1 9 3 0
Jan 7 (6 - 7 p.m.)Paul Whiteman broadcasts his Old Gold Show from Station KMTR in Los Angeles. Bing is a featured soloist.

Meets Dixie Lee again at a house party thrown by her friend, Marjorie White, and drives her home. They begin dating nearly every night.

Jan 14/21/28Further Old Gold radio broadcasts.
Feb 4/11/18/25Old Gold broadcasts.
Feb 5Paul Whiteman and his entire ensemble are the guests of honour at Curtis Mosby's Apex Club.
Feb 7The main filming ends for The King of Jazz.
Feb 10Bing records 'Happy Feet' with the Rhythm Boys.
Feb 13-19Whiteman troupe (including the Rhythm Boys) at Loew's State, Los Angeles. They give five shows daily.
Feb 20-23Whiteman at Fox, San Diego.
Mar 4/11/18Weekly Old Gold broadcasts from station KMTR, Los Angeles.
Mar 6-20Whiteman returns to film studios for retakes for The King Of Jazz.

It is thought that Bing filmed songs for the MGM production 'The March of Time' but the film was never issued in its intended revue type format. Scenes from the film are used in a film called 'Broadway To Hollywood' which was issued in 1933, but Bing's spots are not included.

Mar 21Bing records 'Song of the Dawn' with Whiteman.
Mar 22/23Recording dates in Los Angeles. Bing's final recording dates with Whiteman for Columbia Records include 'A Bench in the Park'.
Mar 25Final Old Gold broadcast from station KMTR in Los Angeles.

Paramount wants a singer for a film called 'Honey'. The song writer is Sam Coslow and through him Bing is offered the engagement. Whiteman refuses to release him as the orchestra is about to start a tour.

Apr 1Old Gold broadcast comes from station KFRC, San Francisco.
Apr 4Whiteman arrives in Vancouver and is amazed to find that Canadian immigration authorities refuse to allow his orchestra to perform at two dance dates although they can perform at a concert. Whiteman says 'all or nothing' and pulls out of the dance dates.
Apr 6Leaves Vancouver for Seattle.
Apr 7Whiteman and his team rehearse in Seattle.
Apr 8Whiteman's Old Gold broadcast comes from the Civic Auditorium, Seattle over station KOL and Bing is prominently featured with two solos, 'It Happened in Monterey' and 'Alice In Wonderland.'
April 9-13Whiteman performs at the Spanish Ballroom of the Olympic Hotel in Seattle. There is a matinee show and dance on April 12 and a grand concert on April 13.
April 14Whiteman and his entourage arrive in Portland, Oregon during the late afternoon by car and check into the Benson Hotel. They had been expected by train and a civic reception committee had been waiting at the railway station. (8:30 - 10:00 p.m.) Whiteman performs at the auditorium and the concert includes a "comic sketch by the Rhythm Boys." The whole Whiteman ensemble then goes to Cole McElroy's Spanish Ballroom where they play until 1:00 a.m.
April 15(6:00 - 7:00 p.m.) The Old Gold broadcast comes from the KOIN studios at the New Heathman Hotel, Portland. The Rhythm Boys sing 'So the Bluebirds and the Blackbirds Got Together'.
AprilWhiteman and his troupe (excluding the Rhythm Boys) travel to New York. Bing, Harry Barris and Al Rinker return to Los Angeles.
Apr 21Bing telephones Dixie (who is on the West Coast) from his hotel room. Trumbauer returns later to find Bing asleep with the phone in his hands. The call costs $130 as the connection had not been broken!
April 30The Rhythm Boys appear at the $100-a-plate Sportsman's Banquet at the Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles.
May 2-8New York premiere of King of Jazz at the Roxy and it grosses $102,000 first week. Takings rapidly fall to $62,000 second week. Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra appear on stage with George Gershwin playing the piano for 'Rhapsody in Blue.'

"...This Technicolor potpourri of songs, dancing and fun is a marvel of camera wizardry, joyous color schemes, charming costumes and seductive lighting effects." (New York Times, May 3 - The Rhythm Boys are not mentioned at all in the review)

May 11A daughter, Mary Sue, is born to Everett and Naomi Crosby.
May 23Rhythm Boys have final recording date for Columbia Records in Los Angeles.
Jun 2Pathe finishes Two Plus Fours, a two-reel film short featuring the Rhythm Boys. The film was shipped to theaters July 7. The picture cost $19,689.
Jun 26Bing hires agent Edward Small.
Jun 27 (8:30 p.m.)Rhythm Boys begin a new NBC radio series from station KFI. The show is sponsored by the Union Oil Company. Walter O'Keefe is the m.c.
Jul 5 (8-10 p.m.)Rhythm Boys appear in a two hour revue over Station KFWB.
Jul 15Gala opening night at the Hotel Ambassador's Cocoanut Grove as Gus Arnheim returns to the venue. Bing becomes a singing sensation when the Rhythm Boys are featured with the Arnheim Orchestra at $100 each a week. Bing develops his mastery over the microphone, and his solos steal the show. Nightly two hour radio broadcasts from the Grove on Station KNX between 10 p.m. and midnight increase Bing's fame in California during his ten month stint at the Grove. Performances at the Cocoanut Grove are nightly and at Saturday teas. Star Night is Tuesdays and College Night is Fridays.
Aug 10Bing films songs for an MGM film Those Three French Girls but the songs are cut from the final print.
Aug 26The trio records 'Three Little Words' with Duke Ellington for Victor which is used in RKO's film Check and Double Check with members of the band lip-synching to it.
Sep 3/4/5/8/10/11/15Rhythm Boys star in radio shows over Station KFI at times varying between 11:30 and 11:45 a.m.
Sep 4 (2 p.m.)Rhythm Boys entertain at the Eighth Annual Radio Show at the Ambassador Auditorium.

Bing sings 'When the Folks High Up Do the Mean Low Down' in Reaching for the Moon, the first film with Bing speaking a line and singing a featured solo. Filming takes place in the early hours after Bing's Cocoanut Grove appearance. The film stars Douglas Fairbanks and Bebe Daniels.

Sep 18/19/22Rhythm Boys again appear in morning radio shows on Station KFI.
Sep 29Bing marries Dixie Lee (born Wilma Winifred Wyatt) at Blessed Sacrament Roman Catholic Church, Sunset Boulevard. Brother Everett acts as best man. The Los Angeles Times of September 30 recorded the event as follows:

Dixie Lee weds Bing Crosby

by Grace Kingsley
Another romance in Hollywood culminated in marriage yesterday when Dixie Lee, under contract to Fox, was wed to Bing Crosby, a member of Gus Arnheim's Orchestra and one of the original Rhythm Boys. Although the two have been going together ever since last January, they were able to keep their plans to wed secret and even Mrs. M. M. Wyatt, Dixie's mother, did not know of the projected marriage until yesterday morning. The wedding took place in the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Hollywood with Father Stack performing the ceremony. Betty Zimmerman, an old school friend of Miss Lee's was bridesmaid, while Edward (sic) Crosby, the bridegroom's brother was stood up as best man.

It was through her chum Marjorie White that Miss Lee met Crosby. They were introduced at a party given by Miss White last January. Miss Lee's real name it was revealed was Wilma Wyatt and thus it was possible for she and her fiancÚ to apply for a wedding licence without being discovered. There isn't to be any honeymoon trip as both young people are too busy in their professions at this time to be able to spare time to go away. (LA Times, p12)

The reception is held at Everett Crosby's new house in Nichols Canyon. Bing and Dixie soon move into a house at 4961 Cromwell Avenue in the exclusive Los Feliz section which is loaned to them by their friend Sue Carol.

Oct 14Fox loans Dixie Lee to Paramount to appear in a Clara Bow picture to be made at Astoria Studios, New York. Dixie leaves for the East that day.

Bing and the Rhythm Boys film songs for the Universal production Many A Slip but the songs are cut from the final print.

Oct 29Bing makes his first recordings with Gus Arnheim including 'It Must Be True' for Victor.
Nov 20Recording session with Gus Arnheim in Hollywood. The Rhythm Boys sing 'Them There Eyes', their last recording together.
Nov 25Another recording date for Bing with Gus Arnheim.
Nov 29'Three Little Words' reaches No. 1 in the charts.
Nov 30RKO's Check and Double Check released.

'It Must Be True' is number one in Los Angeles.

Dec 5Rhythm Boys begin a three week run at the Paramount, Los Angeles, playing matinees and Sundays in addition to their Cocoanut Grove commitments.
Dec 29World premiere of Reaching For The Moon at Criterion, New York.
1 9 3 1
Jan 1Bing arrives at the home of journalist James Fidler at midnight and plays blackjack until dawn.
Jan 19Records I Surrender, Dear for Victor for his first hit as a solo artist.
George Gershwin makes demonstration records of songs from a proposed new Fox film Delicious using Bing as the singer with his piano. Bing is paid $50. Most of the songs are dropped from the picture.
Mar 2Bing records four tracks with Gus Arnheim.
Mar 4Dixie announces that she and Bing are separating. She threatens to sue him for divorce, charging 'mental cruelty'.
Mar 15Bing speaks to Dixie, who is in Agua Caliente, Mexico, by phone and then he flies there and they reconcile. He stops drinking for months, and never again does the bottle gain the upper hand with him.

After a chance meeting at Lakeside Golf Club, Mack Sennett sees Bing at the Cocoanut Grove and signs him for a series of two-reel comedies, four of which are filmed in 1931 and two in 1932.

Bing hires Roger Marchetti as his attorney.

Mack Sennett films Bing in I Surrender, Dear, Bing's first two-reel musical comedy.

Mar 30Bing begins his first solo recording contract, singing on the Brunswick label Out of Nowhere and 'If You Should Ever Need Me'. The session takes place between 10:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m.
Mar 31Knute Rockne, the inspirational and famous football coach at the University of Notre Dame is killed in a plane crash at Bazaar, Kansas. The tragedy makes an impact on Bing and he does not travel by plane again until 1944.
AprilBing sings 'Out of Nowhere' and the Rhythm Boys sing 'Ya Got Love' in Paramount's Confessions of a Co-ed. Bing is paid $500 for his part. The film stars Phillips Holmes and Sylvia Sidney.
May 1Final recording session with Gus Arnheim.
May 4Records Just One More Chance for Brunswick Records, another solo No. 1 hit, at a session between 11:15 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.
May 16'Out of Nowhere' is the No. 1 record.
May 16Bing, Al, and Harry Barris do not turn up for their scheduled appearance at the Cocoanut Grove and it becomes clear that they have walked out on their contract. They state that their six month contract has expired but they did not know or had forgotten that a nine month option existed. Apparently a more lucrative contract was in prospect at the Roosevelt Hotel.
May 20(4:30 - 5:00 p.m.) Bing appears on the Sunkist Musical Cocktails program which is broadcast nationally on CBS from station KHJ and introduces 'Just One More Chance' for its first rendering on air. Marlene Dietrich plus Raymond Paige and his Orchestra are also on the show.
Jun 1Press comment indicates that the Musician's Union has given the Rhythm Boys until the night of June 2 to return to their Cocoanut Grove contract otherwise they will never be able to sing with a union orchestra.

Bill Paley of the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) hears Bing's recording of 'I Surrender Dear' while sailing to Europe on S.S. Europa. Paley instructs his office by radiogram to sign Crosby but nothing happens as Paley's staff are uncertain about Bing's reputation.

