'Queen Mary'.
Oct 10The Princess and the Pirate seen at New York trade show and is released nation-wide on October 17.
Oct 12Gives a press conference at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. He has lost 10 pounds during his tour. At 9 p.m., makes a guest appearance on the KMH remote from New York.
Oct 13Records two songs in New York. Leaves New York by train for his Elko ranch where he again grows a beard.
Oct 14Bing's record with the Andrews Sisters of 'A Hot Time In The Town of Berlin' is top of the Billboard charts where it stays for six weeks.
Oct 21General MacArthur returns in triumph to the Philippines.

New York critics give Going My Way the Golden Globe Award.

Oct 29Thought to have guested on Philco Radio Hall of Fame on the Blue Network with Sinatra and Paul Whiteman.
Oct 30Seen in Twin Falls, Idaho on a hunting trip.
Nov 7Franklin D Roosevelt is elected President for a record fourth time.

Bing dubs three songs which are lip-synched by Eddie Bracken in Out of This World (released June 1945) as a parody of Sinatra.

Nov 9(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing returns as host of the KMH show with guest Ethel Smith. The Music Maids have been replaced by Charles Henderson and the Kraft Choir. The Charioteers are still regulars on the show whilst Eugenie Baird has taken over as resident female singer. The Hooper rating for the season is 23.1 which makes it the top rated music show.
Nov 14Bing appears on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC.
Nov 16Frank Sinatra makes his first guest appearance on Bing's KMH radio show, singing remote from New York.
Nov 17Bing records GI Journal show #69 with Joan Blondell, Pat Friday, Mel Blanc and Jimmy Durante.
Nov 20Bing takes part in Frank Sinatra's Vimm Vitamins radio show and sings parodies in a duet with him. This time it is Bing who is cut in from the west coast to the show which is taking place in New York.
Nov 22Records Mail Call show #120. Bing is the M.C. with guests Rise Stevens, Garry Moore and the Andrews Sisters. The show is dedicated to the Amphibians.
Nov 23/30(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Rise Stevens and Spike Jones and his City Slickers.
Nov 23(8:30 - 10 p.m.) Bing , Jack Benny and Eddie Cantor act as emcees on the NBC 6th War Loan Drive program.
Dec 4Records some of the songs from Here Come The Waves.
Dec 4Films a parody of Swinging On a Star in a film version of Duffy's Tavern. The film features Ed Gardner and Bing's four sons make their first screen appearance together.
Dec 6Mail Call show #122 is recorded starring Bob Hope, Humphrey Bogart and Betty Grable. They all take part in a sketch based on Hope's film The Princess and the Pirate and Bing walks on at the end to reprise his cameo appearance.
Dec 6(10 - 11 p.m.) Bing and Bob Hope emcee 'The Show Goes On' (on NBC) to raise money for the Sixth War Loan. Fred Astaire, James Cagney, Frances Langford, Dinah Shore and Edgar Bergen are featured on the hour long show.
Dec 7/14/21/28(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Diana Lynn, Jerry Colonna and the Les Paul Trio. Eugenie Baird continues as resident female singer.
Dec 8(6 to 8:30 p.m.) Records 'Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive' and 'There's a Fellow Waiting in Poughkeepsie' with the Andrews Sisters.
Dec 8(9 p.m. till midnight) Records Put It There, Pal and Road To Morocco with Bob Hope.
Dec 11/15Further recording sessions in Hollywood.
Dec 12Decca Records announces that White Christmas by Bing is the top record seller of all time and has now sold two million records. Decca say that the tune will sell more than 500,000 records this year.
Dec 15Glenn Miller disappears whilst on a flight from England to France.
Dec 15Bing is again at Paramount filming his contribution to Duffy's Tavern. Filming continues until 11:30 p.m.
Dec 16Bing records a guest appearance on Command Performance #154 with Bob Hope (M.C.), Lauren Bacall, The Andrews Sisters, Stan Kenton and Anita O'Day. Later, Bing's sons record Command Performance #155 with Bob Hope (M.C.) and the Andrews Sisters.
Dec 16Don't Fence Me In reaches No. 1 in the Billboard charts where it spends no less than eight weeks.
Dec 17Bing and Bob Hope take part in a fund-raising golf match in front of a crowd of 5,000 at Recreation Park, Long Beach. Bing has a 77 whilst Hope comes in with a 74.
Dec 19(7 to 7:30 p.m.) Guests on Bob Hope's Christmas show on NBC with Frances Langford and Jerry Colonna. The show comes from San Diego in front of an audience of Waves.
Dec 24(3 p.m.) Stars in Philco Radio Hall Of Fame show on the Blue Network with Paul Whiteman and Orson Welles. The show comes from the Earl Carroll Theatre / Restaurant in Hollywood. Bing is the M. C. and also takes part in a reading of 'The Happy Prince' with Orson Welles.
Dec 24Bing and his four sons appear at the Hollywood Canteen and sing together.
Dec 25(1 - 3 p.m. Pacific Time) Bing, Bob Hope and Jack Benny star in the two hour Elgin Christmas Party radio show on CBS. Don Ameche acts as M.C. Bing mentions another make of watch (Bulova) much to the annoyance of Elgin.
Dec 27New York premiere of Here Come The Waves at the Paramount.
Dec 27(7:30 p.m.) Bing and Bob Hope headline the National Sports Award dinner broadcast by station KMPC.
Dec 28Film exhibitors name Bing the top box office star of the year for the first of five consecutive years.
Dec 29Bing appears in 'Cavalcade of Overseas Stars' War Bond stage show at the Shrine Auditorium with Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Dinah Shore and other stars who have been overseas to entertain the troops. A crowd of almost 5000 is in attendance.
Dec 31(1:30 - 2 p.m. Pacific Time) Appears on Andrews Sisters radio show with Gabby Hayes plus Vic Schoen and his Orchestra on the Blue Network.

Bing attends Jack Benny's 'black-tie' party appropriately dressed in a tuxedo, much to the surprise of the local press.

Bing's royalties from record sales in 1944 are $250,000. He receives $150,000 per film from Paramount and $7,500 per show from Kraft.

Wins the Photoplay magazine Gold Medal Award for most popular actor. He continues to win this medal for five successive years.

1 9 4 5
Introduces many 'Personal Album' shows for the AFRS which include some of Bing's recordings and the occasional extract from KMH shows. The shows are broadcast at weekly intervals.
Jan 4/11/18/25(6 - 7 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Johnny Mercer, Spike Jones and his City Slickers, Duke Ellington and The Andrews Sisters.
Jan 8(7 p.m.) Stars in radio version of Going My Way on CBS with Screen Guild Players.
Jan 9Dixie in St. Vincent's Hospital after collapsing with a "respiratory infection." Bing accompanied Dixie to the hospital in an ambulance and remained at her bedside during the night. A later article in Picturegoer magazine suggests that she had taken an accidental overdose of sleeping tablets and that her life was in the balance for over a week.
Jan 11Dixie is declared "out of danger following pneumonia."
Jan 21Records three songs in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter.
Jan 24Records Mail Call show #128. Bing is M.C. with guest Cass Daley.
Jan 28Bing records in Hollywood with Xavier Cugat but all four recordings are rejected.
Jan 30On 'March of Dimes' radio show with Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland to salute the President's birthday and to raise funds for the fight against polio. The program is broadcast on all radio networks. Bing and Frank sing a comedy duet together and also Bing sings Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral.
Feb 1Records guest appearance on Command Performance #160 with Jack Carson, Carmen Miranda and Gloria De Haven (M.C.).
Feb 1/8/15/22(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Eddie Heywood, Ella Logan and Marian Anderson.
Feb 4Bing is nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor for his role in Going My Way. Results to be announced on March 15.
Feb 5(8:30 - 9 p.m.) Takes part in a Cavalcade of America broadcast 'The Road to Berlin' on NBC which tells the story of Bing's trip to Europe in 1944.
Feb 10Thought to have appeared in the NBC program 'On the Scouting Trail'.
Feb 11(2:30 to 5:20 p.m.) Records with Xavier Cugat in Hollywood, this time successfully.
Feb 15Records Command Performance show #162 'Dick Tracy In B Flat' with Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante and the Andrews Sisters amongst others.

Bing and Barry Fitzgerald are interviewed by George Murphy on the Red Book radio program as Red Book magazine award winners for their roles in Going My Way. They re-enact some of the scenes from the film.

Bing is at El Toro Marine Air Station in front of 3,000 marines to receive a 'Gizmo' for his film Going My Way which has been selected as best movie by the Marines' magazine 'The Leatherneck'.

Feb 20Bing is named as the screen's 'No. 1 Entertainer of the Year' by Look Magazine at its annual awards ceremony at Carthay Circle Theatre. Bob Hope presents Bing with a gold plaque and the awards are broadcast as part of Hope's radio program.

Sings 'Buy, Buy Bonds' for 20th Century-Fox's short All Star Bond Rally in support of the Seventh War Loan.

Feb 26 - May 23Films The Bells Of St. Mary's with Ingrid Bergman and William Gargan at RKO.
Mar 1/8/15/22/29(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Sandra Berkova, Joe Venuti, Artie Shaw and his Grammercy Five, Franke Carle and the Kraft Choral Club.
Mar 3Records in Hollywood, including 'Why Do I Like You' which is issued as a special limited edition of 1,000 single sided discs sold at $5 each in aid of the building fund for St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica.
Mar 4Film producer Mark Sandrich (aged 44) dies. He was preparing to produce and direct Bing in the film Blue Skies and the production is delayed. Stuart Heisler is brought in as Director.
Mar 5The Screen Players Union select Bing as outstanding actor for his role in Going My Way.
Mar 7(7:30 p.m.) Bing sings "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral" on 'Five Will Get You Ten' radio program broadcast on ABC for the Catholic Bishops' War Emergency and Relief Committee.
Mar 8Bing's four sons spar with host Frank Sinatra on Command Performance program #165.
Mar 9Records two songs with Judy Garland in Hollywood.
Mar 15After completing his KMH show earlier in the evening, Bing escorts Dixie to Grauman's Chinese Theatre for an 8 p.m. start to the Academy Awards presentation. He receives his Oscar for best actor from Gary Cooper for Going My Way, the event emceed by Bob Hope. This is Dixie's first outing 'after a long illness'. Going My Way receives seven Oscars altogether including one for Swinging On a Star as the best song. The proceedings are broadcast on the Blue Network.
Mar 16Records GI Journal show #86 with Marilyn Maxwell, Mel Blanc and Allen Jenkins.
Mar 28Records Mail Call #138 program with Bette Davis, Barry Fitzgerald, Leo McCarey and Jack Benny.
Apr 5Records Command Performance #169. Bing acts as host to Johnny Mercer, Marilyn Maxwell, Dame May Whitty and Lionel Barrymore.
Apr 5/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include The King Cole Trio, Yehudi Menuhin, Florence Alba and Carmen Cavallaro.
Apr 6Records Lux Radio Theatre version of Sing You Sinners with Joan Caulfield which is broadcast on May 7.
Apr 12No KMH broadcast due to death of President Roosevelt that afternoon.
Apr 15Bing and Bob Hope take part in the Rio Hondo Golf Club pro-am in aid of the PGA rehabilitation war veteran fund. They go on to take part in a two hour radio tribute on NBC to the late President Roosevelt and Bing sings 'Faith of Our Fathers' and 'Brahms Lullaby'.
Apr 18/25Records in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter and Victor Young.
Apr 22Bob Hope, Babe Didrikson Zaharias and Olin Dutra defeat Bing, Ben Hogan and Betty Jameson in a benefit match for the A.W.V.S. at Santa Anita Golf Club in front of 5,000 fans.
Apr 26Records guest shot in Command Performance #172. Jimmy Durante acts as host.
Apr 30Adolf Hitler kills himself.

