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Steven Lewis posted 05/19/03 06:14 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
My non-virtual self is back from the Gonzaga centennial party. It was a dizzying trip, mostly due to Sue Horn's driving. For those who claim they were there, here is an online quiz to check your attendance and comprehension. For the party-poopers, check out what you missed. The correct answers are posted in a followup message.

1. Who did not attend the Crosby centennial at Gonzaga?
a. Frank Sinatra's kids
b. Bing Crosby's kids
c. fans from Australia
d. fans from Brazil

2. What could Bing do that Rich Little couldn't imitate at Gonzaga?
a. sing a duet with Frank Sinatra
b. ba-ba-ba-boo
c. whistle
d. sell orange juice

3. What project is Ken Barnes working on?
a. release of Seasons on CD
b. release of a multi-CD Crosby radio broadcast collection
c. DVD of "Citizen Kane"
d. all the above
e. (a) and (b) but not (c)

4. Who sang to the audience at the banquet?
a. Rich Little
b. Malcolm Macfarlane
c. Frank Sinatra Jr.
d. Mrs. Crosby
e. all the above

5. Gary Giddins revealed at Gonzaga that:
a. Bing tried to annul his marriage with Dixie to marry Joan Caulfield
b. George Patton tried to have Bing court-martialed
c. Bing was once in a gang and jailed for stealing
d. all the above

6. What was the official guest hotel of the centennial?
a. Davenport
b. Holiday Inn
c. Gonzaga dormitory
d. Tent City

7. What has Bob DeFlores been doing in Kathryn Crosby's basement?
a. fixing the plumbing
b. scraping the Kraft cheese off old Crosby mousetraps
c. hiding from the law
d. restoring Bing's video collection

8. According to Buddy Bregman:
a. Bing recorded the Bregman album in only 2 sessions
b. the idea for his album with Bing originated with Bing
c. he once saw Bing beat son Gary with a golf club
d. all the above

9. Bing denied recording what song to Gord Atkinson?
a. Star Spangled Banner
b. You're a sap Mr. Jap
c. Whistling in the Wildwood
d. Corrine Corrina the Lovely Bloomergirl

10. According to Ken Barnes, why did Bing rewrite the ending of the Johnny Mercer song "Bon Vivant"?
a. it was too high for Bing's vocal range
b. Bing thought the lyrics were too sexy
c. Bing couldn't pronounce some of the words
d. none of the above - Bing sang it just like Mercer wrote it.

11. Who won the "Sings Most Like Bing" contest?
a. Howard Crosby
b. Jane Fitzgerald
c. Steven Lewis
d. none of the above

12. How many different songs did Cole Porter write as possible Crosby-Sinatra duets for High Society?
a. one
b. two
c. three
d. four

13. For what does Gonzaga use the old Crosby home?
a. nursing center for elderly Crosby fans
b. alumni center
c. brothel
d. residence of the Gonzaga president

14. Who did Rich Little expose beneath a toupee?
a. Malcolm Macfarlane
b. Rich Little
c. Steve Allen
d. Gonzaga president, Father Robert Spitzer

15. Who modeled Bing's scalp doilies for the centennial crowd?
a. Gary Giddins
b. Stephanie Plowman's baby
c. Barry Stapleton
d. none of the above

16. How often does Mrs. Crosby visit the BC Internet Museum?
a. daily
b. weekly
c. monthly
d. never

17. What is the title of the new video biography of Bing that premiered at Gonzaga?
a. Bing: Going My Way
b. A Century of Bing
c. Call Me Lucky
d. The Big Bing Theory

18. What did Bing say he wanted to do to Mary Martin's 5-year-old son, Larry Hagman?
a. introduce him to his daughter
b. shoot him
c. adopt him
d. make a Jesuit out of him

19. What did Rich Little say before Howard Crosby started to sing?
a. "Taxi"
b. that Bing was once a guest on his NBC TV show
c. that Ed Sullivan first introduced him on TV as Little Richard
d. all the above

20. What Syracuse Bing fan donated many hours arranging and promoting the Gonzaga Crosby centennial celebration?
a. Judy Schmid
b. Lee Rotter
c. Wig Wiggins
d. Patti Dey

Steven Lewis posted 05/19/03 10:41 PM Central Time (US)     No E-mail no email address given
Here are the answers to the Gonzaga quiz questions.

