Bing says "I love you."

Bing's Palladium show posted 03/10/06 10:12 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Hi, I just would like to know when Bing did one his London palladium shows where he hugs himself and mouths"i love you" to the audience available on video tape or dvd or was it ever filmed??? If anyone has any info please let me know
Ron Field posted 03/11/06 10:22 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
I think that this happened at the Brighton concert - the very last - on Sunday 9th. October. Rosemary Clooney has stated this and the first time she had heard Bing say 'I love you'.
I think it was Van Heusen that said that when writing a song they couldn't have the words 'I love you' and in 'Moonlight Becomes You' they had to write '..and if I say I love you...'.
However, I find this strange as Bing recorded "I Love You, Truly' - twice and also "I love you, Samantha" and two versions (Porter/Greig) of "I love you", so I found that a strange comment from Van Heusen.
And getting back to the original question, no I don't believe that it is on video/audio.
Dieter Beier posted 03/11/06 05:29 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
On October 10,1977 Bing have played his concert in Brighton.Bing should have called to the audience,"I love you"`and clasped his arms around him,as Though taking into his embrance everyone sitting inthe stalls and the balconies.Ōther reprts say ,Bing throw also kisses to the audience(like Dinah Shore used to do it).Rosie said:"Bing had never been that demonstrative to an audience in his life."On Bingīs last London appearence (October 8)Bing said:"This been a very pleasant two weeks for us.We enjoyed those all immensely becuse of those wonderful audiences.We love London,we love the Palladium,we love you all.Thank you very much."(parts of this concert are on Harry Lillis On Stage,HLYCD-003).
Kathryn:"Near the end Bing had to conserve strength,and he did so with great discipline.I donīt know many people on who get a standing ovation for just walking on stage,but Bing did every night.The audience were magnificient.They treasured every moment that he sang.On the night of the final performance,there we were all on the stage.Rosey Clooney kissed me and then we all kissed everyone on stage,including pianist Joe Bushkin who led the quartet,and Ted Rogers,a comedian.We were all hugging and kissing as Bing was speaking and we all kidded him too.We had never done that before.And we donīt know exactly know why we did it then.But we will always be glad that we did it.It was almost as if we were doing it for everyone,an expression of affection from and to Bing."
Arne posted 03/12/06 03:55 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
The notion that Bing never said "I Love You" in a song because he was too inhibited, or something, is one of the most annoying of Crosby "urban myths", one of the easiest to disprove, and yet it's a growing perception. Unfortunately, It's becoming a useful commentary for "know-nothings" on the subject of Bing's so-called "inferiority" as a serious interpreter of pop lyrics.... A colleague of mine, of whom I'm very fond and with whom I work frequently, nevertheless dislikes Crosby intensely, and once gleefully played for me a recording she has of guitarist-singer John Pizzarelli, live in concert, telling his audience that his friend Rosie Clooney told him about Bing never singing the words "I Love You", Pizzarelli then proceeding to make fun of uptight old "cold" Bing, and all the negativity surrounding such a guy. I think she played it for me to back-up her contention that Bing was somehow lacking as an artist because of this supposed character trait. She didn't expect the "fact" to be so easily disproven.

I really think Clooney did Bing a disservice by spreading this nonesense around during the end of her life; I think the original comment came from Jimmy Van Heusen who was responding to an interviewer's question about writing songs for Bing in the movies. Perhaps, Bing felt his FILM PERSONA was that of a character who would be better off without any overdone sentiment while singing on-screen, hence the "If I say I love you" passage from "Moonlight Becomes You" as an example, from a film. But Jeez, there's I LOVE YOU(PORTER), I LOVE YOU(GRIEG), I LOVE YOU SAMANTHA, I LOVE YOU TRULY(TWICE!), I LOVE YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE, HAVE I TOLD YOU LATELY THAT I LOVE YOU, I'M CONFESSIN' THAT I LOVE YOU, LET ME WHISPER I LOVE YOU, etc., and those are just songs that have the phrase IN THE TITLE! There must be dozens, if not hundreds more that Bing sang which contained the phrase.
.....Bugs me!
Ronald Sarbo posted 03/12/06 08:06 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Usually in his films Bing is pursued by women. He does not pursue them. Perhaps he did want to be thought of as a.....womanizer?
howard crosby posted 03/12/06 01:37 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
"and then I whispered Dear, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU." From "It Must Be True", done in 1930. So he started singing the phrase in songs early in his career, and kept it up right through October of 1977. I swear, some of these silly rumors....
Jim Kukura posted 03/13/06 11:21 AM Central Time (US)     No E-mail no email address given
I have heard, and/or read, that Bing was not comfortable with mushy love scenes in his films. And if you look back at his film work, especially his later work when he had the clout to call his own shots, you see very little in the way of kissing and embracing, even though he always got the girl. This may have been what Van Heusen was referring to. When Bing sings "Moonlight Becomes You", with "If I say I love you", he and Lamour are together. When Bing sings "I Love You Samantha", he is alone.
Brian R. Johnson posted 03/13/06 03:48 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
He may sing "I love you Samantha" alone, but when he sings "True Love" to Grace in High Society he kisses her not once but twice, including a very passionate at the end. And if you watch that scene I think you see two people who very smitten with each other.

Between that and Kathryn's description their visit to Monaco in the '60's has always led me to believe that Bing an Grace were an item at one time. During the visit, Kathryn wrote that Grace's kids were being highly obnoxious and she turned to Bing and said something along the lines that he was better off having married Kathryn.

Always wondered if Grace named her eldest Caroline after her "little sister" in High know, the one that brings her and Bing back together.
Sally posted 03/13/06 06:00 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Dear Brian,

I think you have the Monaco story a little backwards. Kathryn wrote that her and Bing's children were being obnoxious and that Grace shot Bing a look that said if Bing married Grace he would have had well-behaved children. As with most of Kathryn's stories, it was self-deprecating and very, very funny.
Sue Horn posted 03/15/06 01:37 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Sorry to hear that John Pizzarelli has taken potshots at Bing. I really like him, and I wish he hadn't done that. People should really get the facts before they start to tear someone down. I agree that Bing sand abouot love and kissing and romancing, sometimes subtly and sometimes outright. When he sings the song about Venus de Milo and is so happy to have arms, it's obvious what he intends to do with them!! He wasn't a prude, just a private man.

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