Films a short Anybody's Kids with his four sons for the War Loan Drive.

May 2(6 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.) Bing guests on the Frank Sinatra Show on CBS for Max Factor.
May 3/10/17Bing's KMH shows. Guests include The King Cole Trio, Cass Daley, Florence Alba and Eddie Heywood.
May 6Bing and Bob Hope participate in a golf exhibition match at the Montecito Country Club in support of Santa Barbara County's Seventh War Loan. Both men card a 74 and the match is halved.
May 7(6 p.m.) Lux Radio Theatre version of Sing You Sinners is broadcast on CBS.
May 7Germany surrenders to the Allies.
May 9(6 p.m.) Bing takes part in a radio show on ABC 'The Road Ahead' with Grace Moore. Most of the show comes from Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland and the M.C. is Clifton Fadiman.
May 11Bing hosts the AFRS GI Journal with Mel Blanc and Andy Devine.
May 13VE Day. Bing appears on 'The Chapel of the Air' hour on the Mutual Network talking about finding time for prayer. This is the first of Father Peyton's Rosary broadcasts and it achieves nation-wide coverage as it is a national day of thanksgiving following the end of hostilities in Europe.
May 12(5:30 p.m - 6 p.m.) Bing and Bob Hope star in the Seventh War Loan program which is broadcast on all networks.
May 16Bing takes part in the Seventh War Loan Drive show at Warners' Wiltern Theatre in Hollywood with Paulette Goddard, the Andrews Sisters and Rise Stevens. This is broadcast on June 20 as 'The Walgreen Birthday Party' as Walgreen Drug Stores sponsor the show.
May 17Leaves his Kraft Music Hall radio program after this show, returning briefly for one show on June 28.
MayGolfs at Club de Golf Islesmere, Ste. Dorothee, near Montreal. Gives short concert before play commences and then has a round of 77.
May 26Bing and Bob Hope take part in an exhibition golf match at Tam O'Shanter Country Club, Chicago to raise money for the PGA Rehabilitation Fund. During the round, they give a radio interview on NBC and sing a brief snatch of 'Road to Morocco.'
May 27Benefit golf match at Acacia Country Club, Cleveland with Hope in front of crowd of 12,000. Bing and Bob golf with Gov. Frank Lausche of Ohio and pro golfer Henry Picard. The match breaks up after nine holes as Hope and Crosby go to a local hospital to put on a show for wounded soldiers.
May 29Bing guests on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC with Herbert Marshall.
Jun 2Bing and Bob Hope in a golf benefit at Omaha, Nebraska where Dwight Griswold, the Governor of Nebraska, appoints them both as admirals in the Nebraska Navy.
Jun 3Bing and Bob Hope appear at the Topeka, Kansas, Country Club to raise money for War Bonds, then travel to Kansas City where they stay the next two nights at the Muehlebach hotel.
Jun 4Bing and Bob play golf in the afternoon, then appear together at a sold-out War Bond Rally in the evening at Kansas City's Municipal Auditorium.
Jun 5Bing leaves Kansas City by train early in the morning for the east coast. Bob and his troup leave KC by car for Sedalia, Missouri, where he will broadcast his final radio show of the season from an army air base.
Jun 6Out Of This World has New York premiere.
Jun 7Bing is in Montreal, Canada and at 10:00 a.m. he visits the Montreal Military Hospital to entertain the patients. He lunches at the R.C.A.F Saraguay Convalescent Home before golfing at Club de Golf Islesmere, Ste. Dorothee, near Montreal where the Canadian PGA Tournament is taking place. Gives a short concert before play commences at 3:00 p.m. and then has a round of 77. A crowd of 2,000 watches the proceedings.
Jun 8(10:00 a.m.) Bing visits the St. Anne de Bellevue Hospital in Montreal and stays on for lunch there. During lunch he is made a life member of Laval Sur-Le-Lac Golf Club. At 3:00 p.m., he again golfs at Islemere Golf and Country Club after giving a short concert. This time he plays only 9 holes and is partnered by Bert Barnabe and Albert Ayres.
Jun 9Bing arrives in Boston at 8 a.m. and first of all helps to launch a cruiser. At 1 p.m. Bing gives a thirty minute performance on Boston Common from the Parkman Hands bandstand at the Seventh War Loan Bond rally in front of 60,000 fans. He helps sell $80,000 in Bonds with the sale of his necktie bringing in $2,500. Bing is accompanied by guitarist Tony Peters from the Hotel Statler. Goes on to play in an exhibition golf match over seven holes at the Commonwealth Country Club with Governor Tobin, Jesse Guilford and Fred Wright watched by a crowd of 4,000 people. His day finishes up at the Cushing General Hospital in Framlingham where he sings for the wounded in the Red Cross Auditorium. Leaves by train for Washington at around 8 p.m.
Jun 10Receives a 'GI Oscar' as 'best actor' in recognition of his wartime entertainment of allied troops, in open air ceremonies at the Walter Reed Hospital, Washington D.C. Others honoured are Rita Hayworth, Jennifer Jones, Leo McCarey and Eddie Bracken. Bing sings two songs at the 90 minute event which is emceed by Milton Berle and is attended by a crowd of 10,000 as well as being broadcast over local stations.
Jun 13Bing performs for injured servicemen at the Valley Forge General Hospital near Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.
Jun 14Bing joins the PGA tour for one day at Llanerch Country Club in Manoa. He sings a few songs for the gallery before teeing off at 1:02 p.m., midway through the field of 134. He played with a pro, Ed Dudley, and a local amateur, Sonny Fraser. Crosby shot an 83 in his only round, and was 17 shots behind the opening-day leader, Jimmy Hines. Along the way, he shared a ham sandwich with a wounded veteran in the gallery and teamed up for an impromptu duet with his teenage caddie.
Jun 15The Blue Network becomes the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).
Jun 16Bing, Bob, Gail Robbins and Jerry Colonna entertain at Bushnell General Hospital in Salt Lake City.
Jun 17Golfs at the Salt Lake Country Club in Salt Lake City to raise funds for War Bonds with Bob Hope, Ed Dudley and George Schneiter. Hope and Dudley win one-up.
Jun 20Bing is reported to be back in Hollywood.
Jun 21Misses his planned return to the KMH show due to illness whilst at his Rancho Santa Fe ranch.

Replaces Humboldt River ranch with the Quarter Circle S, a 19,000-acre cattle ranch 50 miles to the north in Independence Valley, near Tuscarora, Nevada.

Jun 28(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing is back on the KMH for one show only. The guests are Florence Alba and Carmen Cavallaro. Eugenie Baird is still resident female vocalist.
Jun 28Press reports state that Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek has asked Bing to wax an Auroratone recording of the Chinese National Anthem. Bing is said to be coached in phonetic pronunciation by a Catholic missionary.
Jun 29(4:30 to 7:30 p.m.) Records two songs with the Andrews Sisters.
Jul 2(9 - 10 p.m.) On 'The Telephone Hour' on NBC radio and plugs the film The Great John L which has just been released by United Artists. Bing's fee for the show is $7,500.
Jul 3(5 to 8:05 p.m.) Records in Hollywood with the Andrews Sisters.
Jul 5Records Command Performance #182. Bing acts as host and presents a tribute to the one thousandth edition of 'GI Jive'. Guests include Tommy Dorsey and Spike Jones.
Jul 6(7 - 7:30 p.m. Pacific Time) Guests on The Ray Bolger Show on CBS for the Rexall Drug Company and sings 'Sentimental Journey' and 'A Friend of Yours'. Again receives $7,500 for his services.

Paramount films the short Hollywood Victory Caravan; Bing sings 'We've Got Another Bond to Buy.'

Jul 11Del Mar race track re-opens after the war for a 40-day meeting.
Jul 12 - Sep 28Films Blue Skies with Fred Astaire, Joan Caulfield and Billy De Wolfe. When filming starts, Bing's co-star is Paul Draper but he is soon replaced by Fred Astaire.
Jul 12(4 to 6:15 p.m.) Bing records 'It's Been a Long, Long Time' with Les Paul.
Jul 17(6 to 9 p.m.) Records in Hollywood, including his second version of 'Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral'.
Jul 18Records Mail Call show #154 with Johnny Mercer and Marilyn Maxwell.
Jul 21Bing and his family are scheduled to attend the 101 Ranch Wild West Show at the Coliseum.
Jul 25It is announced that Bing has accepted an invitation to serve as national chairman of the Sister Elizabeth Kenny Institute's $5 million fund campaign. Sister Kenny, a former Australian nurse, is noted for her successful treatment of infantile paralysis in her native country and the USA.
Jul 30Records 'Ave Maria' and 'Home Sweet Home' in Hollywood.
Jul 31Records GI Journal show #105 with Claudette Colbert and Frank Sinatra.

Headlines a show at the Hollywood Canteen with Frank Sinatra and Claudette Colbert.

Press reports indicate that Bing may not return to the KMH until 1946 at the earliest.

