1 9 5 0
Minute Maid sets up a new divisional office in Los Angeles and Bing is named President of the division.
Jan 3(6 to 9 p.m.) Bing records two songs in Hollywood with Vic Schoen and his Orchestra.
Jan 4/11/18/25Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Al Jolson, Peggy Lee, Groucho Marx, Gary Crosby and Louis Armstrong.
Jan 9The Golf Writers Association votes Bing the year's outstanding contributor to golf, awarding him the Richardson Trophy.
Jan 11Variety says that Bing is in the process of taping six of his radio shows in San Francisco.
Jan 13-15The Bing Crosby Pro-Am Tournament at Pebble Beach. Bing partners Cam Puget in the pro-am section but they withdraw from the final round as they are poorly placed. The professional competition finishes in a tie between Sam Snead, Dave Douglas, Smiley Quick and Jack Burke Jr. There is not a play-off. The proceeds of the event are divided equally between the Sister Kenny Foundation and the Monterey Peninsula Community Chest.
Jan 18The Chesterfield Show broadcast today was taped in San Francisco as are many of the subsequent shows.
Jan 26In Hollywood, Bing records a Chesterfield show with the Andrews Sisters and the Firehouse Five Plus Two which airs on February 22.
Feb 1Bing is thought to have taken part in the 'Break the Bank' radio show on NBC hosted by Bert Parks.
Feb 1Variety states that Bing refused to attend the opening of the new Chesterfield factory in Durham, North Carolina on January 26 which was featured on a special extended edition of the radio show The Supper Club starring Perry Como, Bob Hope and Arthur Godfrey.
Feb 1/8/15/22Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Bob Hope, Peggy Lee, Fred Allen, Al Jolson, the Firehouse Five Plus Two and the Andrews Sisters.
Feb 2Records a Chesterfield show with Al Jolson in San Francisco which is broadcast on February 15.

Bing has to return to Paramount for some final scenes in Mr. Music but has to have a tooth extracted first.

Feb 14Recording session with Bob Haggart in Hollywood. Neither song is released.
Feb 15(9:30 to 11:30 a.m.) Records with the Andrews Sisters.
Feb 28Press reports state that Bing is investing in a Palm Springs golf course which Charles Farrell and Ben Hogan are going to build.
Mar 1/8/15/22/29Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Bob Crosby, Gary Cooper, Gary Crosby, Ethel Merman, the Firehouse Five Plus Two, the Andrews Sisters and William Boyd (Hopalong Cassidy).
Mar 5Another 'Guest Star - Bing Crosby' show (#154) is broadcast.
Mar 13Bing has an operation to remove his appendix in Santa Monica. Just prior to this, he had been working out with the Pittsburgh Pirates at a training session in San Bernardino.
Mar 21The Bob Hope Show with Bing as guest is broadcast on NBC. Doris Day and the Les Brown Orchestra are in support.
Mar 22Bing wins the award for top vocalist given by the Academy of Radio and Television Best Arts and Sciences.
Mar 23Bing records a Chesterfield show with the Andrews Sisters and the Firehouse Five Plus Two which airs on March 29.
Mar 24(2:30 to 5 p.m.) Records with Andrews Sisters in Hollywood.
Mar 25Tapes a Chesterfield show with Mildred Bailey and the Firehouse Five Plus Two which is broadcast on April 12.

Attends his bon voyage party in Hollywood, which Dixie avoids, before leaving for the East Coast and subsequently, Europe.

Mar 29Attends the Convention of the National Association of Tobacco Distributors in Chicago and records his Chesterfield show (broadcast April 5) with guests Perry Como and Arthur Godfrey.
Mar 31Bing is interviewed on the New York-based Nancy Craig early afternoon radio program on station WJZ (an ABC station) from the home of Raymond Guest, Front Royal, Virginia.
Apr 1Spends the day in Front Royal, Warren County, Virginia, celebrating 'Bing Crosby Day.' Helps endow their baseball stadium and the premiere of the film Riding High takes place there. Writes out a personal check for $3,595 to bring the gross receipts of the day to $15,000.
Apr 2Bing arrives in New York.
Apr 5/12/19/26Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Arthur Godfrey, Perry Como, the Firehouse Five Plus Two, Mildred Bailey, Carole Richards and Beatrice Lillie.
Apr 8/11/12Records in New York, including songs from Mr. Music.
Apr 9Bing takes part in The Triumphant Hour, a radio show transmitted on Mutual, together with Ann Blyth, Mona Freeman, Jimmy Durante and many others.
Apr 10Records a Chesterfield show in New York with Al Jolson which airs May 3. During his eleven day stay in New York, he tapes five Chesterfield shows in all and also twenty of the 15-minute shows for Minute Maid.
Apr 10Attends New York premiere of Riding High with Bill Morrow.
Apr 13Has guest spot on Perry Como's radio show 'The Supper Club' for NBC. Douglas Fairbanks Jr and the Fontaine Sisters are also on the show.
Apr 14Leaves New York shortly after midnight on the liner 'Queen Elizabeth' for France with Bill Morrow, George Coleman, John Mullin and Morrow's secretary. Prior to departure, Bing is quoted as saying that his wife, Dixie, was a "little mad" because he had left her at home.
Apr 15Bing, Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour star in a radio program on CBS 'Welcome Back Baseball' with Pittsburgh Pirates baseball player Ralph Kiner. The program had been recorded at an earlier date in Hollywood, not long after Bing's appendix operation. The show is sponsored by Wheaties.
Apr 19The 'Queen Elizabeth' docks at Cherbourg, France. Bing has an extended visit to Paris, staying first at the Ritz and then at the Hotel Lancaster before renting a flat. He and Bill Morrow go to Brussels in Belgium during their time in Europe and stay at the Plaza Hotel. Bing is also understood to have visited Rome.
Apr 20A radio program called the 'Catholic Charities Show' is broadcast in New York featuring Bing, Bob Hope, Ann Blyth, Fred Allen and Jimmy Durante.
Apr 22A radio program featuring Bing and Radie Harris is broadcast over station KHJ in Los Angeles at 5:30 p.m.
Apr 22Bing walks along the Champs Elysees in Paris and decides to stretch out on the grass with a newspaper under his head. Three gendarmes are said to disturb him and they only let Bing go when he purports to be an American poilceman on holiday and shows them a medal from the Professional Golfers Association which they take to be a police badge. The police commissioner for the district is sceptical about the story and suggests that the gendarmes must have been impostors.
Apr 25Bing golfs at St. Cloud, near Paris.
Apr 26Today's Chesterfield show had been taped in New York as have the next four shows.
May 3/10/17/24Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Ella Fitzgerald, Al Jolson, Mary Martin and Fred Allen.
May 7Bing at Longchamps Race Course, Paris with a young singer called Marilyn Gerson and the Count and Countess of Segonzac. That evening Bing is seen at Maxim's dancing with Ghislaine de Baysson.
May 8Attorney John O'Melveny and Bing's brother Larry admit that Bing's marriage is "strained." Bing still in Paris.
May 9Bing denies that there are any problems with the marriage and Dixie, still in Los Angeles, confirms this.
May 12The Security-First National Bank of Los Angeles file suit against Bing Crosby Productions Inc. and others asking for foreclosure to satisfy an unpaid loan on the film 'Abie's Irish Rose'. The original production loan was $370,000 and the unpaid balance is $150,615.
May 13Press reports state that Bing has been backstage at the Folies Bergeres to tape some radio shows. He is said to have made 21 recordings so far in places such as golf courses and race tracks.
May 20Bing arrives in Dover, England from Paris. Goes on to St. Andrews in Scotland.
May 21Plays golf in the afternoon on the Eden course at St. Andrews with two French entrants for the British Amateur Golf championship, before meeting Jim Wilson, local golfer, at St. Andrews at 7:00 p.m. when photographs are taken. A crowd of 2,000 followed him during his round of golf.
May 22Plays in the British Amateur Open Golf Tournament at St. Andrews in front of huge crowds. He is eliminated in the first round 3 and 2 by Scotsman Jim Wilson and returns to London staying at the Dorchester.
May 24Gives an "extempore performance" at the Dorchester at the Daily Mail National Film Awards supper party. Bing had just walked into the hotel and was invited into the party by Lady Rothermere. Bing sings 'Music, Music, Music' and another song to an audience including Jean Simmons and Richard Todd.
May 24The final Chesterfield show of the season is transmitted. The guests are Perry Como, Arthur Godfrey and Bob Hope.
Jun 9Boards 'Queen Elizabeth' liner at Cherbourg for return trip to USA. Sings 'Play A Simple Melody' with Irving Berlin en route at a cocktail party with the captain.
Jun 14The 'Queen Elizabeth' arrives at the West 50th Street dock in New York at 8:00 a.m. While in New York, Bing goes to the New York Giants - Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game with Groucho Marx but it is rained out.
Jun 20Returns to Holmby Hills.
Jun 21Records more songs from Mr. Music in Hollywood.
Jun 23(9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Records 'Sam's Song' and 'Play a Simple Melody' with Gary Crosby. The first becomes Bing's 21st gold record and both become the first ever double-sided gold record. After the recording session, Bing drives his sons to the ranch at Elko.
Jun 26USA goes to the defence of South Korea and the Korean war begins.
Jul 17(2:30 p.m.) Bing describes Chantilly Race Track, Paris on a radio program on station KNX in Los Angeles. The broadcast is said to come from Bing's ranch at Elko but it is possible that Bing taped these impresions while in Paris.
Jul 22(2:30 p.m.) Another broadcast by Bing on KNX is said to have come from Elko.
Jul 25Becomes a member of the Western Shoshone-Paiute tribe at Owyhee, near Elko. His Indian name is 'Sond-Hoo-Vi-A-Gund' (the man of many songs).
Aug 6Press coverage of the Idaho primary campaign suggests that Bing is supporting the Republican candidate Mr. Welker. During a recent visit to Boise for an exhibition golf match, Bing is said to have handed out literature for his pheasant hunting companion saying "a vote for Welker and there'll be a pheasant in every pot."

Bing and his four sons at Hayden Lake, Idaho.