Jun 5-11The Rhythm Boys are featured in a one-reel RKO Radio Humanette short showing at the Orpheum in Los Angeles. The film is built around puppets and it is not known whether the Rhythm Boys were shown live or whether they simply provided the sound track for the puppets. It is advertised as featuring "Bing Crosby and His Rhythm Boys" and is understood to have been filmed prior to April 1931 when it is said to have been released.
Jun 12Bing records for Brunswick in Los Angeles with a studio orchestra. The session has a 3 p.m. start. Two of the records are later issued under the name of 'Owen Cornell' and 'Arthur Beaumont' in Australia.
Jun 19Confessions of a Co-Ed is released.

Mack Sennett releases his I Surrender Dear two reeler in Los Angeles.

Jun 24(10:45 to 11:50 a.m.) Bing records 'At Your Command' with Harry Barris on piano for Brunswick Records.
Jun 27'Just One More Chance' reaches No. 1 in the charts.

Bing goes fishing off the San Clemente Islands on Mack Sennett's boat with Dixie and Maybeth Carpenter.

Bing films three more two-reelers for Sennett: One More Chance, Dream House and Billboard Girl and is paid $750 per film; he hires his brother Everett as his manager.

Jul 21Variety magazine states that a split is looming for the Rhythm Boys. Bing is said to be flirting with a $1000 to $5000 a week contract with Mack Sennett running from one to five years.
Jul 27Jimmy Gillespie (Whiteman's manager) fails to sign the Rhythm Boys as an act and Barris decides to return to the Cocoanut Grove where he forms a new trio. The Union blacklisting of Bing in the Los Angeles area is still holding and Bing is barred from performing with union accompaniment there. Rinker is said to be 'indeterminate' about his future. It is revealed that Rinker has been salaried to Bing Crosby Ltd which is owned by Crosby, Barris and Roger Marchetti.
Jul 29Dixie Lee opens at the new Embassy club with Hal Grayson's Orchestra.
Aug 6Bix Beiderbecke dies in New York.
Aug 8'At Your Command' is the No. 1 record.
Aug 11Bing leaves Los Angeles for New York.
Aug 19Bing records 'Dancing In The Dark' and 'Stardust' in New York (11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) with backing from Victor Young for the first time.

Bing and Roger Marchetti call at Brunswick headquarters to discuss new terms in the belief that Bing's contract is due to expire but learn that Brunswick have an option on his services.

Aug 25It is announced that Bing will join CBS to do a sustaining radio program for $1,500 per week pending a sponsor.
Aug 31Bing is unable to sing at 11 p.m. for CBS in New York for an un- sponsored radio show because of laryngitis. He is said to consult Dr. Simon Ruskin, a throat specialist.
Sep 2After a second postponement, Bing completes his first solo radio show with Eddie Lang playing guitar and with the orchestra under Victor Young. The shows continue daily (except Sundays). The National Broadcasting Company (NBC) soon hires Russ Columbo as a rival in a purported "Battle of the Baritones."
Sep 6Bing signs a contract with the CBS radio network.
Sep 8Bing broadcasts at 8:45 p.m. as well as 11 p.m. and repeats this on subsequent Tuesdays making seven radio shows a week.
Sep 13The Mack Sennett short I Surrender Dear is released in New York.
Sep 14Bing records 'Sweet and Lovely' in New York with Victor Young and his Orchestra.
OctInjunction laid against Bing and CBS by the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles (home of the Cocoanut Grove). It is later reported that Bing pays $7,500 to break the contract with the Hotel (more than he had received in total whilst working there for ten months).
Oct 6/8/25Bing records in New York, including 'Goodnight, Sweetheart'.
Nov 3Bing becomes 'The Cremo Singer' (sponsored by the American Tobacco Company) broadcast from CBS Station WABC twice nightly at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m., six nights a week (not Sundays) to February 27. A 15 minute show with David Ross as announcer and Carl Fenton conducting the orchestra. The show has a rating of 6.9 compared with Rudy Vallee (24.7) and Paul Whiteman (19.1). The ratings represent the percentage of American radio listeners who are tuned in to the show. Where The Blue of the Night is chosen as Bing's radio theme song.
Nov 6-12Bing begins a cine-variety type engagement at the Paramount Theatre, New York which continues until February 10, 1932. He is said to be paid $2,500 per week for four appearances a day.
Nov 13-19Mills Brothers join Bing on the bill at the Paramount.
Nov 15Sennett releases One More Chance.
Nov 15(10:45 p.m.) Bing takes part in a nation-wide radio program 'Parade of Stars' over NBC and CBS. The programme is to aid the Unemployment Relief Program and various stars contribute from Los Angeles, Chicago and New York. Others in New York with Bing are Douglas Fairbanks, Morton Downey and Eddie Cantor.
Nov 20-26Bing and Mills Brothers again top the bill at the Paramount.
Nov 23Records Where the Blue of the Night for the first time at a session between 4 and 5 p.m. in New York City.
Nov 26Russ Columbo opens at the Paramount Theatre in Brooklyn.
Nov 27 - Dec 3Bing and the Mills Brothers are joined by Kate Smith at Paramount, New York for week.
Dec 3/16/21Records in New York (including 'Dinah' with Mills Brothers).
Dec 4-10Bing's support at the Paramount is the act of Jans and Whalen.
Dec 11-17Another week at the Paramount and the presentation is called 'Romantic Rhythm'. Support is Veloz and Yolando plus Eleanor Powell.
Dec 18-24Bing is joined by Lillian Roth on the Paramount bill.
Dec 27-31Cab Calloway shares top billing at the Paramount with Bing.
1 9 3 2
Jan 1-7Boswell Sisters join Bing on the bill at the Paramount, New York.
Jan 8-14Bing again tops the bill at the Paramount. His pay rises to $4,000 per week and he is contracted by the Paramount for another ten weeks.
Jan 9Dream House, another Sennett two reeler, is released.
Jan 15-21Burns and Allen join Bing and the Boswell Sisters at the Paramount for one week.
Jan 15A suit in Federal Court is filed against Bing and others alleging that the song 'At Your Command' is identical to the song 'Jealous' copyrighted eight years earlier. The suit is unsuccessful.
Jan 21Bing records 'Snuggled On Your Shoulder' in New York with an orchestra directed by Benny Krueger.
Jan 22-28Bing and Boswell Sisters continue at Paramount.
Jan 29 - Feb 4Lilyan Tashman joins Bing at the Paramount.
Jan 30Dinah is the No. 1 record.
Feb 5-11Bing closes at the Paramount, New York after 14 weeks. Lilyan Tashman and Sid Silvers are on the bill.
Feb 6Bing appears at the Newark Armory in Newark, New Jersey on a bill with the Boswell Sisters, Nick Lucas and the Mills Brothers accompanied by Benny Krueger and the Brunswick Recording Orchestra.
Feb 11(late evening) Records 'St. Louis Blues' with Duke Ellington. The session finishes at 1:20 a.m. on February 12.
Feb 12-18Bing opens at the Paramount, Brooklyn with Lilyan Tashman.
Feb 16/23/29Records in New York, including 'Shine' with the Mills Brothers.
Feb 19-25Bing has second week at Brooklyn Paramount.
Feb 20Is the guest of honour of the Friars at a midnight dinner in New York where George M. Cohan presents him with a solid gold life membership card.
Feb 26 - Mar 3Bing is billed to appear at Brooklyn Paramount, but confirmation of his appearance cannot be found in Variety magazine. It seems that Ted Lewis actually appeared at the venue instead.
Feb 27Last appearance as Cremo Singer on radio and although he is billed to appear the following week it seems that the shows do not take place.
Bing is said to have strained his vocal cords so that he seeks medical attention from Dr. Simon Ruskin again. Bing is offered the opportunity to see Chevalier Jackson for possible surgery but instead he decides to rest his voice completely for a period.
Mar 2The 20-month-old son of Charles Lindbergh is kidnapped and later found dead.
Mar 4It is rumoured that Bing has signed to make a film for Paramount called Wild Waves. The title is later changed to The Big Broadcast.
Mar 4-10Again Bing is billed to appear at the Brooklyn Paramount but Variety does not confirm that it actually took place.
Mar 8Commences evening radio shows on three nights a week at 6:30 p.m. for CBS on Station WABC, presumably on a sustaining basis. The first week the shows air on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday before switching to a Monday, Wednesday and Friday format.
Mar 8/15Records in New York including 'Paradise'.
Mar 11-17Newspaper ads show Bing at Paramount Theatre, Brooklyn.
Mar 18-24Thought to have ended his appearances at Brooklyn Paramount.
Mar 20Another Sennett short, Billboard Girl, is released.
Mar 22Variety carries an item stating that Bing is attempting to buy himself out of his contract with Roger Marchetti. He is frustrated because Marchetti is based on the West Coast and cannot help Bing in New York although he is taking 20% of his income. It is later understood that Bing has to pay $40,000 to secure his release from the contract.
Mar 25-31Bing opens at Paramount in New York in George Jessel's show 'Joy Jamboree'. Burns and Allen also on bill.
Mar 27A Merrie Melodies cartoon called Crosby, Columbo and Vallee is released to theaters.
Mar 27Mack Sennett's Educational Pictures announces an exploitation tie-up between them and Bing with Lion Brand Shirts (who have named one of their best sellers "The Bing Crosby Harmony Chord Shirt") and the Washington Hat Company (who are selling "The Bing Crosby Three Hat Ensemble").
Apr 1-7Bing, Anna May Wong and Walter O'Keefe star at Paramount, New York.
Apr 3Bing performs at a testimonial dinner for Eddie Jackson at the Hotel Commodore with other stars including Cab Calloway.
Apr 8-14Completes run at Paramount, New York in the company of George Jessel, Burns and Allen and Lilian Roth.
Apr 13Records 'Lawd, You Made the Night Too Long' with the Boswell Sisters in New York.
Departs for personal appearances tour accompanied by Dixie. Continues to do his 15 minute radio show from each location on the tour but only on Mondays and Wednesdays. The show now airs at 6:45 p.m. EST.
Apr 15-21Stars at Detroit for week.
Apr 22-28Has week's engagement at Oriental Theatre in Chicago.
Apr 23/24Records in Chicago, including 'Sweet Georgia Brown'.
Apr 29 - May 5Appears in Buffalo for week.
May 6-12Bing's personal appearances tour brings him to the Metropolitan, Boston for a week. Later says that he entered a Crooners Contest in Boston and was not placed.
May 8Appears in 'Friars Frolic' at Metropolitan Opera House with George M. Cohan and Jack Benny amongst many others. An old fashioned minstrel act is re-created.
May 13-19Undertakes a week's engagement at Paramount, New Haven.
May 20-26Returns to Oriental in Chicago for another week.
May 25/26Records in Chicago, including 'Some of These Days'.
May 27 - Jun 2Stars at Minnesota Theatre in Minneapolis for week. Bing's radio show now airs at 7:45 p.m. EST.
Jun 2Agent Edward Small files suit against Bing for $20,000 claiming that the amount is due under a contract signed in June 1930 giving him 10% of Bing's earnings. Bing is in Minneapolis and expresses surprise at the developments, as he understood that Small had released him verbally from the contract and had agreed to await Bing's arrival in California, when a settlement was to be reached.
Jun 3-9Bing appears at Ambassador, St. Louis for the week. His radio show is still being broadcast on Mondays and Wednesdays over CBS.
Jun 12Bing and Dixie (plus their wire-haired terrier, 'Cremo') arrive back in Los Angeles and Bing is welcomed at Union Station by Charles Kaley and his Band from the Biltmore Hotel as part of a Paramount publicity stunt. His radio show continues to be broadcast over the CBS network on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3:45 p.m. to 4 p.m. Pacific time. Bing uses the studios at station KNX which are located on the fringe of the Paramount lot.
Jun 17Commences filming the two final shorts under his contract with Sennett. The first is Sing, Bing, Sing and this is followed by Blue of the Night.
Films a Paramount short Hollywood On Parade No. 2 (1932) which is rushed out to help promote The Big Broadcast.
Jun 28Bing is interviewed by Lorna Ladd on station KHJ at 6:15 p.m.
Jul 2(8:30 p.m.) Bing appears on the California Melodies radio program on CBS and sings 'It Must Be True'.
Jul 5Begins filming The Big Broadcast for Paramount-Publix for five weeks and is said to receive $35,000 for his services. The film features Burns and Allen, Kate Smith, Mills Brothers, Boswell Sisters, Arthur Tracy, Stuart Erwin, Leila Hyams and others. Many of the stars film their contributions on the East Coast.
Bing rents a house on Cromwell Street in Hollywood and hires brother Larry to project a new serious image.
Jul 25Bing and CBS cannot agree on a new contract. Previous contract expired July 15 and Bing was scheduled to perform on his radio program on July 18, but pulled out an hour before it was due to go on the air, as telegrams were exchanged with New York.
Hollywood On Parade shown at Rivoli in New York.
Jul 30Bing appears free on 'California Melodies' programme at 8:30 p.m. on KHJ (a CBS outlet) apparently in an attempt to show that CBS cannot manage without him.
Jul 30 - Aug 14The Olympic Games take place in Los Angeles.
Aug 1A suit is on file in the Superior Court claiming $105,000 from Bing in respect of his contract with Edward Small. It is stated that in the two years to June 26, 1932 Bing earned $250,000. Bing is said to owe 10% of these earnings to Small and in addition $80,000 is claimed in respect of Bing's current contracts. The sheriff has attached $3,000 due to Bing from Paramount.
Aug 6Again appears without charge on 'California Melodies' program singing two songs.
Aug 7Records a Paramount Publicity disc at Victor to publicise The Big Broadcast and sings Please and 'Here Lies Love'.
Aug 12Finishes work on The Big Broadcast and leaves on vacation.
Aug 13-30Cruises south along the Mexican coast on M.V. Kamika, deep sea fishing with Lew Ayres, Nick Stuart, Lennie Hayton and Eddie Lang. Bing returns sporting a moustache.
Sep 9-15Stars at Fox Theatre, San Francisco, in cine-variety bill. The takings for the week are $40,000, a record for the venue, beating the previous figure achieved by Al Jolson by $6,000. During his Saturday night performance, Bing has to take four encores. Musical support is by Eddie Lang and Lennie Hayton.
Bing rejects an offer to do a 'sustaining' radio show for $250 per week while a permanent sponsor is sought.
Sep 16Records 'Please' in San Francisco with Anson Weeks and his Orchestra.
Sep 16-21Stars at Fox Theatre, Oakland.
Sep 22-28Heads the bill at Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles and receives a fee of $4,500. Helps produce 'very big' gross of $23,000 for the week.
Sep 30Plays two shows at the Fox house in Glendale.
Oct 1Gives two shows at Pasadena.
Oct 2Gives two shows at the Fox, Riverside.
Oct 3Two more shows at Fox Theater, San Bernardino.
Oct 4Bing gives two shows at Pomona.
Changes Agent from Paramount-Publix to Mills-Rockwell.
Oct 8'Please' enters charts and quickly reaches No. 1 where it remains for six weeks.
Oct 14/25/28Records in New York, including Brother, Can You Spare a Dime.
Oct 14The Big Broadcast opens in New York. Reviewers praise Bing's presence and poise in the film.

