What was Bing's first solo record?

Posted by Brian Weber on September 09, 1999 at 12:36:45:

When exactly did Bing's solo career start? According to the notes in the Chronological Crosby series and, I believe, to Bing himself on his "Musical Autobiography" album, his first solo record was "My Kinda Love," on which his name was supposedly listed above the name of the band. However, Joel Whitburn's book "Pop Memories" lists Bing's solo career as starting with "Just a Gigolo"/"Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams," and lists "My Kinda Love" in the Paul Whiteman section. But, from looking at the ICC's discography, it appears that "Out of Nowhere" was actually the first record which listed Bing's name only, with no orchestra credited. Stranger still, the "Pop Memories" book lists "Ho Hum," which was released AFTER "Out of Nowhere," in the Gus Arnheim section, not in the Bing Crosby section. Help! I'm confused.

Posted by Arne on September 09, 1999 at 18:18:21:

In Reply to: What was Bing's first solo record? posted by Brian Weber on September 09, 1999 at 12:36:45:

Okay, Brian, here goes!........ "MY KINDA LOVE" was recorded twice by Bing in the late 20s, once as a solo with instrumental accomp. (and this WAS the first "Bing Crosby" record - his name billed as the principal artist) and once as a vocal refrain ONLY with the Dorsey Bros. recording group. BOTH OF THESE RECORDINGS WERE MADE WHILE BING WAS A MEMBER OF THE WHITEMAN ORCHESTRA! -- so maybe that's why Whitburn's book has the title in the Whiteman era. "JUST A GIGOLO"/"WRAP YOUR TROUBLES IN DREAMS" was made during the Gus Arnheim period, just before Bing's rise to stardom. This is his first starring "post-Whiteman" solo, but not really a first beyond that; in addition to "My Kinda Love", Bing cut several more solo "Bing Crosby" sides while he was with Whiteman: "Till We Meet", "Gay Love", "I Kiss Your Hand, Madame", "Can't We Be Friends", and "Baby Oh Where Can You Be". "OUT OF NOWHERE" is Bing's first recording under his new solo Brunswick contract, but those earlier Whiteman-era solos named above, and the Arnheim-era "Just A Gigolo", etc., are really the first to list Bing as the nominal "star" of the disc. When Bing recorded "Out Of Nowhere", commencing his Brunswick period and solo stardom, he was still working for Arnheim's orchestra at the Coconut Grove in L.A, and had another recording date to "wrap up" his career with that band, hence the slight "overlap" involving "HO HUM" and "I'm Gonna Get You", both recorded with Arnheim. Incidentally, "Muddy Water", which is mentioned in the other response to your post was a "first" as well: this was the first recording of Bing's voice by itself, NOT in duet with Al Rinker. It was, however, still as an unbilled member of the Whiteman orchestra. I hope this jumble makes sense, and I hope I've answered your questions. Let me know if I can clarify further ...

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