Aug 5Bing golfs in the Frank Borzage Motion Picture Invitational at the Rolling Hills Country Club.
Aug 6An atomic bomb destroys the Japanese city of Hiroshima.
Aug 6Takes part in 'Music For Millions,' a transcribed 15 minutes radio show.
Aug 7(6 to 7:30 p.m.) Records 'I Can't Begin To Tell You' with Carmen Cavallaro in Hollywood.
Aug 8Records "Gotta Be This or That" with Count Basie for the AFRS Christmas Jubilee Show that is broadcast December 1945.
Aug 9/17/21/29Recording sessions in Hollywood, including 'The Happy Prince'.
Aug 14(10:30 a.m.) Bing guests on a radio show from station KHJ with Paula Stone and Phil to plug The Great John L. Later while on the Paramount lot filming Blue Skies, Bing hears the news of Japan's surrender and he is asked to paint a ceremonial cross over a picture of a Japanese soldier's helmet at the studio. Gord Atkinson, later a noted Canadian broadcaster, is there as a young serviceman.
Aug 14Records Command Performance Victory Extra radio show for broadcast on August 15, VJ Day. Bing is the M.C. and many stars take part.
Aug 20Bing subs for Hedda on 'Hedda Hopper's Hollywood' radio show.
Aug 21Makes a short film at Paramount for the War Activities Committee asking high school students to return to school instead of continuing to work.
Aug 22Meets W. F. Lochridge of the J. Walter Thompson agency regarding Bing's wish to transcribe the KMH show.
Sep 2(6 p.m.) Bing hosts the AFRS VJ show, which includes a message from President Truman. Frank Sinatra introduces Bing singing 'White Christmas' near the end of the show. The show is broadcast at home on all major networks and abroad.
Sep 5/6/10/14Recording sessions in Hollywood, including songs from The Bells of St. Mary's.
Sep 5The film version of Duffy's Tavern is released.
Sep 12Bing's sons guest on Sinatra's Old Gold show.
Sep 13Records contribution to Command Performance Christmas show with Red Skelton, Dinah Shore and Frances Langford.

(4:45 to 6:05 p.m.) Makes records with Mel Torme and his Mel-tones in Hollywood.

Sep 14Again appears in 'Music For Millions' War Bond radio show and sings three songs with John Scott Trotter and the Orchestra. The show has been recorded.
Sep 22Bing, Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore appear at the Hollywood Bowl to raise funds with which to entertain the wounded.

Makes film short The Road To Home with Bob Hope for the Navy. It is a propaganda film designed to persuade sailors not to 'jump ship' prematurely following the end of WWII.

Sep 30Five days before the debut of the new season of the Kraft Music Hall, Bing enters St. Johns Hospital, Santa Monica, for a thorough check-up. He is also reported to receive treatment for a back injury.
Oct 1Larry Crosby, President of the Crosby Research Foundation, announces that a defence against the atomic bomb has been developed. Leading scientists refute the claim.
Oct 4The new season of the Kraft Music Hall debuts with Ken Carpenter, the Charioteers, Lina Romay and John Scott Trotter orchestra. Bing, having lost his appeal to Kraft to record ("transcribe") his show, is absent. Frank Morgan assumes hosting duties. Meanwhile, Bing checks out of the hospital and goes to his Nevada ranch for a vacation, cancelling all screen and radio engagements.
Oct 7Bing as National Chairman of the 1945 Sister Kenny Foundation Fund Campaign appoints various state chairmen. The goal of the drive, which gets underway on November 22, is to raise $5 million.

Representatives of Kraft state that Bing's contract with them still has seven years to run.

Nov 3Bing announces, through one of his brothers, that he is going to sell his share in the Del Mar race track. The sale is completed in April, 1946.
Nov 11The songwriter Jerome Kern dies in New York.
Dec 1Bing is in Philadelphia for the opening night of the musical play Nellie Bly written by Burke and Van Heusen and starring Victor Moore and Marilyn Maxwell. Frank Sinatra, George Raft and Claudette Colbert are also in the audience at the Forrest Theatre on opening night. The play is produced by Eddie Cantor who has also provided a substantial amount of the finance for the show. Bing is also said to have invested $150,000 in the venture. The show receives poor reviews and continues in Philadelphia until December 13.
Dec 4/18/27/31Recording dates in New York, including 'Sioux City Sue'.

Goes to Metropolitan Opera House, New York to see Patrice Munsel in 'Romeo and Juliet'.

Dec 5(8 p.m.) Emcees a half hour radio show 'That They Might Walk' on the Mutual Network for the Sister Kenny Foundation in New York. Jimmy Dorsey, Dee Parker and Patrice Munsel are in support.
Dec 6The Bells of St. Mary's has world premiere at Radio City Music Hall and Bing attends. The film goes on to be the top box office attraction in the USA for 1946.
Dec 6(5 p.m. start) Makes four Irish records with Bob Haggart in New York, including MacNamara's Band.
Dec 6In front of a crowd of 10,000 at Madison Square Garden, the New York Newspaper Guild announce that Bing has been honoured with a 'Page One Award' . Bing is not present to receive it.
Dec 6(11:30 to midnight) Bing stars in a special Victory Loan radio broadcast over ABC. He is accompanied by Paul Whiteman and his Band.
Dec 8Bing's recording of It's Been a Long, Long, Time reaches No. 1 in the Billboard charts.
Dec 9Sings 'I've Told Every Little Star' and 'More and More' in a radio tribute to the late Jerome Kern on CBS with Judy Garland, Dinah Shore and Frank Sinatra. The show is hosted in New York by Patrice Munsel and in Hollywood by Nelson Eddy.
Dec 11Records a special forces radio program.
Dec 15I Can't Begin To Tell You is the next Bing record to become a No. 1 hit. Also 'White Christmas' re-enters the charts and soon becomes a number one hit again.
Dec 18 - Jan 5, 1946The Nellie Bly play is at the Shubert Theatre in Boston. Bing sees the opening night and stays at the Ritz Carlton. The reviews are again poor.
Dec 19Variety magazine states that Kraft have served notice on Bing to re-appear on KMH in January. Bing is adamant that he will not return unless he can transcribe the show.
Dec 22Bing emcees another New York radio show, the BBC - NBC 'Atlantic Spotlight'. Roland Young guests with Richard Greene and Leslie Mitchell contributing from London.
Dec 25Thought to have made a guest appearance on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC.
Dec 31At a party at Pocantico Hills Estate (near New York) with Winston Rockefeller.

Sells $14.5 million in war bonds in four years. Earns more than $1 million annually and hires Basil Grillo to run Bing Crosby Productions. Grillo reorganises all the enterprises.

Bing's royalties from records in 1945 are $400,000.

Bing is again named as the top USA movie box office star in the annual poll. He also receives the Look magazine 'Film Achievement Award' for 1945.

1 9 4 6
Jan 3Kraft files a lawsuit against Bing for his refusal to complete his KMH commitments. The process server hands Bing the summons as he opens the door to his hotel suite. It is revealed that Bing has been receiving $5,000 a show since 1939.
Jan 12After indications that the dispute between Bing and Kraft was to be settled amicably, John Kraft changes his mind and decides to go to court.
Jan 16(3:45 - 5:15 p.m.) Bing records three songs in New York with Eddie Condon. A different pianist is used for each song.
Jan 21Records with Lionel Hampton.

Goes to see the New York Broadway opening at the Adelphi of Nellie Bly. Marilyn Maxwell has been replaced by Joy Hodges and the play has been extensively revised. The reviews are again poor and a 'notice to close' is posted after the first week. The show closes after the performance on February 2.

Jan 22Records with Jay Blackton Orchestra including songs from Nellie Bly.
Jan 24Everett Crosby announces that a settlement has been reached with Kraft Foods Co. following out-of-court negotiations.
Jan 25Bing tops the list of nominees for the Oscar for Best Actor for his role in The Bells of St. Mary's. The results will be announced on March 7.
Jan 30Variety reports that Bing is back in Hollywood.
Feb 4Bing and Bob Hope are featured on the cover of Life magazine.

Bing Crosby Enterprises is formed.

Buys a home at Pebble Beach.

Gets his first hole-in-one, at Bel-Air Country Club.

Receives Picturegoer Gold Medal Award from David Niven in Hollywood. At the time, there are rumours about Bing's health as he has lost 20 pounds in weight "from combined effects of arthritis and worry."

Appears on The Hedda Hopper Show and, with Leo McCarey and Hedda, enacts scenes from The Bells of St. Mary's.

Feb - AprFilms Welcome Stranger with Barry Fitzgerald and Joan Caulfield. Location shots are filmed at Lake Munz.
Feb 7(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing returns to the KMH radio program under a compromise to break the contract. Eddy Duchin and Frank Morgan are the guests. Audience share for the season is 17.5.
Feb 14/21/28(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Eddy Duchin, Les Paul, Frank Morgan, Martha Tilton and Jerry Colonna.
Feb 19Press reports state that Gary Crosby (age 12) is taking off some weight at Terry Hunt's.
Feb 27Road To Utopia has New York premiere at the Paramount.
MarRecords Command Performance show #212 with Hope.
Mar 3(3 - 3:30 p.m.) Thought to have made a surprise guest appearance on the Philco Radio Hall of Fame which is hosted by Paul Whiteman on ABC. Bob Hope is the main guest.
Mar 7/14/21/28(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Eddy Duchin, Lina Romay, Frank Morgan, The Slim Gaillard Trio and Georgia Gibbs.
Mar 7Having been nominated again for the Oscar as best actor for The Bells of St. Mary's, Bing loses out to Ray Milland at the Academy Awards ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Two of his songs (Ac-cent-chu-ate The Positive and Aren't You Glad You're You) are nominated as best film song of 1945 but the winner is 'It Might As Well Be Spring'. Bing is supposed to sing his two songs at the ceremony but he pulls out at the last moment.
Mar 22Bing records two songs in Hollywood but both are unsatisfactory.
AprThe book 'Bing' by his brothers Ted and Larry, which was originally published in 1937, is brought up-to-date and re-published as 'The Story of Bing Crosby' with a foreword by Bob Hope. Ted Crosby is now shown as sole author.
Apr 4Bing and other stars send a telegram to Washington objecting to a new bill intended to curb the activities of James C. Petrillo, President of the American Federation of Musicians. They felt that it covered too much other ground and would restrict the labour rights of all radio workers.
AprFilming of Abie's Irish Rose commences. This the second film made by Bing Crosby Productions.
Apr 4/11/18(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Eddy Duchin, Frank Morgan, Georgia Gibbs, Marilyn Maxwell, The Les Paul Trio, Trudy Erwin and the Kraft Choral Club.
Apr 6Dixie is reported to be in hospital with the 'flu.
Apr 17Sells his 35% interest in the Del Mar track for a reported $481,000 and soon sells the home at Rancho Santa Fe and his stables. His brother Ted sues him over the Del Mar sale.
Apr 19Takes part in radio show 'Cancer Drive Program' with Bob Hope, Ginny Simms, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como.
Apr 21(12 - 1 p.m.) Bing and Bob appear on the radio program 'Can You Tie That' over station KALC from Earl Carroll's Theatre-Restaurant in Hollywood. This is a record grading contest. Hope grades 'Who's Sorry Now' by Bing whilst Bing grades Hope's record of 'Two Sleepy People' amongst several other records by other artistes. The other members of the panel are Ella Logan and Dave Dexter.
Apr 24Bing is part of a syndicate which files an application for a 1946-47 franchise in the National Hockey League.
Apr 25Does not appear on the KMH broadcast and is said to have gone to San Francisco for a benefit performance.
May 2Returns to KMH with guests Eddy Duchin, Joe Frisco and Peggy Lee.
May 2Thought to have appeared in the radio show 'To the Rear, March'.
May 7/15Records in Hollywood, including 'When Irish Eyes Are Smiling'.
May 9Bing's final broadcast as host on the Kraft Music Hall. The guests are Eddy Duchin, Dorothy Claire and Spike Jones and his City Slickers.
May 10(5 to 9 p.m.) Records 'Route 66' and South America Take It Away with the Andrews Sisters.

