News and Views assembled by Steven Lewis

Dr. Fauci, man of pseudoscience. (video)

Fraud in biomedical research. How money and politics have corrupted science and medicine.

Public health scientists are following the lead of climate scientists on how to manipulate data collection to fit the desired outcome.

The art of deception -- or what really happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Diversity -- overdefined by intension, underdefined by extension.

How the 2020 election was stolen. (video)

How the science of medicine was corrupted by money and politics.

How the word "science" replaced "abracadabra."

How the Physics of Resonance Shapes Reality.

The way things used to be.

"Vaccine." Overdefined by affect, underdefined by data. (video)

Piercing the illusion of democracy.

New book documents the sinister origin of COVID-19.

Lies, damned lies and medical statistics. (PDF)

16,000 deaths in 8 months linked to COVID-19 vaccines in the United States according to the FDA / CDC VAERS database. Why do the mainstream media not report these data to give the public "informed consent"?

The developing dystopia. (video)

Plandemic Indocrination -- those who control our symbols control us. (video)

After the corrupting influence of money and politics, can science be made great again?

How the FDA and CDC lie with statistics.

How the term "case" became of tool of misdirection.

The war on reality and the Covidian Cult.

The PCR Test pandemic. (video)

The great COVID-19 deception.

Another lesson on how greed can corrupt science.

The language of the war on COVID-19.

If you won the lottery and the prize was $5 would it make any difference in your life? The difference between statistical and clinical significance.

What's wrong with higher education in the United States?

America's growing news media pathology.

Time Magazine reveals how a Corporate "shadow campaign" elected Joe Biden.

The rise of corporate fascism in the United States.

The oxymoron of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Big Tech and Corporate Media double down on their assault on democracy in the United States.

The crisis in free speech in America. (video)

If not for double-standards some people would have no standards at all.

How Big Tech, Corporate Media, and the Democrats staged the November coup. (PDF)

Choose your words = choose your weapons.

Media censorship and coordinated deception, compelled speech, mass fear-mongering, fake news, fake fans, fake tyrants, fake elections. "Those who rule our symbols, rule us." (Korzybski, SS p41)

The limitations of scientific modelling of complex issues. (video)

The corporate media's conspiracy of silence.

An extensional evaluation of crime in the United States. (video, initially censored)

The crisis of reproducibility in science.

How money and politics have corrupted university research and stifled free inquiry.

Even legitimate photos can lie if you don't know the context.

The trouble with experts is that they know so much they think they can predict the future.

The new natural order -- politics first, science next. (video)

Dehumanizing a generation of kids. (video)

Predicting is hard, especially about the future. (video)

Groupthink and mass hysteria in the Black community.

Anecdotes vs data -- the former arouses emotions, the latter puts anecdotes in perspective.

Unfalsifiable theories. (video)

Climate science -- how politics and money corrupted a science. (videos)

The coronavirus panic-demic and the failure of models. (video)

The trouble with experts is that their increased knowledge deludes them into believing they can predict the future.

Cause of death classification -- the distinction between "die with" and "die because of" and the financial incentives for classification bias.

Metacognition -- multiordinality for the 21st century.

How to deceive with graphs. (video)

Peak oil and the difficulty of predicting the future in a non-linear world where unforeseen discoveries can revolutionize outcomes.

Adjusting the data to fit the theory -- a reversal of the natural order of evaluation. (video)

The misdirection of the phrase climate change denier.

The endless multiplication of categories of victimization was solved long ago by Korzybski's emphasis on non-identity.

Medicine's growing acceptance of the principle of individuality.

In the old days you went to a doctor because you were sick. Today we are encouraged to go to the doctor and get "screened" when we are well. This new paradigm has led to some unfortunate outcomes.

Consensus is meaningless if scientists refuse to debate their skeptical colleagues while ostracising them and denying them funding. (video)

Can every place on Earth be above average? (video)

Google manipulation of search results. (video)

James Flynn's new book rejected because he quotes forbidden views in order to discredit them. (video)

San Francisco bans labels like "felons" and "juvenile delinquents" but not the "is of identity."

Hockey stick author, not "scientist," loses lawsuit because he refuses to reveal his data and methods of generating the now discredited graph.

The Church retarded the progress of science for centuries. Now academia has taken over the role of the Church. (video)

Myths and realities in U.S. national politics. (video)

Life on the logarithmic and exponential growth curves. Video

Consciousness of abstracting -- a learned general cognitive ability not assessed in intelligence tests.

Cortical thickness and general intelligence in humans.

The toxicity of news.

When science is not self-correcting.

"No hate, no fear." The misdirection of militants who spread hate and fear. (video)

Humans did not leave the stone age because we ran out of stones.

Google, the largest disseminator of information online, also polices the flow of information to suit the company's political bias and then lies about it. (video) Investigate Big Tech and they will punish you.

Words forbidden for some but not for others, politicized to use as weapons against those you disagree.

The magic of words and Dr. Pangloss' "best of all possible worlds."

Glacier National Park quietly removes signs that reveal once again the lack of predictability of climate scientists.

The descent of a culture into insanity. (video)

E.O. Wilson, Harvard sociobiologist, discusses the politicization of science.

The world will end in 1970 1980 1990 2000 2014 in 12 years! A newspaper anthology of mistaken environmental doom and gloom.

The four horsemen of irreproducibility.

If this link takes too long to load, be patient.

From Communism to Islam. (text) Psychiatrist Carl Jung compared Nazi ideology to Islam. (video)

If the data don't support your theory, change the data. (video) Analysis.

When science becomes religion, skepticism becomes heresy.

Hoaxers expose rampant pseudoscience in academia. Instead of thanking the hoaxers for revealing academic corruption, the response of academia is to condemn them.

Those who don't study history are condemned to make fools of themselves. (video)

Show me the man and I'll find you a crime. The consequences of politicizing the judicial system.

A general semantics of denial. (video)

The resurgence of blasphemy laws. (video)

Unlike real science, which is based on transparency and skepticism, state-sponsored AGW, the "settled science", is a pseudoscience that hides data and punishes experts who dare to disagree.