Meets Bob Hope for the first time near the Friars Club at 110 West 48th Street, New York.

Nov 4Records in New York, including 'Just An Echo In The Valley'.
Nov 8Franklin D Roosevelt is elected President for the first time.
Nov 19'Brother, Can You Spare a Dime' is a hit and soon reaches No. 1.
Nov 25 - Dec 1Bing heads the bill at Carman Theatre, Philadelphia for a week and in his 15 minute spot he is accompanied by Eddie Lang and sings 'Brother Can You Spare a Dime' amongst other songs. Receives $3,500 for his services.
Nov 29Everett Crosby works out a new 13 week radio contract for Bing on CBS with Chesterfield for $2,000 for two broadcasts per week, to begin in January, 1933.
Dec 2-8Bing tops bill in cine-variety show at the Capitol Theatre, New York with Bob Hope (of "Ballyhoo") in support. Sings and ad-libs with Hope.
Dec 9Records in New York, including 'Street of Dreams'.
Vacations at Miami Beach with Dixie.
Dec 22It is announced that Bing has signed with Paramount to make College Humor.
Dec 23-29Bing stars in a cine-variety show at the Century Theatre, Baltimore.

1 9 3 3
Jan. 4(9:00 - 9:15 p.m. EST) Starts new radio program 'Music That Satisfies' on CBS, originating from Station WABC in New York. Sponsored by Chesterfield, the show is broadcast Wednesdays and Saturdays. Show comes from New York with Norman Brokenshire as announcer and Lennie Hayton conducting the orchestra. Eddie Lang accompanies Bing. After the first show, Bing uses 'Just An Echo' as his theme song.
Jan 6Sennett short Blue of the Night is released by Paramount.
Jan 7Bing's Music That Satisfies show is not broadcast due to a radio concert by the Philadelphia Orchestra over-running.
Jan 9/12Records in New York, including 'You're Getting To Be a Habit With Me' and two other songs with Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians.
Jan 11/14/18/21/25/28Bing stars in Music That Satisfies radio shows.
Jan 14-20Bing appears at the Albee, Brooklyn in a cine-variety bill with Weber and Fields earning $3,000 for the week.
Jan 26Paramount-Publix goes into receivership and is later reorganised as Paramount Pictures.
Jan 26Bing has recording session and sings 'My Honey's Lovin' Arms' with the Mills Brothers.
Jan 30Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
Feb 1/4/8/11/15/18/22/25Bing stars in Music That Satisfies radio shows.
Feb 2Dixie announces that she is pregnant.
Feb 9Bing makes two recordings in New York, 'What Do I Care, It's Home' and 'You've Got Me Crying Again'.
Feb 23It is reported that Bing had won $1,600 on the horses in the previous week.
Mar 1/4/8/11/15/22/25Bing stars in Music That Satisfies radio shows.
Mar 3-9Appears at Loew's Journal Square Theatre in Jersey City with Eddie Lang. Frank Sinatra (age 17) and his girl-friend Nancy Barbato see one of the shows and Bing's performance inspires Sinatra to enter show-business.
Mar 4'You're Getting To Be a Habit With Me' reaches No. 1 in the charts.
Mar 10-16Bing tops the bill at the Capitol, New York with Milton Berle and the Eddy Duchin Orchestra.
Mar 13Harry Barris files a voluntary bankruptcy petition in Hollywood.
Mar 14Recording in New York with Dorsey Brothers orchestra.
Mar 17-23Bing appears at the Valencia Theatre in Brooklyn.
Mar 18Bing is unable to take part in the Music That Satisfies radio show as "something unexpected has happened."
Dixie leaves New York for California, travelling by ship to Cuba and then back via the Panama Canal. She is accompanied by Everett's wife, Naomi and Sue Carol. Dixie stays with Sue Carol on her arrival in Hollywood.
Mar 24Paramount releases another Sennett short Sing, Bing, Sing.
Mar 26Bing's closest friend, Eddie Lang, dies at the Park West Hospital, New York, when a blood clot forms following a routine tonsillectomy. Bing accompanies the body to Philadelphia and attends the funeral on March 29.
Mar 29Bing's final Music That Satisfies show from New York.
Mar 30Bing leaves New York for California on the 'Twentieth Century'.
Apr 1Bing's Music That Satisfies show is not broadcast.
Apr 2Bing arrives at Pasadena on the 'Santa Fe Chief' and is met by Dixie. Mary Pickford and Nick Stuart have also been on the train with him.
Apr 3 - May 4Films College Humor for Paramount Pictures with Jack Oakie, Mary Carlisle and Richard Arlen.
Apr 5(6:00 p.m. - 6:15 p.m.) Music That Satisfies show has moved to Hollywood to accommodate Bing's filming activities and the first broadcast from there takes place. Paul Douglas is the new announcer, Raymond Paige becomes conductor.
Apr 8/12Bing stars in Music That Satisfies radio shows.
AprBing starts building his first home, on Foreman Avenue in the Toluca Lake District. Dixie's father, Evan Wyatt supervises the work with Jetta Goudal and Harold Grieve handling the decorating arrangements.
Apr 15Final Music That Satisfies show is broadcast.
Apr 21Said to have auditioned via 3000-mile leased wire to New York for a proposed new Chesterfield show for CBS with Richard Arlen and Mary Brian. It is subsequently announced that the half hour programme will commence on May 15 but in fact there are no further developments.
May 11Makes promotional record for College Humor then leaves for Palm Springs for a rest.
May 15Paramount signs Bing to a two year contract which calls for two pictures a year.
May 18The King of Jazz is re-released nation-wide in view of success of Bing, John Boles and others on radio.
May 18Bing and Dixie rent the home of Sue Carol and Nick Stuart whilst the owners are away on a personal appearance tour.
May 24Commences filming shorts Please and Just An Echo for Paramount with exteriors being done at Yosemite Park until June 2.
Hires Leo Lynn as his chauffeur; he remains close to the family and serves as Bing's factotum and stand-in for movie cameramen until Bing's death.
Jun 6Sings two songs from College Humor on 'California Melodies' program broadcast by CBS from station KHJ.
Jun 9Records 'Learn To Croon' in Los Angeles under Jack Kapp's supervision. Many fans consider this session to represent the best of the 'young' Bing.
Jun 12(8 p.m.) Stars in 'Hollywood On The Air' over KECA-NBC. The programme previews College Humor.
Jun13/16Recording sessions in Los Angeles, including Shadow Waltz.
Jun 16College Humor is pre-released in four different locations and is a huge hit. The main release takes place on June 30.
Jun 19Bing and others members of the cast from College Humor are presented from the Sixth and Hillstreet stage in Los Angeles.
Jun 20Bing appears on radio station KFWB to interview Harry Bassler, the Lakeside golf professional, who in turn gives him advice on how to use a spoon (a type of golf club).
Jun 23-29Appears live at Paramount Los Angeles on four occasions and sings songs from College Humor.
Jun 27Dixie gives birth to Gary Evan Crosby at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. The baby weighs seven pounds, six ounces and he is named after Bing's friend Gary Cooper.
Bing films Hollywood On Parade No. 1 (1933), a 12 minute short film and soon follows this with Hollywood On Parade No. 4 (1933).
Buys his parents a house at 4366 Ponca Avenue in Toluca Lake.
Jul 1'Shadow Waltz' enters charts and subsequently reaches No. 1.
Jul 3 - mid AugustBing films Too Much Harmony for Paramount with Judith Allen, Jack Oakie, Skeets Gallagher and Lilyan Tashman.
Jul 4Appears on 'California Melodies' radio program singing three songs from College Humor.
Jul 21Bing's voice is insured for $100,000 by Lloyd's of London. Emphasis is placed on "growth on his vocal chords which affects his voice."
Jul 25Again appears on 'California Melodies' radio show.
Jul 25It is announced that Bing has hired a bodyguard to protect his wife and new baby in his Hollywood home. Permission is given for the bodyguard to wear a special officer badge.
Bing signs a contract to make three films for Paramount in 1935 for $250,000 in total.
Aug 8Hollywood On Parade No. 1 reviewed in Variety.
Bing goes to Catalina Island on a fishing trip.
Aug 16Dixie Lee is back in Cedars of Lebanon hospital having fallen at home and broken her elbow. Bing rushed back from Catalina Island to take her to hospital.
Aug 21Bing asks Paramount to remove his star billing for Too Much Harmony and co-feature him with Jack Oakie and Skeets Gallagher. Bing says that too many actors have been killed by top billing and he is not going to take a chance.
Aug 27Records four songs from Too Much Harmony in Los Angeles. At night takes part in a joint NBC and CBS broadcast which is designed "to help pep things up for the National Recovery Administration."
Aug 28 - OctFilms Going Hollywood for MGM singing Temptation and four other songs, earning $2,000 weekly. Production is delayed in September by the illness of co-star Marion Davies. The film also features Fifi D'Orsay and Stuart Erwin.
Bing and Dixie move into their new home on Foreman Avenue.
Bing is involved in negotiations to appear as the Mock Turtle in the Paramount film of Alice In Wonderland. It is said that his demands for a fee are too high and the part goes to Cary Grant.
Sep 19Variety states that Bing "is the present day disc best seller." Under his Brunswick contract he receives $200 a side plus royalties. Victor is said to be flirting with Crosby and offering $1,000 per recording.
Sep 19Bing appears on California Melodies radio program at 6 p.m. Pacific.
Sep 22Too Much Harmony released.
Sep 27Recording session in Los Angeles, including 'The Last Round-Up' and 'Home On the Range'.
Sep 30(6:15 to 6:30 p.m.) Bing stars in Parade of Champions, first of a series of six broadcasts on CBS with the Raymond Paige Orchestra. He sings Thanks, 'Don't Blame Me' and 'I Guess It Had To Be That Way'.
Sep 30(8:30 p.m.) Bing is interviwed by Jimmie Fidler on the Hollywood on the Air radio program.
Oct 5(6:15 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.) Appears on the final show of the Parade of Champions radio series with Ethel Barrymore, Morton Downey, Willie and Eugene Howard, Ruth Etting and the Paige Orchestra.
Oct 8Christening of Gary Crosby jointly with Richard Arlen Jr.
Oct 16(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Bing returns to CBS, now on Mondays, for Woodbury Soap with Lennie Hayton's orchestra and with Ken Niles as announcer. The guest is 18 year old songstress Mary Lou Raymond. The show has a 25.1 rating for the season.
Oct 22Records three songs from Going Hollywood in Los Angeles, including 'Temptation'.
Oct 23/30Bing hosts Woodbury shows. Guests include Mary Lou Raymond, Ed Lowry and Joan Marsh.
Oct 26 - Nov 1Appears at Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles in a cine-variety bill. He receives a standing ovation for his rendition of 'The Last Round-Up'. On the first day of his appearances it is reported in the press that he "was mobbed by women and children" and one woman rushes on to the stage to embrace him.
Oct 30A complaint at the Los Angeles Municipal Court alleges that Bing hired a limousine from Violet Wildey at $75 per month and used it from April to September but has not paid the hire charge. A judgement of $450 is asked against Bing.
Nov 2Playing with Harry Bassler, Bing comes second in a pro-am prior to the Southern Californian Open at Fox Hills Golf Course, Los Angeles.
Nov 3The Paramount short Please is released in Los Angeles.
Nov 6/13/20/27(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts more Woodbury shows. Kay Thompson and the Three Rhythm Kings begin an extended run as guest stars on November 27.
Nov 18Bing and Dixie are seen at the Colony Club together with other celebrities.
Nov 19Bing is at the Beverly Wilshire and is persuaded to mount the platform and sing with Gus Arnheim.
Nov 25Olive Kathryn Grandstaff is born in West Columbia, Texas. She later becomes Kathryn Grant and marries Bing in 1957.
Nov 30Press reports indicate that Bing is having a little trouble with his throat and has had to pass up two weeks at the New York Paramount at $5,000 per week.
Dec 4/11/18/25(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts Woodbury shows. Guests include the Mills Brothers, Irene Taylor, Charles Bourne, and Kay Thompson and the Three Rhythm Kings.
Dec 5Prohibition ends as Utah becomes the last state to ratify the 21st Amendment.
Dec 11Bing interrupts a Palm Springs vacation to undertake his final recording session of the year in Los Angeles. At night, broadcasts his Woodbury show.
Dec 23Going Hollywood premieres at the Capitol Theater in New York.