Aug 13Plays on softball team with his sons in a benefit match for the Gonzaga building fund held at Ferris Field, Spokane.
Aug 20A radio program 'The Miracle of America' is transmitted on CBS and Bing and son Gary make a contribution as do Jack Benny, Bob Crosby, Dinah Shore and many others.
Aug 24(2:30 p.m.) This program from station KNX features Bing and Lindsay Crosby talking about magpies.
Sep 5(10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) Back in Hollywood, Bing records 'Harbor Lights' and other songs with Lyn Murray and his orchestra. Then Bing and his four sons record A Crosby Christmas.
Sep 6/21More recording dates in Hollywood.
Sep 7(9 a.m. till noon) Records with Axel Stordahl. Afterwards records several songs with the Andrews Sisters between 2 and 5:30 p.m.
Sep 8(9 a.m. to 1 p.m.) Records 'Silver Bells' and two other Christmas songs.
Sep 20Records Chesterfield Show in Hollywood with Bob Hope and Judy Garland which is scheduled to be broadcast on October 4.
Sep 20(9 pm.) Bing makes a contribution to the National Kids Day Foundation radio program.

Lindsay Crosby enrolls as a freshman at Bellarmine Academy where his brothers are already in situ.

Sep 25Tapes another Chesterfield show with Hope and Garland in San Francisco. This is broadcast on October 18.
Sep 29Opens Sunset Community Centre in Vancouver.
Oct 3Bob Hope's radio show is broadcast on NBC and Bing guests with Dinah Shore.
Oct 4The California Highway Patrol stop Bing's car as he returns from the north to tell him that his father has suffered a heart attack at his Toluca Lake home. Bing hurries to his father's side and father dies at 2:30 p.m. He was 79 and had been suffering from arterial sclerosis. His health had been failing for a year. Bing asks CBS not to broadcast his radio program that night and the show which had been scheduled with guest stars Bob Hope and Judy Garland is postponed until the following week. CBS filled in with an audience participation program called 'A Dollar a Minute'.
Oct 6A Rosary is held at the Oswald Funeral Home, North Hollywood for Bing's late father.
Oct 7Harry Lowe Crosby is buried at Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery.
Oct 10Another guest appearance by Bing on the Bob Hope radio show on NBC is broadcast. Dinah Shore is again the other guest star.
Oct 11The first Chesterfield show of the new season is aired and the audience share for the season is only 10.0 reflecting the impact of TV. The shows are broadcast each week on Wednesday nights until June 27, 1951.
Oct 18/25Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Judy Garland, Bob Hope and Claudette Colbert.
Oct 23Al Jolson dies in a San Francisco hotel while waiting to appear on Bing's Chesterfield Show. Many of the Chesterfield shows are now recorded in San Francisco instead of Hollywood.
Nov 1/8/15/22/29Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Dorothy Kirsten, Dick Powell, Toni Arden, Bob Crosby, Paul Douglas, The Firehouse Five Plus Two and Ella Fitzgerald.
Dec 2Bing records a Chesterfield show with Judy Garland which airs on December 6.
Dec 5Thought to have appeared on the radio program 'The Lonesome Gal' over station WOR.
Dec 6/13/20/27Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. All of the shows have been recorded in Hollywood.

Bing acts as honorary chairman of the 'Tide of Toys' program for European children.

Dec 9Bing records a Chesterfield show with Peggy Lee and Hopalong Cassidy which airs on December 13.
Dec 13Records two songs in Hollywood with Ken Darby and his Orchestra.
Dec 14Bing records a Chesterfield show with Dinah Shore, Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden which airs on December 27.
Dec 14 - Feb 1951Films Here Comes The Groom with Franchot Tone, Jane Wyman and Alexis Smith. The film is directed by Frank Capra who comes in $61,000 over budget with total expenditure of $2.117 million.
Dec 19While in Hollywood, Bing is interviewed by Martin Block in New York by telephone. The interview is used in a 'Salute To Bing' tribute on station WNEW on December 20 which comes from the Paramount Theatre, New York where Mr. Music is having its New York premiere.
Dec 20The Chesterfield Show broadcast includes Dixie Lee (for the first and only time) and the four Crosby boys.
Dec 23Bing guests on Louella Parsons' transcribed ABC radio show and sings 'Silent Night'. Hopalong Cassidy also appears.
Dec 24Records a Chesterfield show with Fred Astaire which airs on January 3, 1951.
Dec 26Guests on the Bob Hope radio show on NBC.
Dec 30Bing records a Chesterfield show with Louis Armstrong, Jack Teagarden and Toni Arden which airs on January 17, 1951.

Bing comes third in the USA movie box office stars poll. John Wayne is first.

1 9 5 1
Jan 1Attends Rose Bowl game between Michigan and California at Pasadena.
Jan 3/10/17/24/31Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Fred Astaire, Bob Crosby, Bob Hope, Jack Teagarden, Toni Arden, Louis Armstrong, James Stewart and The Firehouse Five Plus Two. The first four shows have been taped in Hollywood.
Jan 7Records with Tommy Dorsey in Hollywood.
Jan 7Interviewed on radio station KMPC 'Salute To Bing Crosby' which is transmitted over the Liberty Broadcasting System.
Jan 8Bing records a Chesterfield show with Bob Hope and Bob Crosby which airs on January 10.
Jan 9Is honoured in 'A Salute to Bing Crosby', a transcribed CBS tribute to his 20 years (as a single) in show-business.
Jan 12-14Phil Harris and professional E. J. (Dutch) Harrison win the Pro-Am best-ball section at the Bing Crosby Golf Tournament. The professional winner is Byron Nelson.
Jan 13Bing tapes his Chesterfield show at Fort Ord (north-east of Monterey) before an audience of Army personnel at the US Army Infantry Training Centre. The venue is close to Pebble Beach and Bing's annual golf tournament. Bing's guests are Bob Hope and Toni Arden. The show is transmitted on January 31.
Jan 18Stars in Screen Guild Players radio version of The Birth Of The Blues with Dinah Shore and Phil Harris on ABC.
Jan 20Bing records a Chesterfield show with James Stewart and Toni Arden which airs on January 24.
Jan 23The Bob Hope radio show is transmitted and Bing guests with Jimmy Demaret and Connie Moore.
Jan 27Tapes another Chesterfield show with Judy Garland which is broadcast on February 7.
Feb 1(9 a.m. to 12:25 p.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra in Hollywood.
Feb 2/5/7/8/9Recording dates in Hollywood.
Feb 6(6 to 7:20 p.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters and Vic Schoen and his Orchestra in Hollywood.
Feb 7/14/21/28Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Judy Garland, Dorothy Kirsten, Peggy Lee, Tallulah Bankhead, the Andrews Sisters and Nat 'King' Cole.
Feb 10Bing records a Chesterfield show with Tallulah Bankhead and Peggy Lee which airs on February 21.
Feb 12Has surgery at St. Johns in Santa Monica for a kidney stones. His physician is Dr. Fred Schulumberger.
Feb 21Leaves hospital.
Feb 27Makes filmed contribution to TV show 'American Red Cross Fund Campaign' which is also broadcast on radio at the same time. No doubt the filming had been done before Bing's recent hospitalisation.
Mar 5Bing records a Chesterfield show with Judy Garland which airs on March 7.
Mar 7/14/21/28Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Judy Garland, Jack Pepper, Les Paul and Mary Ford.
Mar 12Dixie flies to New York en route for a three month tour of Europe with Dr. and Mrs George Hummer plus Georgina Hardwicke.
Apr 4/11Chesterfield shows broadcast were originally taped at Palm Springs, probably to tie in with Bing's convalescence following his operation in February. The guests are Dinah Shore, William Boyd, Marilyn Maxwell and Louis Armstrong.
Apr 9(10 a.m. to 12:45 p.m.) Records four songs from 'The King And I' in Hollywood.
Apr 11General MacArthur is dismissed from all of his posts by President Truman.
Apr 11In Hollywood, Bing records a Chesterfield show with Gary Crosby which airs on April 18.
Apr 18/25Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast.
Apr 18Records a Chesterfield show with Bert Wheeler and Walter O'Keefe. The show is broadcast on May 2.
Apr 19Bing tapes a Chesterfield show in Hollywood with Louis Armstrong which is subsequently broadcast on April 25. Sings 'Old Soldiers Never Die' as tribute to General MacArthur. Records Gone Fishin with Louis Armstrong for Decca after the radio taping.
Apr 21Bing records a Chesterfield show with Fred Astaire and Teresa Brewer which airs on May 9.
May 2Dixie celebrates Bing's 'fiftieth' birthday in southern France while Bing is fishing in Idaho.
May 2/9/16/23/30Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Walter O'Keefe, Bert Wheeler, Fred Astaire, Teresa Brewer, Burl Ives, Jack Teagarden, Louis Armstrong, Charles Durand and Helen O'Connell.
May 5Bing records a Chesterfield show with Helen O'Connell which airs on May 30.
May 11Bing guests on the Hedda Hopper radio show.
May 28Bing drives from Idaho to Vancouver in Canada and as he is unshaven and wearing a leather jacket with dungarees and boots, he is initially turned away at the Hotel Vancouver because of his dingy denim outfit and unshaven appearance.
May 29Visits Sunset Memorial Community Centre in Vancouver where he sings 'Blue Skies' to an audience of 1500 kids.
Jun 1Dixie returns to Los Angeles. Bing still away.
Jun 6/13/20Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include George Jessel, Martha Tilton, Teresa Brewer, Bert Wheeler, Joe Venuti and Tommy Dorsey.
Jun 8Recording date in Hollywood.

Bing and Dixie attend Gary's graduation at Bellarmine Academy, Santa Clara. Bing gives Gary a car and later says that it is the biggest mistake he has made.

Jun 13Bing records a Chesterfield show with Tommy Dorsey, Joe Venuti and Teresa Brewer which airs on June 20.
Jun 16Tapes a Chesterfield show with Ken Murray and Burl Ives. The show is broadcast on June 27.

Bing Crosby Enterprises Electronics Division opens a laboratory to develop a videotape recorder. It is under the control of John T. Mullin.

Jun 20(9 to 11:45 a.m.) In Hollywood, Bing records 'In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening' with Jane Wyman plus other songs from Here Comes The Groom.
Jun 27Final Chesterfield show of the season is broadcast.
Jun 30Bing attends the Silver State Stampede rodeo in Elko. Local dignitaries present Bing with a Western-style, double-breasted denim tuxedo jacket made especially for Bing by the Levi Strauss company. Inside the jacket was a huge leather patch printed with a “Notice to All Hotel Men” stating that denim is a perfectly appropriate fabric and anyone wearing it should be allowed entrance into the finest hotels.
Jul 1In radio program 'Freedom Under God'.
Jul 29Bing is in Elko for the world premiere there of Here Comes the Groom on July 30.
Jul 31On radio program 'The Elko Show'. The various events in Elko over the three day period raise $10,000 for the hospital building fund.
Aug 1With two associates (George L. Coleman and Kenyon Brown), Bing purchases FM radio station KSNI in Salinas, California for conversion into a TV broadcasting outlet.
SepFilms a brief guest appearance in Angels in the Outfield, a baseball film featuring Paul Douglas and Janet Leigh which is shot at the Pittsburgh Pirates ballpark. Bing's spot comes from a golf course.