The Women's Home Companion poll names Bing as the leading film star. He is similarly named for the next four years.

May 17Bing leaves for his ranch at Elko where he will join Dixie and their sons and have a 2 week vacation before filming location shots for The Emperor Waltz in Jasper Park, Canada.
Jun - Sep 21Films The Emperor Waltz with Joan Fontaine, Roland Culver and Richard Haydn. The location scenes are filmed at Jasper Park in Canada in five weeks during June/July. The weather is often too poor for filming and this gives Bing the opportunity to play plenty of golf including in the Jasper Park Totem Pole Golf Tournament. In addition he fishes at Lake Maligne during the period in question. The studio work is completed in Hollywood in September with Bing working until 1 a.m. some nights because of a threatened studio shutdown.
Jun 15Bing is given honorary membership by the Edmonton Highland Games Association.
Jun 24Bing is back in Hollywood.
Jul 1Bing guests on 'The Telephone Hour' on NBC.
Jul 5Bing is in Spokane and purchases $2,500 worth of tickets for the Spokane Indians benefit baseball game in aid of the families of nine players killed in a bus crash on June 30. He specifies that his tickets should be given to convalescent and other servicemen.

Bing fishes at Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho (near Spokane).

At Elko ranch.

Jul 10Bing is back in Hollywood.
Jul 13/18/24Recording dates in Hollywood, including songs from Blue Skies.
Jul 14Plays in Frank Borzage's invitational Motion Picture Golf Tournament at the California Country Club and cards an 82.

Bing has a cameo role in Hope's My Favorite Brunette. For his services Bing arranges for a fee of $25,000 to be paid to Gonzaga University.

Aug 1/9/15/22Records in Hollywood, including four songs with Russ Morgan and a reading of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'.
Aug 8It is announced that Bing will head the National Executive committee of the Sister Elizabeth Kenny Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Drive to begin November 3 with target $2 million.
Aug 8The Dreyfuss family sell the Pittsburgh Pirates National League baseball team to a group headed by Frank McKinney and John Galbraith for a reported $2,250,000. Bing has a 25% interest in the syndicate.
Aug 15Signs a contract with Philco Radio Corporation to do his radio show as a transcribed program. Bing is said to be paid a minimum of $24,000 and a maximum of $30,000 per show depending how many stations take it. Out of this he receives $7,500 as a salary with the remainder going to Bing Crosby Enterprises Inc. to meet the other expenses of the show. This arrangement is tax advantageous to Bing.
Aug 26Bing stars in the Screen Guild Players radio version of The Bells of St. Mary's on CBS with Ingrid Bergman.
Sep 3Appears in 'Music For The Wounded' show at Hollywood Bowl.
Sep 18-22Records his first four Philco shows in Hollywood.

Goes on to his Elko ranch to hunt deer and pheasant. Then moves down to Pebble Beach for golf.

Oct 1(7 to 7:30 pm.) Bing guests on the Bob Hope radio show on NBC with Carole Richards. Jerry Colonna, Vera Vague and Desi Arnaz are also in attendance. The show is broadcast from San Francisco.
Oct 6/8Records Philco show in Hollywood with Enzio Pinza which is broadcast on November 13.
Oct 7For the second time in the year, Bing appears on the cover of 'Life' magazine, this time with Joan Caulfield.
Oct 10The film The Jolson Story premieres at Radio City Music Hall in New York.
Oct 13(5 - 5:30 p.m.) Thought to have made a guest appearance on Paul Whiteman's radio show on ABC.
Oct 16Blue Skies is released and in many cities the first day's receipts go to the Sister Kenny Foundation.
Oct 16(9 - 9:30 p.m.) Bing commences the Wednesday night half-hour series for Philco Radio Time on ABC which continues at weekly intervals until June 18, 1947. This is the first major transcribed radio series and most of the shows are recorded in Hollywood. The show has an audience rating of 16.1 during the season. In addition to the 211 stations on ABC, up to another 400 radio stations also take the show. Bob Hope appears on the first broadcast with regulars Lina Romay, The Charioteers, Skitch Henderson and John Scott Trotter and his Orchestra.
Oct 23/30Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Spike Jones and his City Slickers, plus the Les Paul Trio.
Oct 30Bing in Boise, Idaho, having come from Weiser where he had been pheasant shooting.
Nov 6/13/20/27Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast. Lina Romay drops out of the show after the November 20th program.
Nov 8Records Philco show in Hollywood with Burl Ives. The show is broadcast on November 20.
Nov 11/13Bing transcribes a Philco show with Judy Garland which airs on November 27.
Nov 14/19Records songs from Welcome Stranger.
Nov 16/18Another Philco show recording takes place. This time Jimmy Durante is the guest and the show is broadcast on December 4.
Nov 19-21Bing is in St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica, for treatment of a stiff elbow and a routine physical. Bing's physician, Dr. Arnold Stevens, reports that Bing is in "topnotch shape."
Nov 22/24Peggy Lee and Jerry Colonna join Bing in Hollywood for a recording of a Philco Show which airs on December 11.
Nov 30 / Dec 2Records Philco show with Peggy Lee for transmission on December 18.
Dec 1Press comment states that after a brilliant start on the ABC network, Bing's transcribed radio show is now "the season's major disappointment." The transcribed discs are felt not to be satisfactory and appear metallic and fuzzy. Bing is said to be too casual, with even his singing not tidy and sure and sometimes off key. His relaxed charm seems to be missing and there is an apparent preoccupation to get each program done. Major revisions are planned for the future of the show with top performers such as Jolson being engaged.
Dec 4/11/18/25Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast.
Dec 7/9Records his Christmas show for Philco in Hollywood and it is transmitted on December 25.
Dec 7'White Christmas' enters the charts and eventually reaches No. 1 again.

Bing and Bob Hope perform a golfing sketch and sing 'Harmony' for the Paramount film Variety Girl.

Dec 14/16Bing transcribes his Philco show for January 1st with Peggy Lee and Joe Frisco.
Dec 17Bing records with brother Bob in Hollywood.
Dec 23Bing records a Philco show with Al Jolson as his guest. The show is broadcast on January 15, 1947.
Dec 24(7 - 7:30 p.m. ) Bing guests on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC with Desi Arnaz, Jerry Colonna and Vera Vague. The show comes from Sawtelle Veterans' Hospital. Then between 9 and 10:30 p.m. Bing appears on the radio show 'ABC Christmas Party' with Henry Morgan, Walter Winchell and Paul Whiteman.
Dec 27Abie's Irish Rose is released and creates Jewish - Irish controversy which upsets Bing.

Bing's 1946 income is put at $867,500. He is named the top movie box office star in the USA for 1946.

1 9 4 7
Sells ranch at Independence Valley and buys the Newt Crumley ranch, 60 miles north of Elko. It contains 25,000 acres and an unknown expanse of National Forest. The ranch is at an elevation of 6,400 feet. Bing runs 3,500 head of cattle there.

The January issue of Fortune magazine features a 7-page biography of Bing called "The Great Throat."