Predictability, not enforced consensus, is the ultimate test of a theory in real science.

Frontiers in the colloidal behavior of protoplasm.

Famine 1975! and The Population Bomb. How scientists stoking fear led to human rights abuses.

The impact of ideology and the need for funding lead to fear-mongering in science and society.

Academic mobbing and the forbidden science.

China's "social credit system" spreads to the West through companies that deny use of their services if they don't approve of your opinions, speech or associations.

How 4 independent researchers exposed corruption in climate science. (podcast)

Physics unhinged. (video)

The vicious circle of cancer screening. (video)

University enforces politicized 'science.'

News your supplement salesperson probably won't mention.

How the mass media create news. (video)

Climate modeling -- consistently and spectacularly wrong. (video)

Einstein vs Bergson and the meaning of 'time.'

Forbidden knowledge -- IQ differences among populations. (video) The evolution of human intelligence (PDF) and an interview with psychologist Jordan Peterson (video).

Servants or slaves? The battle for position in the oppression olympics.

Coddle U. vs. Strengthen U. (Video)

The Left's war on science and video.

Adding diversity and transparency to the science at the EPA.

Social media, confirmation bias and the growing need for consciousness of abstracting.

Why Korzybski waned.

The two-valued determinism of Steven Pinker in evaluating Korzybski, Sapir and Whorf's observations that language reflects and reinforces our evaluations.

Colloid science's new name.

Antifa stands for "anti-fascist" -- the "anti" being superfluous. (video)

The modern version of "false flags" is more sophisticated than the former hoisting of a friendly flag to deceive your opponent into allowing you close.

For the mainstream media it's agenda first, get the facts later.

Life is composed of individuals, from whom we can abstract endless characteristics to classify them into an endless number of groups and categories.

Peak oil 1970 and other authoritative failed predictions.

Graduates of elite colleges excel primarily because of their genes, not their college education.

Don Rickles and George Carlin could not survive in the politically-correct world of comedy today.

Hip-Hop gets a #Metoo pass.

The SJW attack on science-mathematical methods.

Jordan Peterson returns to Harvard. (video)

National Labor Relations Board document claims the citation of studies published in the scientific literature on sexual differences are sexual harassment. (video)

Prophets of doom. (video)

The organization that cried "hate" and became rich.

Most published humanities papers never get cited. (video)

Unsanity on a college campus.

Why scientists need skeptics: the perils of confirmation bias -- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

The rise of "gotcha" journalism and 'fake news' in the Age of Trump.

Social justice warriors cite gender 'violence' to shut down free inquiry at Canadian university.

A lesson on how to lie with statistics. (video)

EPA to restrict recipients of its grant money from serving on advisory committees.

Institutional disconfirmation -- an antidote to confirmation bias in the academy. (video)

Steven Pinker on language and the brain. (video)

Groupthink in climate science -- self-righteous "save the planet," no debate, intolerant of dissent, stereotype and smear skeptical scientists ("deniers"), illusion of unanimity ("97%").

Assessing the damage to the credibility of science in the wake of climate science corruption.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when fear-mongering drives asymptomatic women to risk their health through overdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Anti-depressant meds -- statistical versus clinical significance. Meanwhile, the suicide rate in United States is higher today than when the SSRIs were introduced in the late 1980s.

The Rabbit God vs. the Duck God.

Campus social justice warriors reject science.

Meaningless virtue signaling when the NBA says it is committed to core values of equality, diversity, inclusion, even though: (1) there are no players shorter than 5'9"; (2) no players with an ADA physical disability; (3) no female players; (4) 74% of NBA players are black males when black males compose less than 12 percent of the U.S. male population; and (5) only one team is declared the champion at the end of the season. Beyond its verbal misdirection the NBA is in reality committed to meritocracy.

Why predictability, not consensus, is the fundamental test of a theory. (video)

How polarizing an issue discourages discussion and prevents agreement.

Has peer review in science degenerated into filtering for ideology and consensus instead of quality?

Hey, Google, How Do You Prepare a Country for Totalitarianism?

Warning: medicine can be harmful to your health.

Whatever became of the 1970s global cooling scare?

Time binding in reverse -- the story of the Muslim conquest of southern Spain. (audio)

Another hoax escapes the peer reviewers of a social science journal.

Religion and consumerism as virtual reality games.

Why does the world exist? Korzybski would call this a meaningless question, akin to "Where is the beginning of a circle?"

As structure is the only content of knowledge, we must analyze the world in structural terms including "levels" and "orders."

Number please!

Forbidden knowledge. (audio)

Free speech for me but not for thee.

Everybody's out of town.

The politicization of the term "science."

Jordan Peterson's battle against the Canadian government's micromanagement of speech. (interview)

In the Golden Age of Radio sponsors owned the shows and wrote the scripts.

The hypocrisy of those who fret that the Russians may have interferred in the U.S. election.

The mainstream media have abandoned even the pretense of objectivity.

The Soviet Lysenko agricultural debacle and the perils of politicized science.

Methods of the magicians in climate science. (video)

The folly of Mind Uploading -- a return to the elementalistic "essenses" or "soul" or "ghost in a machine" standard of evaluation.

What Whole Foods and the Creation Museum have in common.

The rise of identity politics and decline of free speech in higher education. (video)

The e-prime of PC culture -- will Johnson and woman become Johnperson and woperson too?

Barack Obama's deception called "hope and change" and his legacy, Donald Trump. (video interviews with Michael Hudson)

More evidence of the decline of civility and free speech in higher education America.

We must consider ourselves as a symbolic, semantic class of life, and those who rule the symbols, rule us. -- Alfred Korzybski (video)

Skepticism vs. consensus in climate science. (video)

In the 1920s a childless Mr. and Mrs. Korzybski consulted a goat gland doctor for advice on getting pregnant. (video)

Korzybski's first question on meeting Anatol Rapoport was, "How many times have you read my book?" Rapoport was not amused.

"Moron," "idiot" and "imbecile" were once technical terms based on measured IQ.

Bias in science.

Good intentions and their unintended consequences. A lesson in non-allness.