Gary Crosby goes to Stanford University.

Sep 20Here Comes the Groom has its New York premiere at Astor Theatre.
Sep 24Bing takes part in Lux Radio Theatre program "Movietime USA" on CBS and presents extract from Here Comes The Groom with Jane Wyman.
Sep 29Takes Dixie to the Cocoanut Grove for their 21st wedding anniversary.
Oct 1/4/19Records in Hollywood.

Bing and Bob Hope film a cameo in Cecil B. DeMille's The Greatest Show on Earth.

Oct 2Bing guests on Bob Hope's radio show with Jane Russell.
Oct 3First Chesterfield show of the season is broadcast. The show had been taped at the U. S. Naval Air Station at Alameda and Bing's guests are Jane Wyman and Hoagy Carmichael. The shows continue on Wednesday nights until June 25, 1952.
Oct 3Forms Bing's Things Inc. to sell a score of items ranging from toys to clothing.
Oct 10/17/24/31Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Jane Wyman, Martha Tilton, Bob Hope, Paul Douglas, Anna Maria Alberghetti and Dinah Shore.
Oct 19Guests on 'Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' radio show on NBC.
Nov 7/14/21/28Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Anna Maria Alberghetti, James Stewart, Bert Wheeler, Alexis Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong.
Nov 28Bing records a Chesterfield show with James Stewart which airs on December 5.
Nov 29Dixie makes her last will. It was reported that she was losing weight at the time and that her abdomen was distended.
Dec 5/12/19/26Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast.
Dec 5Tapes a Chesterfield show for broadcast on December 12. The guests are Alexis Smith and Bert Wheeler.
Dec 12Bing records a Chesterfield show with Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour which airs on December 26.
Dec 16Tapes a Chesterfield show with Trudy Erwin and Lindsay Crosby which is broadcast on December 19.
Dec 19Records two songs in Hollywood.
Dec 19Bing records a Chesterfield show with Monica Lewis and Hopalong Cassidy which airs on January 2, 1952.
DecPlays Santa Claus at Hollywood Women's Press Club party.

Takes Gary's car away from him because of his son's poor grades at Stanford.

Dec 23Appears on The Joyful Hour radio program on Mutual with Ann Blyth, Pat O'Brien, Jimmy Durante and Licia Albanese.
Dec 25Guests on Bob Hope radio show on NBC with Jack Kirkwood, Benny Rubin and Frank Sinatra.

Bing is fifth in the USA movie box office stars poll for 1951. John Wayne is again at No. 1.

1 9 5 2
Jan 1Guests on Bob Hope radio show on NBC.
Jan 2/9/16/23/30Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Monica Lewis, William Boyd, Bob Hope, Helen O'Connell, Paul Douglas, Patti Page and Bob Burns.
Jan 10The Greatest Show On Earth is released.
Jan 11-13Plays in the Bing Crosby Pro-Am Tournament at Pebble Beach. The weather is so bad on the Monterey Peninsula Country Club course that the second day's round has to be called off, restricting the tournament to 36 holes. The professional winner is Jimmy Demaret and he and Bob Hope finish in third place in the Pro-Am section.
Jan 11After playing his round during the morning at nearby Cypress Point, Bing tapes his Chesterfield show at Fort Ord in the afternoon and evening. The guests are Bob Hope and Monica Lewis. The show is broadcast on January 16.
Jan 15The Bob Hope radio show is broadcast and Bing guests with Jimmy Demaret and Jerry Colonna.
Jan 27Bing records a Chesterfield show with Bob Burns and Patti Page which airs on January 30.
Jan 30Tapes a Chesterfield show for transmission on February 6. The guest is Fred Astaire.
Feb 2Bing records a Chesterfield show with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall which airs on February 13.
Feb 6/13/20/27Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast.
Feb - AprFilms Just for You with Jane Wyman, Natalie Wood and Ethel Barrymore.

Bing films a cameo in The Fifth Freedom, an advertising film made by Chesterfield Cigarettes.

Feb 14/19Recording in Hollywood including songs from Just For You.
Feb 17Guest host on the Walter Winchell Time radio program on ABC in Winchell's absence due to ill health. Bing manages to plug his Chesterfield show. The show has been recorded in advance.
Feb 20Bing records a Chesterfield show with the Mills Brothers and Patti Page which airs later that day. He also records a Chesterfield show for transmission on March 5 with Bob and Kathy Crosby. Increasingly, takes from earlier shows are being re-used.
Feb 21(8:10 to 11:45 a.m.) Records two tracks with the Andrews Sisters in Hollywood.
Feb 27Tapes two Chesterfield shows in Hollywood for transmission on February 27 and March 12.
Mar 1Bing Crosby Enterprises introduces 'Bing Crosby Ice Cream'.
Mar 5/12/19/26Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Bob Crosby, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey Bogart, James Stewart, Marilyn Maxwell and Anna Maria Alberghetti.
Mar 6Bing records a Chesterfield show in Palm Springs at the Plaza Theatre with James Stewart and Fran Warren which airs on March 19.
Mar 11Bing makes a guest appearance on Bob Hope's radio show which has been recorded in Palm Springs. Other guests are Marilyn Maxwell and Charles Farrell. Bing sings 'Anytime'.
Mar 20At the Academy Awards ceremony at the RKO Pantages Theatre, the song 'In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening' from Here Comes The Groom wins an Oscar.
Mar 23Bing records in New York with Grady Martin and his Slew Foot Five.

While in New York, goes to El Morocco night club with Jackie Gleason and sings many songs with the band.

AprSigns to make Little Boy Lost.
Apr 2/9/16/23/30Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include the Bell Sisters, Gary Crosby, Kay Starr, Bob Hope, Helen O'Connell, and Donald O'Connor.
Apr 9The Chesterfield show broadcast today was originally taped in the open air at the Polo Grounds, Palm Springs.
Apr 9Back in Hollywood, Bing records a Chesterfield show with Helen O'Connell and the Bell Sisters which airs on April 16.
Apr 10Bing testifies as a government witness at the mail fraud trial in San Francisco of Henry Von Morpurgo who is charged with diverting $93,000 from the Sister Kenny Foundation for his own use. Bing's name has been used without his authority in a number of telegrams designed to raise funds in Northern California.
Apr 14Bing and Dixie sign a promissory note for $655,000 to Citizens National Trust and Savings Bank.
Apr 16Bing appears on radio station KFI's anniversary special.
Apr 20Bing records a Chesterfield show in Hollywood with Kay Starr and the Bell Sisters which airs on April 23.
May - JulFilms Road to Bali with Hope and Lamour.
May 2Dixie gives a surprise birthday party for Bing at their home with 175 guests and he is visibly moved on his arrival home from the studio that evening.
May 7/14/21/28Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast. Guests include Marlene Dietrich, Teresa Brewer, David Niven and Judy Garland.
May 7Bing records a Chesterfield show with Marlene Dietrich which airs later that day.
May 8Records more songs from Just For You in Hollywood.
May 11Tapes a Chesterfield show with David Niven and Teresa Brewer which is broadcast on May 14.
May 16(11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) Records with Peggy Lee in Hollywood.
May 18Tapes three Chesterfield shows with Judy Garland which are broadcast on May 21, May 28 and June 4.
May 26Bing records a Chesterfield show with Rosemary Clooney which airs on June 11.
Jun 2Tapes a Chesterfield show with Peggy Lee which is broadcast on June 18.
Jun 4/11/18/25Bing's Chesterfield shows are broadcast.

Dennis and Phillip Crosby graduate from Bellarmine.

Jun 15Bing records a Chesterfield show with Peggy Lee which airs on June 25.
Jun 17/20/23/24Records in Hollywood including songs from Road To Bali.
Jun 18Dixie has exploratory surgery, with the pathologist subsequently finding terminal ovarian cancer.
Jun 21(8 p.m. - 10:30 a.m. June 22) Bing joins Bob Hope to host a 14 hour telethon on TV to help finance the American Olympic team. This is Bing's first live TV appearance and the show comes from the El Capitan in Hollywood.
Jun 25The final Wednesday Chesterfield radio program is transmitted. The General Electric Company is to be Bing's sponsor in the Autumn.
Jun 25Dixie goes home from hospital.
JulFilming of Road to Bali is completed.
AugDixie flies to Hayden Lake, Idaho (near Spokane) in a specially chartered plane. Bing joins her there. Pete Martin visits Bing during his stay at Hayden Lake and work commences on Bing's life story which is to be published in the Saturday Evening Post. Bing ultimately receives $75,000 for the autobiography, Call Me Lucky.
Aug 31Bing is scheduled to go to Paris for Little Boy Lost but delays his departure until September 12 because of Dixie's illness.
SepDennis and Phillip Crosby enter Washington State College at Pullman.
Sep 3Bing records his first two General Electric shows with Jane Wyman, Helen O'Connell and the Bell Sisters which air on CBS on October 9 and 16.
Sep 5(8:30 a.m. to 12:10 p.m.) In Hollywood, Bing records with the Andrews Sisters for the last time.
Sep 6Bing tapes a General Electric show with Connee Boswell. They sing 'That's a Plenty'. The show is eventually broadcast on November 27. Bing also records a GE show with James Stewart for transmission on October 23.
Sep 11Arrives in New York.
Sep 12Bing is on the liner 'Liberte' which sails for Europe at noon from the dock at West 48th Street.
Sep 18The 'Liberte' arrives at Plymouth, England. Bing has been working on his life story with Pete Martin during the voyage.
Sep 19Golfs with Bob Hope, Charles Graves and Bob Foster at Temple Golf Club as practice for a match on September 21.
Sep 20Appears on 'In Town Tonight' BBC radio program with Bob Hope. They sing a parody of 'Road To Morocco' promoting their golf match due the following day.
Sep 21Golfs at Temple Golf Club, Maidenhead with Hope, Ted Ray and Donald Peers to raise money for the National Playing Fields Association. Huge crowds mean that the match has to be cut short. That night, he makes an unbilled guest appearance in 'Sunday With The Stars', a Variety Club benefit at the Stoll Theatre, London. Bing, Bob Hope and Jack Buchanan put on a song and dance routine.
Sep 22Flies to Paris to film Little Boy Lost with Nicole Maurey, Claude Dauphin and Christian Fourcade. Lcation work is filmed at Montfort-L'Amaury.
Sep 25In Paris staying at the Ritz. Later receives a letter stating that Dixie is dying.
Oct 8Just for You has New York premiere at Capitol Theatre.
Oct 9Bing's new transcribed radio program for General Electric commences, still on CBS but now on Thursdays. The shows continue until July 2, 1953 and the audience share for the season is 6.5. Bing is said to be paid $16,000 per week (which also has to cover the cost of staff and guests). Guests in the opening show are Jane Wyman and Joe Venuti.
Oct 16/23Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include the Bell Sisters and Helen O'Connell.
Oct 19Bing is featured in 'Guest Star' a transcribed radio show (#291).
Oct 25Returns to Dixie awaiting him at the Los Angeles Union Station.
Oct 27Dixie received into Roman Catholic Church.
Oct 28Dixie goes into a coma.
Oct 30Judy Garland takes Bing's place as host on the General Electric show.
Nov 1Dixie Lee Crosby dies at 9:50 a.m. More than 12,000 messages of condolence are received over the following days.
Nov 3Dixie is interred in the Crosby plot at Holy Cross Cemetery after a service at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills. There are 600 mourners at the service and the funeral sermon is delivered by Dr. Frank Corkery, President of Gonzaga University. The funeral is upset by the media. Bing's mother subsequently moves in to take over at the home in Holmby Hills.
Nov 5Dwight D Eisenhower is elected President defeating the Democrat Adlai Stevenson.
Nov 6James Stewart is host on the General Electric show in the absence of Bing.
Nov 9Bing records two General Electric shows with Dinah Shore which air on November 13 and 20.
Nov 10(9:30 - 9:45 a.m.) Bob Hope's new morning radio show premieres on NBC. Bing is thought to have made a brief appearance.
Nov 13Bing's General Electric show includes him again.