1 9 3 4
Jan 1Bing attends the Rose Bowl game between Stanford and Columbia. Describes this on his Woodbury Soap show that night when the guests are the Mills Brothers and Kay Thompson and the Three Rhythm Kings.
Jan 8/15/22/29(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts the Woodbury shows. Guests include the Mills Brothers and Kay Thompson and the Three Rhythm Kings.
Jan 10Dixie Lee tests for the feminine lead in a new Paramount film 'Melody in Spring'.
Jan 15Gus Arnheim and his orchestra take over from Lennie Hayton on the Woodbury show.
Jan 19Just An Echo, a 20 minute short film is released by Paramount.
Jan 29 - MarFilms We're Not Dressing for Paramount with Carole Lombard, Ethel Merman, Burns and Allen and Ray Milland. Location shooting takes place on Catalina Island for three weeks. The cast stays at the St. Catherine Hotel.
FebThe 'New York World Telegram' publishes the results of a nation-wide poll which places Bing at the top of the 'popular male singer' category.
Feb 3(7:30 - 9 p.m.) Bing is one of several entertainers featured in a special radio program on CBS marking the opening of the Columbia Playhouse in New York.
Feb 5/12/19/26(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Woodbury shows. The Mills Brothers and Kay Thompson and the Three Rhythm Kings continue as Bing's guests.
Feb 25In Los Angeles, Bing records four songs from We're Not Dressing.
Mar 5/12/19/26(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Bing hosts more Woodbury shows. The Mills Brothers are regular guests but they miss the show on March 19 and are replaced by Kay Thompson and the Three Rhythm Kings. The musical support is provided by Carroll Lofner's Beverly Wilshire Orchestra.
Mar 10/13Records in Los Angeles, including 'Little Dutch Mill' which has been written by Harry Barris.
Mar 19A plot to kidnap Bing and/or his son Gary is overheard and Bing is warned about this by police.
Mar 22Bing and his brother Everett have obtained permits to carry guns and they do so as a result of the kidnap plot.
Apr 2(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Jimmie Grier and his orchestra take over from Gus Arnheim on Woodbury show. Bing's principal guest is Carole Lombard.
Apr 9/16/23/30(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Woodbury shows hosted by Bing.
Apr - JunBing films She Loves Me Not for Paramount Pictures with Kitty Carlisle and Miriam Hopkins. While filming Bing refuses to have his ears glued back any longer.
Apr 14'Little Dutch Mill' reaches No. 1 in the charts and remains there for five weeks.
Apr 17We're Not Dressing has Los Angeles premiere at Grauman's Chinese Theater.
May 7/14/21Bing hosts more Woodbury shows.
May 12The Los Angeles Times states that Bing and Everett have been sworn in as Deputy Sheriffs and carry guns.
May 18-20Is one of many stars appearing in the 'Film Stars Frolic' at the Gilmore Stadium in Hollywood.
May 24Press comment says that Bing "has scarcely left his wife's bedside during the past week; she's been quite ill." X-rays show Dixie pregnant with twins, with one in a complicating position.
Bing stars in a Child Welfare Radio program, singing two songs accompanied by the Jimmie Grier and his Orchestra.
May 28Final Woodbury Soap Show of the season.
Bing buys a 65-acre block of old Rancho Santa Fe, 25 miles north of San Diego, for a stud farm. Employs Lilian Rice to restore the adobe house and add modern facilities such as tennis courts and swimming pools. He works alongside the labourers for a while and returns to Paramount with blisters on his hands.
JulForms Bing Crosby, Incorporated. Bing's brother Larry is put in charge of public relations whilst his father becomes treasurer. John O'Melveny, of the firm O'Melveny, Tuller and Meyer is the lawyer to the company.
Jul 3Dr. Samuel S. Pasetto sues Bing for $1,000 in respect of physician's services performed for Gary.
Jul 5Bing records Love in Bloom and three other songs in Los Angeles to conclude his contract with Brunswick Records.
Jul 13Dixie gives birth to twins: Phillip Lang and Dennis Michael in Cedars of Lebanon Hospital shortly after 6 a.m. The babies are premature and weigh between four and five pounds each. Phillip is named for Eddie Lang whilst Dennis is named after Bing's grandfather, Dennis Harrigan.
Jul 31She Loves Me Not has Los Angeles premiere at the Paramount.
Aug 4Bing's record of 'Love In Bloom' starts to attract attention and soon becomes No. 1 in the charts. It stays in the top position for six weeks.
Aug 8Records Decca's first songs at Decca Studios at 5505 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, 'I Love You Truly,' 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart,' and two others, under contracts that eventually run to December 31, 1955.
Aug 18Bing goes to Rancho Santa Fe for a few days vacation.
Aug 23Press comment indicates that Bing may have to have his appendix removed.
Aug 27Commences filming Here Is My Heart with Kitty Carlisle, Roland Young and William Frawley. Filming is completed in October.
Seriously considers retiring from radio and films.
Sep 2Russ Columbo dies following a bizarre shooting accident.
Decca launches an energetic promotional campaign built around its stable of stars (led by Bing) and its 35-cent record prices.
Sep 6Bing is a pallbearer at Russ Columbo's funeral at Blessed Sacrament Church, Los Angeles.
Sep 18(6 p.m. Pacific Time) Returns to radio and Woodbury Soap, now for a half hour on Tuesdays, with a contract that pays him $6,000 a week as a package with total control. Georgie Stoll leads the orchestra and the Boswell Sisters are guests on the opening show. The audience share during the season is 15.5.
Sep 20(8:30 p.m. Pacific). Bing makes a short guest appearance on the Dorsey Brothers opening radio show of the season. The Dorseys are broadcasting from New Jersey on Station WEAF and Bing is linked in from Hollywood with the Boswell Sisters and Georgie Stoll. Bing sings 'Love in Bloom'.
Sep 22Press coverage about a competition between Richard Arlen and Bing to see which one could pick up the most foreign radio stations during a one week period. Both are said to be short wave fans. Bing wins the contest and between them they pick up 122 stations.
Sep 25Bing's guests on the Woodbury Show are the Boswell Sisters.
Oct 2/9/16/23/30(6:00 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing's Woodbury Shows. Guests include the Boswell Sisters.
Oct 5Recording session in Hollywood with Georgie Stoll.
Oct 12Bing sings at a banquet in honour of Emanuel Cohen (Paramount vice president) in the Indian Room at the Ambassador Hotel.
Nov 2Leaves Los Angeles for San Francisco to watch Gonzaga University play football against the University of San Francisco on November 4. Gonzaga lose 28-0.
Nov 6/13/20/27Bing hosts more Woodbury Shows with the Boswell Sisters as guests. Marion Mansfield and Kitty Carlisle also guest on November 27.
Nov 9In Hollywood, records three songs from Here Is My Heart with Georgie Stoll, including June In January.
Sings 'With Every Breath I Take' in Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove, a short for MGM.
Nov-Jan 19, 1935Films Mississippi with W. C. Fields, Joan Bennett and Gail Patrick. Weighing 190 pounds, Bing wears a girdle to enable him to fit into the tight period costumes.
Dec 4/11/18Woodbury Shows. Bing is accompanied by the Boswell Sisters. Guest stars include Marian Mansfield, and Pinky Tomlin.
Dec 8'June In January' is a hit and reaches No. 1 where it stays for seven weeks.
Dec 14Bing sings at the Los Angeles Examiner benefit at the Shrine Auditorium.
Dec 21Here Is My Heart has New York premiere.
Dec 25Sings 'Silent Night' on his Woodbury Show. Guest stars are Irene Taylor and Charles Bourne.
Dec 25Santa Anita race track at Arcadia has its first meeting for 25 years. Bing has invested $10,000 in it in order to obtain a choice box seat and attends regularly for next two months.
For the first time, Bing is in the top 10 box office stars in the USA for 1934. He is seventh with Will Rogers coming out on top.

