Jon O. posted 11/26/03 10:36 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
What better time of year than Thanksgiving, when we're counting our blessings instead of sheep, to send an extra helping of well deserved thanks to Steven Lewis for this incredible website. Most of us probably take it for granted now, but what in the world did we do before we had this unprecedented access to a daily dose of Bing?!
Lee posted 11/26/03 11:51 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
I'll go along with that. Thanks Steven, your site is a real resource at times when I don't have my Bing books on hand. Your site is also the only one I check in on a daily basis. Thanks to Steven and many thanks to Bing who provides me with such enjoyable times throughout my life. Many times Bing is my only real reliable friend, he's there for all the holidays when the family's away, Bing's here, he's there first thing to sing me Happy Birthday, he's there each day and each week by record and by his weekly radio show, Bing is alive and well in my world. I hear him every day in some form or another. Thank you Bing for bringing much joy to my life and for always being there everyday and every holiday.
Tom Degan posted 11/26/03 02:03 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Hi Ho, Stevarino! Gotta admit, you've provided us with a great web-site! I've learned more about der Bingle from just surfing these pages than anywhere else. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
Jim Kukura posted 11/26/03 02:37 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
I'll certainly add my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Steven and his crew. Every once in a while I wonder just how much effort it takes to keep this site up and running at such an unbeleivable high level. And then I think that if I ever knew, I would feel so guilty, and that I'm better off not knowing.

Tom, I think you owe Louie Nye a royalty payment.
Wayne posted 11/26/03 03:41 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Yes, Steven: All of us are in your debt for providing us with this great site. May you and this website be around for a long, long time (Wanna try for a Centennial?) We would certainly miss it if it went away. Happy Turkey Day!
rich posted 11/26/03 06:01 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Steven, Let me add my thanks too, for your efforts
re this board. It's the very first one I ck
every morning. May u have a blessed Thanksgiving
Day, and many more to
Sally posted 11/26/03 06:56 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Steve, I would like to add my "Thanks." This is a great site. It's wonderful that you manage to keep it so up to date. I really look forward to checking the message board and "What's New" each day. You keep Bing alive for us.

Thanks always,
Carmela posted 11/26/03 07:13 PM Central Time (US)     No E-mail no email address given
Thanks Steven!!! I met a lot of Great People here and I want to Thank them also for their Friendship, generosity and for sharing Bing Things with all of us. Steven, you deserve an award for bringing Bing Fans closer together and for making such a Great Site!
BarryB posted 11/26/03 09:43 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Steven, I would like to echo Jon's sentiments in sending a bundle of thanks to you for this great Museum; really, it is a much livelier site that the term 'museum' suggests. The many lists here have been a most valuable source of information, and the What's News section consistently offers us many surprising delights. Long may it thrive!
Wendy Mahoney posted 11/26/03 10:48 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
I too want to add my thanks Steven for this wonderful site and enabling little ole' me Down Under to share Bing with you all. Lee, I echo your sentiments exactly - a day doesn't go by when I don't listen to and/or read, think about our boy (in fact I drive my husband and daughter mad saying things like "well actually, did you know that Bing ......") My daughter always says "oh no, not Bing again"!!

A happy thanksgiving to all in the US (I've always wished we had the same thing in Australia. I suppose our Australia Day is the best we can do but it's nothing like your family orientated Thanksgiving.
Steven Lewis posted 11/27/03 01:01 AM Central Time (US)     No E-mail no email address given
This is too much! I must check the obituaries in the morning to see if I'm still among the living. Your thanks beats getting the bird on Thanksgiving!
Sue Horn posted 11/27/03 03:28 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
I'll add my voice to the thankful choir! Not a good joke about your untimely passing, Steven. And honestly, this site is a lifeline for all of us who love Bing, as you do. Thanks for all the time you put into this wonderful place. It shows!
Ben Weaver posted 11/27/03 07:03 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Steven, I must add my voice to the chorus of thanks for maintaining such a terrific site for us 'Bingsters'. If is a great way for us to keep in touch and share in our favorite subject from all corners of this globe. Bing must be looking down in wonder and amusement and,I hope, with a little understanding.

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