With his autobiography 'Call Me Lucky' at the publisher, Bing writes a chapter that eulogises Dixie.

Nov 17Tapes additional material for the General Electric show due for transmission on November 27.
Nov 19Road To Bali is released.
Nov 20/27Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Dinah Shore, Joe Venuti and Connee Boswell.
Nov 23Bing records two General Electric shows with Rosemary Clooney which air on December 4 and 11.
Nov 25Dixie's will is filed and in it she leaves one fifth of her estate to Bing plus her share in their houses at Pebble Beach, Holmby Hills and at Hayden Lake, Idaho. One tenth of her estate is left to her parents and one tenth to Bing's mother. Her four sons are left the remaining three fifths and all of this goes into Trust funds.
Nov 30Bing records three General Electric shows, two with Ella Fitzgerald, which air on December 18 and 25, 1952 and on January 1, 1953.
Dec 4/11/18/25Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Rosemary Clooney, Christian Fourcade, Joe Venuti, Ella Fitzgerald and Gary Crosby.
DecBing visits sons Phillip and Dennis on their animal husbandry course at Washington State College, Pullman.
Dec 15Records two tracks with Fred Waring. Waring had earlier recorded his part in New York and Bing over-dubs his vocals.
Dec 27It is announced by Larry Crosby that a co-operative non-profit organisation to aid cancer research is being formed and is to be known as the Dixie Lee Crosby Memorial Foundation.

Bing is fourth in the USA movie box office stars poll for 1952. Martin and Lewis are top.

1 9 5 3
Jan 1/8/15/22/29Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Venuti, Rosemary Clooney, Bob Hope and Kay Starr.
Jan 3Bing records a General Electric show with Rosemary Clooney which airs on January 8.
Jan 4Bing makes a guest appearance on the Colgate Comedy Hour TV show on NBC with Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell and Don Cherry.
Jan 9-11Attends but does not play at his 13th (or 12th as it is incorrectly described) annual golf tournament which is won by Lloyd Mangrum. The Clambake dinner on the Sunday night features Rosemary Clooney, Phil Harris, Bob Hope and the Les Brown band together with a few solos by Bing.
Jan 10Tapes a General Electric show at Fort Ord, again to tie in with the Pro-Am. The guests are Bob Hope and Rosemary Clooney and the show is broadcast on January 15.
Jan 14Guest appearance on Bob Hope radio show is broadcast on NBC. Terry Moore also guests.
Jan 14Bing records a General Electric show with Rosemary Clooney which airs on January 22.
Jan 24Bing records two General Electric shows with Kay Starr and Joe Venuti which air on January 29 and February 5.
Jan 29The General Electric shows come from Palm Springs for the next 14 weeks, except once from Hollywood.
Jan 29New York premiere of Road To Bali at Astor Theatre.
Jan 31Bing records two General Electric shows in Palm Springs with first Jack Benny and then Joanne Gilbert which air on February 12 and 19.
Feb 7Tapes two General Electric shows in Palm Springs with first Peggy Lee and then Jimmy Boyd which are broadcast on February 26 and March 5 respectively.
FebFilms interior scenes at Paramount to complete Little Boy Lost and meets Kathryn Grandstaff, age 19.
Feb 5/12/19/26Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Kay Starr, Jack Benny, Joanne Gilbert, Peggy Lee and regular Joe Venuti.
Feb 9/10Recording sessions in Hollywood.
Feb 14First of eight parts of his autobiography Call Me Lucky is serialised in Saturday Evening Post.
Feb 14Bing makes a short spoken contribution to the 'Amos 'N Andy' radio show which celebrates their 25th anniversary.
Feb 15Guests on Jack Benny radio show on CBS with regulars Bob Crosby and Rochester. The serialisation of his autobiography in the Saturday Evening Post is heavily promoted.
Feb 17Bing speaks for the Metropolitan Opera in a 15 minute program aired on radio station WJZ in New York.

Records General Electric radio shows in Palm Springs.

Feb 25Makes guest appearance on 'I Married Joan' TV show on NBC.
Mar 12Records three songs from Little Boy Lost in Hollywood.
Mar 5/12/19/26Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Jimmy Boyd, James Stewart, Dinah Shore, Rosemary Clooney and Joe Venuti.
Mar 14In Hollywood, Bing records two General Electric shows with first the Bell Sisters and then with Jimmy Boyd which air on April 30 and May 14 respectively.
MarTakes Lindsay out of school early to accompany him to Paris and they stop off in Chicago on their way to New York. They play 11 holes of golf at Chicago's Beverly Hills Country Club with the professional, Charlie Penna.

In New York, Bing and Lindsay go to see the revival of Porgy and Bess.

Mar 19At the first televised Academy Awards celebration, Bing's song 'Zing a Little Zong' from Just For You is beaten by 'High Noon' for the Oscar for 1952.
Mar 21Bing, Bill Morrow and Lindsay Crosby sail from the West 50th Street dock, New York at 11:00 a.m. on the Cunard liner 'Queen Elizabeth' bound for France.
Mar 26The 'Queen Elizabeth' arrives in Cherbourg and during their time in France, Bing and Lindsay stay at the Trianon Palace Hotel, Versailles.
AprBing and Lindsay go to Rome for an audience with the Pope. While in Italy, Bing plays golf with Clark Gable.
Apr 2/9/16/23/30Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Rosemary Clooney, George Kainapau and his Island Serenaders, the Bell Sisters and Joe Venuti.
May 2Bing celebrates his birthday with Gary Cooper and Errol Flynn.

Bing and Lindsay in St.-Jean-de-Luz and then Biarritz where they stay with French comedienne Gabrielle Dorziat. They go on into Spain visiting Madrid, Seville, Granada, Barcelona and Valencia. En route they attend bullfights. They also visit Cannes and Nice in the south of France.

May 7/14/21/28Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include George Kainapau, Jimmy Boyd, Lindsay Crosby and Joe Venuti.
May 14Bing records a contribution in Paris to the BBC radio program 'Star Spangled Salute' subsequently broadcast on June 4th. He sings Dear Hearts and Gentle People accompanied by John Scott Trotter on the piano.
May 16Records 'Le Bing' album with Paul Durand in Paris. All of the eight songs are sung in French.
May 21The General Electric show purports to come from Paris for the next seven weeks but probably the bulk of the shows were recorded in Palm Springs with additional linking dialogue being taped in Paris.
JuneBing's autobiography Call Me Lucky is published.
Jun 2The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Bing and Lindsay have seats booked to watch the procession but it is not known whether they were there.
Jun 4/11/18/25Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests are Lindsay Crosby and Joe Venuti.
Jun 5Wins his opening match 4 and 3 in the second round of the French Amateur Golf Championship at Chantilly, having had a bye in the first round.
Jun 6Is eliminated from the Championship in the third round by Leonard Crawley, a former English Walker Cup player 7 and 5.
Jun 7Flies into London with Lindsay and stays at the Savoy. Golfs at Addington Golf Club and cards a 74. Attends private party with American polo players.
Jun 9Bing and Lindsay golf at Sunningdale. In the evening, Bing gives a dinner for Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis before going on to the Players Theatre in Charing Cross.

Bing golfs with Gregory Peck while in London.

Jun/JulBing and Lindsay return home.
Jul 2Final General Electric show of the season is broadcast. The guests are again Joe Venuti and Lindsay Crosby.
Jul 23Begins selling his 65 racehorses at Hollywood Park to help raise what is said to be nearly $1 million for taxes on Dixie's estate. Fifty eight are sold but raise only $85,000 which has to be split equally with Lindsay Howard. Puts his Pebble Beach house on the market for $200,000 and also his Holmby Hills home is up for sale in order to raise cash to meet the tax bill.
Jul 24Further sale of racehorses at the stables at Suburban Moor Park.
Jul 27Armistice is signed to end the Korean War.
Aug - DecBing films White Christmas with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Vera Ellen and Dean Jagger.
Aug 22Kathryn Grandstaff (later 'Grant') is put under contract by Paramount.
Sep 15Bing records two General Electric shows with Gary Crosby which air on CBS on September 27 and October 4.
Sep 20Tapes two General Electric shows with Rosemary Clooney which air on October 11 and 18.
Sep 21Little Boy Lost has New York premiere at the Rivoli.
Sep 25Narrates 'This Game of Baseball', a 60 minute recorded program broadcast on CBS Radio.
Sep 27The General Electric show returns on Sunday nights for this season. 'Where The Blue Of The Night' is replaced as a theme song by an untitled orchestral piece written by Victor Young. The shows continue until May 30, 1954 and the audience share is 6.0 for the season.

