1. Free Speech Resources
  2. GS Perspectives on the News
  3. Science News Daily
  4. Roots of General Semantics

  5. Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski (1933)
  6. Reviews of Science and Sanity
  7. General Semantics by Alfred Korzybski (1946)
  8. Role of Language in the Perceptual Process by Alfred Korzybski (1950)
  9. What I Believe by Alfred Korzybski (1948)
  10. Time-Binding by Alfred Korzybski (1924)
  11. Time-Binding by Alfred Korzybski (1926)
  12. Fate and Freedom by Alfred Korzybski (1923)
  13. Manhood of Humanity by Alfred Korzybski (1921)
  14. The Brotherhood of Doctrines by Alfred Korzybski (1924)
  15. Conditioned Reflexes by Ivan Pavlov (1927)

    GS Organizations and Sites:

  16. Institute of General Semantics
  17. Korzybski Files
  18. European Society for General Semantics
  19. Institute for Korzybski Purists (Bill Sharp)
  20. This Is Not That (Steve Stockdale)
  21. New York Society for General Semantics
  22. Australian Society for General Semantics
  23. Drive Yourself Sane
  24. Wendell Johnson
  25. Self-Management in Difficult Situations by Laurence Cox
  26. Milton Dawes
  27. Hilgart and Associates
  28. Ralph Kenyon

    Extensional Evaluation:

  29. Here Be Dragons (video)
  30. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
  31. Understanding Uncertainty
  32. Bad Science (Ben Goldacre)
  33. Cognitive Biases
  34. Climate etc. (Judith Curry)
  35. Climate Audit (Steve McIntire)
  36. Get the Facts Straight (Bjorn Lomborg)
  37. Immorality in Monotheistic Holy Books:
  38. Bible, Book of Mormon and Quran.
  39. Earl Doherty's Search for the Historical Jesus
  40. Psychic Prisons
  41. Education Consumers Clearinghouse
  42. Non-identity of Meanings
  43. Myths and Realities on the Internet
  44. Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking
  45. Foundation for Critical Thinking
  46. Religious Tolerance
  47. Skeptic Report
  48. 'Critical Thinking' Resources on the Internet
  49. Critical Evaluation of Scientology
  50. General Semantic review of Scientology
    Science Promotion:
  1. National Academy of Sciences
  2. EurekAlert (AAAS)
  3. National Center for Science Education
  4. National Science Teachers Association
  5. National Science Foundation
  6. Richard Dawkins
  7. Sam Harris

    Human Biology and Medicine:

  8. Principle of Individuality in Human Anatomy
  9. Dr. Bruce Ames' Non-Aristotelian Risk Assessment (PDF)
  10. Types of Medical Studies
  11. Neuroscientifically Challenged
  12. National Council Against Health Fraud
  13. Science-Based Medicine and Neurologica
  14. Quackwatch and Quackfiles
  15. Infomercial Watch
  16. National Institutes of Health
  17. Bio-Medical Learning Resources
  18. Search PUBMED science-medical database

    Semantic Foundations of Science:

  19. Principles of Science
  20. The Power of Belief
  21. History of Creation Stories
  22. Richard Feynman on Cargo Cult Science
  23. The Case Against Cosmology
  24. Modern Cosmology: Science or Folktale?
  25. Empirical Problems of the Big Bang Theory
  26. Big Bang Cosmythology
  27. Myths of Physics
  28. Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
  29. Pathological Science
  30. Did the Universe Have a Beginning?
  31. Alternative Cosmology (2-hour video)

    Miscellaneous Resources:

  32. Psychiatric Times
  33. Hedonistic Imperative
  34. Good Drug Guide to Mind Boosters
  35. Future Opioids
  36. Web Pages of Scholarly Societies
  37. Museums of the Mind
  38. Overcoming Consumerism
  39. Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change
  40. Open Courseware

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