Problem: Your consumers don't like sugar in their foods. Solution: Give the "sugar" a new name.

The flaw in the 'science' of predicting the future.

H.G. Wells considered 'time travel' a mere plot element in fictional literature. Others, however, identify travel through 'space' with literal travel through 'time.' This is a akin to confusing the spatial dimensions of up-down with left-right.

In the 21st century the definition of a "tolerant" "diverse" society is how easy it is to shut down dissenting views.

Matt Ridley's critique of climate science and the greening of the Earth. (video)

The latest revision in astronomical speculations about the 'size of the universe.' More to come.

New York University censors Nobel Laureate James Watson in the name of diversity and inclusion.

Insults and epithets trump thoughtful discourse at Yale.

Academia beyond parody.

The race debate in America -- where facts-in-context matter less than politics.

Although he did suggest "parallel classes" (S&S page 487), Korzybski relied mostly on case studies to document the effectiveness of his General Semantics. Meanwhile, in the 1940s a new "gold standard" emerged -- the randomized controlled trial.

The science is settled. We took a vote. No more questioning will be tolerated. (video) The heretical atmospheric physics of Dr. Salby.

Now Judicial Watch wants to prosecute Oliver Stone for producing a favorable biopic of Edward Snowden.

Publication bias may be harmful to your health.

Can opioid therapy for depression fulfill the promise of the discredited monoamine theory?

Confusing the general with the particular in evidence-based medicine. (video)

Reflections on psychiatric labeling and the Rosenhan experiment.

Dr. Richard Lindzen discusses climate change. (audio)

President Obama isn't the only one who has word blockages.

Will free speech become a casualty of "diversity"?

How the biases of judges determine the facts they find important and the case law they choose to cite to justify their decisions.

Battle of the labels -- portray your side using euphemisms such as "inclusive," "multicultural," "welcoming" and use slur words to label those who express alternative views -- "xenophobic," "isolationist," "extremist," "hater," "racist."

Why most published research findings are false.

The problem with internet quotations is that they are often fake. -- Alfred Korzybski

PC includes saying what powerful interest groups want you to say regardless of the factual reality -- a reversal of the natural order of evaluation. The emperor in fact may be naked, but you could be punished for pointing out the reality.

University of Kansas took 4 months to differentiate the meanings of words by context, something some current graduate "communications" students seem unable to do.

Richard Feynman discusses Time-Binding.

The Gospel of John Frum.

Karl Popper explains how to open the deadlocked climate policy debate.

Forty years of The Selfish Gene.

Are climate policies doing more harm than climate change?

How biased experimental design and selective publication of experimental results that emphasize statistical over clinical significance produced a legal psycho-pharmaceutical empire.

The United States incarceration rate is the highest in the world.

The Federal government's jihad against opioids and its unintended consequences.

The limitations of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

How consensus can hinder advances in knowledge.

Fifty ways to leave your lover, but 2845 ways to spin your risks.

Statistician exposes more climate change misdirection.

The trouble with evidence-based medicine.

Historian Tom Holland on the history of Islam. (video)

Please don't tell Brianna I'm in Heaven.

Why educated people can be so gullible.

Benefits of physical therapy mostly placebo effect and coincidence.

The case of the missing intelligent extraterrestrial life.

How medicine has usurped the language of religion -- 'Jesus may save,' but medicine merely delays and prolongs.

Controlling nature through meaningless gestures.

Free speech does not merely entail the right to protest opinions you object to. It also means acknowledging people's right to hold those opinions in the first place.

From the medical center that offered a waiting list for heart transplants without a heart transplant program comes a program featuring IV Vitamin C as a treatment for cancer.

Why climate science is not self-correcting.

Pink Flamingoes and Black Swans.

The mysterious disappearance of Guthrie Janssen (1916-1990), who with Korzybski's tutorage edited Science and Sanity to less than 300 pages and who later edited General Semantics out of his life.

More evidence of publication bias in science.

Taking climate change hysteria to the bank.

Like the Millerites and other religious doomsayers, 'climate scientists' must learn to stop assigning near and specific dates to their apocalyptic predictions unless they wish to be exposed as false prophets.

Group bullying is a means of demonstrating political power.

S/he Prime.

Cost-benefit analyses don't sit well with environmental alarmists.

The computers that cried "Wolf."

How to use fear, anxiety and misleading terms to persuade the masses.

Climate change and the nature of the Holy Trinity.

The lesson of King Canute.

The language of the hunter.

The Grammar Gestapo have been superseded by the Politically Correct Gestapo.

The politics of science.

The national security state perpetual motion machine.

When science degenerates from a search for truth into courtroom advocacy.

We've searched for truth in group data forgetting that life is made of unique individuals.

What was once labeled "adultery" and "infidelity" has become a 'sexual orientation' -- polyamory.

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

The suppression of free speech is justified on principles of tolerance and pluralism - once viewed as the values underlying free speech.

A Bayesian interpretation of quantum mechanics.

The evolution of the "troll."

Korzybski produced the 'unified field theory' linking psychology and physiology that Pavlov aspired.

How the search for funding pressures scientists to exaggerate their research findings.

USDA science consensus group on the verge of scrapping 4 decades of dietary cholesterol guidelines.

He who frames the question has an advantage in a debate.

The map is not territory, even when it's a label on an herbal supplement.

The Earth's complexity seems beyond the grasp of the prevailing climate models.

Science has no necessary boundaries for explanation; it does have boundaries on what explanations can be.

University police spokesman regrets that the police can't be everywhere watching everyone.

Why cops target black youth. Video at 10.

The smear campaign professional climate scientists must endure for suggesting the climate hysteria may be 'butt naked.'

Obsess with answering meaningless questions and you may end up in an insane asylum with Cantor. (BBC video)

Was 2014 the warmest year on record?

Confusing words with their meanings: if "man" and "mankind" must be gender specific and avoided, what then do we make of "huMAN," "woMAN," "feMALE," "MANhatten," "freshMAN" or "Emily JohnSON"?

The bizarre world of climate terrorism and the good old days.

"I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don't want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public". -- Booker T. Washington

Beware the health advice from TV talk shows.

Inconvenient truths.