Kathryn Grant interviews Bing for her column in a Texas newspaper.

Oct 4Bing records two General Electric shows with Gary Crosby which air on November 1 and 8.
Oct 4/11/18/25Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted.
Oct 11Returning from an evening out with Mona Freeman during which they attended Claudette Colbert's party, Bing has an automobile accident at 5 a.m. at the junction of Wilshire and Sepulveda Boulevards in Hollywood in his Mercedes Benz sports car and has a "severely wrenched back". He is taken to his home by a passing motorist and has to miss several days of filming.
Oct 18Tapes a General Electric show for transmission on October 25. The guest is Jane Morgan.
Oct 23Is sued by Frank Verdugo and the occupants of the other car in the accident on October 11 for $1 million. Bing is accused of "driving his car at a wanton, reckless rate of speed in violation of traffic controls and while under the influence of intoxicating liquors."
Oct 26Representatives of the State Highway Patrol say that Bing "showed no signs of being drunk and that there was no indication that Mr. Crosby was driving recklessly" when involved in the accident on October 11.
Nov 1/8/15/22/29Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted.
Nov 8Bing records two General Electric shows with Peggy Lee which air on November 15 and 29.
Nov 15Tapes two General Electric shows, the first with Rosemary Clooney and the second with Ella Fitzgerald, which are broadcast on December 6 and 13 respectively.
Nov 16Bing meets Dame Flora McLeod (Chief of Clan McLeod) on the set of White Christmas.
Nov 22Records another General Electric show with Ella Fitzgerald which is transmitted on December 27.
Dec 6/13/20/27Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted.
DecFilms his first television special for CBS-TV.
Dec 13Affidavits are lodged by Bing and Mrs. Bob Hope regarding their efforts to disassociate themselves from the National Kids Foundation. The Foundation sent out requests for donations over the names of Bing and Mrs. Bob Hope and raised $2.9 million in 1952 but spent only 10% of this on children.
Dec 30Recording session with Donald O'Connor in Hollywood.
Dec 31Bing dates Mona Freeman.

In the USA movie box office stars poll for 1953, Bing comes in at No. 5. His friend Gary Cooper is No. 1.

1 9 5 4
Jan 3'The Bing Crosby Show,' a 30-minute television special, airs on CBS-TV. The show had been filmed in advance and the guests are Jack Benny and Sheree North.
Jan 3Bing records four General Electric shows which air on January 17, 24, 31 and on February 7. Much use is made of material from earlier shows.
Jan 3/10/17/24/31Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Connie Russell, Gary Crosby and Helen O'Connell.
Jan 15-17The Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. Bing is televised presenting E. J. (Dutch) Harrison with the cup. The event raises $50,000 for charity. Mona Freeman attends with Bing.
Jan 24First date with Kathryn Grant. They go to Chasen's for dinner.
Jan 27Bing records a General Electric shows with Ella Fitzgerald which airs on February 14.
Jan 29Records 'Young at Heart' and 'Oh Baby Mine' in Hollywood using tracks previously recorded by Guy Lombardo in New York.
Feb 7/14/21/28Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Helen O'Connell, Ella Fitzgerald and the Four Aces.
Feb 12Kathryn comes to Bing's house at Holmby Hills and meets Bing's son Lindsay.
Feb 17Bing records two General Electric shows with the Four Aces which air on February 21 and 28.
Feb 23Talk in press of Bing having to enter hospital for a 'serious operation'.
Feb 28Tapes two General Electric shows which air on March 7 and 14.
Mar 7/14/21/28Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Jana Mason, Peggy King and Frank Sinatra.
Mar - AprFilms The Country Girl with Grace Kelly and William Holden. Before filming begins, the main stars assemble in a church hall in Palm Springs for a weekend to rehearse.
Mar 14Bing records two General Electric shows with Frank Sinatra which air on March 21 and 28.
Mar 21Bing guests on the Jack Benny TV show on CBS with George Burns. The show has been filmed in advance.
Mar 21Tapes two General Electric shows with Gary and Lindsay Crosby which air on April 4 and 11.

Films his second TV show which is transmitted on April 25.

Mar 28Bing records two General Electric shows with first Rosemary Clooney and then Toni Arden which air on April 18 and 25 respectively.
Mar 31Records four songs in Hollywood with John Scott Trotter.
Apr 4/11/18/25Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted.
Apr 4Bing records two General Electric shows with first Rosemary Clooney and then with Gary and Lindsay Crosby which air on May 2 and 9.
Apr 7Tapes two General Electric shows with first Toni Arden and then Rosemary Clooney which are broadcast on May 16 and 23.
Apr 9Has to vacate his bungalow at the studios as his Paramount contract expires.
Apr 10Records songs from White Christmas with Danny Kaye.
Apr 12Bill Haley records 'Rock Around The Clock' for Decca.
Apr 14Bing records a General Electric Show with Gary and Lindsay Crosby which is transmitted on May 30.
Apr 21Decca begins assembling a special five-disc 'Musical Autobiography' of Bing's songs; Bing re-records many with Buddy Cole and comments on each song. The recordings are done at Legion Hall, Palm Springs.
Apr 22Kathryn goes to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with Bing at his house with Bill Morrow and his girlfriend. They attend the Circus Ball together.
Apr 24Further recordings for the Musical Autobiography set.
Apr 25A filmed program 'The Bing Crosby Show' is transmitted on CBS. The guests are Joanne Gilbert and the Wiere Brothers. It is Bing's second TV special and he announces that it is probably his last.
Apr 28Records 'Oh, Tell Me Why' as a multi-track recording in Hollywood.
May 2/9/16/23Bing's General Electric radio shows are transmitted. The guests include Rosemary Clooney, Gary and Lindsay Crosby plus Toni Arden.
May 2Celebrates his birthday at Kathryn's cottage.
May 3Records further songs for the Musical Autobiography.
May 4Records two more songs from White Christmas.
May 11CBS announces that Bing's 20-year-old son, Gary, will host a summer replacement show in his father's time slot beginning June 6.
May 18At Elko. Kathryn arrives on May 19 with her 'Aunt' Mary and 'Uncle' Guil.
May 24Gary Crosby has a motor accident near San Jose and a Mexican labourer is killed. Gary is hospitalized for an injured knee and a lacerated nose requiring 27 stitches. Bing rushed to San Jose from a mountain fishing trip. Bing gets sued for $65,000 as Gary is a minor.
May 30The final General Electric radio show for the season is broadcast. The guests are Gary and Lindsay Crosby.
Jun 4Back in Hollywood, Bing takes Kathryn to a luau with Phil Harris and Alice Faye.
Jun 5Bing visits Kathryn at her cottage and she cooks dinner for him.
Jun 6Gary misses the debut of his summer radio program while he recovers from injuries in his May 24 auto accident. Instead, CBS reruns one of Bing's General Electric shows with guest Rosemary Clooney.
Jun 13"Gary Crosby's Summer Show" debuts a week late under the direction of Murdo MacKenzie and written by Bill Morrow. Guests include the gospel group "The Four Girls" that included Jane Russell, Rhonda Fleming, Beryl Davis and Connie Haines. Billy May directs the orchestra.
Jun 16/19Bing records final songs for Musical Autobiography set.
Jun 21Recording in Hollywood with Les Brown.
Jun 25Gary takes his Trust Fund of $220,000 on attaining the age of 21.

Bing has a check-up in hospital for his old kidney ailment.

Aug - Sep 21Bing at his Hayden Lake home with his sons.

Decides not to return to his weekly radio series. Bing explains to John Scott Trotter that he has lost confidence in his voice and his enthusiasm for show business has diminished.

Sep 19Video recorder developed by Bing Crosby Enterprises Inc. receives orders.
Sep 22Bing arrives at his Pebble Beach home for a two week stay.
Sep 23Bing records two songs with Alfred Newman and his Orchestra.
Oct 14White Christmas is released with previews of The Country Girl. White Christmas becomes the top film of 1954 in the USA at the box office.
Oct 16Bing takes Kathryn Grant to a football game and comes close to proposing.
Oct 17Appears on 'Toast Of The Town' TV show on CBS hosted by Ed Sullivan with Irving Berlin and Liberace. Probably a filmed contribution.
Oct 30Kathryn Grant and Marilyn Banks visit Bing for the weekend at his Palm Springs home.
Oct 31Proposes to Kathryn Grant at Palm Springs and then does not see her for two months.
Nov 4Records 'Peace Prayer of St. Francis' and 'Blessing of St. Francis'.
Nov 5Gives deposition re $1 million damages claim against him for October, 1953 car accident.
Nov 8Details of Dixie's estate are released and show that her own assets and her share of the community property accumulated during her marriage to Bing total $1,332,571. After debts, taxes and expenses the net figure is $550,616. Obligations of the estate are said to be $507,000 presumably including $410,000 owed to Citizens National Trust and Savings Bank, being the balance due on the promissory note signed on April 14, 1952.
Nov 21The Thanksgiving Hour, a radio program broadcast over the Mutual Network, features a story called 'Miss Clara' and Bing takes part together with Ethel Barrymore, Pat O'Brien and Perry Como.
Nov 21The weekly CBS radio show, The Hallmark Hall of Fame, broadcasts a memorial tribute to Lionel Barrymore and Bing is understood to have made a contribution.
Nov 22(9:15 - 9:30 p.m.) 'The Bing Crosby Show' airs on CBS radio. This is a daily weekday 15 minute show (preceding the Amos 'N Andy show) which continues until December 31, 1956. The audience rating is 3.1 for 1954-55. The format has Bing talking about every day matters interspersed with songs by him. Later that evening CBS airs a program of songs from Bing's Musical Autobiography.
Nov 25The sale of the Kelly-Snyder pool (containing 42 oil wells including property owned by Bing and Bob Hope) in Scurry County, West Texas by W A Moncrief for almost $21 million is announced. Bing and Bob are said to receive $3.6 million each from this.
Dec 3Bing is interviewed by Edward R. Murrow on the 'Person to Person' show on CBS-TV. Bing is at home in Holmby Hills while Murrow is in the New York studio.
Dec 9The trial of the $1,051,400 motor accident damage suit (in respect of Bing's October, 1953 car accident) begins in Los Angeles with the selection of the jury. A settlement is, however, reached out of court for $100,000.
Dec 15Benefit world premiere of The Country Girl at Criterion Theatre, New York.
Dec 21Bing attends premiere of The Country Girl in Los Angeles. The show is for the benefit of the Olympic Fund.
Dec 23Records songs from The Country Girl in Hollywood.

