Command Performance 1975

From John Jensen, posted by on Sat, Mar 15, 1997 6:33 PM:
Bing Crosby was our host in 1975 when our radio station recreated a live two-hour Command Performance program on Treasure Island. As Bing came to the microphone to do various announcing chores and appear in skits he would take each completed page in his fingers and dropping his arm to his side let the page fall silently the remaining short distance to the floor. In talking to some veterans I learned this practice was more common when scripts were lengthy or bulky and when they were concerned about spilling contents as they proceeded from page to page. My final remembrance of that date involving scripts was when Bing invited our musical director Meredith Willson to the microphone to say a few carefully scripted words. Meredith forgot momentarily we were recreating a radio program and walked to the mike sans script just planning to shoot the breeze with Bing. After ad-libbing for a while, which Bing did with ease, we managed to get Meredith's script to him and they finished the bit as planned.

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