The predictability of climate models has gotten poorer, not better, in the last 15 years. Result: climate scientists again recede the goal posts.

Advocacy journalism -- write your story then find someone willing to fill in the details anonymously. If you can't find victims with the details you need, invent them.

When the facts matter less than the conclusions.

The perils of groupthink.

Hell on ice.

Pavlov's dogs.

Ignorance of ignorance.

The right to be offended is the flip side of free speech.


The myth of Camelot.

Billions of government dollars and countless international conferences and publications over a quarter century have failed to abate the release of anthropogenic CO2.

What began as Armistice Day to celebrate the end of the "war to end all wars" has morphed into a celebration of militarism. (video)

From the British perspective the Founding Fathers of the United States were terrorists.

Dr. Steve Keen dissects the failures of macroeconomic models and Dr. Judith Curry dissects the failures of climate models. (videos)

Jared Diamond's take on why some humans came to dominate others.

Land of the fearful, home of the panicked.

The ascendance of the sex police in higher education.

Rewriting history. NATO expands toward Russia's border but the Western spin has Russia encroaching on the West.

When their working day is done trolls (internet bullies) just want to have fun.

Can student evaluations be counter-productive to student learning?

Science focuses on statistical significance; anecdotes, meanwhile, can be useful teaching tools and illustrate the uniqueness of individuals obscured by generalizations.

Who benefits financially from a college education?

Manufacturing consent through fear.

From the Garden of Eden to the Big Bang -- creation myths are alive and well in America today.

Sometimes obtuse verbiage is a facade for a vacuum of ideas. Sometimes obscure terms extend meanings beyond ordinary usage.

The incestuous relationship between Federal regulators and banks "too big to fail."

The United States' dysfunctional health care system.

Red Scare redux.

How do you promote a pro-science message by saying that the facts don't really matter?

The misdirection of financial terms -- i.e. "credit" cards instead of "debt" cards.

The disappearance of independent investigative journalism and serious news.

The Global Commission on Drug Policy takes on the punitive war against drugs that has transformed the United States into the world's leading jailer.

Methods of deception in climate science.

The gag order from a settled science.

A major problem with translation is deficiency of experiences, not lack of words or different languages. The difficulty may be cultural ("honor killings") or merely personal. One who has never been 'in love' or suffered from suicidal depression will find these expressions difficult to grasp.

The pitfalls of identity politics.

The lynch mob mentality and confusing the orders of abstractions.

Hormesis -- the individuality of dose.

"Terrorist" -- say the word and the adrenalin flows.

Commercial banks in the United States can create money legally and few complain, although most mistakenly believe banks loan out their depositors' money. If the Federal government creates money to fund education or infrastructure via the Federal Reserve we hear cries of gloom and doom.

The United States remains the world's leading police state, thanks largely to the war on drugs. Americans, meanwhile, enjoy the freedom to consume -- and rack up a mountain of personal debt.

Physicist searches attic, basement, closet and her Apple laptop, but still no trace of "dark matter" -- the "most abundant mass in the universe." Perhaps the search should be turned over to climate scientists.

Alfred Wegener, a modest and meticulous meteorologist, proposed the theory of continental drift in 1915 only to be attacked and then ignored by the scientific community. It took half a century before his theory became science orthodoxy.

McWhorter's elementalistic treatment of 'language' ignores the broader context of the neuro-linguistic and neuro-semantic environments. The greater variety of terms denoting subtle differences in critical features of the environments of different peoples anticipates Korzybski's training program to develop a consciousness of abstracting to counteract the intensional structure of our languages.

"Research proves ..." just about anything you want it to.

Perhaps for RFK Jr. it's the years of drug abuse, not the mercury, that did the brain damage.

Science lacks guidelines for when you stop patching prevailing theories and chuck them for alternative ones. Can scientists be so modest to accept we lack data for consensus on any unified theory?

Jesus -- the man in the looking glass.

Utterances that serve only a social function, rather than convey information.

PTSD overdiagnosis.

The multiplicity of terms for "tree" among arborists reflects the diversity of trees and the training of arborists to discern them. Korzybski wanted to accomplish something similar but more generally for the masses through training in the extensional devices ....

The quantum world, like technology, will seem like magic to those who do not understand the mechanisms or lack the epistemology to interpret the results of experiments. What the authors don't comprehend is that a probabilistic world is also deterministic. They confuse the map-maker with the territory.

The trivialization of the word "hero."

A short-attention span generation will need Science and Sanity as tweets, not treatises.

Stoking the fear of change: if biological non-aging can be a human goal, why should the physical world change?

Reading the mind of rats or projecting the mind of humans?

Death has a pre-conception.

Education that both liberates from and involves one in their society.

So rich they could buy your home town.

Green prophet of doom apologizes for getting it wrong.

The abuse of diagnostic labels.

Predictability, not consensus, is the fundamental test of a theory ("map").

Fear sells. When the media aren't scaring the public about immediate threats they resort to alarming us about potential threats a century away.

More disease mongering -- creating new markets by creating new diseases.

The end of privacy. (video)

Michael Crichton and Bruce Ames discuss the science and politics of fear. (video)

Two examples of the politicization of science -- Soviet agriculture under Stalin and Khrushchev and climate alarmism in western democracies.

Will climate change make us more stupid? Dr. Richard Lindzen deconstructs global warming propaganda. (video)

The West supported a coup against a legal government, then blames Russia for the chaos and violence that followed.

The commercialization of holy days (a.k.a. "holidays").

Prepare for a surge in ADHD diagnoses.

Your doctor may be bad for your health.

Hide the decline and "the science is settled" -- when climate science jumped the shark to become climate propaganda.

Wikipedia -- the people's encyclopedia, where Horace Clarke gets the same attention as Cassius Jackson Keyser.

In the first half of the 20th century the human eugenics movement appealed to scientists and politicians, and not just those in Nazi Germany.

Circumcision began as a religious ritual that later became rationalized on medical grounds. Are there any non-essential body parts whose removal couldn't be justified somehow medically?

Steven Pinker channels Stuart Chase.