1 9 3 5
Jan 1/8/15/22/29(6 - 6:30 p.m.) Bing hosts the Woodbury Show. Guests include the Boswell Sisters, the Mills Brothers and Eddie McGill's Negro Choir.
Jan 16(7 p.m.) Bing and Dixie guest on the Jimmie Fidler radio show over KFI with several other stars.
Jan 19Filming of Mississippi is completed and Bing goes to his ranch at Rancho Santa Fe.
Jan 26Thought to have entertained at the Mt. Sinai All Star Show of 1935 at the Shrine Auditorium with Burns and Allen, the Mills Brothers and many others.
Jan 30Takes part in charity fund-raising celebrations for President Roosevelt's birthday at Warner Brothers studio. Other stars present include Nelson Eddy, Dick Powell and Jackie Cooper.
Buys his first racehorse called 'Zombie' adopting blue and gold as his racing colours.
Feb 5/12/19/26Bing's Woodbury Shows are aired. Guests are Joan Bennett and the Mills Brothers.
Feb 7Bing's horse 'Zombie' comes second in a race at Santa Anita.
Feb 17Bing attends a party at the new Brentwood home of Pat O'Brien. He sings several songs as well as assisting with the serving.
Feb 21Records four songs from Mississippi including It's Easy To Remember' and Soon. Completes session with 'Silent Night' for the St. Columban Foreign Missionary Society.
Feb 21Hires trainer Albert Johnson in order to establish a string of race horses. Builds stables and an exercise track at Rancho Santa Fe.
Feb 23At Santa Anita racetrack for $100,000 handicap.
Feb 25Bing is at Santa Anita again to see his horse 'Zombie' come third in its race.
Feb 27The annual Academy Awards ceremony takes place at the Biltmore Bowl and for the first time an Oscar is awarded for the Best Song. Bing's song 'Love In Bloom' is nominated but the Oscar goes to 'The Continental'.
Mar 1Bing takes part in the "Screen Stage and Radio Stars Gambol" for the benefit of the Loyola High School Scholarship at Carthay Circle theatre starting at 8:30 p.m.
Mar 5/12/19/26Bing hosts his Woodbury Show. Guests include Marian Mansfield, Charles Erwin and the Mills Brothers.
Dixie Lee returns to the film studios as part of the cast of Redheads on Parade.
Mar 28Los Angeles premiere of Mississippi at Paramount.
Apr 1Bing is one of several Hollywood stars financing the tour of the Hollywood All-Stars basketball team to Japan.
Apr 2/9/16/23/30More Woodbury Shows hosted by Bing. The guests include the Williams Sisters (a vocal trio from Tacoma) and the Mills Brothers.
Apr 5Press coverage about Bing's efforts to lose weight.
Apr 12Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove is released.
Apr 13'It's Easy To Remember' at No. 1 in the charts.
Apr 17Bing films brief spot in The Big Broadcast of 1936 and sings 'I Wished On the Moon'. There are plans for Dixie and the children to appear in the film with Bing but he vetoes this.
Apr 20'Soon' takes over as No. 1 record.
Apr 25Bing takes Dixie to Palm Springs in an attempt to help her get rid of a stubborn cold.
May 7/14/21/28Bing hosts his Woodbury Show with guests including Williams Sisters, Henry Busse and Andy Devine.
Jun 1Bing at Agua Caliente race track, just over Mexican border.
Jun 4/11Final Woodbury Shows with guests Mildred Stone and Martha Tilton.
Jun 6Press comment seen stating that Bing has lost 12 pounds in weight. He is said to be at Rancho Santa Fe resting up prior to making Two for Tonight.
Jun - JulFilms Two for Tonight with Joan Bennett.
Jun 16Celebrates Father's Day at his ranch.
It is announced that Bing's brothers, Larry and Ted, have written a book about him.
Jul 30On vacation at Saratoga (for the racing) until August 10. Bing's stable has now risen to 15 horses.
Aug 7A new Merrie Melodies animated cartoon called Bingo Crosbyana is released.
Aug 14Bing records in New York with the Dorsey Brothers, the event virtually marking the end of their orchestra as the brothers soon went their separate ways. Records songs from Two For Tonight then has a row with Jack Kapp over the style of recording for the song 'I Wished On the Moon'.
Aug 15Appears on Paul Whiteman's Kraft Music Hall between 10 and 11 p.m. in New York (Station WEAF) singing songs from Two For Tonight. He then carries on to Ben Marden's Riviera Club (just over George Washington bridge) for Paul Whiteman's opening night where he is the guest star. Renews his friendship with Bob Hope there. It is said that Bing does both shows for nothing "in friendly memory of the days when he was one of Paul's boys."
Aug 16It is announced that Will Rogers has been killed in a plane crash during the night of August 15th. Bing is at the Arrowhead night club in Saratoga Springs when the news comes through. A radio broadcast is taking place from the club and at short notice Bing is asked to sing 'Home On The Range'. He has had a fair amount to drink and has trouble remembering the words. Bing later says that it was the only time he was really nervous.
Aug 30Two for Tonight is released in New York; Bing and Dixie attend the premiere.
Sep 5Bing and Dixie arrive back in Los Angeles.
Sep 13The Big Broadcast of 1936 has world premiere at Paramount, New York.
Sep 17Bing arranges to sell his Foreman Avenue house to Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler.
Sep 18Buys seven acres in Toluca Lake on Camarillo Street on which to build a home closer to the Lakeside golf course.
Bing and Dixie attend a surprise party for Grace Bradley along with Harold Lloyd, Betty Grable and Jack Oakie.
Sep - NovFilms Anything Goes with Ethel Merman, Charles Ruggles and Ida Lupino.
Sep 29Bing gives Dixie a Swiss watch set in wood for their fifth wedding anniversary.
Oct 1A newspaper article says that Bing and opera singer Gladys Swarthout have recorded two duets 'Thunder Over Paradise' and 'Home on the Range' at Paramount as a test for a possible film. It was intended to star Bing in a film version of Herman Bahr's operetta The Yellow Nightingale but Bing is said to have indicated that his voice was not appropriate.
Oct 4Bing is stopped by police when driving at 42 miles an hour on N. Highland Avenue (a 25-mile zone) and is given a speeding ticket. This is Bing's second ticket in six months. The officer notices that Bing has a revolver and when Bing cannot produce his gun permit he is asked to drive to Hollywood police station. His explanation that he had forgotten to carry his permit is accepted and Bing is then allowed to continue to Paramount Studios.
Oct 17Bing rents Marion Davies' house in Beverly Hills pending completion of his new home.
Nov 12/13Records eight songs in Hollywood including 'Red Sails In The Sunset' and songs from Anything Goes. Also records 'Adeste Fideles' and 'Silent Night' as commercial waxings but with earnings assigned to charity.
Bing buys a horse called Khayyam and says he will enter it in the 1936 Kentucky Derby. He promises to croon to the horse before the race.
Dec 5/12/19/26Is paid $3,000 weekly for the hour-long Kraft Music Hall on Thursdays. Paul Whiteman hosts the program from New York with Bing being 'cut-in' from Hollywood for four consecutive shows. Bing is accompanied by the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra.
Dec 7Al Jolson introduces Bing on a radio show celebrating the NBC Hollywood Studio opening. Bing sings 'On Treasure Island' accompanied by Victor Young.
Dec 9Bing and Dixie join in the floor show at the Century Club with Paul Draper much to the audience's delight.
Dec 14'Red Sails In The Sunset' is a hit and soon reaches No. 1 in the charts.
In conjunction with Harry Revel, Mack Gordon and Paramount, Bing is sued for $500,000 by a woman who claims that 'Without A Word Of Warning' is based on a song she has written.
Bing is later revealed to have earned $318,907 from Paramount in 1935.
1 9 3 6
Jan 2(7-8 pm.) Begins the Kraft Music Hall (KMH) under his own contract for NBC. The guests include Kay Weber, Eleanor Whitney and Cecil B. De Mille. Earns $5,500 per show jointly with Jimmy Dorsey. Broadcasts every Thursday until June 11. The rating for the season is 14.8. Announcer Don Wilson is replaced by Ken Carpenter during the season. Bob Burns is a regular on the show at the outset. The broadcast originates from a big barn-like building on the back lot of the RKO Studios at Melrose and Gower.
Bing begins building the Del Mar Track and Turf Club north of San Diego with several partners.
Jan 9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Joe Venuti, John Barrymore, Percy Grainger, Joe E. Brown, Kay Weber and Leopold Stokowski.
Jan 23Anything Goes is released.
Jan 24Press comment states that Bing has been on the Hauser diet for a week and lost 12 pounds.
Feb 3Bing goes on salary at Paramount to make Rhythm on the Range even though the script is not ready.
Feb 6/13/20/27Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Kay Weber, Alice Faye, Andres Segovia, Spencer Tracy, Walter Huston, Charles Ruggles and Ann Sothern.
MarCarroll Carroll joins KMH as staff writer.
Mar 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Jack Oakie, Patsy Kelly, Grete Stueckgold and Virginia Bruce.
Mar 24/29Records with Victor Young in Los Angeles.
Apr 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include the Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Leopold Stokowski, Rudolph Ganz, the Paul Taylor Choristers, Joan Crawford, Kay Weber, Zasu Pitts, Efrem Zimbalist, Grete Stueckgold and Louis Prima.
Apr 2Bing goes to the first annual Radio Ball of the radio industry at the Palomar.
Apr 4 - Jun 26Films Rhythm on the Range with Frances Farmer, Bob Burns and Martha Raye.
Apr 8Places his prints and name in cement at Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood.
May 7/14/21/28Bing's KMH shows. Guests include George Raft, Murdo McKenzie, Mischa Levitski, Bette Davis, Rose Bampton and Una Merkel.
May 8Press review of a Will Rogers trailer which has been made for use during the Will Rogers Memorial Fund Drive, May 22-28. Bing is included singing 'Home on the Range' and his segment was filmed at Paramount.
May 21Bing and Bob Burns are rushed by special car to Hollywood from Lone Pine, near Sequoia National Park (where they are filming Rhythm On the Range) to take part in the Kraft Music Hall broadcast at 6 p.m.
Jun 1Moves into new house at 10500 Camarillo Street at Toluca Lake. It has 20 rooms including seven bathrooms.
Jun 4Bing's KMH show. The guests are George Jessel and his wife Norma Talmadge plus 12 year-old Edith Fellowes.
Jun 11No KMH broadcast because of the Republican Convention although some newspapers stated that a show hosted by Bing with guests Ernest Hutcheson, Virginia Bruce and Bert Wheeler was to take place.
Jun 17It is announced that Bing, George Raft and William Frawley will back the Hollywood baseball club in the Pacific Coast League if they can swing the franchise.
Variety notes that Bing is the highest paid movie star at $150,000 per picture plus a percentage (compared with Fredric March $150,000 and Gary Cooper $125,000).
Jun 18Bing hosts the Kraft Music Hall with guests Pat O'Brien and Josephine Tuminia. The broadcast of the Joe Louis versus Max Schmeling fight was due to have either replaced or curtailed the show but heavy rain forced the postponement of the fight until the next night.