Jan 1/8/15/22/29Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Peggy Lee, Joe Frisco, Mickey Rooney, Al Jolson, Jack McVea, George Jessel , Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour.
Jan 2 - MarFilms Road to Rio (fifth of the series) financed this time by Bing, Bob Hope, and Paramount. Bing, Bob and Dorothy Lamour star as usual with Gale Sondergaard in a featured role.
Jan 6/7Bing transcribes his Philco show with George Jessel and Lina Romay. The show is transmitted on January 22.
Jan 10-12The Bing Crosby Pro-Am tournament resumes at the new location of Pebble Beach on the Monterey peninsula as a 54 hole competition. For the first time it is known as the National Pro-Am and Bing puts up $10,000 in prize money. All of the gate proceeds go to charity. The format is that the first round is played at Cypress Point, the second at Monterey Peninsula Country Club and the final round at Pebble Beach. Bing's own play is praised after the first round when he and Cam Puget, the home professional, are in second place in the pro-am competition. However, they do not win. Bing's handicap is quoted as 5. The professional tournament is tied between George Fazio and Ed Furgol with Sam Snead and his team winning the pro-am.
Jan 13/14Transcribes a Philco show with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour which is subsequently broadcast on January 29.
Jan 13Attends the Photoplay Awards ceremony. Bing sings and entertains, accompanied by Skitch Henderson.
Jan 17Bing records songs from The Emperor Waltz in Hollywood.
Jan 20/21Bing transcribes a Philco show with Peggy Lee and Beatrice Lillie which airs on February 5.
Jan 25The president of the Lime-Cola Company, with headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, announces that Bob Hope and Bing have purchased a substantial interest in the company and would be actively promoting their products. Bing references Lime Cola on several of his radio shows. A huge display of Lime Cola was featured in the carnival scene in the next road picture, Road to Rio. The company filed for bankruptcy in 1948. (Billboard, Feb. 1, 1947 p143)
Jan 27/28Records a Philco show with Groucho Marx and Peggy Lee which is broadcast on February 12.
Jan/FebPlans being made for Bing to go to England in February 1948 to make a film for Alexander Korda. Whilst there he will record some Philco shows with British talent and make some records. British comedian Sid Field is thought likely to be in the film which is being written by Damon Runyon. Runyon dies and the project does not proceed.
Feb 3/4Bing records another Philco show in Hollywood. This time the guests are Judy Garland and William Frawley. The show is transmitted on February 19.
Feb 5/12/19/26Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast.
Feb 9Bing is thought to have taken part in the 'Here's to Veterans' radio show. This was a 15 minute NBC program which was broadcast on Sunday mornings.
Feb 9My Favorite Brunette shown at New York tradeshow.
Feb 11Transcribes a Philco show which is broadcast on February 26. The guests are the Andrews Sisters and Les Paul.
Feb 13Bing records three songs with Les Paul.
Feb 16Again thought to have appeared on 'Here's to Veterans' radio program.
Feb 18Bing records a Philco show with Al Jolson which is broadcast on March 5.
Feb 28Transcribes a Philco show with Peggy Lee which is broadcast on March 12.
Feb 28Takes part in a Family Theatre radio production of 'J. Smith and Wife' on the Mutual Network with Irene Dunne. The Family Theatre productions run until 1969 and Father Peyton heavily involved.
MarchUniversal Pictures releases Smash Up: The Story of a Woman starring Susan Hayward and Lee Bowman. The film chronicles the alcoholic decline of the celebrity wife of a more famous Hollywood entertainer. The film is loosely based on the troubled marriage of Bing and Dixie, whose alcoholism was widely known in the Hollywood community.
Mar 3Bing transcribes two Philco shows in Hollywood with Danny Kaye and Al Jolson which are broadcast on March 19 and April 2 respectively.
Mar 5/12/19/26Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast.
Mar 11Transcribes a Philco show with Jack Benny which airs on March 26.
Mar 13The 1946 Academy Awards Show takes place at the Shrine Auditorium. Bing's 'You Keep Coming Back Like a Song' has been nominated as best film song but the winner is 'On The Atcheson, Topeka and the Santa Fe'. Bing has been asked to sing at the event but is said to have declined indicating that it had been so long since he sang in front of an audience he would feel uncomfortable.
Mar 14Bing is interviewed by telephone by Hugh Dash and it is broadcast on the Telegraph Sports Parade radio program on station 2AW, Sydney, Australia.
Mar 16(4 - 4:30 p.m.) Guests on Jack Benny radio show on NBC with Dick Haymes, Andy Russell and Dennis Day. Forgetting it was a live show, Bing says 'hell' on the air and causes a mild upset in the press.
Mar 17Transcribes a Philco show with Alec Templeton and Peggy Lee which is broadcast on April 9.
Mar 17/20/28Recording dates in Hollywood, including the drama 'The Small One'.
Mar 19Re-records 'White Christmas' and 'Silent Night' as well as cutting other tracks. This version of 'White Christmas' becomes the world's best selling record. Goes on to record two tracks with Dick Haymes and the Andrews Sisters between 5 and 7.45 p.m.
Mar 19Press reports state that Bing and Claude Binyon have bought stock in Variety Records, local odd-label record concern founded in the previous fall.
Mar 21Transcribes a Philco show with Burl Ives which is broadcast on April 23.
Mar 24Bing records a Philco show with Jimmy Durante for transmission on April 16.
Mar 25(10 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on 26th) Makes his only two records with Al Jolson including 'Alexander's Ragtime Band'.
Mar 26(5 to 7:25 p.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra.
Mar 30Transcribes a Philco show in Hollywood with Al Jolson and Irving Berlin which is broadcast on May 7.
Mar 31Bing and Bob Hope at Paramount looking at a rough cut of Road to Rio.
Mar 31(9:30 p.m.) Bing, Jack Benny, Burns & Allen, and Bob Hope appear on the baseball preview radio show on station KLAC.
Apr 2/9/16/23/30Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast.
Apr 2Dixie arrives home from a trip to the east coast.
Apr 3Bing leaves for the east coast.
Apr 4Bing guests on Burl Ives radio show. This may have been a transcribed program.
Apr 6(3 - 3:30 pm.) In Chicago, Bing is said to have appeared on The Quiz Kids radio program on NBC.
Apr 9Bing transcribes his Philco show at the Hines Hospital for Veterans in Chicago. Groucho Marx guests with Dorothy Shay on the show which is transmitted on April 30.
Apr 10Plays in Twelfth Annual Midwest Amateur Golf Tournament at the Hill Course, French Lick Springs, Indiana.
Apr 13Bing attends Easter services at St. Ita's Church, Catalpa Avenue, Chicago.
Apr 15Bing, Groucho Marx and 29,000 Chicago fans watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play the Cubs at Wrigley Field in freezing temperatures. Bing was quoted as saying, "This ain't fit weather . . . they ought to throw out a football." Star first baseman Hank Greenberg makes his debut for Pittsburgh and helps the Pirates to a 1-0 win.
Apr 16Records another Philco show at Ross Auditorium, Great Lakes Naval Training Centre with Groucho Marx and Hank Greenberg. The show is broadcast on May 14.
Apr 18Bing, now a part-owner of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team, attends opening day at Forbes Field, where a record crowd of 38,216 watch the Pirates defeat Cincinnati, 12 to 11.
Apr (late)Commences transcribing Philco shows in New York which are broadcast from May 21 onwards.
May 7/14/21/28Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Irving Berlin, Al Jolson, Groucho Marx, Maurice Chevalier and Margaret O'Brien.

Transcribes a Philco show at Radio City, New York with Fred Allen and Connee Boswell which is subsequently broadcast on June 4.

May 8/12Records in New York.
May 11(8:30 - 9 p.m.) Guests on Fred Allen radio show Allen's Alley on NBC.
May 11Has a short spot in the Family Rosary Crusade radio program 'The World's Greatest Mother' on the Mutual Network.
May 16Bing plays 18 holes of golf at the Pine Valley club in Philadelphia.
May 17Plays in the National Celebrities Golf Tournament at the Columbia Golf and Country Club, Washington D.C. Bing tees off at 2:40 p.m. with Senator Robert Taft, A.B. (Happy) Chandler, Hildegarde and Arthur Godfrey. A crowd of over 7,000 is in attendance.
May 18Bing takes part in the second day of the National Celebrities Golf Tournament playing with Gene Sarazen, Bobby Jones and General Omar Bradley. Bing comes second with 158 in the special division excluding established golfers.
May 28Plays in exhibition golf match at Charles River Country Club, Newton, Massachusetts.
May 29Stars in fifth anniversary Command Performance radio show with Jack Benny, Fred Allen and Judy Garland.
May 29(9.30 to 11 a.m.) Still in New York, records 'The Freedom Train' with the Andrews Sisters.
Jun 4Records two songs with Camen Cavallaro in New York.
Jun 4/11Bing's transcribed Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Connee Boswell, Fred Allen, Alec Templeton and Ethel Merman.
Jun 5Another recording session in New York, this time with Fred Waring and The Glee Club and they perform the 'Whiffenpoof Song' together. Bing is said to leave early for a baseball game.
Jun 7Golfs with A. B. (Happy) Chandler in a National Cancer Fund Rally at Hyde Park Country Club, Cincinnati. Takes part in a radio program from the course over station WKRC and sings several songs. Later goes to the Turf and Fields restaurant at Sixth and Walnut where Bing is able to place some illicit bets on his horses.
Jun 12/13/16Records in Hollywood, including the drama 'The Man Without A Country' and the song 'Suspense' written by Al Rinker.
Jun 15Bing and Bob Hope are featured in 'Guest Star' program #12 with Denes Agay for the Treasury Department.
Jun 18Final Philco show of the season is transmitted. The guests are Bob Hope and Jimmy Demaret.
Jun 20Bing goes to the ranch at Elko with his four sons. Dixie remains in Hollywood.
Aug 3Bing is thought to have taken part in the Third Annual Frank Borzage Motion Picture Golf Tournament at the California Country Club. All proceeds go to the Damon Runyon Cancer fund.
Aug 5Bing informally 'adopts' an 11 year old Belgian girl Zulma Scheinowitz, whose father was killed by the Germans and whose mother and sister are ill in a Belgian sanatorium. Bing has agreed to care for the girl as a sponsor through a children's agency in New York.
Aug 6New York premiere of Welcome Stranger.
Aug 10Bing transcribes his first fall radio program (for October 1) in Hollywood with Gary Cooper and Peggy Lee. John T. Mullin of the W. A. Palmer Co. tapes the shows on two German Magnetophone recorders as an experiment and the results impress Murdo McKenzie, the producer of the Philco shows. Mullin is asked to tape future shows. The shows are taped and edited and then transferred to disc for distribution. Although Mullin can use the Magnetophone machines and the supply of magnetic tape he had brought back from Germany, he knows that these will quickly wear out and he contacts the Ampex company to produce new tape recorders. Tape is ordered from 3M.
Aug 14(7 p.m.) Bing acts as host on the Family Theatre radio presentation 'The Windbag'.
SepBing wins the Jasper Park Totem Pole Golf Tournament and goes moose-hunting whilst in Alberta, Canada.
Sep 25En route to Elko, Bing stays at the Davenport Hotel, Spokane after three weeks at Jasper where he has been hunting with Bill Morrow and Dr. Arnold Stevens.

Gary Crosby (aged 14) becomes a boarder at Bellarmine Academy, San Jose.