The American National Board of Review of Motion Pictures votes Bing the Actor of the Year.

Kathryn phones from New York; Bing suggests a wedding for February 7 in Carmel.

Bing makes his final appearance in the annual USA movie box office poll at number eight. John Wayne has the top position.

1 9 5 5
Jan 2Dennis Crosby is arrested as a drunken passenger in a motor vehicle.
Jan 3A Municipal Judge dismisses the charges against Dennis "because the boy has never been in trouble before."
Jan 5Dennis is inducted into Army and leaves for Fort Ord, California. His twin Phillip is still at Washington State College and receives an educational deferment from the draft. Bing is at Pebble Beach.

Gary drops out of Stanford.

Jan 10Bing has kidney stone attack while at Pebble Beach.
Jan 14-16Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. Cary Middlecoff is the winner after the entire three days have been played in rain, lashed by a cold wind. Bing shows up briefly at the Clambake "full of penicillin and various miacins."
Jan 17Bing goes into St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica.
Jan 18Has surgery for a kidney stone. Kathryn visits him each day during his stay in hospital.
Feb 10Leaves St. John's Hospital. The proposed wedding date is put back until May.
Feb 14Bing and Kathryn dine together at Bing's Holmby Hills home.
MarGoes to Palm Springs to convalesce.

At the Look Magazine annual awards presentation where he receives the Best Actor Award for 1954 from Red Skelton for his role in The Country Girl.

Mar 11Records two songs in Hollywood.
Mar 16At ranch in Elko.
Mar 25Back in Palm Springs again.
Mar 29A radio appeal by Bing on behalf of former boxers is broadcast.
Mar 30Escorts Kathryn to the Academy Awards dinner at the Pantages Theatre. Makes brief appearance on stage to joke with Hope and to present the Music Awards Oscar. The proceedings are shown on NBC-TV. Bing is nominated for the Oscar as Best Actor for The Country Girl but loses out to Marlon Brando. Bing's song Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep has been nominated as best song but the Oscar goes to 'Three Coins in the Fountain'. Bing and Kathryn go on to the party at Romanoff's.
Apr - JunFilms Anything Goes with Donald O'Connor, Zizi Jeanmaire, Mitzi Gaynor and Phil Harris.
Apr 9Records 'Ya Gotta Give The People Hoke' for Anything Goes soundtrack.
Apr 13Appears on radio show 'American Cancer Society All Star Revue' with Sinatra and others.
May 2Celebrates his birthday at Palm Springs with his co-star from Anything Goes, Jeanmaire.
May 13The second wedding date with Kathryn comes and goes without contact from Bing. On May 14, he telephones Kathryn and a further wedding date of September 10 is arranged.
May 23Records 'A Second-Hand Turban' for Anything Goes soundtrack.
May 24Bing makes a brief appearance (and does not sing) on the Bob Hope TV show. The program shows clips from Road films.
May 27Gary Crosby makes his stage debut when he opens with Louis Armstrong at the Chicago Theatre, Chicago.
Jun 1Bing sings 'Blow Gabriel Blow' for Anything Goes soundtrack.
Jun 3Kathryn refuses to go to dinner with Bing, having had no contact for two weeks.
JunBing films two shorts: Bing Presents Oreste and Hollywood Fathers.
Jun 10Bing calls on Kathryn and they arrange to go to San Francisco for the US Open together.
Jun 16-19In San Francisco at Olympic Country Club for US Open. Bing and Kathryn both stay at the Palace Hotel. Bing goes on to Church Falls to do a benefit for a hospital.

Bing Crosby Enterprises gives a live demonstration of a video recording of a colour television show.

JulyBing's new house at Hayden Lake, near Coeur d'Alene, Idaho (just across the State line from Spokane) nears completion. It has been designed by Harold Grieve (who has worked on six houses for him previously).
Jul 1Records two songs in Hollywood.
Jul 13Dennis and Phillip Crosby take their Trust Funds amounting to $200,000 each on attaining the age of 21.
Aug 11Bing plays golf at Hayden Lake Country Club, Idaho.
Aug 12Phillip Crosby suffers three fractured vertebrae in car accident at Raymond, Washington State while in Army. Bing flies there from Spokane.

Visits Spokane where he is presented with a Hillyard Boosters jacket.

Sep 3Bing meets Kathryn's plane at Spokane and they go to Hayden Lake.
Sep 8Kathryn flies home, cancelling the third wedding attempt due for September 10. Bing states that there were impediments.
Sep 27Bing at Pebble Beach.
Sep 30James Dean killed in car crash.
Oct 5Bing is fishing near Rising River, Northern California before returning to Pebble Beach.
Oct 15Kathryn goes to see Bing at Pebble Beach. Bing reportedly seeks forgiveness for affair with another woman (a regal blonde!). It has been alleged in various books that Bing was romantically involved with Grace Kelly.
Oct 31Bing does pre-recording for High Tor television film.
Nov 5Bing hosts an opening party for 'Bing Crosby's Blue Skies Trailer Village' in Palm Springs. Bing is a stockholder with Jack Benny, George Burns, Phil Harris and many more stars.
Nov 7-18Bing films High Tor in color with Julie Andrews and Nancy Olsen for television. High Tor is the first feature length film made for TV and Bing is reported to have been paid $375,000 for his work. The entire program is said to have cost $450,000.
Nov 23Recording with Buddy Cole for the daily radio show.
Nov 25Bing entertains the Notre Dame football team in Hollywood, but his plans to show them the film 'Guys and Dolls' are changed because of adverse comments by Roman Catholics about the film. Paramount shows them 'The Court Jester' starring Danny Kaye instead.
Dec 17Sings 'I Love You Truly' at Bill Morrow's wedding in Palm Springs.
Dec 24Hosts a radio special 'A Christmas Sing with Bing' which is later released by Decca as an LP album. Kathryn is in Texas.
Dec 27Records songs for soundtrack of High Tor in Los Angeles. (This could have been a mastering date with Bing simply adding linking commentary to the pre-recorded songs)
Dec 31Exclusive Decca recording contract expires - it had run since 1934.
Dec 31Bing becomes co-owner of radio Station KFEQ, St. Joseph, Missouri with Kemper Brown.
Dec 31At a New Year's party at the home of David O. Selznick, Bing offers to marry Kathryn and they fix a new date of March 17.
1 9 5 6
Forms Bing Crosby Phonocards to issue good quality cardboard records. Brother Everett is executive vice president.
JanElvis Presley's recording of 'Heartbreak Hotel' enters the charts.
Jan 4The Minute Maid Corporation is the first new stock to be floated on the New York Stock Exchange in 1956 and Bing buys the first 100 shares for a total of $1,900 and then donates them to Gonzaga University for its library appeal. Bing is described in press publicity as President of the Bing Crosby - Minute Maid Corporation which acts as distributor of Minute Maid products on the west coast.
Jan 6Bing donates a further $100,000 towards the Crosby Memorial Library at Gonzaga University.
Jan 6/17/18Records songs for the High Society soundtrack.
Jan 13-15Partnered by Ben Hogan, Bing competes for the last time in the Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. Again the weather is dreadful with driving rain and atrocious playing conditions. Cary Middlecoff wins for the second year in succession.
Jan 23 - Mar 6Bing films High Society for MGM with Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong. Bing is said to receive $200,000 and 25% of the profits for his services.
Feb 9Drunken driving charge against Phillip Crosby for accident on February 7 dismissed in Tacoma. His car struck a pedestrian but a blood test showed he was sober.
Feb 22Bing and Grace Kelly record True Love. The song becomes Bing's 22nd gold record.
Feb 23Records 'All Through The Night' and 'You're The Top' in Hollywood.
Mar 10High Tor is televised on CBS in black-and-white and receives poor reviews.
Mar 10Bing undergoes eye surgery to remove a small growth in the sclera (the firm white fibrous membrane that forms the outer covering of the eyeball).
Mar 17Proposed wedding date comes and goes as Bing convalesces after eye surgery.
Mar 21Paramount releases Anything Goes, Bing's last film for them.
Apr 17/18Bing makes LP album 'Songs I Wish I Had Sung' in Hollywood for Decca with Jack Pleis and his Orchestra.
Apr 26Takes part in pro-am at 'Tournament of Champions' golf meeting at the Desert Inn Country Club in Las Vegas with Desi Arnaz and Phil Harris. Is linked romantically with Pat Sheehan during his visit. Also goes to see Elvis Presley perform while in Las Vegas.
May 14Gary Crosby is inducted into the Army and goes to Fort Ord for basic training before going to Germany later in the year.
May 14-16Bing at Pebble Beach.
Jun 11/12Records 'Bing Sings While Bregman Swings' LP album with Buddy Bregman in Hollywood for Verve Records.
Jul 9It is announced that Bing will receive an Apollo award from the Music Recording Industry. Presentations are to be made during the Diamond Jubilee Trade show at the Coliseum in New York between September 7-16.
JulBing and Lindsay go to Elko for a few weeks.
Jul 15Bing promotes High Society on 'The Ed Sullivan Show'. This was a ten minute filmed contribution.
Jul 17A syndicate (including Bing) pays $5.5 million for the Detroit Tigers baseball team and Briggs Stadium. Bing has only about a fifteenth share but because of his interest in the Pittsburgh Pirates he is told that he must sell one interest or the other before the start of the 1957 season. He keeps his Pirates stock.
Aug 6Bing records the Gospel of Luke 2:4 -- the "Christmas Gospel" -- for the World Library of Sacred Music accompanied by Betty Reiber on organ. Bing's narration is inserted between carols sung by the St. Bonaventure Choir under the direction of Omer Westendorf and released in 1957.
Aug 9High Society has New York premiere at Radio City Music Hall.

Bing and friends charter a cruiser for salmon fishing off the coasts of Canada and Alaska. Bing then returns to his Hayden Lake home.