Bing wins the Lakeside Golf Championship.
Jun 25Apparently no KMH broadcast because of the Democratic Convention although it had been planned that Bing would host a show with guests Bert Wheeler and Jean Arthur.
Jul 2Bing hosts the KMH show with guests Martha Raye, Frank Morgan and Frances Farmer. Songs and scenes from Rhythm on the Range are featured.
Jul 6 - AugFilms Pennies from Heaven with Madge Evans, Donald Meek, Louis Armstrong and Edith Fellowes. John Scott Trotter handles the musical arrangements for Bing's songs. This is Bing's first independent production jointly with Emanuel Cohen's Major Pictures and he has a share in the profits. The film is distributed by Columbia Pictures.
Jul 8Makes private recording in Hollywood as a greeting to Decca Records (UK), singing part of 'Take My Heart'.
Jul 9/16Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Robert Taylor, Jean Arthur, Bert Wheeler, Marjorie Gateson and Rose Bampton.
Jul 14Records in Hollywood with Victor Young.
Jul 17First recording session with Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra. Sings songs from Rhythm On The Range including 'I'm An Old Cowhand'.
Jul 23Records his first Hawaiian songs 'Song of the Islands' and 'Aloha Oe' with Dick McIntyre. No KMH broadcast that night due to speech by Alf Landon, the Republican nominee for President.
Jul 24/29Records songs from Pennies From Heaven in Hollywood with Georgie Stoll and his orchestra.
Jul 29Rhythm on the Range has New York premiere.
Jul 30(6-7 p.m.) Bing hosts the KMH on NBC. Guests include Dolores Costello Barrymore, Vera Van and Albert Spalding.
Aug 4/10/12/17Recording dates in Hollywood.
Aug 6/13Bing hosts the KMH with guests Robert Young, Ann Sothern, Ernest Hutcheson and Louis Armstrong.
Aug 19Bing and Dixie sing two duets for Decca, 'The Way You Look Tonight' and 'A Fine Romance', Dixie's last recordings.
Aug 20Last KMH broadcast by Bing prior to vacation. Guests include Joan Bennett and Dorothy Lamour.
Aug 30Sails with Dixie on the S.S. Lurline to Hawaii.
Sep 3Bing and Dixie arrive in Honolulu, Oahu. News photographers come on board the Lurline and watch Bing have his breakfast. Bing says that he will be staying in Eugene P. Shone's house at Kaalawai with his friends from Burlingame, California, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsay Howard, Robert Howard, Maxine Fuller and Manuela Hudson.
Sep 5Bing motor glides, swims and surf boards. Local photographers capture the scenes and photos appear in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin that day.
Sep 6Bing attends a meeting of Kamaaina Beachcombers' Hui (an organisation of local sportsman interested in promoting swimming in the islands) at the home of Alfred L. Castle at Kahuku, Oahu.
Sep 15During the afternoon, Bing travels on the sampan 'Carrie T' from Honolulu to Kaunakakai, Molokai with Lindsay Howard, Chick Daniels and Johnny Gomez. A crowd gathers and parades Bing through the town to the front steps of Molokai market where he sings 'Hawaiian Paradise' to them. He also attempts to sing 'Na Lei O Hawaii' but does not know all the words. The warmth of the welcome is so great that Bing is persuaded to stay overnight on the island so that he can go deer hunting there the next day.
Sep 16Burns and Allen join Bing and Dixie in Honolulu.
Sep 21Bing golfs in the Honolulu Sports Writers Tournament at the Moanalue course.
Oct 3Bing and Dixie leave Honolulu on the S.S. Lurline and arrive back on October 8 in Los Angeles. During his extended vacation, Bing has discovered Harry Owens' song Sweet Leilani which he later sings in Waikiki Wedding. Bing is also said to have appeared in a rathskeller in the native district of Honolulu and acted as master of ceremonies besides singing.
Oct 10Buys contract of Georgie Turner, a promising young heavyweight boxer. Bing is also said to be seeking a share of the contract of Freddie Steele, World Middleweight Champion, and he soon secures this.
Oct 15(7-8 p.m.) Returns to KMH and performs weekly until 1 July, 1937. The rating for the season is 22.4. Jimmy Dorsey and his orchestra continue to provide the musical accompaniment. In the opening show, Bing sings four songs from Pennies From Heaven and the guests are Ruth Chatterton, Slip Madigan and Elisabeth Rethberg.
Construction of the new $40,000 Bing Crosby building at 9028-30 on the south side of Sunset Boulevard commences. Bing's organisation ultimately occupies the top floor of the three story building.
Oct 22/29Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Adolphe Menjou, Cary Grant and Elissa Landi. Joe Venuti's Orchestra replaces Jimmy Dorsey for one show on the 29th.
Oct 25As Lakeside champion, Bing competes in the first annual tournament of Southern California golf club champions.
Nov 3Franklin D Roosevelt re-elected as President.
Nov 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Gladys George, Grete Stueckgold, Patsy Kelly, Ricardo Cortez and Rochelle Hudson.
Nov 14/15Bing in San Francisco.
Nov 28Bing's record of Pennies From Heaven reaches No. 1 in the charts and remains there for ten weeks.
Nov 28Bing, in San Diego with Lindsay Howard, gets into a fracas with some sailors during the early hours of the morning in a night club.
Nov 29Attends the University of San Francisco - Loyola football game.
Dec 3/10/17/24/31Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Jack Oakie, Alice Faye, Gene Raymond, Bruce Cabot, Mary Astor, James Gleason and Nadine Conner.
Dec 9New York premiere of Pennies from Heaven.
Dec 11Press comment states that "Bing Crosby is on a liquid diet to lose weight for his new epic, Waikiki Wedding."
Dec 11Sings at Shrine Auditorium for the Los Angeles Examiner benefit.
Dec 19 - Feb 1937Films Waikiki Wedding with Shirley Ross, Bob Burns, Martha Raye and Anthony Quinn.
Dec 24Bing hosts the KMH and it becomes his first special Christmas radio show as he sings 'Adeste Fideles' and 'Silent Night'.
Everett Crosby and his wife Naomi separate.
1 9 3 7
Jan 7/14/21/28(7-8 p.m.) Bing's KMH shows with guests including Josephine Tuminia, Lee Tracy, Grete Stueckgold, Edward Everett Horton, Patricia Ellis, Rose Bampton and Victor McLaglen.
Jan 7(8:45 - 9:45 p.m.) Bing takes part in the 'Adolph Zukor Silver Jubilee Dinner' which is broadcast nation-wide on NBC.
Bing and Dixie attend a large party at Hal Roach's new home in Beverly Hills.
Feb 1(7-9 p.m.) Bing is one of many stars taking part in a Red Cross Relief Program on the Blue Network. The show is designed to raise funds to help with the serious flooding in Tennessee, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. He sings 'One, Two, Button Your Shoe'. Al Jolson, John McCormack and Clark Gable are also on the show.
Feb 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows. Guests include James Cagney, Basil Rathbone, William Frawley, Edward Everett Horton, Dorothy McNulty, Sophie Tucker and Mary Garden.
Feb 6Bing asks the Board of Tax Appeals to redetermine an income tax deficiency of $128,504 assessed for 1933 and 1934.
Feb 6/7Begins his pro-am golf tournament at Rancho Santa Fe. It is meant to be a two day event, but the first day is washed out by heavy rain. Sam Snead is the first winner with a 68. Bing cards an 87!
Feb 23/28Records songs from Waikiki Wedding (including 'Sweet Leilani') in Hollywood.
Mar 3/5/8Recording sessions in Hollywood (including Too Marvelous For Words).
Mar 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Basil Rathbone, Mischa Auer, Gale Sondergaad, Walter Brennan Harriett Hilliard and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Mar 4The Academy Awards are presented at the Biltmore Hotel in Hollywood. 'Pennies From Heaven' has been nominated as best song of 1936 but the winner is 'The Way You Look Tonight'.
Mar 24Waikiki Wedding has New York premiere.
Mar 26Bing attends Basil Rathbone's party.
Apr 1/8/15/22/29Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Amelia Earhart, Rose Bampton, Harry Barris, Frances Farmer, Lionel Stander, Connie Boswell, Victor McLaglen, Madeleine Carroll and Mischa Auer.
Apr 17'Sweet Leilani' is the No. 1 record and is quickly followed by 'Too Marvellous For Words'.
Apr 23It is announced that Bing has signed for Kraft for another two seasons for $3,500 per week. The contract allows Bing 13 weeks off each year.
Apr 26 - Jun 15Films Double or Nothing with Mary Carlisle, Martha Raye, Andy Devine and William Frawley.
May 6/13/20/27Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Zasu Pitts, Gail Patrick, Elissa Landi, John McCormack, Lionel Stander, Connie Boswell and Lee Tracy.
May 6Hindenburg airship explodes over New Jersey, killing 36.
May 11A strike takes place at the various Hollywood film studios. Bing is one of several stars who cross the picket lines.
May 16Bing and Dixie and their children attend a birthday party for Pat O'Brien's daughter.
May 19Fire in the Melrose Grotto at 5511 Melrose Avenue forces Bing and many others to flee from the adjoining recording studio.
May 23Bing organises and appears in a five hour benefit for pianist Joe Sullivan at the Pan-Pacific Auditorium in front of an audience of 6,000. The show is broadcast over two different radio stations. Fourteen bands attend and $3,000 is raised. (Joe suffered from TB and was convalescing at a sanatorium in Monrovia.)
JunNamed 'Hollywood's Most Typical Father for 1937.'
Jun 3/10/17/24Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Charlie Ruggles, Constance Bennett, Florence George, Reginald Denny and William Frawley.
Jun 21FBI records indicate that Bing paid $10,000 to a blackmailer, possibly a procurer. It seems probable however that the payment was made to Bugsy Siegel of the Mafia to ensure that stage hands he controlled would not delay film production.
Jul 1Last KMH broadcast by Bing until October. The guests are Toby Wing, Roland Young and Mischa Levitzki. It is Jimmy Dorsey's last appearance as resident orchestra leader.
Jul 3The Del Mar Turf Club opens with an attendance of 15,000. Saturday morning radio shows begin and continue through July and August on NBC. Bing's horse 'High Strike' wins the first race. The Directors of the track are Bing, Pat O'Brien, Kent Allen, Charles Howard and William Quigley.
Saturday night stage shows involving celebrities take place at Del Mar.
Brother Ted joins Bing's organisation, especially to publicise Del Mar, but he lasts only a year or two.
Jul 9Bing gives the racing commentary from Del Mar for NBC at 5 p.m. Pacific time. NBC give him a cheque for $100 for "any charity cause of your choice."
One of Bing's golfing buddies, John Montague, who reportedly once outscored Bing using a bat, shovel and a rake at the Lakeside golf course, is arrested in Los Angeles for a 1930 New York armed robbery. Bing, Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy fame) and other Hollywood celebrities come to Montague's defense with bail money, attorney's fees and letters of reference. Montague, whose real name is LaVerne Moore, will be extradicted to New York to stand trial in October.
