(Van Heusen, Burke)

Bing recorded four songs in 1944 from his smash movie hit Going My Way. They were the title tune, "Swinging on a Star," "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra" and "The Day After Forever." All four charted. "The Day After Forever" reached No. 15 before falling off the charts. You recall that in the movie Bing used this song to try to teach interpretive phrasing to a hyperactive teenage runaway. If Elvis was watching, he wasn't convinced.

All day tomorrow,
I'll be whispering your name
And the day after forever
I know I'll do the same.

Maytime or winter
I won't let you out of sight,
And the day after forever,
We'll talk about tonight.

Your laughter is a melody
That I'll remember long.
It plays upon my heartstrings
It's my favorite song.

All through a lifetime
I'll be loving you and then
On the day after forever,
I'll just begin again.

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