(Rodgers, Hart)

Bing took two of Rodgers and Hart's tunes from the movie Mississippi starring Bing and W.C. Fields to the top of the charts in 1935: "Soon" and "It's Easy to Remember." Bing recorded both songs Feb. 21, 1935, with the Georgie Stoll Orchestra. "Soon" topped the charts for a week, and stayed on the charts a total of 11 weeks.

Soon, maybe not tomorrow
But soon there'll just be two of us.
Soon you and I will borrow
The moon for just the two of us.
Sweetly and so discreetly
We'll be completely alone
No other world, only our own.

Now we must be contented
With schemes about the two of us.
Yet we can have our sweet-scented dreams
That will come true of us.
For presently and pleasantly
Our hearts will be in tune
So soon, maybe not tomorrow, but soon.

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