Posted by Wayne Martin, Club Crosby on October 14, 1999 at 13:31:48:

With the help of Arne Fogel and a trip through the dusty cobwebs of my basement, I think I have figured out what takes of this song were used on the various reissues.

The "A" master (with pause in the middle of the piano introduction) was used on the 78 issue (I'm not sure which was used on the 45 master). Most of the LP's, including Decca's "My Golden Favorites" and the 2-record set "The Best of Bing," American MCA's resissue of the 2-record BoB, the British MCA single LP "Best of Bing", the Reader's Digest boxed set, and the Time- Life boxed set used Take B (without pause in the intro.). In the CD era, American MCA used Take A (with pause) on the "Legendary Years" and "Bing's Golden Record" issues. So we have come around full circle on takes. The two takes are very similar, except for the afore- mentioned pause and a slight pitch slide on the world "through." We are likely to see both takes used on future CD reissues.


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