Your score:
15-20 Jazzin' Crooner Club.
10-14 Swooner Club
5-9 Rock 'n' Roller
less than 5 -- Gangsta Rapper

1. (b)
One of Frank Sinatra's kids (Frank Jr.) was there -- said he wouldn't have missed Bing's centennial party. As at Hofstra, none of Bing's kids attended, however.

2. (c)
Sorry I embarrassed you, Rich, by asking you to whistle like Bing.

3. (d) all the above. Ken was the best thing to happen to Bing musically in the the last years of his life and for the Crosby music fan in the quarter of a century since Bing's death.

4. (a) Rich Little sang. I've heard worse.

5. (d) all the above

6. (a) but it should have been the Holiday Inn!

7. (d) Thanks, Bob, for salvaging all these precious memories.

8. (a) Buddy never saw any evidence that Bing abused his kids. On the contrary, he saw only a father concerned about the welfare of his kids.

9. (c) Ken Barnes can take comfort in that even the man with the audiographic memory can sometimes forget.

10. (b) Johnny Mercer told Ken that Bing would have made a fine lyricist.

11. (d) but only because there was no such contest. I'm convinced I would have won. Those who heard me sing will certainly agree.

12. (d) Porter wanted the historic film collaboration to be a memorable one.

13. (b) The Jesuits are liberal, but not THAT liberal.

14. (c) Rich was giving support for Gary Giddins statement that Bing was rare among Hollywood actors in that he was unafraid to be seen in public without his scalp divot.

15. (d) They were kept under wraps and out of sight at Mrs. Crosby's request.

16. (d) That's what she told me.

17. (a) Have your local PBS station contact KSPS at 1-800-735-2377 for more information.

18. (b) and, 40 years later, Bing's daughter did just that.

19. (d) Rich is a riot. The taxi was late.

20. (a) I'm going to have her do my centennial.

Sue Horn posted 05/20/03 11:17 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
What a hoot! I got 18 correct, partly because I read too quickly and carelessly for my own good. I'm sure you would have won the Bing Sing contest, Steven, and if there had been a contest for the being a quick and witty quipster, you'd have won that as well!! It was great meeting you. When's your centenniel, by the way, I never did do that math...

Jane FitzGerald posted 05/20/03 01:46 PM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Proud to hab scored well enough to be a member of da jazzin crooner club 'specially 'cause I'b god a ter-ble code dat I caught in Spogan. Steben, you should hear me sing dow! Hobe eberybody else god home in bedder shabe dan I!!!
eduardo posted 05/21/03 07:46 AM Central Time (US)     No E-mail no email address given
It`s incredibily the disregard of Bing`s family about Bing things (questions 1 and 16), that`s one reason to Bing become a forgotten star
Sue Horn posted 05/21/03 09:53 AM Central Time (US)    E-mail contact the author directly
Actually, a lot of Bing's family was there. You should have seen the passle of younger Crosby kids!! As far as his own children go, I know Phil was planning on coming but canceled at the last minute due to health problems. Two of his kids were there though. Mrs. Crosby said that her children had wanted to go but couldn't be there. They are all married and Mary Frances has two little ones. She does everything the old-fashioned way and could not get away to go to Gonzaga. Many of Bing's nephews, nieces, great-nephews and nieces, grandchildren and other relatives were there, though, and Steven Crosby (Gary's son) was supposed to attend, but had a last minute complication. Steven was at Hofstra and did his grandfather proud.


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