Oct 1The first Philco Radio Time show of the season is transmitted on ABC and the new recording method is welcomed because of the better quality. The shows are broadcast on Wednesday nights until June 2, 1948 and the audience share for the season is 16.8. Guests in the first show are Gary Cooper and Peggy Lee.
Oct 2/3Records a Philco show with Dinah Shore which is transmitted on October 15.
Oct 6Bing stars in another Screen Guild Players radio version of The Bells of St. Mary's on CBS with Ingrid Bergman and Joan Carroll. The program is sponsored by Camel Cigarettes.
Oct 7Bing arrives back in Hollywood.
Oct 8Bing is thought to have made an appearance at a benefit event staged at the Paramount Downtown, Los Angeles in aid of an East Side Boys' Club centre. Variety Girl premiers.
Oct 8/15/22/29Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Jimmy Durante, Peggy Lee, Dinah Shore, Clifton Webb, Burl Ives, Howard Duff, Victor Moore and Boris Karloff.
Oct - DecBing films A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court with Rhonda Fleming, William Bendix and Sir Cedric Hardwicke. The songs written by Rodgers and Hart for the original stage show cannot be used as royalties would have to be paid to Warner Brothers. Burke and Van Heusen write new songs for the film. The picture has a shooting schedule of only 48 days.
Oct 13Records a Philco show with Victor Moore and Boris Karloff which airs on October 29.
Oct 14New York premiere of Variety Girl. It had already been released elsewhere on August 29.
Oct 16Appears live on the Kraft Music Hall hosted by Al Jolson with Oscar Levant and Lou Bring and his orchestra in support.
Oct 28(7- 7:30 p.m.) Live guest appearance on Bob Hope's radio show on NBC alongside Bob's regulars Jerry Colonna and Vera Vague. The show comes from Van Nuys.
Oct 31Bing records a Philco show with Dorothy Kirsten and Barry Fitzgerald which is transmitted on November 19.
Nov 2The Friars Club throws a testimonial dinner for Bob Hope at the Biltmore Hotel. Bing is listed as a speaker but does not attend.
Nov 5(7:30 - 8 p.m.) Guests on the Jimmy Durante live radio show on NBC for Rexall Drug Stores with Arthur Treacher, Candy Candido and Roy Bargy and his Orchestra.
Nov 5/12/19/26Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Ozzie and Harriet Nelson, Peter Lorre, Kay Thompson and the Williams Brothers, Dorothy Kirsten, Barry Fitzgerald and Frankie Laine.
Nov 8(3:30 to 4:45 p.m.) Records 'Now Is The Hour' and another song in Hollywood.
Nov 8/9Records a Philco show with Walter O'Keefe which is broadcast on December 10.
Nov 11Bing is named as America's most popular actor for the fourth consecutive year in the All-American Annual Popularity poll carried out by Boxoffice, a weekly trade journal.
Nov 12/18Recording dates in Hollywood.
Nov 13(8 to 10:40 a.m.) Records 'But Beautiful' and two other songs in Hollywood.
Nov 15/16Bing records a Philco show with Danny Thomas which airs on December 31.
Nov 19Reports in the press indicate that Bing has contracted make-up poisoning during the filming of Connecticut Yankee and that the cameramen are shooting only one side of his face at present.
Nov 22Bing is said to have sung with Xavier Cugat's band at the Winter Ball benefit for St. John's Hospital held at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Nov 24(9:30 p.m.) Bing, Bob Hope, Pat O'Brien and others participate in a Catholic Welfare program on radio station KECA.
Nov 25(4:30 to 7 p.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra.
Nov 26(6:15 p.m.) Bing and Dinah Shore broadcast a radio appeal for Christmas Seals on station KHJ.
Nov 27(8 to 11 a.m.) Records 'Galway Bay' and three other songs in Hollywood.
Dec 3/10/17/24/31Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Al Jolson, Walter O'Keefe, Joe Frisco, Eileen Woods and Danny Thomas.
Dec 4Guests on the George Burns and Gracie Allen radio show on NBC with Gail Gordon, Hans Conreid and Meredith Willson and the Maxwell House Orchestra. Bing sings 'How Soon'.

Bing is interviewed by telephone from Melbourne by radio station 3XY and he has a conversation with a young lady called Pam Fenton who has won a contest organised by the radio station.

DecHas a heavy recording load, anticipating a strike of the Petrillo-led American Federation of Musicians. Records on December 3/11/18/24/27/30/31.
Dec 5Bing records a Philco show with Esther Williams and Red Ingle which airs on January 28, 1948.

Bing and Dixie seen together at Charley Morrison's Champagne Room with Bill Morrow and Iris Bynum.

Dec 12Records a Philco show with Jimmy Durante and Dick Haymes which airs on February 4, 1948.
Dec 17(5:30 to 8:15 p.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra in Hollywood.
Dec 18Press reports indicate that Bing has purchased an interest in the Billings, Montana baseball club.
Dec 19Bing records a Philco show with Robert Taylor which airs on February 18, 1948.
Dec 22Records a Philco show with Peggy Lee which airs on February 25, 1948.
Dec 24Bing donates $60,000 to establish the Gonzaga Crosby Memorial Library Fund.
Dec 25Road to Rio is released.
Dec 26Records Philco show in Hollywood with James Stewart which is broadcast March 10, 1948.
Dec 29Tapes another Philco program. The guest is Jack Benny and is broadcast on March 3, 1948.
Dec 31Bing continues in the recording studio until quite late and then, accompanied by Dixie, meets friends at the Beverly Hills Club to celebrate the New Year.
1 9 4 8
Jan 2Bing is named top money making star for the fourth consecutive year in the annual poll of motion picture theatre owners and operators conducted by the Motion Picture Herald trade publication.
Jan 3Bing enters St. John's Hospital, Santa Monica for his annual check-up.
Jan 5Bing is photographed with Joan Caulfield on the North Hollywood set of her next Paramount film, "Sainted Sisters."
Jan 7/14/21/28Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Walter O'Keefe, The Lone Ranger (Brace Beemer), Evelyn Knight, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Red Ingle and Esther Williams.
Jan 8Bing attends a party at Lawson Little's house at Pebble Beach.
Jan 9-11Plays in the Bing Crosby Pro-Am tournament at Pebble Beach with Cam Puget, the local professional. The winner is Lloyd Mangrum.

Ampex demonstrate the tape recording of the Philco show on their new recorder and ABC orders 12 machines at $5,200 each. The machines are to be divided equally between New York, Chicago and Hollywood. Bing Crosby Enterprises becomes involved in the sales of Ampex products.

Jan 15Appears live on Al Jolson's Kraft Music Hall on NBC radio.
Jan 17/18Bing is seen with Douglas Fairbanks and others at the Ojai Valley Inn.
Feb 3Variety reports that James C. Petrillo of the American Federation of Musicians has agreed to a continuation of Bing's Philco show on the understanding that all transcription discs are returned to Philco in Philadelphia for destruction after the Wednesday night broadcast. It is stated that Bing is recording three or four more shows to complete the programs for the season. Bing is apparently paying a rate one third higher than the live rate to the musicians in order to gain their support.
Feb 4/11/18/25Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Dick Haymes, Jimmy Durante, Peggy Lee, Oscar Levant, Joe Venuti and Robert Taylor.
Feb 6Bing and Dixie arrive in Elko in a raging blizzard to find 350 people standing in line for tickets for a banquet installing Bing as honorary mayor. Bing buys the tickets and distributes them to the crowd.
Feb 7At the banquet in Elko, Bing is made Honorary Mayor of Elko, a position he holds until his death. In his acceptance speech, Bing promised to close down all the saloons, but not until everybody was inside.
Feb 15Has second hole-in-one, this time at the 16th at Cypress Point. Bing is only the second person to achieve this feat at that hole.
Feb 17Bing wins the best actor award from Photoplay Magazine but is criticised for not being present at the Gold Medal Awards ceremony at the Beverly Hills Hotel.
Feb 18Road to Rio has its New York premiere and the film goes on to become the top film for box office takings in 1948 in the USA.
Feb 26Bing goes into St. John's Hospital again for another check-up. Later Bing, Dixie and the four boys are seen in the Fox and Hounds.
Mar 2In Command Performance #313 with Dinah Shore.
Mar 3/10/17/24/31Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Jack Benny, James Stewart, Margaret O'Brien, Wild Bill Elliott and Dick Powell.
MarchBing and his sons spend time at the spring training camp of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team in Los Angeles. Bing became a part-owner of the Pirates before the 1947 season. The team responded by finishing last in the National League, although they did set a Pittsburgh attendance record. "Bags of peanuts in hand, Bing Crosby and three little Crosbys clumped into the dressing room of the spring-training Pittsburgh Pirates. Said Part-Owner (25%) Crosby to Pitcher Kirby Higbe, as he popped a peanut into his mouth: "How's things, Kirby?" With a shudder, a Pirate locker man grabbed Bing just in time to arrest the flight of a second peanut. Bad luck, explained the locker man -- eating peanuts in a dressing room." (TIME, March 29, 1948).
Mar 16In American Red Cross 1948 Fund Campaign broadcast 'Services to Veterans.'
Mar 18Bing's Pittsburgh Pirates are beaten 4-1 by Bob Hope's Cleveland Indians at a specially arranged friendly match in Hollywood. It is assumed that Bing and Bob were there.
AprThe first Ampex tape recorders are delivered to ABC and the use of transcription discs declines.
Apr 4(7 - 7:30 p.m.) Guests on the Jack Benny radio show on NBC. Bing sings 'Haunted Heart' with Phil Harris and his Orchestra.
Apr 7/14/21/28Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Fred Astaire, Peggy Lee, Fibber McGee and Molly, Clifton Webb, Claudette Colbert and Bing's four sons.
Apr 14Variety states that Bing and Dixie have recently left Los Angeles for New York.
Apr 18Stars in an NBC radio program 'A Question Of Pianos' with Ann Blyth and others for Catholic Charities.
Apr 18Bing sings four songs in a transcribed radio program Guest Star #56. This is a Treasury Department production and is the first in support of the Security Loan Campaign.
Apr 19Bing goes to the Pittsburgh Pirates opening game of the season in Cincinnati with Bill Morrow and sees the Pirates lose 4-1. Goes on to New York where he records four Philco shows.
Apr 23Bing is in Boston and broadcasts part of the play-by-play commentary on the Red Sox vs Yankees baseball game between 2:15 and 4:30 p.m. The Red Sox win 4-0.
Apr 24Now Is The Hour is at No. 1 in the charts for three weeks. This turns out to be Bing's last No. 1 record.
Apr 28Variety carries a critical comment from Fred Allen as Bing had pulled out of a guest appearance on his show at the last moment. Allen had already recorded a Philco show with Bing and Bing was supposed to reciprocate. Bing fulfils his obligations on May 23.
Apr 29Dixie Lee named 'Hollywood's Ideal Mother'.
Apr 30Bing acts as Grand Marshal of the Feature Parade of the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Virginia. Goes on to a reception at Harry Byrd Jr's home at 112 S. Washington St. Bing then travels to Front Royal, Virginia where he sings on the courthouse steps as part of a concert to help raise money for a new stadium. Bing is the first contributor to the Front Royal Recreation Centre Building Fund when he donates $1,000. Stays at the home of State Senator Raymond Guest at Bayard, Warren County, Virginia. Mr Guest is the cousin of Bing's friend, Harvey Shaeffer.

Press comments seen about Bing selling a lot of antique furniture.

