Bing continued to pioneer in radio broadcasting during his second Philco season. To address complaints about the audio quality of the first season of recorded broadcasts, Bing became the first to use magnetic tape recorders imported from Nazi Germany for his second season. Not only was the audio quality much improved, but tape was more easily edited than disks.

What follows is a list of the broadcasts, principal guests and songs sung by Bing from his second Philco season. Joining Bing throughout the season are his announcer, Ken Carpenter, the John Scott Trotter Orchestra and vocalist Peggy Lee. Rudolph Schmohoffer always arrived too late for the broadcast. An asterisk (*) beside a show indicates a particularly great show; an asterisk beside a song indicates a great Crosby vocal.

PHILCO RADIO TIME (10-1-47) w GARY COOPER (1st taped show) My heart is a hobo; A long train (Peggy Lee); Medley: Small cafe / Chi-Baba / Peg of my heart; You do PHILCO RADIO TIME (10-8-47) w JIMMY DURANTE Whistling intro; Feudin, fightin and fussin; Just an old love of mine (Peggy Lee); That's my desire / I wonder whose kissing her now; As long as I'm dreaming PHILCO RADIO TIME (10-15-47) w DINAH SHORE In Kocomo Indiana; Almost like being in love; I wish I didn't love you so (Dinah); Flop parade AL JOLSON'S KRAFT MUSIC HALL (10-16-47) w CROSBY, LEVANT Me and My Gal (Jolson); Peg of My Heart (Jolson); Whiffenpoof Song (Crosby); Jolson-Crosby medley (Swanee, Lady be Good ...) PHILCO RADIO TIME (10-22-47) w CLIFTON WEBB, BURL IVES Come to the Mardi Gras; Home on the range; Clementine; Just an old love of mine PHILCO RADIO TIME (10-29-47) w BORIS KARLOFF, VICTOR MOORE Whistling Intro; Feudin, fightin, fussin; Ain't you ever coming back?; Duet with Karloff; Whiffenpoof song PHILCO RADIO TIME (11-5-47) w OZZIE & HARRIET NELSON Tallahassee; I Wish I Didn't Love You So; Almost Like Being in Love; Sunday, Monday, Always (w O&H); Why Don't You Fall in Love with Me? (w O&H); You Do JIMMY DURANTE SHOW (11-5-47) w BING CROSBY Chitty Bee (w Bing); From the heart (w Bing) PHILCO RADIO TIME (11-12-47) w PETER LORRE, WILLIAMS BROS. Come to the Mardi Gras; Hello Hello (Williams Bros); Jubilee (Williams Bros); Ain't you every coming back? PHILCO RADIO TIME (11-19-47) w BARRY FITZGERALD, DOROTHY KIRSTEN Freedom train; Indian summer (w Kirsten); Skit: How Bing met Barry; Too ra loo ral; I wish I didn't love you so PHILCO RADIO TIME (11-26-47) w FRANKIE LAINE The Old Chaparone; My Desire (Laine); Narration of "Man Without a Country" PHILCO RADIO TIME (12-3-47) w AL JOLSON Pass the peace pipe; Kate; Rosey (w Jolson); A Pretty Girl (w Jolson); Best Things in Life are Free (w Jolson) PHILCO RADIO TIME (12-10-47) w WALTER O'KEEFE * Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo); Whiffenpoof song*; Little by little; How soon PHILCO RADIO TIME (12-17-47) w JOE FRISCO, EILEEN WOODS, RUDOLPH SCHMOHOFFER Pass the peace pipe; Ballerina; I still get jealous; White Christmas PHILCO RADIO TIME (12-24-47) w SKITCH HENDERSON AND THE CHARIOTEERS Adeste Fideles, The Christmas song, Jingle Bells, White Christmas, Silent Night. The last half of the show was a performance of a Christmas play called "The Small One." (This show was a rebroadcast of the 1946 Christmas show.) PHILCO RADIO TIME (12-31-47) w DANNY THOMAS You don't have to know the language; Let's start the new year right; Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo); But Beautiful PHILCO RADIO TIME (1-7-48) w LONE RANGER, WALTER O'KEEFE Hey ho ho; Best things in life