Dartmouth student protesters issue their demands, including quotas, censorship, unisex restrooms and health-care coverage for transgender surgery.

The future of futurology.

The IPCC dilemma -- how to admit your alarmism was wildly exaggerated without losing all credibility and government funding.

A co-author of the recent IPCC report on climate change takes the heat for daring to criticize the apocalyptic tone of the report. The corrupting mix of money, politics and science.

Be tolerant of my views, but not those who disagree with me.

The right stuff: why it took more than a decade and a scientist's risky experiment to overcome groupthink among gastroenterologists and greed among pharmaceutical companies to win recognition that H. Pylori, not stress, was the primary cause of peptic ulcers.

Contrary to popular reports, your risk of death is still 100%.

The dismal art of economic forecasting.

Einstein's interaction with Velikovsky illustrates the importance of discussion over censure in science.

Freemon Dyson's interest in mathematics was born from reading E.T. Bell's Men of Mathematics.

James Lovelock, former global warming alarmist, labels much of environmentalism as religion, and warns of the difficulty of predicting the future.

After 25 years and thousands of harmful biopsies and prostatectomies, the American Urology Association grudgingly reverses its consensus recommending the PSA blood test. What took the association so long? Diagnosis and treatment of 'prostate cancer' was lucrative business for urologists and hospitals. Will the breast cancer screening consensus be the next to go bust?

The 97% consensus deception. Even the so-called deniers among climate scientists are included in the 97%.

"I love Jenni's freckles." Say what?

Global warming apocalypse postponed from 2016 to 2036. What happens when your gloom-and-doom predictions do not materialize? Predict more extreme gloom-and-doom for later. Don't ever admit to being wrong, just premature. Jesus will return eventually, right?

Don't mess with Mr. In-Between.

E-prime's bossy attempt to ban words has proven as unsuccessful as many similar attempts.

What did Dr. James Hansen, chief scientific doomsayer for catastrophic global warming, learn from Dr. Paul Ehrlich, famed prognosticator of the massive global famines that never happened? Fear sells.

How a fake Nobel Laureate uses the legal system to silence critics of his research.

The perils of prediction: NOAA predicted the winter of 2013-14 would be warmer than normal for the United States.

John "the sky is falling" Kerry warns of mass destruction from man-made global warming. MIT climate scientist Richard Lindzen deconstructs climate science and with Canadian climate scientist Hadi Dowlatabadi the government deceptions. (YouTube)

Police State: Another example of why the United States leads the world in per capita incarceration.

The myth and reality of Russia's 'anti-gay' law.

Alternative medicine gurus argue for the retirement of rigorous evidence-based medicine.

Will the public relations campaign to beautify Amanda Knox trump the evidence?

The speed of consciousness.

Cargo cult education.

How climate scientists use fear to keep their government research grants flowing.

Systemic bias in science.

Vitamin D hype takes another hit.

The downside of group-think and why mainstream Bible scholars reject the latest Jesus myth arguments developed by outsiders like Earl Doherty.

More documentation of overtreatment in American medicine: fake knee surgery found to be as effective as real surgical intervention for meniscal tears.

Korzybski was convinced he had observed 'mindreading' or 'telepathy' between humans. Unfortunately, he and the conjurers who snookered him never met the Amazing Randi, whose $1 million award courtesy of Johnny Carson remains unearned. Even the late Sylvia Browne would not let her 'clairvoyance' be rigorously tested.

Another lesson from society's criminalization of essentially victimless behaviors.

The placebo effect as non-specific psychotherapy.

The American economy is like a drug addict caught in a vicious cycle of insatiable consumption.

The new forbidden words are related to race and sexual preferences, not fornication and excrement.

How money can bias and corrupt science. The continuing story of a disgraced scientist, who was paid by lawyers to produce a study relating childhood vaccination to autism. The courts ignore the science and the 'Jenny McCarthy' bloggers misrepresent the research. Can you find any mention of vaccines in the cited study?

The Kevin Trudeau he doesn't want you to know about. Unlike the Wall Street banksters, Trudeau wasn't too big for the government to prosecute. The sad stories of Gullibles' Travels.

Free market mythology.

Snowden sacrificed his home and his job to reveal U.S. government corruption. What did the elderly Pope risk?

Economists aren't the only bad soothsayers. The 1970s were rife with expert predictions of massive starvation and a global cooling. Even the Club of Rome supercomputer got it wrong.

Extreme heat, extreme cold, extreme drought, extreme rainfall, any hurricane or tornado ... all prove anthropogenic global warming. (YouTube video.) Karl Popper would be aghast.

The secrecy and greed that corrupts the health care system in the United States.

Another triumph for Big Pharma -- changing the rules to create more patients, increases the risk of harm from overtreatment, and raises the costs of health care.

Man Bites Dog makes the front page of science journals, not just pop publications.

Are you considering endowing an institution of higher education? Why not choose one that supports its faculty to provide free online expertise and content?

Did you survive "Breast Cancer Awareness Month"? The difficulty of cancer diagnosis is to differentiate meaningless noise from meaningful signs.

Science needs more peer review AND open access to alternative views.

The trouble with and without peer review.

A first world country with a third world health care system.

"Political donations" or legalized "bribery"?

The top 1% have done considerable better in recent years than minimum wage workers, but it's not "eat my dust" it is "shine my shoes."

Expose corruption, go to jail. Corrupt CEO? Bypass jail and collect bonus pay.

Police State: the United States has 5% of the world's population but 25% of the world's prisoners.

The decline of brain-based learning. Many students still prefer liver-based learning.

The limitations of "peer review" and "consensus" in science. "Scientists" are humans too.

An economics anti-textbook for a 'science' that failed to predict the crash of 2008.

While the United States of Fear pumps billions of dollars into a military-corporate security state, the Institute of Medicine calculates that more than 15,000 Americans die needlessly each year for lack of health coverage. Whatever became of fear-not leaders like FDR?

Capitalism and Friedman.

Not much bang for the buck: United States ranks first in per capita health care expenditures but 27th in life expectancy.

In the Medieval world of Islam, a rape conviction requires either a confession OR four adult male witnesses to the attack.

