Bing and Regis Philbin

Posted by Jim Tansley on November 22, 1999 at 17:44:37:

I recently saw an old interview in which Regis Philbin told of Bing's appearance on the Joey Bishop Show.Regis told Joey before the show to please ask Bing to sing "Pennies From Heaven." Instead, Joey said to Bing, "Regis would like to sing "Pennies From Heaven" to you."

Regis was stunned when Bing said "Fine, Regis, go right ahead." Regis, apparently an avid fan, sang the entire song. He said he had never taken singing lessons and had never sung before in public.

The next day, Mercury Records called and asked him to record an LP of his favorite "Bing" songs. He did, and at the time of the interview, 25,000 copies had been sold.

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