Aug 31An agreement is signed which transfers the electronics division of Bing Crosby Enterprises to the 3M Company.
Sep 9Elvis Presley appears on the Ed Sullivan TV show and causes a furor.
Sep 10Another proposed wedding date. Bing learns that Gary has gone AWOL from the Army. Bing tracks him down by phone and persuades him to return to duty.
Sep 12Bing breaks ground for new library at Gonzaga. His doubts about the marriage plus too many reporters in Spokane lead Bing and Kathryn to go to Rising River in Northern California where they stay at the fishing club.
Sep 16Bing, Phil Harris and Alice Faye do a benefit for Mayers' Memorial Hospital in the Intermountain Fairgrounds at McArthur, Northern California. Bing and Kathryn go on to Pebble Beach where Bing films a part in a TV tribute to Cole Porter. Kathryn then returns to Hollywood.
Oct 3(9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Records for Decca in Hollywood with Buddy Cole including 'Around the World.'
Oct 6'You're the Top,' the televised tribute to Cole Porter is transmitted by CBS-TV and includes Bing's filmed contribution.
Nov 6Takes part in special Election Day telecast encouraging people to vote in the Presidential elections. President Eisenhower is re-elected.
Nov 11(8:00 - 9:00 p.m.) Appears live on the Ed Sullivan TV show in New York and sings 'True Love'. Other guest stars are Kate Smith, Phil Silvers, Louis Armstrong and Julie Andrews. Is romantically linked with Mary Ellen Terry during his visit to New York.
Nov 11Victor Young dies.
Nov 12Films short appearance for Phil Silvers TV Show which airs 22 January, 1957.

While in New York, sees Judy Garland at the RKO Palace and is brought up from the audience to sing on stage with her.

Nov 26Tommy Dorsey dies.
Nov/DecBing and Phil Harris tour the Antilles, Cuba, and the south of the USA from New Orleans to Aiken, South Carolina.
Dec 24The second 'Christmas Sing With Bing' is aired on radio. Rosemary Clooney joins Bing. Maurice Chevalier and Sarah Churchill contribute from Paris and London respectively.
Dec 31Final transmission of Bing's daily radio show on CBS.
1 9 5 7
Jan-FebFilms Man on Fire for MGM with Inger Stevens and E. G. Marshall. Bing is later alleged to have had a 'stormy affair' with Stevens.
Jan 11-13Does not attend the Bing Crosby Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Pebble Beach. The professional winner is Jay Herbert. Bing is working on Man On Fire and is rumoured not to be feeling well because of kidney stone attacks.
Jan 13Kathryn refuses to go to dinner with him.
Jan 22Filmed guest spot in 'Sgt. Bilko presents Bing Crosby' episode of the popular Phil Silvers TV program is shown. Bing recites 'The Wreck of the Hesperus'.

Bing joins other investors to buy station KCOP-TV in Los Angeles for $4 million and becomes chairman of the board. Also he is involved in the purchase of stations KFOX AM and FM Radio in Long Beach.

Tapes "Calling All Hearts" radio program with Bob Hope. The program is broadcast on radio stations during February to raise for money for the Heart Fund. Bing and Bob's dialogue is used to link some of their records.

Sells his Palm Springs property on El Alameda through Realtor Mary Rose Pool (his sister) and then builds a new home in Palm Desert, 18 miles from Palm Springs. Altogether four houses are built on Bing's land and the others are taken by Bill Morrow, Jimmy Van Heusen and Pete Petito.

Feb 9Bing in Palm Springs playing golf.

Interviewed by Pete Martin at his home in Palm Springs for the Saturday Evening Post. Published as 'I Call On Bing Crosby' on May 11.

Feb 19/20Makes 'Bing With a Beat' LP with Bob Scobey for RCA Victor in Hollywood. The sessions start at 11 a.m. each day and continue for four hours.
MarRecords four children's stories for Golden Records, Simon and Schuster's recording subsidiary.

Bing goes to Florida.

Mar 18Bing practises at Seminole Golf Club, Juno Beach before going to Connie Mack Field to see the Pittsburgh Pirates lose 4-3 to Kansas City during the afternoon.
Mar 19Starting at 11:52 a.m., Bing plays with Ben Hogan in the first day of the Latham Reed Amateur-Pro tournament at Seminole Golf Club. A crowd of 3000 (including the Duke of Windsor) follows Bing around the course. Bing's handicap is shown as six.
Mar 20The second day of the Latham Reed golf tournament. Bing and Hogan achieve a best ball score of 131 but are not placed.
Mar 27The Academy Awards ceremony takes place at the Pantages in Los Angeles. Bing's song 'True Love' has been nominated as Best Song but loses out to 'Que Sera, Sera'. A filmed sequence of Bing singing 'True Love' is shown.
Apr 4-7Bing attends the Masters Golf Tournament at Augusta, Georgia. Goes on to play golf in a tournament at Aiken, South Carolina.
Apr 18-21Bing plays in the pro-am at the Tournament of Champions at the Desert Inn Country Club in Las Vegas on April 18 and then acts as a commentator for the TV coverage of the professional competition, which is won by Gene Littler for the third consecutive year. While in Las Vegas, Bing visits the Tropicana with his son Dennis to see Eddie Fisher perform.
Apr 24-25Bing records 4 children's albums for Golden Records in Los Angeles: "How Lovely is Christmas," "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," "Jack B Nimble" and "Never Be Afraid."
MayBing Crosby Phonocards links up with Simon and Schuster and gains rights to use the latter's record libraries.
Jun 12Jimmy Dorsey dies.
Jun 16Scenes featuring Bing from Man On Fire are previewed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Inger Stevens appears live to promote the film.
Jun 23Bing writes to the U.S. Senate stating that much radio music is "so much trash" and blames pressure by Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the rival of ASCAP.
Jul 24Obtains Kathryn's unlisted number by pretending he needs her deposition in a law suit. Bing and Kathryn speak on the phone and then she departs for Spain to film The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad.
Aug 1Bing is given the keys of Seattle. He stays at the Washington Hotel.
Aug 2Dines out with Phil Harris at a restaurant in Seattle.
Aug 3Takes part in the grand parade at the Seafarers Carnival in Seattle. Later leaves Vancouver on yacht for fishing trip with George Rosenberg, Phil Harris and Buster Collier.
Aug 22Man on Fire has New York premiere. Bing and Phil Harris are back in Seattle where they see the Floyd Patterson vs Rademacher fight.

Buys more land near Elko and now owns 5,000 acres.

Sep 2The daily Ford Road Shows commence on radio. They are of five minute duration and Bing sings one or two songs in each. The shows continue until August 31, 1958.
Sep 19Disposes of his interest in radio Station KFEQ, St. Joseph, Missouri.
Sep 22Bing flies in to San Francisco International Airport and then plays golf at Meadow Club Golf Course, Fairfax, Marin County, California in a benefit for the American Field Service Exchange Program.
Oct 2Kathryn Grant, who returned from Spain on September 22, receives a letter from Bing and replies saying that she will not see him.
Oct 8Kathryn receives another letter from Bing seeking a meeting. She does not reply.
Oct 13(5 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts 'The Edsel Show', a live TV program on CBS with Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Rosemary Clooney. Bing arranges for the program to be 'produced' by Gonzaga University so that the profits can go to them in a tax efficient way. The program wins the Look magazine TV Award for 'Best Musical Show'.
Oct 18Films Frank Sinatra Christmas television show which is directed by Sinatra and is transmitted on ABC on December 20.
Oct 22After writing to Kathryn several times without reply, Bing writes again, offering to "marry you -- any time, any place you wish."
Oct 23Following negotiations by telephone through Kathryn's aunt, Mary Banks, it is agreed that Bing and Kathryn will meet in Las Vegas. Bing and Leo Lynn book into The Sands while Kathryn and her aunt go to the Desert Inn.
Oct 24Bing and Kathryn meet in the car park at The Sands and then they wed in Las Vegas at St. Anne's Church. After a wedding breakfast at The Sands, they fly to Palm Springs before driving to Bing's new home at Palm Desert.
Oct 27Kathryn returns to Los Angeles to see Margot Fonteyn in 'Swan Lake' and she then goes alone to Bing's home at 594 South Mapleton Drive, Holmby Hills; Bing stays in Palm Springs as he has a golf game.
Oct 31 / Nov 1Bing and Kathryn are fishing in Northern California.
Nov 2Bing and Kathryn at Hayden Lake, Idaho home where they go duck hunting.
Nov 3They go to Spokane for the dedication of the $700,000 Bing Crosby Memorial Library at Gonzaga.
Nov 7Bing and Kathryn have a wedding reception in Kathryn's home town of West Columbia, Texas. There are said to be 800 people in attendance.
Nov 8Bing and Kathryn's father go duck-hunting.
DecBing and Kathryn attend Hollywood premiere of The Bridge On The River Kwai.
Dec 20Guests on Sinatra's Christmas television show (filmed in October).

Bing and Kathryn hold a big party at the Holmby Hills house.

Dec 24A Christmas Sing With Bing airs on radio. Gary Crosby contributes a brief message.
Dec 27(9 a.m. to noon) Records 'Gigi' and another track for Decca in Hollywood.
1 9 5 8
Jan 9-12The 18th Crosby Pro-Am The tournament is televised for the first time on CBS and expands to 72 holes. The purse is increased from $15,000 to $50,000. Billy Casper is the professional winner. On the final day, Bing fronts a live show from 5:30 p.m. on TV and introduces the song Straight Down The Middle. Phil Harris, Buddy Lester and the Buddy Cole orchestra also take part. A retired Army Lieutenant attempts to rob the tournament office at gunpoint on Sunday night.
Feb 4Bing installed as the Mayor of Palm Desert at the Shadow Mountain Club.
Feb 5Kathryn announces that she is pregnant.

Bing becomes god-father to Gabriel Vicente Ferrer, the son of Rosemary Clooney and Jose Ferrer.

Feb 24Records two tracks with Bob Hope, including 'Nothing In Common'.
Mar 2Makes a surprise guest appearance on the Bob Hope TV show on NBC-TV and sings 'Nothing In Common' with Hope. Other guests are Anita Ekberg, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner.

Bing and Bob Hope tape a radio program "Bing, Hope and Charity" to raise money for the 1958 Bishop's Relief Fund Appeal which is due to take place between March 9th and 16th. Bing and Bob's dialogue is used to link records.

MarGary is discharged from the Army.

Bing is present when Lindsay signs his first record contract for RCA-Victor.

Bing and Kathryn go to Las Vegas to see brother Bob's daughter, Kathy, make an appearance at the Tropicana night club.

Bing and Kathryn go on to Elko for a few days.

Mar 25Bing is at Reno where he watches the Robinson - Basilio fight on a giant TV screen.
Mar 27Bing and Kathryn spend a few days in San Francisco and visit Ken's in Chinatown as well as seeing the Mary Kay Trio perform.