A trip to the grocery store reveals the 'universe' is shrinking, not expanding.

The new McCarthyism -- a 'witch hunt' for racists instead of communists.

The replacement of a 'material ether' with the notion that deep space is an empty void -- a 'nothingness' instead of a fullness -- led astronomers to interpret Hubble's galactic redshifts as an expanding 'universe' instead of a consequence of light interacting with the interstellar fullness. Contrary to the superficial history presented in astronomy texts and websites, Hubble himself never accepted the expanding 'universe' interpretation.

"We will not rest until racial profiling in all its forms is outlawed." -- NAACP President. "There is nothing more painful to me ... than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery, then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved." -- Jesse Jackson.

The United States keeps two sets of books regarding political 'crimes.'

When seeing is believing and disbelieving.

More restrictions on free speech in Putin's Russia.

The Nazi (Goering) and the General Semanticist (Douglas M. Kelley) coming to a bookstore and theater near you.

The mysterious suicide by potassium cyanide of Nuremberg psychiatrist Dr. Douglas M. Kelley, a Korzybski colleague and general semantics educator.

"I have yet to see a normal patient."

The sad state of psychiatric diagnostics and research.

Reefer madness in Kansas.

New study suggests the addictive pleasure of money.

Lies, damned lies and fake quotes.

Why did God create life? When and how did the Universe begin? Whole disciplines have been built around word salads masquerading as questions.

Faith's blind eye to facts -- a reversal of the natural order of evaluation.

New Pew Ressearch study reveals the post-2008 recovery widened the wealth gap between the upper 7% and the rest of Americans.

One change Mrs. Thatcher did not dare attempt was privatization of the British National Health Service.

"It is not instruction, but provocation, that I can receive from another soul."

Evolution of the American Dream.

Those who rule our symbols rule us. Mass media ownership, money creation, wealth distribution and justice in America. Whatever became of FDR's Economic Bill of Rights (1944)?

Priming the unconscious.

I cannot recommend this essay too highly.

Why psychiatrists don't talk anymore. (video)

The trouble with experts.

Money to burn.

Profiting from the uncertainty principle.

Unholy alliance.

Do I still have free speech if no one even knows I'm speaking because a tiny minority of "corporate voices" can produce a cacophony so loud that it cancels out the sound of mine?

Distant spiral galaxy and a massive galaxy cluster birthing new suns at a prodigious rate are more unsettling rips in the weltanschauung of the prevailing secular creation myth.

Alan Greenspan, the fallen JoePa of team Federal Reserve.

Robert Reich explains the financial games people play and contrasts public versus private morality. (3-minute Youtube videos)

Scientists can know only something, but only philosophers can know nothing.

Methods of video deception -- Fox News and Michael Moore.

Religion, Inc., tax-exempt and allowed to stifle free inquiry.

The language of money.

Harry Markopolos, the whistleblower who outed Bernie Madoff, speaks on who rules America. (video)

"Why is there something instead of nothing?" Ask a meaningless question and you get meaningless answers.

Time -- our sense of worldy change expressed in terms of when, before and after, earlier and later, start and finish.

Mitt Romney says he opposed democratic lobbying to lift the ban on Blacks in his Mormon faith in deference to God.

Indonesian civil servant imprisoned for blasphemy.

The subcallosal cingulate -- a subcortical bridge between thought and action.

Connectivity is not the same as a bond.

In the asylum for religious fanatics, the penalty for burning their 'holy' books is indiscriminate murder.

The 'Holy Land' continues to generate 'messiahs.'

Editing Wikipedia.

Symbols of capitalism.

Unholy books.

Free speech can get you executed in the intolerant world of Islam.

Bound and gagged. The censorship of fear.

New statistical methods attempting to evaluate individual responses instead of group averages reveal few benefit from anti-depressant medications and many get worse.

Having painted themselves into a corner, Big Bang cosmologists look for a 'quantum time tunnel' to escape.

Drinking and dining with the master raconteur.

Another example of the continuing disinformation program to thwart health care reform in the United States.

Religion as a business model.

Salman Rushdie remembers the essayist who gave him sanctuary.

More cosmological epicycles to save the appearances.

Pfizer drug trial reveals one 'cause' can produce many effects, some predicted, others unexpected.

Paul Krugman on the different kinds of debt.

The flux of digital text.

Christopher Hitchens, 1949-2011, reflects on his last days and the Ten Commandments.

In the beginning, before 'space' and 'time,' was the Word, later called the Singularity, surrounded by Absolute Nothingness. The Supreme Cosmologist said "Let there be something!" and the Singularity exploded, creating the Universe and giving birth to creation myths.

The consequence of identifying economic ends with means? Failure of the massive infusion of money by the Federal Reserve into the banking system to create jobs, even menial ones.

The rise of Big Pharma and the decline of psychotherapy.

The science of irreproducible results.

At last, a book-length biography of Korzybski.

The Rosenhan experiment demonstrated the power of initial labeling by psychiatrists in preventing reinterpretation based on later behavior.

The Amazon tribe whose language lacks an independent notion of 'time.'

News from the colloidal domain: Delaying normal colloidal protein coagulation extends life in C. elegans. In humans, coagulated proteins and mitochondria in nerve cells signal the onset of Alzheimer's disease.

Why we don't believe science.

Brain time.

The Bible -- more an anthology of questions than answers.

What's next for Dr. Maas -- Mein Kampf in e-prime?

Entropy and equilibrium in an infinite universe.

Freedom to offend.

Children's names and child abuse.

I swear.

Does religion make people nicer?

More than sheep get sacrificed in France.

The Great Hoax and the methods of science.

New study explores why more women don't pursue careers in science and engineering.

"Social contagion" -- waves in the semantic environment.

Dr. Watson discovers political correctness is more important than freedom of speech.

Is there a homeopathic cure for legal terrorism?

Bjorn Lomborg cools it.

How can 92% of the world's leading doctors be wrong?

The Intelligent Design school of Biblical archaeology.

The new New Testament: Jesus the environmental activist.

Is junk science contagious?

Gentlemen, the problem is not religion, but the confusion of the orders of abstraction, which can afflict atheists too.

