This page links to lists of Bing's radio broadcasts from 1941 through 1954. These lists are not complete. They reflect only what is in my personal collection. A more complete history of Bing's radio broadcasts assembled by the late Lionel Pairpoint can be found here. Many of Bing's radio shows from the 1930s and early '40s appear to have been lost or only musical excerpts survive thanks to Bing's musical arranger, John Scott Trotter. This listing contains Bing's guests for each show, as well as the songs that he sang.


  • First Network Radio Program (CBS), Sept. 2-Oct. 31, 1931, unsponsored, 6 nights a week, 15 minutes. (half the first broadcast survives)
  • The Cremo Singer (CBS), Nov. 3, 1931 - Feb 27, 1932, 6 nights a week, 15 minutes. (only excerpts survive)
  • Unsponsored (CBS), March 8-July 15, 1932, initially 3 nights a week, then twice a week, 15 minutes. (no shows survive)
  • Chesterfield's Music that Satisfies (CBS), Jan. 4, 1933 - April 15, 1933. Crosby sings Wednesday and Saturday nights, 15 minutes.
  • Bing Crosby Entertains for Woodbury Soap (CBS), Oct. 16, 1933 - June 11, 1935, weekly, 30 minutes. (Only 3 complete shows are known to survive).
  • Kraft Music Hall (NBC), Dec. 5, 1935 - May 9, 1946, Thursday evenings, 60 minutes until Jan. 1943, then 30 minutes.
  • Armed Forces Radio World War II
  • Philco Radio Time (ABC), 30 minutes weekly, 1946-49
  • The Minute Maid Show (CBS), 15 minutes each weekday morning, 1949-50. Bing played the role of disc jockey with announcer Ken Carpenter. The theme was "Got the Moon in My Pocket."
  • Chesterfield (CBS), 30 minutes weekly, 1949-52
  • General Electric (CBS), 30 minutes weekly, 1952-54.
  • The Bing Crosby Show (CBS), 15 minutes 5 nights a week, Nov. 22, 1954 - Dec. 28, 1956 with announcer Ken Carpenter and the Buddy Cole Trio. Theme was "Moonlight Becomes You" then "Something in Common" and, finally, "Where the Blue of the Night." Bing introduced old and new Crosby recordings, many recorded especially for the broadcast. Most shows included a monologue from Bing on culture and society. There were no guests other than frequent visits from Bing's youngest son, Lindsay, to banter with Dad and sing a song. Various sponsors. The series produced 550 episodes.
  • Ford Road Show (CBS), Sept. 2, 1957 - Aug. 31, 1958, 5 minutes 5 days a week. Theme song was "You're Ahead in a Ford." No time for monologues. Just a couple of songs accompanied by the Buddy Cole Trio and a Ford commercial with Ken Carpenter. (The series produced 286 shows with Bing, announcer Ken Carpenter and the Buddy Cole Trio.)
  • The Crosby-Clooney Show (CBS), Feb. 28, 1960 - Sept. 28, 1962, 20 minutes 5 mornings a week. Theme song was "Side by Side." Bing and Rosie chatted about culture and society and sang solo or duets to the accompaniment of the Buddy Cole Trio. (The series produced 675 shows assembled from old and new material with Bing, Rosemary Clooney, announcer Ken Carpenter and the Buddy Cole Trio.)
  • A Christmas Sing with Bing (CBS, VOA and AFRS), 1955-62, 1 hour each year sponsored by the Insurance Company of North America.

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