Bing and Kathryn in Pebble Beach for a few days.

Apr 3Records songs with Buddy Cole (for radio use) at Palm Springs.

Has further recording sessions with Buddy Cole for the Ford Road radio show.

Apr 13Gives show with Rosemary Clooney and Phil Harris at the Chi Chi Starlite Room in Palm Springs to raise funds for Sacred Heart Church in Palm Desert.
April At Elko.The FBI files indicate that Bing invited Moe Dalitz, a dentist, and a few business associates to a deer hunt at the ranch. Dalitz is said to be a Jewish member of the Mafia.
Apr 21Salinas, California - Melvin Blair (42) , a retired Army Lieutenant is sentenced to between five and twenty years in prison for trying to rob the Bing Crosby Golf Tournament of more than $40,000 the previous January.
May 4Dennis Crosby marries Pat Sheehan, a Las Vegas showgirl who had been linked with Bing in 1956.
May 5Dennis is involved in a paternity suit regarding his alleged daughter, Denise, which is not settled until 1961.
Jun 1-8Bing fishing off British Columbia on Yacht Campana with Phil Harris, Jimmy Van Heusen, Bill Morrow and Buster Collier.
JunSigns a five-year contract with ABC to star in ten TV shows and to produce another ten for $2 million.
Jun 14A criminal (who had been arrested for robbery) admits that he and an accomplice had planned to kidnap Kathryn Crosby for a $100,000 ransom three months previously but changed their minds when Kathryn announced that she was pregnant.
Jun 24Bing at Ernie's in San Francisco.

Bing and Kathryn buy a rare Regency cradle rocker in an antique shop on Sutter Street in San Francisco.

Jul 28 / Aug 7/11Records 'Fancy Meeting You Here' LP with Rosemary Clooney and the Billy May Orchestra at Radio Recorders, Hollywood. The album is released by RCA Victor Records.
Aug 8Drives Kathryn to Queen of Angels Hospital, where she gives birth to Harry L Crosby III at 11:32 a.m., two months early.
Aug 31The final Ford Road Show is transmitted.
Sep 11Lindsay Crosby is arrested after failing to pass a sobriety test after his car hits a parked vehicle.
Sep 25Phillip Crosby marries Sandra Drummond in the same church in Las Vegas where Bing and Kathryn were married in 1957.
Sep 30Bing has a walk-on appearance on the Eddie Fisher TV show as he and Dean Martin gatecrash the Jerry Lewis guest spot.
Oct 1(6:30 - 7:30 p.m.) Hosts 'The Bing Crosby Show' live on ABC TV. The guests are Dean Martin and Patti Page and the show receives a Trendex rating of 26.2
Oct 6The Crosby brothers appear on the Sgt. Bilko TV show.
Oct 16Lindsay is fined $263 for the drunken driving case on September 11.

Bing films a guest spot in Bob Hope's movie Alias Jesse James.

NovKathryn hits a stationary vehicle while driving her Thunderbird after her heel got caught.
Nov 18It is announced that Bing has sold his Elko, Nevada ranch for more than $1 million.
Nov 22(6 - 7 p.m.) Appears on 'The Dean Martin Show' on NBC-TV singing 'Gigi' amongst other songs. Phil Harris and The Treniers are the other guests.
Nov 25It is disclosed that Bing has agreed to buy the 1350 acre Rising River Ranch, in north eastern Shasta County, Northern California. One of his favourite trout fishing streams flows through it.
Dec 22Bing's son Dennis and his wife Pat have a son, Dennis Michael.
Dec 24Another 'Christmas Sing With Bing' airs on radio. The show has been sponsored by the Insurance Company of North America. Kathryn Crosby takes part for the first time.
Dec 31Bing and Kathryn attend the Tex Feldman party at Romanoff's.
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Jan - FebFilms Say One for Me, for 20th Century-Fox. Debbie Reynolds, Ray Walston and Robert Wagner are also featured.
Jan 15Bing dines in the kitchen at Gallatin's in Monterey to get away from the crowd.
Jan 15-18At the Crosby Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. Art Wall is the professional winner. The tournament raises $105,000 for charity. ABC take over from CBS to provide the television coverage. Kathryn learns she is pregnant again.
Feb 4Hits fourth hole-in-one (and his first in a tournament) at the Phoenix Open Pro-Am at Arizona Country Club.
Mar 1Bing is featured in a transcribed 15 minute radio program "Stars for Defense" and sings three songs accompanied by Buddy Cole as well as providing linking dialogue. The program includes a talk by an official of the Federal Civil Defense Administration about what to do in the case of nuclear attack.
Mar 2(6:30 - 7:30 p.m.) Hosts 'The Bing Crosby Show' live on ABC-TV with guest Jo Stafford who duets with Bing on many of the songs from the 'Fancy Meeting You Here' album. The show on ABC rates 28.4 against NBC at 18.3 and CBS at 14.8.
Mar 6Records songs for soundtrack album of Say One For Me for Columbia Records but most remain unissued.
Mar 19Makes brief guest appearance on Dean Martin TV show transmitted on NBC today.
Mar 20Alias Jesse James is released.
Mar 21Bing is photographed in Bermuda shorts and smoking a pipe while helping dedicate a new ball park at Indio, California, before a Pacific Coast League game between San Diego and Vancouver. Also present in the photo were Ralph Kiner, general manager, and George Metkovich, field manager of the San Diego Padres, a minor leage team of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Attending the dedication were 1,824 fans.
Mar 25Again records songs from Say One For Me.
Mar 30Writes letter to Joe Hyams of the Associated Press saying he failed his boys "by giving them too much work and discipline, too much money, and too little time and attention." Bing's comments receive prominent press coverage.
Apr 9Attends Church of Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills to see Gary Cooper admitted into Roman Catholic Church.

Bing in Baja California del Sur, Mexico with Bill Morrow.

Bing's son, Dennis, who is married to a Las Vegas show girl, is slapped with a paternity suit from a former telephone operator who claims he is the father of her 17-month-old daughter, Denise. Dennis eventually loses the lawsuit.

MayForms Project Records. Simon Rady is President with Bing acting as chairman.
May 6Phillip Crosby's wife has a baby girl, who is named Dixie Lee.
May 7-16Bing and Kathryn in Las Cruces, Baja, Mexico. Bing goes back to Palm Desert while Kathryn returns to Los Angeles.
May 30Say One for Me is released.
Jun 4British singer Michael Holliday visits Bing at Santa Barbara Golf Course.
Jun 4Bing buys Portland TV station KPTV in conjunction with the Nafi Corporation.
Jun 5Bing is at his Holmby Hills home where he is visited by a British fan.
Jun 9Bing's sons form an act and open as 'The Crosby Boys' at the Sky Room in Tucson, Arizona.
Jun 12Bing in 'Swallows' golf tournament at Cypress Point.
Jun 20Does a benefit for youth recreation facilities at El Centro in Southern California.
Jun 30A Judge confirms that Lindsay should be allowed to receive $227,662 from the Trust Fund set up by his parents following an examination of the final accounting for his guardianship which ended when he became 21 in January.
Jul 4Bing at Rising River ranch. Leads the fourth of July parade in Burney.

Rides as the Grand Marshal at the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, Canada.

Jul 20/21/23/24Makes 'How The West Was Won' album at United Recorders, Hollywood for his own company, Project Records. It is released by RCA Victor Records.
Jul 30In Seattle to act as Grand Marshall in the Seafarers Parade with Phil Harris on August 1.
Aug 16On fishing trip from Vancouver on Yacht Campana with Bill Morrow, Phil Harris and Buster Collier as part of vacation in Seattle and Alaska.
Aug 24Bing returns home to Holmby Hills.
Sep 12Bing and Kathryn dine at Romanoff's.
Sep 14Kathryn gives birth to Mary Frances, Bing's first and only daughter, at Queen of Angels hospital. The baby weighs 6 lb. 15 oz.
Sep 15Bing attends Dodgers-Braves baseball game.
Sep 20Takes Mary Frances home.
Sep 20Soviet First Secretary Nikita Krushchev lunches in Hollywood. Bing refuses an invitation to attend.
Sep 24An article in the New York Times describes how Everett Crosby grows vines on the slopes of High Tor in Rockland County, Connecticut. Everett lives in the house formerly occupied by Elmer Van Orden who was immortalised in Maxwell Anderson's play High Tor which was televised in 1956 with Bing in the starring role.
Sep 29(5 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts 'The Bing Crosby Show' with guests Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and Peggy Lee on ABC-TV. The Trendex rating is 20.1 against 19 for the show in competition on CBS.
Oct 8NBC broadcasts a Bob Hope comedy special that features the 4 Crosby boys.
Oct 16Mary Frances is christened at St. Paul the Apostle church in Westwood.
Oct 16The Crosby Boys play at the Moulin Rouge in Hollywood and Bing and his sons reconcile after a frosty period.
Oct 19(6:30 - 7:30 p.m.) Bing guests on the Frank Sinatra Timex Show with Dean Martin and Mitzi Gaynor on ABC-TV.
Oct 26At Rising River ranch. Then goes with Phil Harris to Weiser, Idaho to hunt.
Nov 2-8In Canada hunting with Phil Harris.
Nov 7Bob Crosby is stabbed in the shoulder with a letter opener by his wife following a row. June Crosby says that Bob hit her and broke one of her ribs and that he has struck her with his fists many times before. Bob goes to Bing's house.
Nov 8Bing and Phil Harris fly into Spokane for a two hour visit en route from Calgary in Alberta, Canada to Ontario, Oregon.
Nov 11Bing and Phil Harris return to the Rising River ranch to rejoin Kathryn and Alice Faye.
Nov 16Bing still at Rising River ranch.
Dec 3The Crosby Boys fight among themselves at the El Morocco Night Club in Montreal and Gary leaves the act. They walk out on the $12,500 contract with the night club but their manager Peter Petito says that the break "is only temporary."

Bing sells his Pebble Beach home.

Dec 16/17Records singalong album at United Recorders, Hollywood, which is released by Warner Brothers Records.
Dec 24'A Christmas Sing With Bing' airs on radio. The program features Christmas music sung by choirs from around the world.

Bob Crosby and his wife reconcile.

Dec 26Bing attends the Cocoanut Grove for Ken Murray's opening.
Dec 31Inger Stevens (Bing's co-star from Man On Fire with whom he was said to be romantically linked at the time) attempts suicide through an overdose. She survives.

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