All food organic, no industrial pollution, vigorous exercise routine and a life expectancy of 30.

Michael Behe's Lehigh colleagues beg to differ.

How should scientists approach religion?

We learn by building on our past knowledge and experiences .... aka by analogy.

The myths of the good old days.

Intelligent Design: The Faith that Dare not Speak Its Name.

Thirty years of the Selfish Gene.

String theory.

The media bias toward the sensational.

Einstein on quantum theory.

A breast by any other name implies a totally different context.

John Kenneth Galbraith -- Stuart Chase sans General Semantics.

The Da Vinci Code's pretentions to serious scholarship.

Humans tend to see what they believe.

Intelligent Designers are like primitive tribes who view airplanes and ships for the first time and imagine gods.

The criminalization of free speech.

How to become a millionaire.

Refusing to deny the obvious.

The relativity of poverty.

Is sports fanaticism or Nazi fanaticism akin to religious 'metaphysical' experience?

Richard Dawkins on evolution and Intelligent Design.

Empirical foundations of God.

Physicists freed from the shackles of experimental proof.

Metaphor in science.

Manipulation through fear.

The search for a common morality.

Identification begins in childhood before language.

Sir Richard Doll was to cigarette smoking what Korzybski was to identification.

Environmentalism in context.

Your ticket to Creation Summer Camp.

The compound interest of human ingenuity.

Religion as art.

Some see wine bottles, mathematicians see circles and polyhedra.

If you think you've found Absolute Truth, but others disagree, then can it be Absolute Truth or is it your relative truth that you label absolute?

The art of visualization.

Humans are different in that we cooperate with strangers.

Global warming spawns a new religion.

Feynman on science.

What Rees does not appreciate is that science is a fusion of facts and assumptions. Einstein exposed and eliminated a false assumption.

The Trojan Horse of Intelligent Design.

Einstein, Cervantes and Korzybski -- they soared beyond their times and perhaps even ours.

Einstein broadened the perspectives of physics by rooting out some erroneous assumptions.

Killer earthquake -- another crack in the god facade. Humans come to the aid of their fellow humans. Apologists scramble to salvage their ancient anthropomorphisms.

Diversity in academia.

Pavlov's brother.


The Trojan Horse of Intelligent Design.

You must remember this.

The great I Am.

The crusade against evolution.

School for scandal.

What equation is more important than that for time-binding, PR^T?

From creation myths to science.

Positive illusions.

A home-study course in trash culture.

Uptown girl in a downtown world.

Time-binding -- still largely an illusion in ethics and politics.

If the ends don't justify the means, what does?

Don't call me a terrorist.

Turning the clock back 2000 years.

A consuming culture.

The power of words.

Absolute safety.

Reason and religion.

True, false and statistics.

The wages of appeasement.

The times they are a changing.

Change blindness.

Love and critical judgement.

Diversity without freedom of evaluation becomes mere conformity.

Daniel Dennett discovers multiordinality.

Hindsight bias.

DDT and profiling -- victims of our two-valued orientation.

The pursuit of happiness.

Islamic societies -- authoritarian, inflexible and underachieving.

Poetry or perspective?

Is physicist Greene the same as the light that reflects off his surface?

Forbidden words.

A neurophysiology of religious experience.

In search of Science and sanity in the Arab world.

A paradox of choice.

The most accomplished person who ever lived? Aristotle. Murray's statistical methods miss Korzybski altogether.

Neurochemical pathways of social attachment.

Mendel's quantum theory.

Political bias on campus.

The proof is in the pudding and other thoughtless uses of language.

The Lewis Doctrine.

Builders of delusion.

From "most hated woman in America" to champion of diversity.

Dealing with the poor without creating dependency and stifling their work ethic.

The demise of slavery in the British Empire.

Evolution of medicine from treatment to prevention to enhancement.


Copyright or copyleft? Returning copyright laws to the Jeffersonian model.

The triumph of identity politics.

Robert Pula, 1928-2004. Bruce Kodish remembers.

An extensional analysis of "love."

Do ETC and the GS Bulletin need swimsuit issues?

A seduction of science.

You could cite Professor Greene's view of 'time' the next 'time' you miss your mortgage payment. Laughs and foreclosure will follow.

Meanings evolve.

A semantics of gifting.

Richard Dawkins learns that international laws appropriate for 1945 do not address the issues of the 21st century.

Noam Chomsky -- smoke without mirrors.

The environmental religion.

The chasm that separates the mathematically literate from the mathematically impotent.

The Spanish Journal of Psychology commemorates 100 years of Pavlov's dogs.

Signal reactions to words.

Neil Postman, former editor of ETC, is dead at 72.

New Age scholars and their confusion of science as a local cultural tool with science as a general method of evaluation.

With language we can lie and create verbal paradoxes that are then confused with the non-verbal world.

Word salads disguised as meaningful questions.

Science and humanism.

Forbidden words.

The rap on black success.

Will the 21st century be noted merely for technological change, or will we also experience extensionalization in our standards of evaluation?

Abstracting and selective perception.

The emperor's new clothes and other tales of political correctness.

Evolution of language.

The ballad of Chicken Little -- what a little inflammatory rhetoric can do.

Richard Dawkins uses language to raise consciousness.

The limitations of local ways of knowing. Indigenous knowledge or local gossip?

Does Asian orthography curb creativity?

Science and engineering without risk.

Placebo effect -- a physio-psycho-logical (organism-as-a-whole) effect of any treatment, whether it be intrinsically worthwhile or worthless.

Five former child orphans sue the University of Iowa over an experiment conducted by Wendell Johnson in 1939. Dr. Johnson's son responds.

Stealth creationism.

The search for certainty in a world of probability.

Good intentions paved this road to hell.

The tunnel vision of dictators. The terror that keeps them in power restricts their view of reality.

The slippery slope of slippery slopes.

Confessions of an expert witness.

The methods of science aren't foolproof, but they are indefinitely perfectible.

The deadly race to appear green.

The French resistance to forcing down the gates of hell.