Jul 12Has first recording session with John Scott Trotter. In Hollywood, they record four songs from Double Or Nothing including 'The Moon Got In My Eyes' and It's the Natural Thing to Do.
Later Bing takes part in a star-studded radio tribute to George Gershwin who died on 11 July.
Jul 14Bing on crutches at Del Mar following tennis injury.
Jul 16Broadcasts a 'man at the race track' type programme from Del Mar at 4:45 p.m. Similar programs are broadcast on July 23 and 30.
Aug 24At the Saratoga Springs, New York train station, Bing and sports columnist Damon Runyon greet John Montague, who is being transported to Elizabethtown, New York, to stand trial for a 1930 armed robbery. Bing and Montague, whose real name is LaVerne Moore, talk for 10 minutes. Bing leaves for the Saratoga racetrack, but Runyon boards the train to accompany Montague.
Aug 25Attends Saratoga yearling auctions.
Aug 28Bing attends races in Chicago.
Sep 1New York Premiere of Double or Nothing.
Sep 5Bing attends the State Fair race meeting in Detroit, Michigan.
Sep 8Takes part in broadcast when awards to 'Champions of Champions' winners in golf tournament are presented.
Sep 11Cuts four tracks with Lani McIntyre and his Hawaiians in Hollywood.
Sep 20/25More recording sessions in Hollywood including 'Bob White' (with Connie Boswell) and 'Remember Me?'
Sep 25'The Moon Got In My Eyes' is No. 1 record.
Oct 7(7-8 p.m.) Returns to the KMH broadcast and performs weekly until July 21, 1938. The audience share for the season is 23.1. Bob Burns and the Paul Taylor Choristers continue as regulars on the show. The guests on the opening show are Beatrice Lillie, Mischa Levitski and William Gargan. John Scott Trotter furnishes the orchestral support and continues to do so for Bing's radio shows until 1954.
Oct 14Bing's KMH show with guests Betty Furness, Walter Huston and Hope Manning.
Oct 21Bing arrives in Spokane at 7 a.m. by train and goes straight to Gonzaga for mass at 7:30. This is apparently his first return visit since 1926 and he is accompanied by his parents and brothers Larry and Everett. His brother Ted is still living in Spokane. Later Bing accepts the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Music from Gonzaga University. At 11:30 a.m., he is at City Hall to receive the key to the city and is made Mayor for the day. That night at 7:30 p.m., the KMH show is broadcast from the Masonic Temple, Spokane with guests Connie Boswell, Mary Carlisle and Edmund Lowe. A banquet for Bing and his co-stars is held at the Civic Auditorium at 8 p.m.
Oct 22Bing presides over an amateur show at 8 p.m. at the Armory, Spokane.
Oct 23Bing attends breakfast at 8:10 a.m. with the Athletic Round Table at the Dessert Hotel in Spokane. At night, he and his co-stars from the KMH attend a dance at Natatorium Park. It is estimated that the various events involving Bing have raised $10,000 for Gonzaga.
Oct 24Attends a football game at Gonzaga Stadium between Gonzaga and San Francisco University at 2 p.m. before leaving Spokane late to return to Hollywood.
Oct 25Bing's train going back to Los Angeles pulls in to Klamath Falls, Oregon in the evening and is greeted by 2,000 people at the Southern Pacific Station.
Oct 26Bing leaves the train at Oakland and goes to the Bay Meadows race track at San Mateo to see his horse 'High Strike' win the Home Bred handicap.
A jury in Elizabethtown, New York, acquit "John Montague" (LaVerne Moore) of the 1930 armed robbery of a New York restaurant. Following the verdict the judge scolds the jurors, "I am sorry to say that your verdict is not in accord with the one that I think you should have rendered." Montague's attorneys' fees and bail had been paid for by Bing, Oliver Hardy and other Hollywood celebrities.
Oct 28Bing's KMH show. Guests include Robert Young and Marian Marsh. Later, Bing goes on to appear with Bob Crosby and his orchestra at the Palomar Ballroom in Los Angeles.
Oct 30'Remember Me?' is a hit and becomes yet another No. 1.
Nov 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Fay Bainter, Ray Milland, Fay Wray and Alan Mowbray.
Nov 7Defeats Bob Hope 4 and 2 in a 36 hole golf match. The loser was supposed to act as a stand-in in the other's film.
Nov 8Stars in CBS radio version of She Loves Me Not with Joan Blondell and Nan Gray on Lux Radio Theatre.
Nov/Jan 1938Films Doctor Rhythm with Mary Carlisle, Beatrice Lillie and Andy Devine.
Nov 11Attends British colony's Armistice Day celebration and his ordinary business suit clashes with the white tie and tails worn by the other male guests, leading to some press coverage. Bing also joins in a radio show which is beamed to the UK by short wave.
Nov 12/15Recording sessions in Hollywood.
Nov 20'Bob White' is the next recording by Bing to enter the charts on the way to becoming a No. 1 hit.
Nov 23It emerges that Bing has recently paid $1,500 to purchase a Berman Boxer dog of championship strain called Gunda of Barmere. He nicknames her Venus. Bing plans to establish a kennel and raise the breed commercially. Bing intends to show the dog at the Santa Barbara dog show on December 4.
Nov 28Bing at Santa Clara versus Gonzaga football game at Sacramento.
Nov 29(8:15 p.m.) Bing appears on radio show from station KFWB to discuss sports with Jack Holmes.
Nov 30Bing acts as M.C. at the 'Gigantic Gonzaga - Loyola Football Rally' at the Palomar Ballroom. Farewell festivities for Bob Crosby and his orchestra take place.
Dec 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Ralph Bellamy, Adolph Menjou, Verree Teasdale, Madge Evans, Basil Rathbone, Connie Boswell, Louis Armstrong and Jose Iturbi.
Dec 25Bing is at Santa Anita racetrack for the opening of the racing season there and he takes part in a radio broadcast with W. C. Fields, Hedda Hopper, George Jessel and others over NBC of 'The Christmas Handicap' race. He manages to plug his Del Mar track on several occasions.
Dec 31(5:30 - 6 p.m.) Bing guests on the premiere broadcast of Paul Whiteman's new radio show for Chesterfield on CBS. Later Bing and Dixie entertain a few friends including the Andy Devines.
Bing is placed fourth in the USA box office stars list for 1937. Shirley Temple comes first.
1 9 3 8
Jan 1Bing goes to the races at Santa Anita.
With Lindsay Howard, Bing founds Binglin Breeding Stables.
Press coverage seen about a dispute regarding $33,000 said to be owing by the Crosby organisation to Rockwell-O'Keefe in respect of commission for the KMH show. An amicable settlement is reached after Everett counterclaims.
Jan 5Bing and Dixie's fourth son, Lindsay Harry is born at 4:35 a.m. at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, weighing in at six pounds five ounces. He is named after Lindsay Howard, Bing's racing partner.
Jan 6/13/20/27Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Sterling Holloway, Constance Bennett, Ida Lupino, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, Joe Venuti, Frank McHugh and Madeleine Carroll.
Jan 15/16Bing's second golf pro-am at Rancho Santa Fe. Sam Snead wins again. Bing plays with Harold Sampson. Rain again affects the tournament.
Jan 21/26Recording dates in Hollywood including 'Alexander's Ragtime Band' with Connie Boswell.
Jan 29Bing's radio show wins the Hearst Radio Editors' Poll for the best variety program. He is also named most popular male vocalist.
Feb 3/10/17/24Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Brian Aherne, Spring Byington, Wayne Morris, Lotte Lehmann, Margot Grahame and Randolph Scott.
Feb 7Press reports indicate that Bing has banned newspaper and publicity cameramen from his radio broadcasts as he can't give his best when "bulb pressers" are around.
Bing takes Dixie to the House of Murphy for her first outing since the birth of Lindsay. They dine with the Edmund Lowes.
Bing and Dixie throw a supper buffet to honour Evelyn Kinder of the play 'The Women' prior to the company's departure. Other guests include the Edmund Lowes, The Johnny Mercers, the Joe Venutis and Lindsay Howard.
Bing and Dixie attend Kathryn and Joe E. Brown's huge dinner party at the Victor Hugo to honour Major and Mrs. Taylor of Vancouver who annually sojourn in Hollywood during the Santa Anita season.
Bing attends the Santa Anita Derby.
Mar 3/10/17/24/31Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Maureen O'Sullivan, Mischa Auer, Pat O'Brien, Franciska Gaal, David Niven, Miriam Hopkins, Anna May Wong and George Brent.
Mar 10'Sweet Leilani' wins the Oscar for Original Song of 1937 at the ceremonies at the Biltmore Hotel. Bob Burns is the M.C.
Mar 26Bing's horse 'Ligaroti' wins the $5,000 added handicap at Bay Meadows, San Mateo.
EasterBing donates a $1,600 organ to St. Charles Church, North Hollywood, and dedicates it by singing a concert.
Apr 6Attends charity concert by Helen Gahagan at Biltmore Hotel.
Apr 7/14/21/28Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Roland Young, Gail Patrick, Edmund Lowe, Ralph Bellamy, Percy Grainger, Rudolph Ganz and Binnie Barnes. The show on April 14 was cut to 30 minutes because of a speech by President Roosevelt.
Apr - MayFilms Sing You Sinners with Fred MacMurray, Donald O'Connor, Elizabeth Patterson and Ellen Drew. Two dozen of Bing's horses are used in the racing scenes.
Apr 13/22/25Recording sessions with Harry Owens, Eddie Dunstedter and John Scott Trotter furnishing support to Bing.
Apr 16A loose association of Bing's friends known as The Westwood Marching and Chowder Club present a show called 'The Midgie Minstrels' for their own amusement. Bing is featured together with many of his friends.
Apr 18Everett Crosby gets divorced from his wife Naomi because of her drinking. He is given custody of daughter, Mary Sue.
Bing and Pat O'Brien compere a private show at Lucey's which features Connie Boswell, Joe Venuti, Johnny Burke and many others.
Apr 28Doctor Rhythm has Los Angeles premiere at Paramount.
May 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Walter Huston, Beulah Bondi, Alec Templeton, Basil Rathbone, Rose Bampton, Humphrey Bogart, Miriam Hopkins and Edward Everett Horton.
May 23At a recording session in Hollywood, Bing has a cold and whilst he records four songs, only two are released.
Jun 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Mary Astor, Joel McCrea, Grete Stueckgold, Roscoe Karns, Claude Rains, Akim Tamiroff, Edna May Oliver, Gladys George, Wesley Ruggles, Alec Templeton, Efrem Zimbalist and Jack Oakie.
Jun - JulFilms Paris Honeymoon with Franciska Gaal, Shirley Ross and Akim Tamiroff.
Jun 25Bing takes part in another meeting of the Westwood Marching and Chowder Club, North Hollywood branch. Other guests include Bette Davis, Shirley Ross, Wesley Ruggles, Edmund Lowe and Skeets Gallagher. Bing sings 'Nobody'.
Jun 29Lindsay is christened.
Bing enters three dogs in Long Beach dog show.
Jul 1(6:30 to 9:30 p.m.) Records 'Small Fry' and 'Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean' with Johnny Mercer.
Jul 7Bing's KMH show. Guests include Mary Carlisle and Henry Fonda.
Jul 8Bing records 'Summertime' and 'A Blues Serenade' with Matty Malneck and his Orchestra in Hollywood.