May 5/12/19/26Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Barry Fitzgerald, Henry Fonda, Ethel Merman, Alec Templeton and Beatrice Lillie. The last three shows have all been recorded in New York.
May 14Bing is in Philadelphia and is presented with 'The Country Gentleman Award' as winner of a poll amongst rural motion picturegoers for leading male movie star. This is the third successive year that he has won the award.
May 15Bing visits the Philco factory in Philadelphia and plays golf at Huntington Valley Country Club with Philco executives.
May 16Bing plays in the National Celebrities Golf Tournament at the Columbia Country Club, Washington D.C. in pouring rain in front of a crowd of 6,000. Playing with Byron Nelson, Gene Sarazen and Del Webb, Bing, with a 76, ties with baseball star Dizzy Dean for the amateur prize. Margaret Truman (daughter of the President) kept Bing's score for nine holes. In the evening, Bing appears in a show at Uline Arena with Edgar Bergen, Ray Noble and Henry Morgan. Part of the show is broadcast on NBC at 8 p.m. as The Edgar Bergen Show and Bing sings one song 'You're Too Dangerous, Cherie' as well as telling stories about the day's golf.

Bing appears on the Florence Pritchett radio show.

May 18Bing and Fred Allen meet at Bing's hotel in New York to discuss Bing's forthcoming appearance on Allen's show.
May 23(8:30 - 9 p.m.) Guests on the Fred Allen show on NBC and then leaves for Hollywood.
May 26Bing and Dixie attend the Hollywood Paramount for the premiere of The Emperor Waltz (the first film premiere to be televised) and at the party afterwards at the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, Edward G. Robinson joins the violinists serenading them.
May 29In Command Performance show to mark its sixth anniversary.
May 29Given the Kilroy Award for the outstanding male vocalist on the AFN of the AFRS.
Jun 2The last Philco show of the season is broadcast. It has been recorded in New York. The guests are Fred Allen and Joe Venuti.

After a celebrity golf stint in San Francisco, Bing watches the Santa Rosa Pirates (a 'farm' club for the Pittsburgh Pirates) play the Redding Browns at Doyle Park, Santa Rosa.

Jun 9Variety states "Aside from copping honours with a 14.6 in the last Hooper rating, two points higher than his nearest competitor, mechanical perfection of the Groaner's tape recorded shows has disproved network arguments that transcriptions aren't as good as live shows. Tape has, in the past year, completely altered not only the operation on top ABC shows but has changed the thinking of the entire industry regarding recorded programs."
Jun 17The Emperor Waltz has New York premiere.
Jun 21The Columbia Broadcasting System demonstrates the long-playing microgroove recording playing at 33 and 1/3 revolutions per minute.
Jun 23 - JulAt Elko ranch.
Jun 27The gardens of Bing's home at 594 Mapleton Drive, Holmby Hills are used for a garden party and bazaar for the Carmelite Nuns of the Carmel of St. Teresa, Alhambra.
Aug 12Bing is in Spokane to inspect the start of work on the new engineering building at Gonzaga.

John T. Mullin joins Bing Crosby Enterprises as chief engineer of its electronics division.

Sep 4Dressed as a clown, Bing takes part in the Ringling Brothers circus show on the Pan-Pacific grounds with many other stars as part of a massive benefit performance for St. Johns Hospital, Santa Monica.
SepBecomes a large stockholder in Vacuum Foods Corporation and is elected a Director. It is announced that Vacuum Foods will sponsor a new fifteen minute five times a week daytime radio program featuring Bing acting as a disc jockey. The company's Minute Maid quick frozen concentrated orange juice is to be promoted on the shows.
Sep 18Bing arrives in Portland, Oregon and plays golf at Portland Golf Club in the afternoon.
Sep 19Golfs at 1:30 p.m. at Glendoveer Golf Club with Hayden Newton against Bob Hope and George Schneitner. Bing and Hayden win 2 and 1. At 6:30 p.m. Bing and Bob attend a charity dinner at the Multnomah Hotel, Portland and afterwards they headline a show at Multnomah Stadium at 8:30 p.m. which includes Marilyn Maxwell, Buddy Cole, Joe Venuti, Perry Botkin and John Scott Trotter. The proceeds of the day go to the Crosby - Hope Foundation Fund for the benefit of junior golf.
Sep 20Bing goes on to Vancouver to tape a Philco show on September 22 with Ray Milland and Marilyn Maxwell at the Sunset Memorial Centre (to raise funds for the Youth Centre). The show is broadcast on October 13. Before the show, Bing is made a full-blooded Indian Chief. The Squamish tribe in Vancouver makes him an honorary member with the title 'Chief Thunder Voice'.
Sep 23Bing goes on a fishing trip.
Sep 26In Spokane, Bing rehearses another Philco show with Dan Dailey and Marilyn Maxwell at the Post Theatre.
Sep 27Plays golf at Hayden Lake.
Sep 28Records the Philco show at the Post Theatre. The show is broadcast on October 20. After recording the show, Bing goes to the Natatorium Park ballroom in Spokane and sings with the band. Subsequently goes on to San Francisco to record more shows.
Sep 29Philco Radio Time returns to the airwaves and obtains an audience share of 15.7 for the season. Broadcasts over the ABC network take place on Wednesday evenings until June 1, 1949. Guests in the opening show are Claudette Colbert and Bing's four sons.
Oct 4Stars in the Community Chest National Campaign Variety Show with Jack Benny, Bob Hope, Eddie Cantor and Marlene Dietrich. The show is broadcast over the ABC network.
Oct 4Press comment about Bing's newly built mansion in Carmel, right on the golf course.
Oct 6Bing applies to the Federal Communications Commission for permits to build television stations in Tacoma, Spokane and Yakima, Washington.
Oct 6/13/20/27Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Judy Garland, Joe Venuti, Marilyn Maxwell, Ray Milland, Dan Dailey, William Gargan and William Powell.
Oct 7Bing watches Gary play football for Bellarmine at San Mateo High School.
Oct 9Records a Philco show in San Francisco with William Powell, William Gargan and Peggy Lee as a benefit for the Boys' Clubs of the Bay Area and the Bellarmine Preparatory College Building Fund. The show is broadcast on October 27.

Sings with quartet 'The Watchamacallits' at benefit at Bellarmine Academy, San Jose, California.

Oct 14(8 p.m.) Stars in Screen Guild Theatre radio version of Welcome Stranger with Barry Fitzgerald and Mona Freeman on NBC.

Goes shooting in Northern Alberta and then returns to Hollywood via Elko ranch.

Nov 3Harry S. Truman defeats the Republican candidate Thomas E. Dewey in the Presidential election.
Nov 3/10/17/24Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Edgar Bergen, Peggy Lee, Oscar Levant, Kay Starr, Adolphe Menjou, Dorothy Kirsten and Bert Lahr.
Nov 6Bing pays $13,475 (the second highest price on record) for a prize steer in an auction for the benefit of the Children's Hospital in Oakland. The auction takes place at the Grand National Livestock Exposition in San Francisco.
Nov 8Mention in the press that Bing "is denying those yearly reports about his failing health."
Nov - DecFilms Top O' The Morning with Barry Fitzgerald, Ann Blyth and Hume Cronyn. The original title was 'Diamond in the Haystack'.
Nov 22Starts to present daily transcribed 15 minute shows which use records and continue intermittently until October, 1950. A number of different stations take the show with a variety of sponsors including Vacuum Foods.

It is announced that Bing is the top film box office star in the USA for the fifth year in a row; Motion Picture Herald declares his feat the all-time box office championship.

Nov 24Variety states that Bing has received an offer of £10,000 ($40,000) from London bandleader and producer, Maurice Winnick, to make eight appearances at the Empress Hall, London. Bing does not accept the offer.
Nov 25Makes his only two records of the year ('Far Away Places' and 'Tarra Ta-lara Ta-lar') and has to use only rhythm and vocal accompaniment due to Musicians' Union strike.

Records soundtrack for Disney cartoon Ichabod released October 1949.

Records 'Silent Night' with the Bob Mitchell Choir for use with a filmed contribution to a forthcoming TV show.

Dec 1/8/15/22/29Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Bob and Kathy Crosby, Peggy Lee, Kay Starr, Morton Downey, Bob Hope and the Mills Brothers.
Dec 4Press reports indicate that Bing has just signed a new contract with Paramount to make 18 films.
Dec 4(2:30 p.m.) Bing receives an Air Force Association Citation on radio station KNX.
Dec 5(3 - 3:30 p.m.) On 'The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet' CBS radio show with Lindsay Crosby.
DecAt Paramount, films a spot for the 'Philco Playhouse' TV program using the 'Silent Night' soundtrack he has recently recorded. The show is transmitted on December 19.

Films brief contribution to The Road To Peace with Ann Blyth for Father Peyton's Family Theatre.

Dec 7Guests on Bob Hope radio show on NBC with Doris Day.
Dec 15Decca announce that they have just marketed the 5,000,000th copy of Bing's 'White Christmas'.
Dec 19Bing takes part in the radio show The Joyful Hour on the Mutual Broadcasting System with Ethel Barrymore, Dennis Day, Maureen O'Sullivan and Perry Como. The show is arranged by the Family Rosary Crusade.
Dec 25Bing sings at the Good Shepherd Church in Westwood. A two hour radio show Christmas Festival is broadcast on CBS hosted by Gene Autry featuring Bing as M.C. and guests Lionel Barrymore, The Andrews Sisters and Burns and Allen amongst others. This may have been recorded in advance.
Dec 25Bing and Bob Hope are amongst many stars featured in Christmas Command Performance. Andy Russell is the host.
Dec 27Bing Crosby and Betty Grable are selected as the top money-making stars of 1948 in the annual exhibitors' poll conducted by the Showman's Trade Review.

Receives the Downbeat Award for 'male vocalist - single' for 1948.