Confirmation bias, the tendency to notice and remember evidence that confirms our beliefs or decisions, and to ignore, dismiss, or forget evidence that is discrepant.

Seven warning signs of pseudoscience.

Merely reliving the past, without evaluating anew, reinforces the old reactions.

Fundamentalism and the confusion of the orders of abstraction.

How to care for your introvert.

Disabled -- overdefined by intension, underdefined by extension.

Aristotle may have called them "pathe," you may call them "affects" or "emotions" or "feelings," but for Korzybski they were only one aspect of our "semantic reactions."

Debates along the edge of the Third Culture.

Not cruel, but indifferent.

A general semantic view of the nature-nuture debate.

Increased toleration is a characteristic of increased consciousness of abstracting.

The brakes are applied to another infinite velocity in physics.

The land that evolution forgot.

Junk science Oscars.

Do you use only 10% of your brain?

If your personal experiences have made you neurotic, you'll need psychiatric care when you read what happened to your ancestors.

Chimps R Us? Overevaluating by similarities, underevaluating by differences.

It's not merely what you say, but how you say it. (free registration)

Semantic factors in the ascent of the West and the decline of Islam.

More cracks in the foundations of physics: quantum hoax.

Fashionable bigotry.

Sydney Hook.

Semantics of black inner-city life.

The author confuses causality with predictability. Even seemingly random events have causes.

Enemies of the open society.

Extensionalization in the retroactive evaluation of human behavior.

The power of magnets to empty the wallets of those unconscious of abstracting.

Normal to be different.

The latest speculations on the fate of the universe.

Stephen Pinker deconstructs some myths about human nature.

Future wars may be fought with designer bugs.

Rote learning of disconnected facts.

Contrary to the Aristotelian law of non-contradiction, Hitler demonstrated one could be good and bad.

Catholic agonistes.

Chimps R us?

Composer searches for, but cannot find, absolute silence.

The afterlife of Marshall McLuhan.

A history of an obscenity.

Charlotte Schuchardt Read, Korzybski's assistant from 1939 to 1950 and former director of the Institute of General Semantics, died July 25, 2002 at age 92.

The American civic religion.

Reckoning with risk.

Surprise, Uncertainty and Mental Structures. Note the author uses the term "semantic" in the sense that Korzybski uses the term "verbal"; he uses "schemata" in the sense Korzybski uses the term "semantic."

Verbal flatulence in the structure of evolutionary theory.

Extending risk assessment, cost-benefit analysis to our daily activities.

The decline of racial politics.

Candor from a doctor's office.


Portrait of a tyrant.

The battle over Sigmund Freud.

Paul Kurtz won't talk with the dead. (free registration)

The genetic revolution.

Fifteen arguments against creationism.

The inevitability of human cloning.

A sense of history.

Stephen Jay Gould, 1941-2002, accidental creationist.

Unnatural selection or the confusion of the orders of abstraction in science.

The next revolution in science? Or does hype and secrecy have no disciplinary boundaries?

The merits of meritocracy.

Doctors resist treatment based on probabilities and race.

Debating pseudoscience. (free registration)

How to tell the truth and other self-serving lies.

British mathematician claims to have solved Poincare's Conjecture about 3-dimensional space.

Karl Popper, champion of extensional methods in science.

How the search for truth gets corrupted by politics.

Painting outside the lines.

History as a politico-economic weapon.

The blood lust of identity reactions.

Abe Lincoln was a woman, and other reasons to be conscious of abstracting.

More intensional speculations about the origins of the universe,

Two kinds of medicine or two kinds of standards for medicine?

A traveller's guide to Heaven.

Can we survive the threat of dihydrogen monoxide?

As our knowledge grows, so does our fear of uncertainty.

Nature worship.

Untouched by a nurse.

Facts and fictions about evolutionary psychology.

Apologizing for the West.

Words and rules for combining words.

Consumerism and the search for meaning.

The Holy Bible gets a gender-lift.

A tale of political correctness (confusion of the orders of abstraction).

The decline of marriage.

Paul Dirac, honorary poet laureate of modern physics.

The quest for a risk-free society.

A semantics of religion or blasphemy?

Fido barks again in the never-ending genes versus environment debate.

Sexual bliss in the Muslim hereafter? The deadly semantics of getting laid.

In World War II Americans were encouraged to conserve; in the latest war Americans are encouraged to consume. The vicious cycle of commercialism in America.

The global climate: change is the norm.

The application of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to his role in the development of nuclear weapons for the Nazis.

The end of human evolution? Not if you realize that cultural evolution (time-binding) has superceded genetic evolution in humans.

The beauty of math.

The decline of the Muslim empire.

Clueless in the Middle East.

The campus diversity fraud.

Despite political correctness (a confusion of the orders of abstraction), sane police work, like science, must be built on statistics and probability theory.

A critique of intelligent design theory.

When religious zeal met reality.

English -- the universal tongue.

It may be the thought that counts, but liquor is quicker.

Did a complex God evolve "by chance" or was He created by "intelligent design"?

Those who control our mass media control us.

Interstellar molecular hydrogen may bring an abrupt halt to the expanding universe.

Ernst Mayr reflects on the future of Darwinism.

The bonfires of hysteria.

The dislike of the dissimilar.

The cultivation of tolerance and self-criticism (aspects of consciousness of abstracting) sets the West apart from cultures armed for "jihad" against "infidels."

The continuing Christian fundamentalist jihad against evolution.

A creationist 'scientist' who openly professes the reversed order of evaluation.

If you don't succeed, play the blame game.

The evolution of altruism.

The afterlife-obsessed suicidal brain really is a weapon of immense power and danger.

Terrorists' acts depend on an unwillingness to relate to their victims.

Falling prey to the notion of Mother Africa as a continent of indistinguishable black people.

End of the Tower of Babel?

Sex and physics.

Corporate punishment.

Thomas Kuhn failed to see the human evaluational significance of science.

Mutiny on the bounty.

Not in MY backyard.

Modern cosmologists at work on their latest creation myths. Free registration required.

The evolution of political correctness.

Explanations in science.

Quantum hocus pocus: Deepak Chopra and the Dawkins' interview. (YouTube)

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