Jul 11(5:30 to 8:30 p.m.) Another recording session in Hollywood where songs from Sing You Sinners are recorded including I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams.
Jul 14Bob Hope is Bing's radio guest on the KMH for the first time.
Jul 20Bing appears on the Tommy Dorsey radio show on NBC and plays drums as part of a Westwood Marching and Chowder Club performance with Jack Benny, Dick Powell, Ken Murray and Shirley Ross.
Jul 21Last KMH appearance by Bing prior to vacation. Donald O'Connor is a guest.
Jul 29Opening day of Del Mar season.
Aug 5The film Sing You Sinners is premiered on the race track at Del Mar. Saturday morning radio shows from Del Mar are aired on NBC with Bing usually participating. Bob Hope joins Bing on stage in the Saturday night stage shows reviving their patter from the Capitol Theatre in 1932.
Aug 12Bing watches a special race at Del Mar between his horse Ligaroti and the famous horse, Seabiscuit, with the latter narrowly winning after a photo finish. Dixie Lee presents the $25,000 prize. Seabiscuit is owned by Charles S. Howard, father of Bing's friend, Lindsay Howard. A record crowd of 22,000 is in attendance.
Aug 16New York premiere of Sing You Sinners.
Aug 20'Alexander's Ragtime Band' becomes a hit and goes on to No. 1.
SepBing and Dixie plus son Gary on vacation in Bermuda.
Oct 1'I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams' becomes No. 1 record in the charts for four weeks.
Oct 14En route from his vacation in Bermuda, Bing stops over in Chicago to make his first recordings with his brother Bob, including You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby.
Oct 17Bing and Dixie return to Hollywood.
Oct 20(7-8 p.m.) Bing returns to the KMH show and appears each week until June 15, 1939. The audience share for the season is 24.5. The guests on the opening show are Johnny Mercer, Joan Bennett and Walter Connolly. Bob Burns and the Paul Taylor Choristers are regulars during the season.
Oct 27Bing's KMH show. Guests include Henry Fonda, Ogden Nash and Ralph Bellamy.
Nov 3/10/17/24Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Maureen O'Sullivan, Claude Rains, Pancho Palazy, Marie Wilson, Chester Morris, Gene Krupa, Ann Sheridan, Brian Aherne, Rose Bampton, Johnny Mercer and the Gonzaga Glee Club.
Nov 4Records songs from Paris Honeymoon in Hollywood.
Nov 15Attends wedding reception for Jimmy Monaco and his bride.
Dec 1/8/15/22/29Bing's KMH shows. Guests include David Niven, Priscilla Lane, Florence George (Everett Crosby's new wife), Joe Sullivan, Edward Arnold, Leslie Howard, Basil Rathbone, Jack Carson, Louis Prima and Benita Hume.
Dec 2Records four operetta songs composed by Victor Herbert including 'Thine Alone'. Victor Young conducts the orchestra.
Dec 9/12/19Further record dates in Hollywood including duets with Frances Langford.
Dec 9Acts as M.C. at the Shrine Auditorium in the Los Angeles Examiner Christmas benefit.
Dec 19 - Feb 1939Films East Side of Heaven with Joan Blondell, Mischa Auer and C. Aubrey Smith. This is another independent production in which Bing has a financial interest. The film is released through Universal Pictures.
Dec 25Live broadcast on NBC from Bing's home as his children open their presents.
Dec 26Bing and Dixie are at the opening of Earl Carroll's Theater-Restaurant, a lavish new entertainment complex on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. Many celebrities attend including Bob Hope, Jack Benny, Jimmy Durante and Errol Flynn.
Dec 31Bing and brother Bob's 'You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby' becomes the No. 1 record.
Song promoters vote Bing 'Number One Crooner of the United States.'
1 9 3 9
Jan 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Humphrey Bogart, Anita Louise, Preston Foster, Roland Young, Grete Stueckgold, Wayne Morris and Frances Mercer.
Jan 6On a link-up from Hollywood, Bing contributes 'South of the Border' and dialogue to a Bob Crosby radio show in New York starring Mildred Bailey.
Bing and Dixie join the Pat O'Briens who are celebrating their wedding anniversary at the Victor Hugo.
Jan 25Paris Honeymoon has New York premiere.
Jan 28-29Attends his Pro-Am Tournament at Rancho Santa Fe which is won by E. J. (Dutch) Harrison. Bob Hope takes part for the first time. A lady golfer, Babe Didrikson Zaharias is accepted as a competitor by mistake and plays as a professional with her wrestler husband as her amateur partner. Mrs. Zaharias was the star of the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles when she won gold medals for the 80 metres hurdles and the javelin plus a silver medal for the high jump.
Feb 2/9/16/23Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Miriam Hopkins, Harry Carey, Nigel Bruce, Elizabeth Patterson, Henry Fonda and Ellen Drew. The Music Maids take over from the Paul Taylor Choristers as resident vocal group.
Feb 5Stars in Gulf Screen Guild broadcast with Jane Withers on CBS.
Feb 24Attends preview of the film Kentucky with Dixie at Carthay Circle, Hollywood.
Feb 25Sings at Barbara Stanwyck's party.
Mar 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Frances Langford, William Frawley, Joan Bennett, Pat O'Brien, Florence George, Chester Morris, Matty Malneck Orchestra, Ralph Bellamy and Rudolph Ganz.
Mar 7Rehearses songs from East Side of Heaven.
Mar 10Records four songs from East Side Of Heaven.
Mar 15/22/27/31Recording dates in Hollywood including the songs 'Deep Purple' and 'Stardust'.
Apr 3/5Records in Hollywood, including 'El Rancho Grande'.
Apr 6/13/20/27Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Alan Mowbray, Rosemary Lane, Jackie Cooper, Roland Young, J. Carrol Naish, Leo McCarey, John Wayne and Irene Hervey.
Apr 8/9Bing is at Palm Springs and plays tennis at the Racquet Club. Errol Flynn, Paul Lukas, Charles Farrell, Frank Morgan and other film stars are also in attendance during the weekend.
Apr 17 - JunFilms The Star Maker with Louise Campbell and Linda Ware.
Apr 17Takes part in broadcast of Joe Louis versus Roper fight at 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time from Wrigley Field, Los Angeles. Louis knocks Roper out in the first round. Bing provides commentary on the many celebrities in the 25,000 crowd.
Apr 22Bing joins Dixie at Estrella Villas, Palm Springs for a few days vacation.
Apr 25FBI agents guard Bing's Toluca Lake home after two men are overheard discussing a plot to kidnap one of Bing's sons.
May 4East Side of Heaven has New York premiere at Radio City Music Hall.
May 4/11/18/25Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Freddie Bartholomew, Gladys Swarthout, Bruce Cabot, Wendy Barrie, Louis Hayward and Basil Rathbone.
Bing and Dixie entertain a dinner and dancing party at the Cafe Lamaze for Rita and Eddie Lowe, the Dave Butlers and the Herb Polesies.
Jun 1/8Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Walter Damrosch, Walter Huston, Bert Lahr, Linda Ware and Lucille Ball.
Jun 9Recording date in Hollywood where Bing has his most famous 'blow-up' 'Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams'.
Jun 12Records songs from The Star Maker.
Jun 13/14/22Records in Hollywood including 'My Isle of Golden Dreams'. To many, these sessions represent Bing at the peak of his vocal powers.
Jun 14(5 p.m.) Takes part in 'America Calling' radio show singing 'God Bless America'.
Jun 15Bing's last appearance on KMH until July 20. The guests are Donald Meek and Walter Connolly.
Jun 22Everett Crosby gives evidence in fraud trial of William P. Buckner. Part of the fraud involved attempting to borrow $35,000 from Bing on which a 20% profit was promised.
Jun 30Bing records more songs from The Star Maker in Hollywood.
Jul 12In Boston to see Ligaroti run in the Massachusetts Handicap at Suffolk Downs. The horse finishes eleventh out of twelve.
Jul 20Makes a 'guest' appearance on KMH show to plug songs from The Star Maker.
Jul 25Bing's horse 'Midge' wins at Hollywood Park. Bing sends a good-sized bet with a friend but the friend does not get to the track in time.
Aug 2Bing is at Del Mar for the opening of the 24-day race meeting.
Aug 18Attends a gala dinner in the Fiesta Room of the Ambassador Hotel to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of Gus Edwards.
Aug 30The Star Maker has New York premiere.
Sep 3Great Britain issues formal declaration of war with Germany.
Sep 8The Crosby twins enter the Good Samaritan Hospital to have their tonsils removed. Bing has departed for New York and is unaware of the plans for the operation. Presumably the death of Eddie Lang following a tonsillectomy in 1933 was a factor in the subterfuge.
Bing jumps off a 50 foot high board to settle a wager with his friend Harvey Shaeffer at Billy Rose's Aquacade Review in the New York World's Fair at Flushing Meadow. Earlier in the day, Bing and Shaeffer had played golf at Meadowbrook.
Sep 20In New York at the Decca studios at 50 West 57th. Street, Bing records with the Andrews Sisters for the first time. The songs are 'Ciribiribin' and 'Yodelin' Jive'. Joe Venuti and his Orchestra provide the accompaniment.
Sep 28(7-8 p.m.) Back on the West Coast, Bing returns to the KMH show with guests Jackie Cooper, and Bobby Riggs (tennis champion). Appears weekly until June 20, 1940. The audience share for the season is 23.3.
Sep 29Bing is in the news for alleged income tax evasion of $178,000 during the years 1935-37, with special mention of $10,000 which had represented deductible losses on certain unspecified horses. Bing refutes this.
Signs contract with KMH for 1940 (with option for further 10 years).
Oct 1Bing plays an exhibition golf match at Virginia Country Club, Long Beach, California in a mixed foursome with Richard Arlen, Elizabeth Hicks and Patti Berg. Bing and Miss Hicks win 3 and 2. Bing cards a 73.
Oct 2 - DecBing, Bob Hope, and Dorothy Lamour film Road to Singapore, the first of the famous series.
Oct 5/12/19/26Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Wendy Barrie, Earle Stanley Gardner, Reginald Gardiner, Rosemary Lane, Jack Oakie, Walter Connolly, Kirsten Flagstad, Sterling Holloway, Brian Aherne, John Payne and Frankie Albertson.
Oct 8Helps to attract the largest attendance (187,730) at the Golden Gate International Exposition on Treasure Island, San Francisco where he sings with George Olsen and his band in two free shows.
OctBing's parents are burglarised for the third time at their Toluca Lake home in as many months.
Nov 2/9/16/23/30Bing's KMH shows. Guests include Joan Bennett, Lou Holtz, Larry Adler, Chester Morris, Lucille Ball, Louis Hayward, Reginald Gardiner, Harry Carey, Stuart Erwin and Shirley Ross.
Dec 7/14/21/28Bing hosts the KMH on these dates. Guests include Jackie Cooper, Claude Rains, Fay Bainter, Maria Ouspenskaya, Jack Holt, Efrem Zimbalist, Una Merkel and the Kraft Choral Society.
Dec 10Stars in Gulf Screen Guild radio show 'Mr. Jinx Goes To Sea' with Andy Devine and Jean Parker on CBS. The show originates from Earl Carroll's theater-restaurant in Hollywood.
Dec 13Elected as a director of Western Golf Association.
Dec 15Records three songs from Road To Singapore in Hollywood.

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