1 9 4 9
Jan 2Bing appears on Walter Winchell's first radio show for Kaiser-Frazer but only to read the advertisement. Whilst Bing and three other subsequent guest announcers each receives the minimum $30 fee, the sponsor puts $4,000 into the Damon Runyon Cancer Fund.
Jan 3Bing records a Philco show with Peggy Lee and Abe Burrows which airs on January 26.
Jan 4Records two songs from Kiss Me Kate with Vic Schoen in Hollywood.
Jan 5/12/19/26Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Harry James, Betty Grable, Peggy Lee, Johnny Mercer, Ernest Whitman, Hattie McDaniel and Abe Burrows.
Jan 14-16Plays in the Bing Crosby Pro-Am Tournament at Pebble Beach which is won by Ben Hogan.
Jan 18Signs with CBS for radio and TV appearances. It is said that CBS have paid $1 million for a 25% interest in one of Bing's corporations as a 'sweetener' and also have guaranteed him $500,000 for a 39 week season.
Feb 2/9Philco shows broadcast were originally recorded in San Francisco. The first comes from the Marine Memorial Auditorium and Bing has a heavy cold. Jimmy Durante guests in the first show and Groucho Marx is Bing's guest in the second show with Connie Haines.
Feb 4Bing guests on the Jimmy Durante radio show sponsored by Rexall Drug Co.
Feb 14Bing is awarded Photoplay's Gold Medal award for being the nation's most enjoyed actor in 1948. Typically he does not turn up for the ceremony.
Feb 16Variety announces that CBS has found a sponsor for Bing's forthcoming radio series and that it is rumoured to be Chesterfield. This is subsequently confirmed and it seems that Chesterfield will pay between $30,000 and $35,000 per show. Bing is guaranteed $8,500 net per show by CBS.
Feb 16/23Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Kay Starr, Bob Burns, Peggy Lee and Abe Burrows.
Mar 2/9/16/23/30The Philco shows broadcast were originally taped at the Marine Memorial Theatre, San Francisco. Guests include Dinah Shore, Burl Ives, Phil Harris, Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden, Ethel Merman and Dennis Day.
Mar 9Bing returns to Hollywood from San Francisco.
Mar 10(8 p.m.) Bing appears on Peggy Lee's radio show on station KFI.
Mar 10/18/22Recording dates in Hollywood.
Mar 11(6 - 7 pm.) Stars in CBS broadcast of Welcome Stranger with Ann Blyth and Barry Fitzgerald.
Mar 15Bing turns up for the testimonial dinner for song-plugger Tubb Garron at Lucey's and he sings too.
Mar 16Bing goes out to Southgate where his stand-in, Alan Calm, is appearing in a night club. Bing is persuaded to sing a song himself.
Mar 21Bing contributes another $60,000 to Gonzaga for the library fund.
Mar 25Jack Kapp (President of Decca Records, Inc) dies from a cerebral haemorrhage at his home in New York at the age of 47. Earlier in the day, his brother Dave Kapp had signed Bing on a new contract in the face of keen competition from Columbia Records.
Mar 22Press reports state that Bing recently hurried to a hospital where Buddy Clark was facing surgery for a ruptured ulcer and sat for two hours waiting to contribute blood if necessary.

Bing throws a dinner at Lucey's for the Gonzaga University Glee Club but fails to turn up at the function.

Mar - MayFilms Riding High, with Coleen Gray, William Demarest and Frances Gifford. The film is directed by Frank Capra and has a 52 day shooting schedule with a budget of $1.92M of which Bing takes $150,000 in salary. Location shots are filmed in ten days at Tanforan Race Track in San Bruno, seven miles north of San Mateo, California.
Apr 6/13/20/27Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Kay Starr, James Stewart, Peggy Lee, Walter O'Keefe, Rudy Vallee and Abe Burrows.
Apr 7A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court has world premiere at Radio City Music Hall in New York.
Apr 8Dixie and Bing make one of their rare appearances together at the King's Restaurant.
Apr 14(6 to 9 p.m.) Records with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra in Hollywood.
Apr 15Films the 'Sunshine Cake' scene in Riding High.
Apr 17(7:30 - 8:30 p.m.) Guests on 'Welcome Back, Baseball' radio program on CBS with his four sons plus Bob Hope, Dinah Shore and Claudette Colbert.
Apr 18Bing records a Philco show with Carole Richards and Alec Templeton which airs on May 4.
Apr 19Appears on Bob Hope radio show on NBC.
Apr 27Awarded the Downyflake Donut Award by the National Dunking Association as the radio star whose face is most conducive to dunking.
May 4Bing's Philco show is broadcast. The guests are Carole Richards and Alec Templeton. The Donut Award is mentioned on the show.
May 6Records eight hymns for Decca in Hollywood.
May 10Records in Hollywood, including 'Sunshine Cake'. Followed by recording session between 5 to 7:30 p.m. with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra.
May 11Records four more songs.

The Philco show broadcast today was originally taped in San Francisco with guests Peggy Lee and Alec Templeton.

May 16Bing, Bob Hope and many other stars take part in a two hour radio program 'Opportunity - An American Watchword' which is carried by all four networks to promote the Savings Bond drive. Bing and Bob take part in a sketch and also sing a parody of 'Road to Morocco'.

A newspaper report says that Bing has gone to the east coast.

May 18/25Bing's Philco shows are broadcast. The guests include Rhonda Fleming, Johnny Mercer and Dorothy Kirsten.
May 29Radio show 'Guest Star - Bing Crosby' (#114) is broadcast on behalf of the Treasury Department. It uses songs taken from earlier Philco shows with fresh linking provided by Bing to promote the sale of Savings Bonds.
May 31Bing is in New York where he records a Christmas Carols medley.
Jun 1Airs his last Wednesday broadcast for Philco.
Jun 4/5Bing takes part in the National Celebrities Golf Tournament at the Army Navy Country Club, Washington D.C. Bing's foursome comprises Sam Snead, General Hoyt Vandenberg and Baseball Commissioner A. B. 'Happy' Chandler.
Jun 6/17Recording dates in New York.
Jun 13Bing's 1948 salary from Paramount is listed as $112,500.
Jun 21Back in Hollywood, records songs from Top O' The Morning amongst others.
Jun 23Records Ichabod (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow) story for commercial release by Decca.
Jun 23Press coverage about an oil well, partly owned by Bing and Bob Hope, at North Snyder Pool in Scurry County in West Texas being a 'duster' and it is to be plugged and abandoned. It is later said that Bing and Bob had invested $50,000 each in the venture. They are persuaded to invest a further $50,000 each in a continued search for oil.

Bing is at his Elko ranch with his sons and Bill Morrow.

Jul 12Forms Bing Crosby - Jayson Inc. with F. Jacobson and Sons Inc. (who specialise in shirts, sportswear and pyjamas). The latter company are to produce and distribute merchandise for the new corporation. Bing prepares a special promotional record for the new venture's salesmen to encourage them for their Fall season.
Jul 26On the Chesterfield sponsored radio show 'The Supper Club' with Ann Blyth. This is probably Bing's first appearance for Chesterfield and he plugs his forthcoming series due to start September 21.
Aug 9An oil well in the North Snyder Pool, partly owned by Bing and Bob Hope, strikes a gusher capable of producing 100 barrels an hour.
Aug 15Bing takes part in a radio tribute to Ethel Barrymore.
Aug 28Golfs at Shoshone Country Club course, Idaho in a competition sponsored by Wallace Gyro Club for the Civic Auditorium athletic equipment fund.
Aug 31New York premiere of Top O' The Morning.
Sep 6Bing returns to Hollywood.

Dennis and Phillip Crosby join their brother Gary at Bellarmine Academy, Santa Clara.

Sep 7Bing plays in the Frank Borzage Invitational Golf Tourney at the California Country Club.
Sep 18Records two Chesterfield shows with Peggy Lee and Abe Burrows which air on September 21 and October 12.
Sep 21The new radio program The Bing Crosby Show for Chesterfield begins on CBS and during the season the audience share is 18.0. Broadcasts take place on Wednesday nights until May 24, 1950.
Sep 24Bing records another Chesterfield show with Abe Burrows and Peggy Lee which airs on September 28.
Sep 26(6 p.m.) Bing stars in a Lux Radio Theatre version of The Emperor Waltz with Ann Blyth on CBS.
Sep 28Bing's Chesterfield show is transmitted on CBS.
Oct 1Bing records a Chesterfield show with Judy Garland which airs on October 5.
Oct 5The Walt Disney cartoon The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad is released by RKO Radio Pictures. Bing narrates the story of Ichabod whilst Basil Rathbone reads the story of Mr. Toad.
Oct 5/12/19/26Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. The guests include Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Frank Fay and Lum 'N' Abner.
Oct 18Bing records a Chesterfield show with Lum 'N' Abner which airs on October 26.
Oct 19Chesterfield broadcast was originally taped in San Francisco with guests Peggy Lee and Frank Fay.
Oct 23Guests on the Bob Hope Show on NBC.
Oct 25Bing records a Chesterfield show with Ella Fitzgerald and the Mills Brothers which airs on November 9.
Oct 26(8 to 11 a.m.) Records 'Mule Train' in Hollywood and it is on sale in New York on October 28.
Oct 28NBC broadcasts a benefit for the New York Foundling Hospital hosted by Eddie Cantor. Bing contributes "That Lucky Old Sun."
Oct 31Tapes a Chesterfield show with Bob Hope which airs on November 2.
Nov 2/9/16/23/30Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast.
Nov 6/16Recording dates in Hollywood.
Nov 10Bing records a Chesterfield show with Bob Crosby and his daughter Kathy which airs on November 16.
Nov 15Bing guests on Bob Hope's radio show with Ham Fisher.
Nov 17Records a Chesterfield show with Peggy Lee which is broadcast on November 23.
Nov - DecFilms Mr. Music with Nancy Olson, Charles Coburn, Ruth Hussey and Robert Stack. Bing thinks the title presumptuous.
Nov 24Bing tapes a Chesterfield show with Al Jolson which airs on November 30.
Nov 25(6 to 9 p.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra in Hollywood.
Dec 1Bing records a Chesterfield show with Carole Richards and James Stewart which airs on December 14.
Dec 3Tapes another Chesterfield show which is broadcast on December 7. The guests are Peggy Lee and Hopalong Cassidy.
Dec 5/22/23Records in Hollywood.
Dec 7/14/21/28Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast.
Dec 8Bing records a Chesterfield show with Ethel Barrymore which airs on December 21.

The Road to Peace short is shown at College of St. Rose, Albany where most of it was filmed.

Dec 18It is reported that Crosby and Hope are part of a syndicate which is to buy the Los Angeles Rams football team. Both hold about 10% each.
Dec 18 (a.m.)Appears on a transcribed radio show 'Guest Star' #143 with Hope and Alan Ladd. Bing and Bob sing a parody of 'Road to Morocco'.
Dec 18 (p.m.)On 'The Joyful Hour' radio program on the Mutual Broadcasting System with Ann Blyth, Licia Albanese and McDonald Carey.
Dec 20Bing records a Chesterfield show with Al Jolson which airs on December 28.

Bing guests on Bob Hope's radio show with Rhonda Fleming.

Press comment indicates that Bing is to make a film with William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy) with the script being provided by Bill Morrow. The project does not proceed due, it is said, to Boyd seeking a fee of $150,000 for his services.

The Downbeat poll for 1949 places Bing in a tie for third with Mel Torme as favourite male vocalists.

In the USA movie box office stars listing for 1949, Bing comes second to Bob Hope.

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