are free; Song of Jolson (w O'Keefe); Kate; How soon PHILCO RADIO TIME (1-14-48) w GEORGE BURNS Freedom train; I still get jealous; Betsy (Evelyn Knight); The hour of love (w Burns); But beautiful AL JOLSON'S KRAFT MUSIC HALL (1-15-48) w CROSBY, LEVANT Toot Toot Tootsie (Jolson); Robert E. Lee (Jolson); Carolina in the Morning (w Crosby); But Beautiful (Crosby); Beautiful Dreamer (w Crosby) PHILCO RADIO TIME (1-21-48) w BURNS & ALLEN Hey ho ho; Keep me in suspense; I'll dance at your wedding; Golden earrings PHILCO RADIO TIME (1-28-48) w ESTHER WILLIAMS, RED ENGLE In Kokomo Indiana; Whiffenpoof song; Out of nowhere (Red Engle); Best things in life are free* PHILCO RADIO TIME (2-4-48) w JIMMY DURANTE, DICK HAYMES, MARK HELLINGER * (The show was recorded in 1947. Hellinger died before its broadcast.) Dance at your wedding; Now is the hour; But beautiful; Medley with Durante & Haymes; Musical Philco commercial; Chitty Bee (Durante & Haymes) PHILCO RADIO TIME (2-11-48) w OSCAR LEVANT Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo); Somebody loves me; Someone to watch over me; George Gershwin medley with Peggy Lee PHILCO RADIO TIME (2-18-48) w ROBERT TAYLOR Pretty Baby; Ballerina; Civilization (Bongo Bongo Bongo) w Taylor; I still get jealous; Golden earings PHILCO RADIO TIME (2-25-48) w PEGGY LEE You Don't Have to Know the Language; Golden Earings (w Peggy Lee); Flop Parade; Now is the Hour PHILCO RADIO TIME (3-3-48) w JACK BENNY Big brass band from Brazil; Flying W; But Beautiful PHILCO RADIO TIME (3-10-48) w JIMMY STEWART 160 acres; Happy with nobody else; Wolf of Wolf Creek Pass (Stewart); But beautiful PHILCO RADIO TIME (3-17-48) w MARGARET O'BRIEN Dear Old Donnegal; Saturday Date; That Tumbledown Shack; Galway Bay PHILCO RADIO TIME (3-24-48) w WILD BILL ELLIOTT Manana (w Peggy Lee); Lili Bolero; Easter Parade (w Peggy Lee); Now is the hour PHILCO RADIO TIME (3-31-48) w DICK POWELL Love is so terrific; Saturday date (w Gloria Woods); Powell-Crosby medley; But beautiful; The Story of Sorrento JACK BENNY SHOW (4-4-48) w BING CROSBY PHILCO RADIO TIME (4-7-48) w FRED ASTAIRE * Flying W; How lucky you are; Medley with Astaire and Peggy Lee PHILCO RADIO TIME (4-14-48) w FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY Life is so peculiar; Haunted heart; If I had a dream (w Fibber); Blue shadows on the trail PHILCO RADIO TIME (4-21-48) w CLIFTON WEBB, CROSBY BOYS Horray for love; Swinging down the lane; Wabash Canonball (group); How lucky you are PHILCO RADIO TIME (4-28-48) w CLAUDETTE COLBERT Angel in the Wings; Friendly Mountains; You're too dangerous, Cherie; I may be wrong PHILCO RADIO TIME (5-5-48) w BARRY FITZGERALD Big Brass Band from Brazil; Haunted House; I Kiss Your Hand Madame; Blue Shadows on the Trail PHILCO RADIO TIME (5-12-48) w HENRY FONDA Hooray for love!; You're too dangerous Cherie; A fella with an umbrella; Now is the hour PHILCO RADIO TIME (5-19-48) w ETHEL MERMAN Baby Face; Friendly Mountains; Silver Coated Moon (w Merman); Nature Boy PHILCO RADIO TIME (5-26-48) w BEA LILLIE, ALEC TEMPLETON 160 acres; You're too dangerous, Cherie*; Just one more chance (w Alec); Don't blame me (w Bea); Lily of laguna (w Bea and Alec); Singing Philco commercial; Goodbye (w Bea) PHILCO RADIO TIME (6-2-48) w FRED ALLEN (last show of season) Baby face; Nature boy; Blue shadows on the trail \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ END OF 2nd PHILCO SEASON \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

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